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On June 25th last year, "New Farmers" began to be uploaded.

Baiyun Cang dog, the years are like flowing.

By December 31, 19, a year and a half passed without knowing it.

At first, Lao Jin didn't expect this book to be so long, and it was unknown whether he could even sign a contract.

Xu is a reward for his diligence. This book came to a short stand when it was more than 30,000 words, and gave Lao Jin a little hope.

When it was released on September 1, the "New Farmer" collection was 1285, the first order was 263, and both orders were 53.

In other words, the money sold on the day the book was released was enough for Lao Jin to buy a box of Baihongtashan.

If you change other people, many people are afraid that they will abandon it in the first place.

The reason why Lao Jin didn't give up was because he felt that the legs of grasshoppers were also fleshy. Another book might not be as good as this one.

So, a year and a half later, this book is also over a thousand orders.

The main supporting role in the book, Lao Jin, also gave an explanation. Although some of the main characters did not specifically explain, if you read the book carefully, you can also judge the situation of these people.

At the end of the book, Lao Jin must thank those brothers who accompanied him all the way. Although the data in the book is very general, it is with your company that it finally reached the end.

Here I want to thank the brothers such as Xiang Yanyun, Danjueyou score, the fat in the fat man, the wind in the cloud, the orchid, the fragrance of clear water, a fat man, the snail is starting, and the black powder Danqing.

There are too many people to thank, so I will not list them one by one.

"New Farmer" has now become the past tense, it represents only the past.

Let me talk about the new book.

Regarding the new book, Lao Jin has been preparing since the day the new farmer reduced the update volume, and even wrote six openings.

If the steps are too big, it is easy to pull the egg, and Lao Jin will be pulled.

In fact, what Lao Jin wanted to publish was a science-fiction and manufacturing-related book. That book was a relatively sufficient book I prepared in the early stage. The outline alone has written nearly 20,000 words.

However, in the later period, considering the reasons for the link between the past and the next, I chose this book "Wild Eighteen Youths"

Lao Jin will write that book when he is ready to finish "The Wild Eighteen Years".

"Wild Eighteen Years" and "New Farmer" adopt the same background, the same location, and even the protagonist has a surname. Some of these tasks have appeared in "New Farmer".

However, the name has changed slightly. I think anyone who has watched "The New Farmer" can tell which character is in the new book.

It takes time to verify whether this setting succeeds or fails.

In any case, the new book has set sail and has signed a contract. I still need the support of my brothers to help collect it and vote for a recommendation.

On the PC side, you can see its link under other works on the right side of the homepage of "New Farmer".

I dont know if there is a page on the mobile phone. Lao Jin is a mobile phone idiot. On the mobile phone, I really dont know if there is a link under the "New Farmer" page.

If not, it can only rely on search.

The new book is called "Wild Eighteen Youths". If you feel good about the book "New Farmers", then this new book will not disappoint you.

I feel everyones support for "New Farmer", and I hope my brothers can continue to support "The Wild Eighteen Years"

Thank you!


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Brother Beard Again Chapter 705: Surprise Chapter 706: Madman Chapter 707: The Smaller The More Enchanting Chapter 708: Why Not Run Chapter 709: Jiang Min Misses A Man Chapter 710: Director Qiao Took Office Chapter 711: Where Do You Not Meet In Life Chapter 712: Lao Liu Is Going To Give Off His Daughter? Chapter 713: Be Questioned Chapter 714: Encourage People To Start A Business Chapter 715: Preferential Terms Chapter 716: Have Adultery Chapter 717: Bad Attitude Towards The Boss Chapter 718: Split Machinery Plant Chapter 719: Plastic Bottles And Plastic Bags Chapter 720: Advertise In Publications Chapter 721: No One Is A Fool Chapter 722: Hao Qing Who Was Sold Back To Help Chapter 723: Comfort Each Other Chapter 724: Ready To Evacuate Chapter 725: The Silent Tibetan Yunli Chapter 726: Go To Xiao Wu's House Chapter 727: Doomed Chapter 728: Out Of Thin Air Chapter 729: Hello Aunt He Chapter 730: 1 Cry 2 Make Trouble 3 Roll Chapter 731: Kick The Mountain Gate Chapter 732: You Have No Future Chapter 733: 1 Generation Younger Chapter 734: Accidentally Appearing On An Unexpected Person Chapter 735: Police Shao Hui Chapter 736: What To Do If I Sell You Chapter 737: Nursing Patient Number Chapter 738: Let You See My Strength Chapter 739: Qu Yang's Novel Was Published Chapter 740: Just Got Serious For 1 Minute Chapter 741: Brother Bengbeng Is Here Chapter 742: Sinister Brother Chapter 743: Feelings Are Very Uncertain Chapter 744: Cultivate Domineering Chapter 745: Selling Pig Knuckles And Running Well Off Chapter 746: Its Not All About Love At Night Chapter 747: Who Is Behind The Scenes Chapter 748: Woman Pretending To Be Sick Chapter 749: Shaolin Temple Is Released Chapter 750: The Tricky Girl Chapter 751: Do You Want To Stay Overnight? 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With The Beast Chapter 1064: The Girl Has Become Shameless Chapter 1065: Infinite Scenery On The Top Of The Mountain Chapter 1066: Nostalgia Chapter 1067: Forgot To Wear Long Trousers Chapter 1068: An Angry Woman Who Earns More Money Chapter 1069: Still Shameless Chapter 1070: Ruthless Zhou Binghua Chapter 1071: New Year's Eve In 87 Chapter 1072: This Is The Virtue Of Men Chapter 1073: There Is No One To Open A Helmet Factory Chapter 1074: Useless General Manager Chapter 1075: Preparing To Build A Branch Chapter 1076: Let You See People But You Want To Get Lao Tzu Back Chapter 1077: 1 Belly Damage Strokes Chapter 1078: Make A Costume Show For The Fox Fairy Chapter 1079: Jiang Ming's Sense Of Smell Chapter 1080: I Hope To See You Wearing A Doctor's Hat Chapter 1081: The Proud Girl Of Heaven Chapter 1082: Electronic Games Chapter 1083: I Want To Kill You Chapter 1084: 8 Faced Exquisite Person Chapter 1085: Ask You To Act Chapter 1086: Pack Light Chapter 1087: Ballroom Change Chapter 1088: A Bit Serious Chapter 1089: Plan Chapter 1090: Rush To The Banquet Chapter 1091: Bear Paw As I Want Chapter 1092: Topics Elicited By Public Security Issues Chapter 1093: An Accident Is Definitely An Accident Chapter 1094: Transaction Restart Chapter 1095: Easier Than Picking Up Money Chapter 1096: Unemployed Liang Bingyu Chapter 1097: Jiang Ming's Ability Chapter 1098: Familiar Name Chapter 1099: 5 Blind Streams Chapter 1100: Mysterious Opponent Chapter 1101: Feng Man Lou Chapter 1102: The Other Party Shot Again Chapter 1103: Guo Wu's Wife Who Can't Hold Back Chapter 1104: Torn Face Chapter 1105: Feel Unforgettable Chapter 1106: I Asked You To Wash The Statue Chapter 1107: The True Face Of Longjiang Chapter 1108: Ghost In The Night Chapter 1109: Some People Still Don't Know What Happened Chapter 1110: Gang Robbery Chapter 1111: She Wants To Harm Me Chapter 1112: Can't Afford Instant Noodles Chapter 1113: Woman Who Doesn't Take The Usual Path Chapter 1114: Call The Dog Chapter 1115: Matryoshka Chapter 1116: I'm Still A Senior Engineer Chapter 1117: Teach Others To Pretend To Be A Pure Girl Chapter 1118: The Mocking Of The Dumb Duck Chapter 1119: Grand Day Chapter 1120: Offline Ceremony Chapter 1121: If You Drink Too Much You Forget The World Chapter 1122: Electra Plot Chapter 1123: Rusty Feeling Chapter 1124: Auspicious Days Chapter 1125: The Fire Still Broke Out Chapter 1126: It's Better Than Turtles When Collecting Money Chapter 1127: The Soviets And The Wine Chapter 1128: Beaco Railway Chapter 1129: Guo Wu Keeps A Car Chapter 1130: Their Ability To Do Things Is Questionable Chapter 1131: The First Time I Met Someone Asking For Money Chapter 1132: Repairer Chapter 1133: Traitor Chapter 1134: Peculiar Meeting Ceremony Chapter 1135: Was Locked In An Iron Cage Chapter 1136: Nicknamed Tarsal Maggot Chapter 1137: Recharge Your Energy Chapter 1138: Became Bald Chapter 1139: Barber In The Middle Of The Night Chapter 1140: Go To Heaven To See God Chapter 1141: Longyou Dahai Chapter 1142: Turbulent Komsomolsk Chapter 1143: Military Steel Chapter 1144: Successful Negotiation Chapter 1145: Chen Dao Took The Peach Blossom Luck Chapter 1146: Robbery Chapter 1147: Water Ghost Chapter 1148: Actually I Am Also A Person Who Will Pay For It Chapter 1149: Tortoise Steel Sheet Chapter 1150: I Want 2 Pot Heads Chapter 1151: Come From The Military Chapter 1152: 1 Letter Chapter 1153: Annoying Letter Chapter 1154: Smuggling Coup Chapter 1155: Step On 2 Feet Chapter 1156: This Spy Is Too High Profile Chapter 1157: Public Opinion War Chapter 1158: The Power Of Public Opinion Chapter 1159: See Him Off Chapter 1160: Don't Thank Me Chapter 1161: Visit Sijitun Chapter 1162: Someone Entangled Sister In Law Chapter 1163: What Temple Has Flooded Chapter 1164: The Big Girl Works Hard Chapter 1165: Loading And Unloading Is Also A Problem Chapter 1166: Stop By Chapter 1167: You Still Hesitate To Give You Money Chapter 1168: Just Ask Chapter 1169: First Batch Chapter 1170: Things That Can't Be Tolerated Chapter 1171: Cousin You Are A Rascal Chapter 1172: Solved The Tractor Problem Chapter 1173: Watch The Excitement Chapter 1174: The Referee Is His Cousin Chapter 1175: The Police Beat Someone Chapter 1176: All Over Chapter 1177: Talk Anything Chapter 1178: Love Can Change People Chapter 1179: T Seventy Two Tank Chapter 1180: Find 1 Sven Scum Chapter 1181: 3 Ways Chapter 1182: Li Mingzhe's Request Chapter 1183: Scientific Research Chapter 1184: Talk To You Chapter 1185: Despised On The Wine Table Chapter 1186: Not Difficult Negotiation Chapter 1187: Soldiers All Go To The Street To Set Up A Stall Chapter 1188: Suddenly A Problem Chapter 1189: Bad Silver Chapter 1190: Renting Chapter 1191: I Met Uncle Tun Again Chapter 1192: Take Me To See Your Home Chapter 1193: Village Tyrant Chapter 1194: Buy A Pig Chapter 1195: The Reason For The Broken Arm Chapter 1196: Shop Chapter 1197: Night Attack Chapter 1198: Enough Money To Buy A House And Open A Shop Chapter 1199: Nariyama Public Corporation Chapter 1200: Have An Idea To Invest Here Chapter 1201: Trouble Making Chapter 1202: To Pay Is Not To Lose Chapter 1203: Maozi Has Time Concept Chapter 1204: 1 More Ship Out Of Thin Air Chapter 1205: Opened Up Ren Du 2 Vein Chapter 1206: I Saw My Own Product Chapter 1207: Must Despise Him Chapter 1208: Noble Chapter 1209: Impulse Is The Devil Chapter 1210: Go First Chapter 1211: The Spring Festival Of The Soviets Chapter 1212: Continue Trading Chapter 1213: That Is My Money Chapter 1214: My Grandfather's Surname Is Zhu Chapter 1215: Big Brother Chapter 1216: Bargain Chapter 1217: Unreliable Chapter 1218: Plan Change Chapter 1219: Select Project For Xu Bin Chapter 1220: Feng Sao Mentions The Media Chapter 1221: Air Filled Chapter 1222: Unintentionally Inserting Willows Into Shade Chapter 1223: Everyone Has A Field Of Expertise Chapter 1224: Failure Is Success Fucking Chapter 1225: Electronic Genius Chapter 1226: Continued Cooperation Chapter 1227: Listen To The Details Chapter 1228: Recruiting Talents Does Not Avoid Relatives Chapter 1229: Reminiscence Chapter 1230: Up To The Sky Chapter 1231: Green Corps Chapter 1232: Malfeasance Chapter 1233: The Use Of K 700 Tractor Chapter 1234: Electric Scooter Chapter 1235: Xu Bin's Video Room Chapter 1236: The Foundation Of Hongying Hotel Chapter 1237: Zhang Xuan's Request Chapter 1238: Computer Class Chapter 1239: Happy Entertainment City Chapter 1240: I've Been Tossed By You Chapter 1241: Electronic Research Group Chapter 1242: Whirlwind Chapter 1243: Are You Interested In Bringing Weilai Chapter 1244: Enjoy The Fun Before You Don't Charge Money Chapter 1245: Planning Community Chapter 1246: Catch Someone Alive Chapter 1247: 2 Prodigal Wives Chapter 1248: Gu Gong's New Home Chapter 1249: Carry Forward The Style Chapter 1250: Skua And Bison Chapter 1251: Big Brother For Pens Chapter 1252: Not A Dream Chapter 1253: 205's 100 Times Gas Turbine Chapter 1254: Let Yourself Fly Like A Husky Chapter 1255: Spoiler Prices Chapter 1256: Transaction Completed Chapter 1257: Su Twenty Seven Flanker Chapter 1258: Bad Plan Chapter 1259: 2 Scraps Chapter 1260: Incomplete Information Chapter 1261: Crucial Moment Chapter 1262: Eat Radish And Worry About It Chapter 1263: Pilot's Requirements Chapter 1264: Xiao Wan Is Here Chapter 1265: Unintentionally Going Out Chapter 1266: It's You Chapter 1267: Looks Like A Liar Chapter 1268: The Warmth Of Home Chapter 1269: Crying And Laughing Chapter 1270: Expand The Size Of The Game Hall Chapter 1271: Not Qualified To Be A Bridesmaid Chapter 1272: Legends Everywhere Chapter 1273: Vip Guest Chapter 1274: Words Are Hooked Up With Farts Chapter 1275: All The Guests Are Coming Chapter 1276: Vision Is Higher Chapter 1277: Can't Watch Zhang Hai Mess Around Chapter 1278: Unhealthy Wind Chapter 1279: Opened Mouth Chapter 1280: Make A Game Console Chapter 1281: Friends From Afar Chapter 1282: Year End Bonuses Chapter 1283: 4 Collections Chapter 1284: Eat Dry And Don't Admit It Chapter 1285: There Is Still Room For Relaxation Chapter 1286: Old Cunning Chapter 1287: Shameless Chapter 1288: Laugh Out Big Teeth Chapter 1289: Chain Of Money Chapter 1290: Just Don't Break It Chapter 1291: No More Food Chapter 1292: Leaning Machine Chapter 1293: Unreliable Guide Chapter 1294: The Past And Present Of Huaqiangbei Chapter 1295: Follow Up Chapter 1296: Strong Buy And Sell Chapter 1297: Can't You Hide If You Can't Afford It Chapter 1298: Seg Trading Market Opened Chapter 1299: Round And Billowing Chapter 1300: Brother Ying And Brother Xiong Chapter 1301: Why Is He Chapter 1302: Guide The Way Chapter 1303: Enchanting Failure Chapter 1304: Chinese Learning Machine Chapter 1305: The Trouble Of Being Suppressed Chapter 1306: Borrow Chicken To Lay Eggs Chapter 1307: Not Mine Chapter 1308: That's It Chapter 1309: History Will Not Delay Chapter 1310: Grandpa Is Coming Chapter 1311: Reasons For Insisting On Long Distance Running Chapter 1312: Prism Gate Incident Chapter 1313: Need It Chapter 1314: Resignation Chapter 1315: I Want To Talk To Him Chapter 1316: Countermeasures Chapter 1317: Han Guang's Family Also Has Scandals Chapter 1318: The Egg Is Too Big Chapter 1319: Grandpa Is Afraid That It Will Be Pornographic Chapter 1320: Sister In Law Is Here Chapter 1321: Last One Chapter 1322: Build A Train Chapter 1323: Basalt Chapter 1324: Granite Chapter 1325: Guizhi Store Chapter 1326: Have The Talent To Be A Duck Chapter 1327: Dimitri's Tatters Chapter 1328: Isn't She My Grandfather? Chapter 1329: Drive Home Chapter 1330: Where Is It Big Chapter 1331: Wanjia Little Grande Chapter 1332: Visit The Game Hall Chapter 1333: The Driver's Eyes May Be Sick Chapter 1334: Take A Drive Chapter 1335: You Are Here To See Women Chapter 1336: 3 Wars Cannot Break Out Chapter 1337: A Long Way To Go Chapter 1338: Haven't Eaten Meat For A Long Time Chapter 1339: Magical Place Chapter 1340: Where Is The Limb Chapter 1341: The History Of Getting Started Chapter 1342: Test Machine Chapter 1343: Taste Of Home Chapter 1344: Plug Ins Are Everywhere Chapter 1345: Simply Not Human Chapter 1346: Full Support Chapter 1347: Young Hero Beaten Chapter 1348: Is This Going To Be Disgusting? Chapter 1349: The Big Bed Is So Nice Chapter 1350: To Shenzhen Chapter 1351: When The Light Bulb Is Suspected Chapter 1352: Furnishings Chapter 1353: Gift Chapter 1354: Luan Feng Is Going To Do Business Chapter 1355: Cooperation Agreements And Plans Chapter 1356: Elder Brother Chapter 1357: Not Afraid Of Hitting The Pillar Chapter 1358: Snob Chapter 1359: Talking In English Is Sick Chapter 1360: The Smell Of Gunpowder Is Getting Stronger Chapter 1361: Dragon Tiger Phoenix Chapter 1362: East Gate Chapter 1363: Think Of The Bag Thief Chapter 1364: It's Useless After Church Chapter 1365: Not A Woman's Opponent Chapter 1366: For The Old And Disrespectful Chapter 1367: Don't I Care About You Chapter 1368: The Garment Factory Became A Kindergarten Chapter 1369: Out Of Oil Chapter 1370: Road Repair Chapter 1371: Railway Fantasy Chapter 1372: Recruitment Notice Chapter 1373: People Go High Chapter 1374: Phone Is More Important Than Children Chapter 1375: I Want A Motorcycle Chapter 1376: Rewarded Sales Chapter 1377: Everything Is Ready Chapter 1378: 1st Grand Prize Chapter 1379: End Of Prize Draw Chapter 1380: Military Trade Chapter 1381: Mud Can't Support The Wall Chapter 1382: Fate To Cooperate Again In The Future Chapter 1383: Revisit The Old Place Chapter 1384: You Have To Shrink If You Don't Change Chapter 1385: The Last Banquet Chapter 1386: Parting Chapter 1387: Slipped Through The Back Door Chapter 1388: Into The Catalog Chapter 1389: Assembling Computer Chapter 1390: Xingshi Asks Crimes Chapter 1391: Bottomless Pit Chapter 1392: Decoration Chapter 1393: I'm Not Talking To Everyone Chapter 1394: The Smell Of Wind And Dust Chapter 1395: Teng Family Brothers And Sisters Chapter 1396: Unconscious Woman Chapter 1397: Item 1 Chapter 1398: See If Your Heart Is Black Chapter 1399: A Career That Is Good For The Future Chapter 1400: Faster Than A Thief Chapter 1401: Meet Chapter 1402: Zhang Xuan Wants To Be Independent Chapter 1403: Duck Feathers And Goose Feathers Flying Together Chapter 1404: Unexpected Visitor Chapter 1405: Who Scratched His Face Chapter 1406: This World Is So Small Chapter 1407: Shabi's Explanation Chapter 1408: Pager Chapter 1409: Free 1 Set Chapter 1410: Has My Heart Turned Black? Chapter 1411: What Will Be The Result Of All The Photos Chapter 1412: Make Him An Angel Chapter 1413: Motorcycle Agency Chapter 1414: Goodbye Hong Kong Businessmen Chapter 1415: Mouth Cannons Are Good For Health In The Morning Chapter 1416: Sign Up Chapter 1417: Land 1 Chapter 1418: Thumb Down Chapter 1419: Hong Kong Businessmen Joining Hands Chapter 1420: Alliance Chapter 1421: Meet Deadline Chapter 1422: Bragging About The Problem Chapter 1423: 100000 More Chapter 1424: Uncover The Painted Skin Chapter 1425: Counter Strike Chapter 1426: Didn't Even Leave The Opportunity To Raise The Placard Chapter 1427: Maximize Land Value Chapter 1428: Unexpected Call Chapter 1429: Unpromising Business Chapter 1430: What Is This Operation Chapter 1431: Sales Problem Chapter 1432: Integrate While Doing Chapter 1433: Frozen To Death On The Second Day Chapter 1434: Son Was Kidnapped Chapter 1435: Can Only Wait Chapter 1436: Try Your Luck Chapter 1437: Time For 1 Cigarette Chapter 1438: Who Is The Eldest Brother? Chapter 1439: Unreasonable Reasoning Chapter 1440: The Right Way In The World Is To Sleep Chapter 1441: God Machine Is Coming Soon Chapter 1442: Buried In The Big Pile Chapter 1443: Zhang Xuan As A Paging Station Chapter 1444: Do You Need Me To Guide You How To Make People? Chapter 1445: The Wedding Can't Be Simple Chapter 1446: Bower Spirit Chapter 1447: Too Lazy To Ask You Chapter 1448: I Walk Again In The World Chapter 1449: Cypriot Chapter 1450: Busy In The Twelfth Lunar Month Chapter 1451: It's Not A Matter To Pull A Cart Of Men Chapter 1452: Raise The Flag To Make Tiger Skins Chapter 1453: Triumphantly Chapter 1454: The Importance Of A Family Without A Hostess Chapter 1455: Continuity Problem Chapter 1456: Chen Dao's Good Days Chapter 1457: Must Be Sick To Go Back Chapter 1458: People With Id Chapter 1459: Confidential Learning Chapter 1460: Don't Be Afraid Of 10000 Be Afraid Of 1 Chapter 1461: I Heard The Best News Today Chapter 1462: Not In A Hurry Chapter 1463: Not Responsible For Pooping And Peeing Chapter 1464: 1be Sure To Bring The One That Can Drink Chapter 1465: Bonus Reform Chapter 1466: Social Fresh Air Award Chapter 1467: Nursing Homes And Welfare Factories Chapter 1468: Zhou's Poorest Family Chapter 1469: How Could It Be Him Chapter 1470: Bury The Hatchet Chapter 1471: Different Concepts Chapter 1472: What Should Not Be Blended Is Not Blended Chapter 1473: Sound On The Ground Chapter 1474: Implementation Of 2 Units Chapter 1475: Wei Chunguang's Cattle Chapter 1476: Reluctant To Let The Child Catch The Wolf Chapter 1477: Advise People To Quit Smoking Chapter 1478: Eloquent Old Classmate Chapter 1479: Has It Come To Me Chapter 1480: You Have To Be A Liar Chapter 1481: Busy Spring Chapter 1482: Will Regret It At The End Of The Year Chapter 1483: Everyone Has Ambitions Chapter 1484: Something Urgent Chapter 1485: Do Everything You Need To Do Chapter 1486: The Child Doesn't Sleep Chapter 1487: Ask Dad To Spend Money Chapter 1488: Everything Is Up To 1 Yuan Chapter 1489: 500 Yuan Is Really Cheap Chapter 1490: Won't Do Anything Chapter 1491: Youfang Chapter 1493: Practicing Military Posture Chapter 1493: See You On The Table If You Are Not Satisfied Chapter 1494: Lonely Chapter 1495: This Is Drinking Water Chapter 1496: A History Of Semiconductor Chip Competition Chapter 1497: Find Someone To Join Hands Chapter 1498: Test Flight Chapter 1499: Willow Chapter 1500: Going To The Capital To Watch The Military Parade Chapter 1501: 1 Great God Chapter 1502: Difficulty In Cooperation Chapter 1503: It's Better To Laugh Than Cry Chapter 1504: Spend Money If You Have Enough Talent Chapter 1505: It's A Good Thing Chapter 1506: Your Ideas Are Different Chapter 1507: Chinese People Who Don't Know Good Or Bad Chapter 1508: Change Wine For Glass Chapter 1509: It's Your Turn Chapter 1510: Send Souvenirs Chapter 1511: The Dust Settles Chapter 1512: Animals Are Not As Good As Liang Hongying Chapter 1513: Master And Abbot Chapter 1514: Do Not Float 1 Big White Chapter 1515: Will Wei Lanxiang Chapter 1516: Under Popularity Chapter 1517: Can't Afford Chapter 1518: Simply Not Human Chapter 1519: Chibi Maruko Chapter 1520: Completed Chapter 1521: Will Be Profiteers In The Future Chapter 1522: Paging Station Opened Chapter 1523: Boss Wan Is A Salesperson Chapter 1524: A Good Start Chapter 1525: Sow Discord Chapter 1526: Bring In A Principal Chapter 1527: Transfer Item Chapter 1528: Capture The Sz Market Chapter 1529: Clever Chapter 1530: Technology Transfer Chapter 1531: Car Project Chapter 1532: Today Is A Good Day Chapter 1533: Visit The Paging Shop Chapter 1534: Who Bought The Batteries? Chapter 1535: Visit Chapter 1536: I Want To Talk To Him Chapter 1537: Suffering From 2 Diseases Chapter 1538: Build Your Own Thai Electromechanical Chapter 1539: Bbq By The Sea Chapter 1540: Go To The Market Chapter 1541: Not Demanding Chapter 1542: Find An Excuse Chapter 1543: Paging Station On Nanda Mountain Chapter 1544: Nosy Chapter 1545: Problem Chapter 1546: High End Route Chapter 1547: Big Brother Chapter 1548: Home Talk Chapter 1549: Cooperation Model Chapter 1550: The Road To Becoming A Rich Man Chapter 1551: Brothers Get Together Again Chapter 1552: Teaching A Man To Fish Is Worse Than Teaching A Man To Fish Chapter 1553: Looking For Chapter 1554: Capital Of Europe Chapter 1555: Landscapes Of Broussell Chapter 1556: Fair Chapter 1557: The History Of Game Makers' Grievances Chapter 1558: Asmi Chapter 1559: Deal Negotiation Chapter 1560: Juchuang Group's International Trade Chapter 1561: Unconscious Chapter 1562: Zhang Bapi Chapter 1563: Walk On 2 Legs Chapter 1564: Retention Channel Chapter 1565: Merit Monument Chapter 1566: Be Careful Chapter 1567: Ship To Xianggang Chapter 1568: Miss Menopause Chapter 1569: Frequent Accidents Chapter 1570: Pass Chapter 1571: Who Is This Telling? Chapter 1572: Can The Ninety Engine Be Used As A Pedal Chapter 1573: Mr. Wan Drank Too Much Chapter 1574: Telephone Connection Chapter 1575: How Can I Know If I Don't Try Chapter 1576: Female Secretary Chapter 1577: Also Said I'm Not Good Chapter 1578: Distressing Phone Bill Chapter 1579: Teng Yuanyuan Forced Marriage Chapter 1580: Signing Busy In September Chapter 1581: The Lesson Of Blood Chapter 1582: I Want To Buy A Motorcycle Chapter 1583: Times King Kong Chapter 1584: I Can't Explain It Clearly When I Go Back. Chapter 1585: 1 Cut Calmly Chapter 1586: Cooperation Chapter 1587: Isn't It In Vain If You Don't Leave A Memorial? Chapter 1588: Development Plan For Instant Noodles Chapter 1589: Branch Factory Completed Chapter 1590: Vip Welcome Door Chapter 1591: Pie In The Sky Again? Chapter 1592: Intellectual Property Chapter 1593: Becoming A Leader Is Not A Problem Chapter 1594: How About Using Our Chip Chapter 1595: Computer Virus Chapter 1596: Is It Getting Old Chapter 1597: Xu Bin Builds A Factory Chapter 1598: Hope Number 1 Chapter 1599: Want To Be Beautiful Chapter 1600: National Day 89 Chapter 6001: Spend Money To Invite People To Chat Chapter 6002: Firework Party Chapter 6003: The Railroad Finally Has An Eye On It Chapter 6004: Arowana Soy Oil Chapter 6005: Opportunity Chapter 6006: Chip Test Chapter 6007: Better Than Nothing Chapter 6008: Greedy You Chapter 6009: People From The Military Want To Borrow Chapter 1610: Toyota Smooth Chapter 1611: It's Getting Worse And Worse Chapter 1612: Sightseeing Group From Shanghai Chapter 1613: Take The Place First Chapter 1614: Also Face Chapter 1615: Mahjong Becomes Popular Chapter 1616: Annual Meeting Chapter 1617: Award Bonus Chapter 1618: Expand The Influence Of The Brand Chapter 1619: 3 Grasshoppers Chapter 1620: A Capable Giant Trade Chapter 1621: Mutton Feast Chapter 1622: 4 Principles Chapter 1623: Annual Meeting Of The Paging Station Chapter 1624: Chinese Character Display Pager Chapter 1625: Young People Now Chapter 1626: Haojue Motorcycle Chapter 1627: No Car Making Temperament Chapter 1628: Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Chapter 1629: The Liar Is Younger Chapter 1630: Cooperation With Warwick Chapter 1631: Is It Wrong? Chapter 1632: The Sound Of The Waves Is Still There Chapter 1633: Can't Be Vague Chapter 1634: Difficult Chapter 1635: Suitable For People With Hairy Wealth Chapter 1636: Pig Raising Plan Chapter 1637: Forced To Go Up To Liangshan Chapter 1638: Rare January Leisure Chapter 1639: Haojue Motorcycles Offline Chapter 1640: Why Are You So Dragging? Chapter 1641: Have Seen Shameless Chapter 1642: It Took 1 Hour To Unpack Chapter 1643: Pour Haojue To Southeast Asia Chapter 1644: Lying Down And Counting Money Chapter 1645: Cooperation Takes Effect Chapter 1646: Welcoming Group Chapter 1647: Kika Chapter 1648: Desperate For Generosity And Death For Picking Chapter 1649: The Prototype Of The Blues Chapter 1650: Resolutely Not Let Him Die Chapter 1651: Determined To Go North Chapter 1652: Here Comes A Group Of Foreigners Chapter 1653: Vaccinate Someone Chapter 1654: I Want To Be Beautiful Chapter 1655: Too Hypocritical Chapter 1656: Must Drink Well Chapter 1657: Worthless Chapter 1658: Aren't Foreigners Also Human Chapter 1659: Shattered The Fantasy In My Heart Chapter 1660: Dare To Bet To Win Chapter 1661: 1 It Depends On Cheng Gong's Chapter 1662: Drank Too Much Chapter 1663: Just Around The Corner Chapter 1664: Tobacco Dealer Chapter 1665: They Can't Fight Chapter 1666: Not Afraid Of Punishment Chapter 1667: Difficulties For Foreign Children Chapter 1668: The Old People In Qingshan Town Chapter 1669: Not All Riders Of White Horses Are Princes Chapter 1670: The Gap Is Desperate Chapter 1671: My Wife Is A Family Chapter 1672: Nothing Is Free In This World Chapter 1673: Let Others Have Nowhere To Go Chapter 1674: Lin Lairong's Plan Chapter 1675: Angry Zhang Xuan Chapter 1676: Come Back To Eat Chapter 1677: The Land Here Is Worthless Chapter 1678: Keep A Low Profile In The 10 Mile Foreign Market Chapter 1679: Boss Can't Find Chapter 1680: Every Dog has His Day Chapter 1681: 3 Days Reply Chapter 1682: You Can Go To Lujiazui Chapter 1683: Don't Take Her As A Person Chapter 1684: The Hateful Yankee Chapter 1685: Only Say 3 Minutes Chapter 1686: Open A Sports Meeting And Build A Stadium Chapter 1687: Ah Q's Spirit Shines Chapter 1688: All In A Hurry Chapter 1689: Women Are Crazy About Drinking Chapter 1690: Renamed Chapter 1691: I Also Want To Cool Down Chapter 1692: Tape Out Chapter 1693: Never Dare Anymore Chapter 1694: Out Of Fantasy Chapter 1695: Go Out For Further Study Chapter 1696: Branch Established Chapter 1697: Helan People Who Adapt To Life Chapter 1698: Call From Xianggang Chapter 1699: The Origin Of Wealthy Grievances Chapter 1700: Be Kept In The Dark Chapter 1701: Don't Let Foreigners Sell Chapter 1702: People From The Military Chapter 1703: Opening Of The Games Chapter 1704: Not Feeling Good Chapter 1705: 2 Are Ranked 1st Chapter 1706: Like A Idler Chapter 1707: Change Mindset Chapter 1708: Tug Of War To Wrestling Chapter 1709: Young People Are The Driving Force Of World Development Chapter 1710: Unique Approach Chapter 1711: Mr. Wan Is Crazy Chapter 1712: Switch 2 Generation Chapter 1713: Pig Gets Up Chapter 1714: Sell drawings Chapter 1715: Hayashiya 2 Kimiko Chapter 1716: The Owner Of The Car Company Went To Fry The House Chapter 1717: Bodyguard Chapter 1718: Buy It And Make A Profit Chapter 1719: Is This A Win? Chapter 1720: Same As Yesterday Chapter 1721: This Person Chapter 1722: 3 Year Old Child Chapter 1723: What To Read Chapter 1724: I Can Talk About It Chapter 1725: Yangmou Chapter 1726: The Situation Is Pressing Chapter 1727: Everything Is In Short Supply Chapter 1728: College Student Chapter 1729: Grandpa Arrived Chapter 1730: I Have To Be Mixed Up First Chapter 1731: You See Different Things In Different Environments Chapter 1732: Catch And Win Chapter 1733: Development Zone Chapter 1734: The Convoy Set Off Again Chapter 1735: Dongying Guest Chapter 1736: Asada Letter Test Drive Chapter 1737: We Are Just Fooling Around Chapter 1738: Weird Business Chapter 1739: The Earth Revolves Like No Other Chapter 1740: The Development Zone Is Set Chapter 1741: You Broke The Law Chapter 1742: Photo Puzzle Chapter 1743: Peaceful Mountain Village Chapter 1744: 1 Laugh And Annoy 1 Chapter 1745: Dynamic Pictures And Accompanying Sound Chapter 1746: Dongfeng Night Flowers 0 Trees Chapter 1747: Tricky Things Chapter 1748: Limited Eq Chapter 1749: Moving Households Chapter 1750: Report Your Grudges On The Same Day Chapter 1751: Don't Come Chapter 1752: Coax 2 Women Chapter 1753: Clothing Food And Housing Chapter 1754: School Delivery Chapter 1755: Northbound Test Run Chapter 1756: Return To Xiao Wu's House Chapter 1757: Who Is Not The Same Chapter 1758: There Are Things You Can't Listen To Women Chapter 1759: Qin Suzhen's Bitter Water Chapter 1760: Goodbye Shabilov Chapter 1761: Uneasy Girl Chapter 1762: 30 Out Of 0 Chapter 1763: What Does The Anti Bone Look Like? Chapter 1764: It's Better To Close It Chapter 1765: I Paid The Fine For You Chapter 1766: I'm Talking Nonsense About Killing You Chapter 1767: See Who Can Break Chapter 1768: New Year's Greetings Are Not Allowed Chapter 1769: Feiyue Offline Chapter 1770: School Starts Chapter 1771: Hunger Marketing Unintentionally Chapter 1772: Don't Be Too Greedy Chapter 1773: Happy To See It Chapter 1774: Port Determination Chapter 1775: Buy A Car To Pull The Earth Chapter 1776: Hope For The Failure Of Number 2 Chapter 1777: I Like Aspiring Young People Chapter 1778: The First Of Xinhua State Chapter 1779: If You Are Away Chapter 1780: Lin Lairong's Head Turned Sharply Chapter 1781: Asada's Thanks Chapter 1782: Big Brother And Vcd Chapter 1783: Heart Is Under The Kyte Chapter 1784: Became A Target Chapter 1785: Living Comfortably Without Anybody's Help Chapter 1786: Bad Eyes Chapter 1787: Panicked Chapter 1788: Give Lamb Soup Chapter 1789: Mobile Phone Plan Chapter 1790: Pickup Comes Out Chapter 1791: Modified By Yourself Chapter 1792: Can Only Wait Chapter 1793: Light Auto Chapter 1794: Foreigners Can't Sit Still Chapter 1795: Consultation Chapter 1796: List Of Experts Chapter 1797: The Bund Chapter 1798: See The Big In The Small Chapter 1799: Imperceptibly Chapter 1800: The Wonder Of The Metropolis Chapter 1801: Confused Chapter 1802: 1 Flirting When You Come Back Chapter 1803: Truck Outlook Chapter 1804: Good Environment Chapter 1805: New And Old Learning Machine Chapter 1806: I Was Fooled Before I Knew It Chapter 1807: Football Changes Lives Chapter 1808: Fallacies About Football Chapter 1809: People Don't Want To Chapter 1810: Speaking Skills Chapter 1811: Drivers Are Not Easy To Hire Chapter 1812: Foreigners Need To Cooperate Chapter 1813: Not Working With Me Chapter 1814: Take The Road To Get Rich Chapter 1815: Unreliable Brother In Law Chapter 1816: So Amazing Chapter 1817: Port Construction Chapter 1818: 1rong Jurong Chapter 1819: Battery Trouble Chapter 1820: Won't Reverse Ideas Chapter 1821: Must Be Notarized Chapter 1822: Bad Guys Are Born Chapter 1823: Domestic Excavator Chapter 1824: Discerning Woman Chapter 1825: Determined To Be A Master Of Sports Chapter 1826: Seems To Be Stupid Chapter 1827: Pager Price Reduction Chapter 1828: Thunder On A Sunny Day Chapter 1829: That's Not What It Means Chapter 1830: 1 Hour 60 Chapter 1831: I'll Know By Looking At It Chapter 1832: Use Of Excavator Chapter 1833: The First Gasoline Engine Chapter 1834: I Have No Plans To Repair My Phone In The Future Chapter 1835: Where You Have Fought Chapter 1836: 1 Soy Bean Distance Chapter 1837: Another Gentle Scum Chapter 1838: Every Family Has Hard To Recite Sutras Chapter 1839: Go To The Development Zone Chapter 1840: Big Boss Chapter 1841: He Used To Sell Fish Chapter 1842: Just Do It Chapter 1843: Related To The House Chapter 1844: Dumbfounded Women Chapter 1845: There Is No Humble Tradition Chapter 1846: Worth The Money Chapter 1847: Really Drank Too Much Chapter 1848: The Shadow Lingers Chapter 1849: Big Event Chapter 1850: Accident Chapter 1851: Got 1 Case Chapter 1852: Resounding Answer Chapter 1853: The Majesty Of A Man Cannot Be Challenged Chapter 1854: Nobody Is Interested In It For Nothing Chapter 1855: Popular Science Vcd Chapter 1856: Boring Scenery Chapter 1857: Piaohong's Financial Report Chapter 1858: Income And Expenditure Chapter 1859: Just Got It Back To Play Chapter 1860: Mr. Wans Famous Sayings Should Be Remembered Chapter 1861: In Case Chapter 1862: Xueye And Night Chapter 1863: The Dark Clouds Are Finally Going To Disperse Chapter 1864: Case Analysis Chapter 1865: 1 Name That Seems To Have Heard Chapter 1866: No Ambition Xia Qiulong Chapter 1867: It Was Him Chapter 1868: Why Is It Suddenly Evil? Chapter 1869: Misfortune Chapter 1870: The First Family Meeting Chapter 1871: Catch The Murderer Chapter 1872: That Person Is Me Chapter 1873: Intimidation Chapter 1874: All Things Go Home Chapter 1875: Questions About Legal Childbirth Chapter 1876: Han Meng's Apprentice Chapter 1877: No One Makes Us Anymore Chapter 1878: Covenant 3 Chapter 1879: Happily Chapter 1880: Confused Chapter 1881: 6000 Pricing Chapter 1882: Boss Old 2 Bullying Old 3 Chapter 1883: Nanshanxia Chapter 1884: Trade War Chapter 1885: Antique Character Chapter 1886: Piece Chapter 1887: Simultaneously Available Chapter 1888: How To Speed Up The Installed Capacity Of Dvd Players Chapter 1889: 1 Cut Is Good Chapter 1890: Men Have Tears And Do Not Flick Chapter 1891: People Who Live By Feeling Chapter 1892: Full Load Chapter 1893: By Surprise Chapter 1894: Motora Bows His Head Chapter 1895: Pirated Cd Chapter 1896: Agreement Reached Chapter 1897: Karaoke Trend Chapter 1898: Very Very Enchanting Chapter 1899: The Bulls That Have Been Blown Have Been Realized Chapter 1900: The Chinese Fleet 30 Years Later Chapter 1901: Habin Chapter 1902: Promising Brother In Law Chapter 1903: Old Friend Chapter 1904: Go Back To 42 Chapter 1905: It's Going To Rain Chapter 1906: Russian Screws Have No Wife Control Chapter 1907: 10000 Yuan Talent Chapter 1908: Li Mingze's 2 Tasks Chapter 1909: Big Day Chapter 1910: My Hands And Feet Are Not Honest When I Dream Chapter 1911: Mistress Of Wanjia Chapter 1912: Computer Monitor Chapter 1913: 1 Piece Of Fat Chapter 1914: The Story Is Full Of Rubber Shoes Chapter 1915: Everyone Is Jealous Chapter 1916: Education Issues Chapter 1917: Cooperation With Jingdongfang Chapter 1918: Bargaining Chapter 1919: Coincidence Chapter 1920: Guan Hai Passed Out Chapter 1921: Ministry Of Excellence Gold Award Chapter 1922: Removal Of County Level Cities Chapter 1923: Selling Fakes Chapter 1924: Looking For Supporting Factories Chapter 1925: Investigation In The Countryside Chapter 1926: What Kind Of Industry Is Leaking Vermicelli Chapter 1927: A Furrier Popped Up Chapter 1928: Stupid Car Chapter 1929: Xianggang Does Not Have That Kind Of Environment Chapter 1930: It's All Giants Who Offend Chapter 1931: Collective Heating Chapter 1932: Bonus Left Chapter 1933: New Year Plan Chapter 1934: The Role Of The Spare Tire Chapter 1935: The First Batch Of Experts Brought Back By Li Mingze Chapter 1936: Those Worthless Chips Chapter 1937: Buy Aircraft Carrier Chapter 1938: Layout Chapter 1939: Every Road Has Thorns Chapter 1940: Think For The Future Chapter 1941: Exchange Currency Chapter 1942: Scourge Chapter 1943: Spiritual Victory Chapter 1943: Not Happy Chapter 1945: 6 Axle Heavy Truck Chapter 1946: 1 Top Two Chapter 1947: The Image Collapses Instantly Chapter 1948: Rare 1 Day Free Chapter 1949: Retaliation On The Spot Chapter 1950: Mr. Wan Loves To Dream Chapter 1951: Ministry Of Information Industry Chapter 1952: Huge Market Chapter 1953: World Trend Chapter 1954: I Remembered Chapter 1955: Pentium's Bug Chapter 1956: Acquired Huaguang For 100 Million Meters Chapter 1957: God Chapter 1958: The Same Way Chapter 1959: Facial Problems Chapter 1960: Disgusting Others Chapter 1961: Jingdongfang's Display Chapter 1962: If There Is A Problem You Have To Judge It Chapter 1963: 0 Students Influx Chapter 1964: Security Company Chapter 1965: Quit Or Do It Chapter 1966: I Don't Know What To Think Chapter 1967: Take Advantage Of His Illness To Kill Him Chapter 1968: Collect Black Material Chapter 1969: About To Give Birth Chapter 1970: Be Hospitalized Chapter 1971: Master Wanjia Chapter 1972: Fang Boss Chapter 1973: Unfaithful Child Chapter 1974: Foreigner Chapter 1975: The Effect Of Electromagnetic Chapter 1976: National Defense Security Chapter 1977: Messed Up Again Chapter 1978: Be Prepared For Danger In Times Of Time Chapter 1979: Do It Easily Chapter 1980: Small Youkai Chapter 1981: Equipment And Efficiency Chapter 1982: Middle Aged Chapter 1983: Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet Chapter 1984: Into Europe Chapter 1985: Li Taixian's Distress Chapter 1986: Calculate 3 Sacrifices Chapter 1987: Woman On Strike Chapter 1988: On Xianggang Entertainment Circle Chapter 1989: Car Policy Chapter 1990: Registered Company Chapter 1991: No Small Conspiracy Chapter 1992: The Big Ship That Can't Be Got Back Chapter 1993: Buy Ideal Computer Chapter 1994: Not Fooled Chapter 1995: Good Luck Chapter 1996: Automatic Transmission Chapter 1997: 2 Square Skulls Chapter 1998: No Open Door Chapter 1999: I Know What's Going On By Myself Chapter 2000: Stories About Making Cars Chapter 2001: Wait For News Chapter 2002: Still Waiting Chapter 2003: Rmb 0 Billion Chapter 2004: Panda Car Chapter 2005: Heart Is Darker Chapter 2006: Hazelnuts And Hazel Mushrooms Chapter 2007: Here Comes A Big Man Chapter 2008: Intimidate Chapter 2009: Back To The Right Chapter 2010: Wealth Is Touching Chapter 2011: Womens Words Are Sometimes Right Chapter 2012: Successful Negotiation Chapter 2013: How Embarrassed To Laugh Chapter 2014: Assemble The Liberation Chapter 2015: Cut Motorcycle Production Chapter 2016: Li Da Retires Chapter 2017: Farewell Chapter 2018: Short Sighted Chapter 2019: Baring Incident Chapter 2020: Go Eat Yourself Chapter 2021: Lin Juchuang's Schadenfreude Chapter 2022: Delivered Materials Chapter 2023: The Spirit Of The Warwick People Chapter 2023: Flourish Chapter 2025: Old And Dead Chapter 2026: The Role Of The Computer Is To Save Phone Bills Chapter 2027: Helping People Is A Happy Thing Chapter 2028: Between True And False Chapter 2029: Junk Stocks Chapter 2030: Now You Can Take Pictures Of Him Chapter 2031: You Will Definitely Defeat Them Chapter 2032: Enter The Terminal Chapter 2033: Yuehui Zhenren Chapter 2034: No Idea To Talk About Separately Chapter 2035: Copycat Vcd Chapter 2036: Someone Has Started 8 Hexagrams Chapter 2037: It Turns Out That Every Woman Is Not Easy Chapter 2038: 3 Ling Engine Chapter 2039: Unicom Number Assignment Chapter 2040: Mobile Phone Listed Chapter 2041: Can Not Say Chapter 2042: Mystery Company Chapter 2044: Plan And Move Chapter 2045: Warm Up Chapter 2046: The Lithography Machine Was Born Chapter 2046: Set Off Chapter 2047: Success Chapter 2048: Finally See The Form Chapter 2049: Aircraft Carrier Casino Chapter 2050: Nobody Cares Chapter 2051: Empty Chapter 2052: Joy And Sorrow Chapter 2053: Being Followed Chapter 2054: Very Mysterious Chapter 2055: Creating Trouble Chapter 2056: Final Negotiation Chapter 2057: Can Only Run Chapter 2058: Bidding Chapter 2059: Dr. Prussia Strait Chapter 2060: Looking For Pumping Chapter 2061: 1 Photo Chapter 2062: Happy Family Chapter 2063: Meet Chapter 2064: Triumphant Chapter 2065: Are Willing To Listen To His Nonsense Chapter 2066: Lagging Behind Immediately After Launching Chapter 2067: Shinjinya Chapter 2068: Borrower Chapter 2069: 1 Misfortune Chapter 2070: New Year Plan Chapter 2071: Bus Chapter 2072: Test Run Chapter 2073: Strategic Positioning Chapter 2074: Untouched Challenge Chapter 2075: Microphone Chapter 2076: Qu Yang's Perseverance Chapter 2077: It's Better To Have An Acquaintance Chapter 2078: Arrogant Screen Name Chapter 2079: Early Menopause Chapter 2080: Dare Not Use Chapter 2081: Follow The Root Chapter 2082: Talk Next Year Chapter 2083: Divide The Enemy Camp Chapter 2084: Despised Future Father In Law Chapter 2085: Back Again Chapter 2086: Changes After The Depression Chapter 2087: Public Automobile Opening Chapter 2088: Problems Caused By Batteries Chapter 2089: 1 Sweaty Honorary Principal Chapter 2090: Tube Sky Tube Sea Tube Grassland Chapter 2091: Shameless Chapter 2092: Etyr's Hustle Chapter 2093: What Did Gu Hongzhong Do? Chapter 2094: 10000 Computers Chapter 2095: Why Me Chapter 2096: Can't Dig The Corner Of Warwick Chapter 2097: 1 Collaborator Accidentally Appeared Chapter 2098: Hold On Chapter 2099: Midnight Fright Chapter 2100: Dialogue Between Lin Cheng Chapter 2101: Xianggang People Do Industry Chapter 2102: Do Not Care Chapter 2103: Sorry To Drink Chapter 2104: No. 1 Chapter 2105: Lost Dad Chapter 2106: Qingfeng Motor Chapter 2107: Pull People Into Shares Chapter 2108: The Solver Is Back Chapter 2109: Making A Movie Chapter 2110: Ambition Chapter 2111: Everyone Is Anxious Chapter 2112: Come Out To See Me Chapter 2113: The Big Ship Is Home Chapter 2114: Have Successors Chapter 2115: Go Out And Get Frozen Chapter 2116: Donate Ship Chapter 2117: Live Upright In 1 Chapter 2118: Test Comprehension Chapter 2119: A Dog Blood Farce In Spring Chapter 2120: Things Are Happening Chapter 2121: The First Overseas Center Chapter 2122: The Emperor Is Not In A Hurry The Is In A Hurry Chapter 2123: There Is Fire In My Heart Chapter 2124: Troubles Of Red Cliff Power Chapter 2125: There Are Always Idlers Chapter 2126: I Like People Who Have Their Own Ideas Chapter 2127: Muzzle 1 To The Outside Chapter 2128: Driving School Opened Chapter 2129: Man Duck Confrontation Chapter 2130: Daughter Of Old Friends Chapter 2131: There Are Nail Households Everywhere Chapter 2132: Chenhui Industry Chapter 2133: Media Empire Chapter 2134: Opening Ceremony Chapter 2135: Not Conspiring Chapter 2136: Your Circle Is Really Messy Chapter 2137: Blood Relationship Chapter 2138: Shang Hai's House Chapter 2139: Hit As You Please Chapter 2140: Inevitable Chapter 2141: 5 Sentences Interrupted Chapter 2142: Go Eat Wotou Chapter 2143: There Is Also A Red Book Chapter 2144: Netscape Chapter 2145: Tow Oil Bottle And Tow Water Bottle Chapter 2146: Rainfall From The Sky Chapter 2147: No Way To Go Chapter 2148: Memorable Day Chapter 2149: Family Outing Chapter 2150: Strong Men And Strong Women Chapter 2151: Gas Chapter 2152: Solved The Oil Source Chapter 2153: Mr. Wan Who Wastes Time Chapter 2154: Playground Chapter 2155: Zhang Xuan Wants To Act Chapter 2156: Alzheimer's Disease Chapter 2157: I'm Happy To Get A Divorce After Getting Married Chapter 2158: South Bay Airlines Chapter 2159: Do You Have That Long Neck Chapter 2160: Twin Sisters Chapter 2161: Netscape's Surprise Chapter 2162: How About Weiruan? Chapter 2163: Placement Ads Chapter 2164: Damoji Chapter 2165: Give You 1 Mine Chapter 2166: Purchasing Mission Chapter 2167: Internet Tide Chapter 2168: Days Are Like Years Chapter 2169: The Full Moon Packs You Up Chapter 2170: Got Kicked Out Chapter 2171: Hardworking Man Chapter 2172: Xiongfeng On Sale Chapter 2173: Chang Qi Lai Ren Chapter 2174: Peng Guangming's Request Chapter 2175: Data From A Few Years Ago Chapter 2176: Database Chapter 2177: Isn't This Talking? Chapter 2178: Projects That Can Bring Danger Chapter 2179: Lick People Again Chapter 2180: The River Is Rising Chapter 2181: Logistics Chapter 2182: Flood Prevention Measures Chapter 2183: Prepare In Advance Chapter 2184: 1 Invitation Chapter 2185: Really Lose Chapter 2186: Visit Jili Chapter 2187: It's Not As Good As Having A Father And A Mother Chapter 2188: Green Corps Chapter 2189: A Feeling Of Dreaming Chapter 2190: Yang Zhengkun's Past Life Chapter 2191: Pillar Industry Chapter 2192: Just Go Chapter 2193: A Little Surprised Chapter 2194: Place The Great God Chapter 2195: Living Environment Chapter 2196: Gu Hongzhong's Drone Chapter 2197: Bite The Watch Chapter 2198: Security Department Chapter 2199: Stir Fry The Bottom Of Three Animals Chapter 2200: High Temperature Resistant Materials Chapter 2201: Cai Mi Teacher Chapter 2202: Recruit Hackers Chapter 2203: Engine Base Completed Chapter 2204: Phoenix Mountains Chapter 2205: Red Cliff Comedian Dan Ping Chapter 2206: Whimsical Chapter 2207: Unfavorable Contact Chapter 2208: The Matrix Chapter 2209: Spring Seems To Be Coming Chapter 2210: Wage Environment And Treatment Chapter 2211: It's That Simple Chapter 2212: There Is Nowhere To Be Found After Breaking Through The Iron Shoes Chapter 2213: Online Game Chapter 2214: Blood Jianghu Chapter 2215: What's Wrong Chapter 2216: Camry Chapter 2217: Whiter Than An Idiot Chapter 2218: Take It As Soon As You See It Chapter 2219: Completion Of The Entertainment Learning Center Chapter 2220: Work Okay Chapter 2221: Lost His Wife Or Lost His Son Chapter 2222: Three G Formulation Chapter 2223: Harvest Rice In Cold Country Chapter 2224: Winter Of 98 Chapter 2225: Engine Base Mass Production Chapter 2226: The Money Is Not Picked Up In Vain Chapter 2227: Everyone Has Reason Chapter 2228: Family Conflicts Chapter 2229: 1 Big Event Chapter 2230: 98 Annual Meeting Chapter 2231: Give Out Bonuses Chapter 2132: Zhang Xuan's Melancholy Chapter 2233: Li Mingze Who Wants To Go To Heaven Chapter 2234: Uav That Can Fly Chapter 2235: Allies Are Used To Sell Chapter 2236: Disassembly Device Chapter 2237: Xu Meilin's Family Affairs Chapter 2238: Live A Full Life Chapter 2239: Small Business Chapter 2240: Delivery Chapter 2241: Accumulate Yinde Chapter 2242: Import And Export Rights Chapter 2243: Opening Of The Wholesale Department Chapter 2244: Discuss The Situation In The Balkans Chapter 2245: There Is A Year Of Spring Flowers Blooming Chapter 2246: Guest Car Sales Chapter 2247: Miscalculated Chapter 2248: Scorned Equipment Chapter 2249: Target Chapter 2250: Color Changed Chapter 2251: Qingfeng And Meirui Chapter 2252: For Example Chapter 2253: Waiting For News Chapter 2254: Supercomputer Chapter 2255: Let You Know What It Means To Run A Train Chapter 2256: Drones And Cameras Chapter 2257: Gu Hongzhong Chapter 2258: Discuss New Car Chapter 2259: Dimensionsoft Was Acquired Chapter 2260: Electric Car Chapter 2261: A Task That Can Not Be Done Chapter 2262: Superior Inspection Chapter 2263: Great Wall Motor Chapter 2264: Self Improvement Forge Ahead Chapter 2265: As Stupid As You Chapter 2266: Peaceful Chapter 2267: Choose Low Key Chapter 2268: Emission Standards Chapter 2269: I Blame Xu Meilin Chapter 2270: Controversial Person Chapter 2271: This Possibility Still Exists Chapter 2272: Sell firecrackers Chapter 2273: Variable Area Turbocharger Chapter 2274: Tan Chun's 78 Messy Things Chapter 2275: Internet Writer Chapter 2276: Charging Model Chapter 2277: Resolutely Not Write Chapter 2278: How To Write Romance Novels Chapter 2279: Display Development Chapter 2280: Xingshi Asks Crimes Chapter 2281: Unfaithful Woman Chapter 2282: Website Development Plan Chapter 2283: Huaguang 2000 And Instruction Set Chapter 2284: Mobile Situation Chapter 2285: Revisit The Old Place Chapter 2286: Don't Hit The South Wall And Don't Look Back Chapter 2287: Looks Too Alike Chapter 2288: Hengren Motor Factory Chapter 2289: Property Rights Issues Chapter 2290: Transfer 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