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"Dr. O'Connely, this is First Officer Rickert, the captain is unavailable. What do you have to report?"

"Commander Rickert, this concerns the actions of a man named 'Shephard' and threatens the mission. I must speak to the Captain."

"I see. Stay in your location. We will be there soon."

Matt considered if this was a trap, however, the Captain wouldn't put someone he didn't trust in the First Officer position. When the Captain was busy or resting, the First Officer was essentially in charge. Also, if anything happened to the Captain, the First Officer would become the Captain. He decided to trust Rickert and stay in his lab. He had no doubt that the Captain could use his authority to find his personal device.

While waiting, Matt went into his cold storage and took out all of the blood samples. Since someone wants to play games, he'll take advantage of the situation. He removed the cap on all of the vials and began to down the goat blood. He had already made sure to wear gloves and didn't touch his mouth to the top of the vial. Every three vials granted him one evolution point and there were twenty-four vials. This was quite a bit of profit for him.

Once he finished off all of the vials, he threw them into the trash compactor. He made sure to leave a bit of blood in the bottom so when the glass was shattered it would seem like they were thrown in without being emptied first. After the notifications finished, he felt his weak body get a bit stronger. Matt came to the realization that what he was missing was nutrition for his real body. Once he finished his 'clean-up', he returned to Sheila's pen and sighed.

'Eating her like this would be so many Evolution Points. It's a shame I can't hide the evidence.'

Swish, swish. Matt heard the doors open and he came over to greet his guests.

"Dr. O'Connely."

"Captain, Commander, it's good that you're here. I was really worried when I discovered this."

Matt led the two of them over to Sheila's pen and showed them the dead goat. When they saw, Rickert covered his face and turned away. The Captain leaned forward and looked closely. Matt lowered the forcefield and allowed the Captain to closely inspect it. Matt still hadn't had a chance to do that himself, but he didn't want to have any contact with the dead animal before it was properly inspected. He also wasn't a detective and could only give his opinion on cause of death. Perhaps some tests too.

"It seems there are no external wounds. The animal also doesn't seem to have been frightened by the assailant. It was most likely someone that she knew. The method was likely poisoned feed. Her tongue and eyes show signs of poisoning but a blood test and autopsy will confirm. What do you have to say, Dr. O'Connely?"

"I discovered there was something amiss when Dr. McGee came to me very guilt stricken. She apologized without any particular reason and hoped I wouldn't be mad at her. Then, she was taken away by some men who referred to someone called Shephard. The only thing I could think of that she could do that would need apologizing for was related to the care of Sheila."

"This is not a simple issue. The first animal to be impregnated in hyper speed is a milestone of the ages. If the live birth was successful, you could have received awards and honors. However, there is no reason for Dr. McGee to do this. Did she have a personal vendetta against you or this ship?"

"Well, I suppose we did have a relationship before Commander Alexeyev found out she was pregnant. I put the relationship with Dr. McGee on hold and she only ever came by to check on and feed Sheila. I only fed her on days that I did blood tests and checked her condition. Up until now, she was very healthy. I also had no reason to suspect Dr. McGee was holding a grudge."

"Several days ago, Dr. McGee was transferred to the lower decks research team. She assigned an assistant to take her position in feeding Sheila. What do you have to say about that, Dr. O'Connely?" Commander Rickert said, cutting in on Matt and the Captain's conversation.

"I was not aware of this. Although I hadn't seen her in several days, no one notified me of the change of staff. This alone is also suspicious. Excuse me Captain, could we speak alone for a moment. There are some things I don't believe should be heard by anyone else but you."

"Nonsense! Whatever the Captain can hear, I can also"

"That's enough, Number One. Stand outside so that I can talk with the doctor alone."

Rickert was about to rebut, but seeing the adamant look on the Captain's face, he left.

"Take a seat, Captain."

"Your injury seems to be a lot better. I heard you lost quite a bit of blood. I am surprised you are up and about."

[Hypnosis Activated.]

"Yes, it was quite an ordeal. I do wonder though, is the Captain aware of who ordered the man to do that?"

"I see. I think I know where this is going. You believe the one involved in Ensign Lorenz's case is also the one who has sabotaged your research? It is a good theory. However, the man you are looking for is a lot more powerful than you think."

"Then are you saying we should do nothing?"

"I am afraid there is no 'we' Dr. O'Connely. Although I supported you once already, that was a reward for your achievements. There is only one thing that I care about and that is completing our mission."

"That is unfortunate. Would you be against me investigating it on my own?"

"Feel free, however, the man you are looking for might retaliate. Don't get too caught up in politics and simply do your duty, doctor."

The Captain seemed to be finished so he got up and began to leave. The AI finally reactivated in this room and began running diagnostics. When it detected the dead animal, it was about to start an alarm, but the Captain turned it off preemptively. It seemed that he left Matt to deal with the remains however he wished. Before he walked out the door, Matt called to him one more time making eye contact.

[Hypnosis Activated.]

"Captain, what exactly is in those sausages?" The Captain gave him a slight grin.


Matt did not receive anything from his conversation with the Captain. Once the Captain left, Matt had more questions than answers. It seemed that his assumptions before were a mistake. The Captain doesn't have a faction, he only has a single prerogative. As long as the mission is being completed, he doesn't care what happens. Shephard was three steps ahead of him the whole time. Replacing Cindy with a random assistant, making it seem like the Captain was opposing him, and even letting Cindy meet with him in the cafeteria.

He slammed his fist onto the table and cursed inwardly. Matt had been making too many waves recently and Shephard pushed him down a peg. This was a warning.

'We can kill your goat without getting caught, think about what else we can do.'

However, there was one thing he had that they didn't. His powers and growth were his biggest asset. This just proved that he should lie low for a while and grow in strength.

A year of steaks along with anything else he may gain was valuable. Tier two was practically guaranteed he just needed the time. Because of all that had happened recently, Matt became too impatient. He needed to simply mind his own business, do his work, and continue building up Evolution Points. He decided that he would set aside this problem and focus on other things. This was the third thing that he had set aside and would come back to when he was stronger.

However, Martha was now accessible again. He decided to devote his time to figuring out what was going on with the plant. Matt looked down at the poor goat who died as a warning to him and smiled. The captain left him to deal with it and he had a good idea about what to do. He drew out all of the remaining blood he could acquire set aside a few vials for testing. He then swallowed the rest of them secretly in the cold room where the camera couldn't see.

He gained another four evolution points and packed the body up in a black vacuum sealed bag. There were not many places he could take this carcass, but he was sure there was a bar or two that would let him use their kitchen for a while. With a bit of persuasion of course. His eyes shimmered while he hobbled toward the military quarters.


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