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Chapter 57

Title: Not a Hero Like You!...


As Izuku entered Nighteye's office, the man proved to be the ultimate All Might fanboy. All Might's merchandise littered every corner of the office. Izuku noticed that some were even limited edition, he wanted some very bad but he got his act straight and looked straight at the room's owner.

Nighteye sat down on his desk and looked back at Izuku. "So why did you decide on my agency?"

"Because I want to stand out." Answered Izuku truthfully. An image of Kaminari came to his mind as he thought about it.

In his eyes, if there was one figure of a perfect up and coming hero, then it would be Kaminari he was Hero-like. He even was already quite famous for how he handled the Nomu in the USJ incident and he even helped All Might in the All For One fight plus everything else. The way he has stood out every time, he had outshined everyone else.

"Hmmm I see, but I don't think that you will fit here. We work good enough as we are," said Nighteye, looking at Izuku with a hawk-like gaze which made the young man uncomfortable. It felt like he was being stared at by an apex predator. Nighteye just had that kind of vibe around him. "So you can leave if you feel that you are inadequate for this place. We need someone useful, not dead weight."

As Izuku heard that, he panicked and said what he was trying to do when they met. "I made the face All Might following the Vinegar Riverbank Incident."

Nighteye is surprised at this and remembers the incident, it was a small one years ago. Relatively unknown, but of course All Might's former sidekick knew about it. The Hero's aura becomes even felt even more fierce as he seemed to be enraged. "Were you testing me?"

"Uhhh" Izuku didn't know the correct answer to this so in the end he just told the truth. "No sir"

Nighteye just kept looking at Izuku with an unreadable expression on his face. The One For All user had no idea what the man in front of him seemed to be thinking, is he mad? Well, he seemed so. Is he happy? Sad? Disappointed?

Like always Izuku was just overthinking things, his mind going on many different thoughts until the man himself said. "Show me the contract."

Before he even knew what Nighteye said, Izuku's body was moving on its own and he immediately pulled out a piece of paper from his bag. Nighteye took it and put it on the table.

It was a contract by U.A that must be signed by the Hero who takes them in. This way, the students aren't taken advantage of by any Hero, which is unlikely to happen, but one never knew with these things. So Nezu liked to be sure.

"Internsh.i.p.s last about a week and only have the student as a guest in the agency, the students only take notes and are not allowed to fight unless the situation is extreme and another supervisor Hero is there." Nighteye started explaining the difference between the Hero Work-Studies and the previous week-long internsh.i.p.s. "While Work-Studies, the students are more like sidekicks, they help with Hero duties, go on patrols, and can use their Quirks in desperate situations."

A happy smile appeared on Izuku's face once he heard that and tears of happiness flew out of his eyes.

A day later, Kaminari was in an unofficial office in the Village. The room was barely furnished, with only two computer desks, which were both occupied, one by Kaminari and the other by a female police officer.

He was through all the paperwork calmly, even if on the inside he was a little annoyed. While he had figured some things out, it felt like another difficult situation had developed.

The policewoman next to him was also helping him with the paperwork. She had brown hair, was wearing glasses, and had a general nerdy appearance. If there was one word to describe her looks, it would be average.

Kaminari sighed and got up, stretched a little, and smiled at the policewoman. "Well, c'mon now Makino -san, I will make you some tea. We have been reading these papers for so long. Relaxing is part of work too as one can work better when he is not tired."

Makino smiled back gently too and got up. "True, I will make us some tea."

"Oh, Makino -san, I don't want to bother you." Kaminari tried to dissuade her from doing it.

"C'mon now Kaminari -kun," she chuckled, "Don't you like my tea?"

"No, no," Kaminari shook his hands around nervously, "It's just that I don't want to bother you."

'How cute,' she mulled over as she went to get the tea, "Hehehe, don't worry about it."

She then walked out, Kaminari had a smile on his face as he saw her walk away. He then took a stack of papers and got out of the police office. The one that was temporarily being used as the investigation office by Mirko, well she wasn't the one using it. But it was in her name.

He then entered mode, and his body was covered in electricity, his hair spiked up as it discharged electricity.


He charged towards the village.


He quickly arrived at a dango shop in the village and saw Mirko just chilling there on the porch, golfing down dango while still in her Hero costume.

She saw Kaminari appear and inquired him. "Did you find anything?"

He looked around where Mirko was standing and his mouth almost twisted in a smirk as he got an idea. His expression goes back to an unreadable one as he took out his stack of doc.u.ments and put them down next to her. "I have learned a lot from this Hero Work-Study session."

Mirko was surprised at this, especially since she hadn't taught him anything, even when he blackmailed her. She wouldn't mind anymore if Kaminari spread those rumors, and has resolved to be herself no matter what. She doesn't want to be played as a fool. Even if she didn't want to get a bad media image, she won't be tied down anymore.

But once Kaminari winked at her, she immediately understood that something was going on. 'This slimy guy is up to something.'

A teasing smile made its way into her face. "Really now?"

Kaminari nodded his eyes as emotionless as ever. "Yes, I have now learned what kind of Hero I don't want to be."

Before Mirko could say anything, he took out his contract papers and ripped them apart.

He then pulled out another paper with his signature on it it was a resignation letter. "I have decided to resign from working under the Number 6 Hero, Mirko."

Her eyes widened at this, she was shocked by what she saw. She didn't even know what to say. He just ripped the original contract, so he must be planning to do this for real. 'Wait, did I interpret that wing wrong? Is this brat serious?!'

Kaminari bowed slightly in respect. "Thank you for everything. Don't worry, I won't leak anything to the media, I never intended to. I will take my leave now."

He turned around and started walking away.

"Oy! Brat, what the hell do you think that you are doing?" Asked Mirko, a frown on her face, and her body shook. Evident body language showed her annoyance.

Kaminari stopped but didn't turn around as he started saying. "I have understood what kind of hero you are now. You don't even have a Hero agency associated with you."

"Tch, I am not a weakling to need one," Mirko was annoyed by this. She had already heard this from others.

"Yes" Kaminari finally turned around, "As usual, you've mistaken isolation for independence."

His face was calm as a still lake, not even an ounce of emotion was being shown in it. "We have been doing this investigation for over a day, but we have no leads, no new information has been discovered. You recklessly picked a mission for which you aren't qualified. Yes, you are a strong Hero in the physical department, but that is it. You think yourself too above the normal duties of a sidekick, and yet you don't accept one that can cover your weak points because you are too arrogant."

Mirko got angry angrier than she had been in a long time. What she hates, even more, is the truth that he was saying, but hearing it from such a young man annoys her even more. She knew that her Quirk wasn't suited for investigation-related work neither was her mind.

But she was prideful, too prideful to open an official Hero Agency of her own. The only reason she even accepted Kaminari as her intern and had him come all the way here was to humiliate him for what he did to her after the Hosu Incident.

He made her seem like an inexperienced school girl, she took offense to that. She, a Pro Hero, was manhandled by a fifteen-year-old student. Plus, Mirko easily admitted that she was a little petty sometimes, but she thought that the kid would at least learn a lesson. But instead he had turned out like this.

'Ah, what a troublesome brat he is.' Thought Mirko, 'But he is right, so I should deal with problems the only I know how...'


She disappeared from her place on the dango porch in a split second. Already her leg was high, getting ready to ax kick Kaminari on the head.


She kicked Kaminari, but his figure disappeared like an illusion.

'Afterimage?!!' Deduced Mirko, what shocked her was his reaction time, in less than a second did she attack him, and he was still able to dodge.

Her rabbit ears twitched slightly as she heard the sound of crackling electricity near her and the wind shifting.


She immediately jumped up. Her rabbit-like senses helped her escape a kick to the side.

Kaminari looked up at her, his hair floating up and the yellow color in his eyes got even more pronounced.


Electricity was crackling around his body as he gazed at Mirko midair.


Dark wings made out of Iron Sand appeared on his back and he flew towards the rabbit-woman and in an instant was in front of her.


Kaminari punched her on the top of her head, and blood spewed out.

Mirko was bleeding from her head, but even though the electric shock, she grabbed into his hand and used her fighting experience expertise, twisted Kaminari's arm behind his back. She laid on top of him as he plummets to the ground.

"Don't hold back brat!!" She yelled out, frowning, "I am not weak enough for some no-name brat to have to hold back against me."

She had noticed that when she had jumped midair, Kaminari could have immediately shot a lightning bolt at her and ended the fight there. But he was holding back.


They landed on the ground, and a cloud of dust engulfed them. Once it cleared up, Kaminari was the one on top of her, having switched positions with Mirko at the last second before they hit the ground, using his speed and ability to fly to his advantage.

But Mirko still had a vicious smile on his face as she brought her hand up, around her wrist was a dark plastic handcuff, the other handcuff was tied to Kaminari's wrist.

"Fu*k you brat-"


Kaminari doesn't let Mirko finish as he punched her in the face. *cough* Blood comes out of her mouth.

*spit* Mirko tried to spit the blood in his eyes, but Kaminari quickly dodged. He recognized the tactic before it even happened, as he had tried to use the same thing on Aizawa.

He tried to use his electricity to heat the handcuffs away, after all, while plastic doesn't conduct electricity, it still couldn't resist its heat.


Mirko took that chance to hit Kaminari with one of her deadly kicks, he easily dodged it.

But at such close range, if he tried to use his electricity outside of his body, Mirko will notice and would attack him as a gap appeared in his defenses at that time. Kaminari is unable to use his auto-dodge sequence in that split second that he will try to take control of the iron sand around him.

Normally he couldn't use auto-dodge while controlling his electricity outside of his body, but he had overcome that weakness. And only that split second was left, something that would be unlikely to be used against him. But it is being used by Mirko, who has him cuffed to her so he can't even escape.

Still, Kaminari sat on her h.i.p.s and pointed his uncuffed hand at her stomach. "Stop this useless fight. I can shock your organs to shut down in an instant."

He uses this as a threat, but Mirko isn't scared at all. Instead, she smiles. "C'mon then brat, try me!! Let's see who is faster! Can you move your electricity to yourpalm and shock me, or will I be able to knee you at the back of your head?"

She had a confident look on her face, and for the first time in the fight. Kaminari had an uncertain look on his face, usually, he could be confident that he could move his electricity faster. But at the same time, Mirko knew that with a quirk like his, he needed to be careful to not actually kill her. Plus due to her Quirk, she needs a higher dosage of electricity to knock her out. She could guess the difficulty that Kaminari should be having, if he uses too little it would have no effect, too much and it would kill her.

So in the end she decided to give him a push.

"What the hell is up with that look on your face?" Mirko asked with a snide look, "C'mon now, show me your true self. I already know about it, so no use hiding it."

"I see" is all Kaminari said.

Immediately the air felt colder, a darkness appeared deep in his eyes as they turned colder and emotionless.

Mirko's smirk widens as chills flow down her spine. This was her evolved human instincts against predators. But she wasn't scared at all and can feel adrenaline rush through her.


She went to knee him on the back of his head, and Kaminari hand also flashed with electricity.


A/N: Mirko's feelings on Hero Agencies are actually canon. She thinks that only weaklings use those things like backup and have sidekicks.

P.S: Look underneath the underneath of what is going on here...

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