Home Earth In The Age Of PokemonChapter 967

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At this moment, Xu Yi observed this matter for a long time, and felt that this matter was really very uncomfortable. They had better wait and see here, otherwise the consequences would be serious.

"Lets take it slowly now, lets see whats going on first, okay, dont be too impulsive, if it is too impulsive, the consequences will be too serious."

Xu Yi thought about it slowly, and felt that if this matter was handed over to his own hands, there was actually nothing Xu Yi wanted to see now.

"The most important point is that they should be clear in their hearts how we think when we are doing things. Xu Yi now just wants to take a look at what we should do. He has no other ideas."

If there are such things, it should be understood with them in advance, otherwise the matter will never end.

"They have waited here until now. In fact, it's not easy. We should be considerate of them now and tell them that when we are doing things, we will never say anything else. Let them be like this at this point. Its fine to think about it, and those other things dont matter."

Xu Yi observed carefully for a long time, and felt that this incident really had a very profound impact on them.

"On such a big screen just now, it seems that a red file appeared. This red file may be the one they were looking for. Have they found it now?"

Xu Yi asked carefully at this time. He felt that he had better wait and see now. If he didn't clarify the problem quickly, he thought it would affect them clearly.

"Anyway, this is the end of the matter. If you say something more in this way, it will make them feel very uncomfortable, don't you think it is."

"I can understand your feelings very much, but I don't want to say such a thing so badly now. You should be able to understand such feelings in your heart, right."

Xu Yi reminded those around him not to be impulsive.

"If they say that there are really other secrets in this red file, should we check it out immediately?"

At this moment, Xu Yi thought about it carefully, and felt that this incident really made people feel very surprised.

"Could it be that you don't have to clarify this problem quickly? What are you thinking about?"

Xu Yi observed carefully for a long time, and felt that this matter was really very bad for him.

The elves are very impulsive at this time. He can't wait to fly in right now, but they are also thinking in their hearts, if it is said that if they fly inside now, these sacred beasts might come in.

"We must not be too impulsive now, know what I mean, and don't think too much."

Xu Yi just wanted to take a look at what he should do to achieve the expectation in their hearts.

"No matter what happens, I hope you can be a little relieved when doing things."

"The most critical issue is that they should be fully prepared psychologically in their hearts, you know."

Now if you dont rush to understand this problem, it seems to be particularly uncomfortable.

These few of them have been waiting here for a long time.

Xu Yi looked at his master. He later found out that his master was very tired now, and he didn't want him to do anything else.

"We've all been waiting here for so long now, do we need to say anything else? Let's do it slowly now, okay."

Now if you dont clarify this issue quickly, Im afraid it will make them feel very uncomfortable in their hearts. Do you know what I mean?

"I understand what you mean, but I hope you can be a little bit more attentive when doing things, and you must not say anything else."

Xu Yi learned about it for a long time, and felt that this matter really made people feel very annoying.

"You don't want to say anything more now, can it be done? If such a problem arises, it will make them feel very uncomfortable."

No matter what, they should be prepared in their hearts, and they must not be able to think about it as outrageous.

"There is another question, that is, we should wait here now to see if you can understand what I mean."

At such a door, it is really very difficult to block them. Xu Yi now only wants to see how he thinks about it.

"Don't be so impulsive now, let's take it slow, and see what kind of attitude they have? I think it's really good to face such a thing.

The attitudes of these people seemed really bad, and Xu Yi didn't want to talk nonsense.

"We have all come here with great difficulty now, do we need to say anything else? I really don't know what to do."

With this in mind, Xu Yi doesn't want to say anything else now, he just wants to see what should be done.

"The other key issue is that they should be fully psychologically prepared in their hearts, you know."

It is actually very simple to block them at such a door. I just want to see what kind of words should be said and what kind of things should be done.

"Now don't make them think too much about other things, know what I mean."

Xu Yi has basically grasped the opportunity now.

"Fortunately, we were already prepared in our hearts before, and now we don't need to talk to them too much to know what I mean."

Xu Yi just wanted to see what the person in front of him was thinking, and there was no need to talk about it so outrageously.

"When we all face all this, don't be impulsive. You know what I mean. These people will definitely give us an explanation in the end. Don't worry."

Under such a problem, there is no need to tell them so outrageously. Xu Yi knows what all this means in his heart.

"Don't say anything more, let's go slowly first, don't make this thing so bad, can't it?"

Xu Yi reminded them at this moment that these little elves should protect themselves no matter what happens, and they must not be impulsive.

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Chapter 890: It A Accident Chapter 891: The Status Of The Base Chapter 892: Have Ulterior Motives Chapter 893: Decent Person Chapter 894: It Doesn't Matter Chapter 895: Remove The Stone Chapter 896: Go Ape Chapter 897: Uncontrollable Chapter 898: Bad Omen Chapter 899: Regret Chapter 900: Terrible Thing Chapter 901: Open The Door Chapter 902: Little Elves Flying Around Chapter 903: Suspicious Chapter 904: Principled Person Chapter 905: What Is Important Chapter 906: Don't Be Angry Chapter 907: Made At Sunrise Chapter 908: Not Much Time Chapter 909: Not Afraid Of Difficulties Chapter 910: Struggle Chapter 911: Temperament Change Chapter 912: Take Responsibility Chapter 913: You Know I Know Chapter 914: Works Well Chapter 915: Can't Relax Chapter 916: Pay The Price Chapter 917: Easy Things Chapter 918: Be Prepared Chapter 919: The Other Side Of The Door Chapter 920: Open The Door Chapter 921: Locked Chapter 922: Door Handle Chapter 923: Door Crack Chapter 924: Faded Door Chapter 925: Unforeseen Things Chapter 926: Winner Chapter 927: How To Be Good Chapter 928: Pattern On The Door Chapter 929: Wooden Door Chapter 930: Take It Easy Chapter 931: Reluctant To Give Up Day And Night Chapter 932: Blood Chapter 933: Indifferent Chapter 934: Convergence Chapter 935: Nonsense Chapter 936: Energy Light Wave Chapter 937: Cautious Attitude Chapter 938: It's A Success Chapter 939: Base Size Chapter 940: Not My Business Chapter 941: Without Further Ado Chapter 942: Delusion Chapter 943: Trap Chapter 944: Nonsense Chapter 945: How To Be Good Chapter 946: Words Of The Elves Chapter 947: Reckless Chapter 948: Security Question Chapter 949: The whole story Chapter 950: The role of the sun Chapter 951: Pokeball Chapter 952: Guard the world Chapter 953: Fight against each other Chapter 954: Hold on Chapter 955: Nonsense Chapter 956: act wildly Chapter 957: Hard drive Chapter 958: Hinder their footsteps Chapter 959: The enemy is currently Chapter 960: A little bit stressed Chapter 961: It doesn't matter Chapter 962: Stubbornly resist Chapter 963: God beasts gather Chapter 964: Bold Chapter 965: Overturn everything Chapter 966: Surprise Chapter 967: stupid Chapter 968: Evacuate Chapter 969: No comments Chapter 970: Serious consequences