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The Cannon Fodder And Her Mr. Right


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Introduction The Cannon Fodder And Her Mr. Right

People say that the fifth gentleman of the Xie family is handsome and elegant, and all the women in the city want to know him!Mo Yanyang: Bah, a beast in clothing!Thinking that he was terminally ill, Mo Yanyang decided to give Huo Huo the white moonlight he had been thinking about for ten years before he died.Who thinks that the scourge will become Bai Yueguang’s uncle, who shivered when she saw him for ten years, Xie Family Fifth Lord!She thought, not afraid, I am dying!Three months later, Mo Yanyang: Why am I still alive, I still have one in my stomach!I don’t want to die, I can only run!After five years, Xie Wuye pinched Mo Yanyang and pushed her against the wall: “Run again, break your leg!”Mo Yanyang tremblingly lifted up his son: “Big brother, get one free when you marry, and you won’t lose money, do you want it!”The little bun rubbed her hands: finally tricked her mother into the hands of her father, don’t worry about her being cannon fodder, you can take care of the enemies of the previous life!- Description from MTL

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