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In fact, it is not a serious end, so I am embarrassed to call the end speech.

First of all, I still apologize to everyone, I didn't write this story well.

There is nothing to explain about this. I have a problem with my own direction. I didn't control it properly. There was a serious deviation from 300,000 to 400,000 characters. I want to screw it back later, but the structure has been finalized.

Of course, strictly speaking, it is actually not a deviation, but some attempts are not recognized by most readers, so from the perspective of web articles, it is a deviation.

For this, I am very sorry.

Secondly, thank you all.

Especially the classmates of the holy demons, every time you are very diligent to **** the sofa, post comments, and there are many students who have been following up no matter how bad my writing is, thank you very much!

Sometimes I dont dare to read it after a chapter is coded, but whenever I read this chapter, you are all encouraging, which makes me very moved and guilty.

The reason for the slow update of this book is not to say that my energy is all on another book, because I really cant write. My code word is not fast. When my thoughts are smooth, it is 2000 to 3000 an hour, so when I really spell it, I can keep 4D words; for this book, I often sit in front of the computer for two or three hours and write It was seven or eight hundred words or more than a thousand words. Sometimes it was hard to write after sitting for a long time, and it could only be delayed until the next day.

It's still the problem, the direction is wrong, no matter how hard you try to hold back, it's useless, so I leave this story with an open end for the time being, and it comes to an end.

However, it will certainly not end there, and it will not stop writing. If the thinking is wrong, correct the thinking. The theme of the game and reality will continue to explore in the future. So students who like this book can wait. I will try again in the future, and the time should not be too long. .

I will write "Restarting the Game Era" very quickly. After the book is finished, I will make new attempts, hoping to correct some of the mistakes made by "Super Player" and create a new route.

I wont talk about so many imaginary things. In order to thank everyone, the readers who left messages in this chapter, until the end of "Restart Game Era" and the opening of the new book, every 10 people leave a message, the new book will add a chapter for everyone, and it will be on the title. Note: Add more updates for regular readers of "The Extraordinary Player".

In other words, if 100 readers leave a message in this chapter, ten chapters will be added, and 500 readers will be added fifty chapters.

Note that the head number is not the number of entries. Don't use the number mentioned in this chapter. I can't add up to 1,000 entries per person, right.

Finally, thank you again. From the second half of 2018 to 2019, everything went wrong for me, so I wish you all, and I wish me, in 2019, headwinds come back!

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