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After Transmigrating I Made The Antagonist Cry


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Introduction After Transmigrating I Made The Antagonist Cry

He transmigrated into this book with the mission to prevent the antagonist from ending up blackened too early.And became a cannon fodder that is supposed to abandon the antagonist and prostrate himself at the Protagonist Bottoms feet.To this, Liu Yuan would like to say To abandon a bossy CEO antagonist who likes him and is elegant and beautiful and can even shut down the world economy with one sentence, and go prostrate at the feet of the little idol, the Protagonist Bottom who doesnt even like him?The original person must have had his brain bonked silly.Thank the gods he transmigrated instead.Later, Liu Yuan realises that the elegance and distance is merely a shell the bossy CEO has put about himself. The bossy CEO without the shell is sensitive, lacks confidence and especially lacks a sense of security. Hes also a crybaby.As a member of the Virtual Worlds Management Centre, Liu Yuan has been through dozens of different worlds already. He has been the emperor, the evil court minister, the Lord of all Yaoguai, the Demonic Cultivator Overlord, the Ruler of the Ascended Realm, a teacher, a student, a doctor, a CEO, a generalThough he never did expect to one day have to play the role of the characters he has been as an actor in another world.Looking at the Internet, with all sorts of,Commenter A: Aaaaah! Geges acting looks like the genuine Yaoguai Lord himself.Commenter B: Holy shit! An-ge tell us in all honesty were you a high school homeroom teacher before you debuted?!Commenter C: Im in love, seriously, is it too late for me to declare my fanhood allegiance now?!Liu Yuan is quite nonplussed, my, oh my, you all are too young, too youngYet, not even the experienced transmigrator that he was expected that, one day, he would apply to be allowed taking a book character back out to the real world.- Description from Novelupdates

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