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As the Chinese New Year approached, Su Jianming proposed to go back to Xicun Village this year for the New Year. It has been two years since he should go back.

Originally arranged for the two families to celebrate the New Year together this year, Su Jianming went back, and Su Man naturally had to accompany him, so he had to bring the children. I wonder if Song Zichu will go?

"Last year the two celebrated the New Year together, and this year they will return to your hometown." As for his father, Song Ziwen and Song Han were not accompanied.

Does this count as having a wife and forgetting Dad? Su Man squinted at him and smiled to explain that the Song family celebrated the New Year every year, and it was fair.

Knowing that the little grandson was going back to his hometown with Su Man, Song Hongsheng was a little bit reluctant and wished to follow him.

"Grandpa, I will stay with you at home, and my brother will be back after the Chinese New Year." Song Han smiled.

Su Man glanced at Song Han. It was a long time since he saw him. Song Han is much calmer than before. At least he will not show his happiness and anger on his face. He is a good romantic hero, will he not blacken it?

Her worries are not unreasonable. The heir, who was supposed to be proper, suddenly made Cheng Yaojin. Could he have no idea? At least Suman couldn't do it himself.

However, except for holidays, he is usually at school. Even if he is on holidays, he is at Song's house, and Su Man is either at Su's house or in their new home. He can hardly see him. Just pay attention.

When Su Jianming came back, the village was a lot more lively than in previous years. The sofa in the living room was not available. There were people from the village and other villages. The most visited were Linghou Village and Shangxi Village. I wont talk about Linghou Village. He built a factory in his village, and the younger generation in the village can have a job without digging out a part-time job. They also have dividends every year. Now they have built a new countryside just like Xiaxi Village.

As for Shangxi Village, naturally, after seeing Linghou Village, it was not reconciled. It turned out to be a factory in their village. If it succeeds, it is them who have jobs and can still pay dividends.

Thinking of the people in Linghou Village showing off in front of them last year, the people in Shangxi Village almost fought with them. The villagers who stopped the factory from setting up the factory were almost scolded to death by the same village. Even their children blamed them. Now they regret it. The intestines were all green, and Tiantianshang Village Chief's house asked if he could ask Su Man to intercede, and then set up a factory in their Shangxi Village.

"Uncle, its not that I dont want to help you. Setting up a factory is not just about doing it. You see, the people in Shangxi Village didnt agree. We set up a jelly factory on the outskirts of Yuecheng. We signed a 30-year contract over there. It's only two years, I can't break the contract, let alone who will bear the loss?" Su Man saw the head of Shangxi Village had a headache, and he was really patient every day.

The village chief of Shangxi Village didn't know, but the village kept urging him to intercede, and he was helpless.

"It's not necessarily the jelly factory, do you think there are other projects?"

Su Man sighed. To tell you the truth, the people in Shangxi Village will not give priority to their village even if she has a project, but this cannot be clarified.

"The company has no plans to set up a new factory for the time being. If so, we will definitely give priority to Shangxi Village." It's just a priority. If it doesn't fit, there is no way.

The village head was politely sent away. Anyway, he was not allowed to speak. The same was true when the heads of other villages came. Priority will be given to projects, but there are none now.

This situation lasted until New Years Eve. This day was the cleanest day in their family. Su Man sighed. He really didnt understand how Su Jianming was recovering in his hometown in the original book. Wouldnt his condition get worse?

"Tired?" Song Zichu gave Su Man a bowl of soup.

"Fortunately, it is really troublesome to be so sophisticated."

People of the older generation love to talk about human relations. In Sumans generation, they are mostly indifferent. They dont like to trouble others, and they dont like to trouble themselves. But its impossible to do it if you are alive. Sometimes if you dont trouble others, others will think You pretend, don't get along well, and don't help others, others will think you are unkind.

"It's delicious, don't say anything else, my second aunt is really good at cooking." If you open a small restaurant in the city, you should also make a lot of money.

"The country's materials are all natural." Song Zichu took the empty bowl and handed Su Man a glass of warm water.

This is not true. Its true that the country grows their own vegetables. What they eat in Yuecheng is more natural than those grown in the country. They have a plot of land and specially invited people to grow them. In the final analysis, they are craftsmanship, not the aunt at home. Its not well done. Actually, the craftsmanship is better than the second aunt. I just get used to it. Then I will taste the taste of my hometown.

"Mom, the mistress made twists and meatballs, do you want to eat?" Su Jingxi shouted downstairs.

Su Man stretched out the window and smiled: "Eat, you can get me a bowl."

After hearing this, Xiaoxi brought Su Man a bowl. The meatballs and twists were just out of the pot. They were fragrant and delicious. I still remember that I was waiting in front of the stove when I was young. As long as my mother fry it out, I quickly grab one to eat.

"Try it quickly, this meatball is delicious." Su Man greeted Song Zichu to eat, but he didn't eat two of them, so he couldn't greet the little Bao next to him.

This year, Su Jianming came back to celebrate the New Year, and his aunt and uncle also came back. Even the uncle took his wife and children back to his hometown for the New Year. The two families haven't been so busy for a long time. Grandpa and grandmother said that this year's New Year is particularly strong.

On New Years Eve, both the aunt and the uncle ate New Years dinner at Su Jianmings house, set off fireworks together, and watched the year together. Su Man and Xiao Bao couldnt stand it, so they went back to the house and went to sleep. Not long after, they felt the quilt moving in a daze. I was too sleepy and left it alone. I woke up in the middle of the night to find that Xiaoxi and Chengcheng were both in her bed.

"I said it was so crowded." After taking a look, Song Zichu was not there. Su Man found him in the study. "Why are you here alone?"

"I happen to have something to deal with. Why did you get up?" Chengcheng is a boy. Xiaoxi is a girl after all, and she is a twelve-year-old girl. His biological father has to avoid taboos. Besides, he is a stepfather, so I see Xiaoxi too. In the room, Song Zichu came to the study.

Su Man was just confused, and he knew what he was thinking. Song Zichu was right to avoid taboos, but he could not leave him alone in the study. The outside of her room was a small living room. The two of them simply huddled on the sofa and whispered. People were sleepy, and they hugged each other to sleep. Anyway, Su Jingxi and Su Jingcheng saw their mother and Uncle Song sleeping together in the morning, and they were a little sad.

"Papa Song is too much, he just robbed us for one day." Su Jingcheng angrily asked Su Jianming to complain.

"I haven't said that you sneak into your mother's room. You are not allowed to do this next time." Su Jianming said with a smile: "Next time you want to sleep with your mother, you can tell her that your mother will agree."

Staying in your hometown until the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, the family left for Yuecheng. The trunks of relatives and friends in the village filled the trunks. Dont give it back. The elderly will think that you look down on him and refuse to accept them. You can really be angry with you.

After returning to Yuecheng, Su Man and Song Zichu returned to work, trying to spare time to accompany the three children, and a little time each year to take the children to travel. Until Su Jingxi was eighteen years old, Su Man let her enter the company to study. She graduated from university at the age of twelve and officially took over her company.

Because of the original work, Su Man pays special attention to Su Jingchengs education, for fear that he will become the unlearned look in the book, may be overcorrected, and he volunteered to fill the military academy for the college entrance examination. Su Man has repeatedly confirmed that he likes it and can only give up. With the Song family's relationship, Su Jingcheng's journey was much smoother than others.

As for Xiaobao, the big name Song Jingyu was very good when she was born. Even Yuesao said that this was one of the best children she had ever brought. She was a child of someone else's family until junior high school, but she suddenly rebelled and smoked in high school. Su Man and Song Zichu knew that they were not bullied or emotionally frustrated. They suddenly rebelled. They tried a lot of ways to no avail. In the third year of high school, they became better again. They took the college entrance examination obediently. Admitted to Yuecheng University, then graduated from university, took over the Song family, and finally became a domineering president.

The company gave it to the children. Su Man and Song Zichu were finally able to put aside everything and go to the two-person world. First of all, they had to make up for their honeymoon. Although many places they wanted to go had already been visited, they brought their children together. People want to go again, and then they really do it.

Whenever he went to a place, Song Zichu would take Suman to eat the best local restaurants, fulfilling his promise when he was young.

Coming to the grassland again, looking at the endless prairie, Su Man leaned in Song Zichu's arms, "It's nice to meet you.

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