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The sixteen civilizations led by the Olsen Union formed a coalition force to conquer the Crete Empire with a fleet of up to three trillion yuan, and declared that its ultimate goal was to completely destroy the Crete Empire.

This news has exploded the entire Bosnian supercluster in the last month.

After all, the entire Bosnian super galaxy cluster has not occurred for tens of thousands of years. A war of such a scale has not occurred, and it is still a battle of civilization extinction!

Of course, many people worry that the sixteen civilizations led by Olsen will threaten the balance of the entire Bosnian supercluster. However, this kind of worry only exists among the people, and the high-level civilizations actually There is not much worry about this.

You should know that there are more than one hundred civilizations in the entire super galaxy cluster, and the union of multiple civilizations is something that no civilization wants to see.

Therefore, only this time, with reasonable reasons, if you unite to beat the Cretan Empire, then everyone can tolerate it.

But if you have to maintain a united attitude after fighting the Crete Empire, believe it or not that all the remaining civilizations can unite together and wipe out the sixteen of you first?

Therefore, the true high-levels of the civilizations were not worried about the coalition formed by Olsen and them, but moved their stools with great interest to prepare for the theater.

As for the ending...

Sorry, none of the civilizations in the entire Transcluster cluster thinks that the Cretan Empire will win. The mainstream opinion is that Charlie is crazy...

Otherwise, how could you do such a stupid thing?

However, just as all civilizations were preparing to watch the show, Charlie also summoned the three top commanders of the empire, commonly known as the three generals of the empire, for a virtual combat meeting.

It's just that Charlie has not only completely isolated the imperial capital circle from other civilizations in the past month, but also completely isolated from other galaxies within his own empire.

As a result, even the three top commanders stationed on the border of the empire still dont know what happened until this moment...

When Charlie said that sixteen civilizations would form a coalition army in ten days, sending out three trillion warships to attack the Cretan Empire, all three of them were dumbfounded.

More than three trillion warships, what are you kidding about?

The entire empire can fight more than 900 billion warships, and half of them are second-rate fleets like the garrison fleet with little combat effectiveness.


You don't have to fight at all, right?

However, what Charlie said at the next moment made the three of them even more bewildered. They even began to wonder if there was something wrong with the emperors spirit. He even told himself that the united fleet he would solve, and not only It can be solved, and even said to counterattack that ** civilization, so that the three generals will gather the fleet and be ready.

What to prepare for?

Get ready to take over a new site and do the aftermath!

This is crazy, absolutely crazy!

"I know what you are thinking, take a look at this first!"

"Remember, don't make a fuss when you read the beginning, and talk about it after you read it all!"

Charlie sighed slightly, seeing the weird look in San San's eyes looking at him, but well, he had anticipated this situation a long time ago.

Immediately realized three civilized agreements signed by himself in the virtual combat room, and placed them in front of the three generals.

The three looked at each other, and then they picked up the agreement and looked at it.

Next, the three generals are like changing their faces in a performance. From the beginning of the agreement, the anger gradually turned into surprise, and finally turned into shock.

Well, there is nothing wrong with our emperor, but there is something wrong with this so-called human federation...

Otherwise, why would you call this a subsidiary civilization agreement?

Obviously it is a civilized cooperation agreement.

When they got here, the three of them also vaguely guessed why Charlie didn't panic at all facing the Allied Forces of the Sixteen Civilizations, and even planned to flatten the sixteen civilizations in turn.


This is to find thick thighs!

It seems that your Majesty said that it can solve the coalition, but the real action, the terror is afraid that the human federation is an eighth-order civilization, right?

"Yes, as you think, the battle ahead is from the Federation. We only need to follow behind to receive the site and deal with the aftermath!"

Nodded, Charlie looked at the three and said.

Of course, Charlie did not reveal his concerns and the fact that only five billion warships came to the Federation.

After all, they have already decided to take a gamble on the Federation, and they have no reason to say these things to disturb the military's morale, right?

"Your Majesty, we understand, let's go back and prepare the fleet for dispatch!"

"Well, leave it to you!"


In a blink of an eye, three days have passed.

It took a full day for the five Fearless Legions commanded by Lin Kexin to finally pass the ocean current.

Immediately after a day's rest, he went to the scheduled meeting point and successfully rendezvous with Lin Yu.

"Tsk tusk...Speaking of which, you two can destroy that coalition with two warships, right?"

In the virtual battle room, he looked at his brother Lin Yu, and then at the Ziluo who had joined the Nether Fleet and obtained the exclusive battleship and mecha. Lin Kexin couldn't help but laugh.

Two federal S-class dark energy control agents that are comparable to Tier 10 dark energy users. As long as two people take turns out of their hands for an unlimited time, they do have the ability to destroy this tier 7 civilization with two ships. Of coalition forces.

But both Lin Fan and Lin Yu thought the same. If it were not for no other choice, Lin Yu and Ziluo would still make fewer shots.

After all, for a civilization, not one person or a few people can protect it, and it is also impossible for soldiers to develop the habit of just watching the highest combat performance from behind.

"Okay, you should understand that Ziluo and I will not do things easily, and Ziluo's main purpose here is to break the blockade of the mouth of the ocean."

"Okay, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, my mother just said it casually. It's really boring to see if you're serious!"

Looking at Lin Yu with a serious expression, Lin Kexin suddenly felt very boring.

My brother is good at everything, but he is too serious, even more serious than his own smelly old man!

"Ziluo, we can solve the problem at the mouth of the ocean stream later, and the interstellar war that is about to begin, although the opponent is somewhat weak, but after all, the scale is there. You should also follow the fleet to experience it, right? You are good!"

Ignoring the sister who was causing him so much headache, Lin Yu turned to Ziluo and said.

After all, Ziluo has not experienced a real interstellar war, and the previous offensive and defensive battle of Jerez Current, in a strict sense, can only be regarded as a defensive battle.

Therefore, Lin Yu felt that he still had to let Ziluo experience it on the real battlefield, which was very helpful to his mentality.

"Yes, Commander Lin Yu!"

Nodded, Zi Luo responded.

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Chapter 658: To a higher level Chapter 659: S-order dark energy control Chapter 660: Difficult situation Chapter 661: Support operations Chapter 662: 0 point armed strike Chapter 663: 0 point bomb carrier reappears Chapter 664: Confirm blow Chapter 665: Melohua arrives Chapter 666: Lansel Chapter 667: Lin Yu's gift Chapter 668: To gain time Chapter 669: Sustained bombing Chapter 670: Calculations across species Chapter 671: You are no longer human? Chapter 672: Xuanming Mecha Chapter 673: Untamable mecha Chapter 674: Norton Chapter 675: Induced dark energy compression run Chapter 676: Bring cancer to purgatory Chapter 677: Haig arrives Chapter 678: Focused Dark Energy Cannon Chapter 679: I have a bold plan Chapter 680: Offensive Wave 3 Chapter 681: All feints Chapter 682: Murder from behind Chapter 683: Start performance according to the script Chapter 684: Don't mention how frustrated Chapter 685: Haig escaped Chapter 686: I want Lin Tian Chapter 687: New preparation Chapter 688: Lin Yu and Faen's daily life Chapter 689: Space dark energy resonance device Chapter 690: An unsatisfactory start Chapter 691: One crazy one? Chapter 692: Polished commander Chapter 693: Lin Yu arrived Chapter 694: Kill Haig (Part 1) Chapter 695: Kill Haig (Part 2) Chapter 696: Research black cavity Chapter 697: Lin Fan's worries Chapter 698: The choice to stay or die (part 1) Chapter 699: The choice to stay or die (part 2) Chapter 700: Rasty's plan Chapter 701: The 4th A-level dark energy controller Chapter 702: Russell's War (Part 1) Chapter 703: Russell's war (middle) Chapter 704: Russell's War (Part 2) Chapter 705: Russell's War (End) Chapter 705: Zi Ling who set off first Chapter 706: The 2nd saint Chapter 707: Lansel Unrecognizable Chapter 708: Saints Guards Chapter 709: I am back Chapter 710: Battle of Weierster (1) Chapter 711: Battle of Weierster (2) Chapter 712: Battle of Weierster (3) Chapter 713: Battle of Weierster (4) Chapter 714: Battle of Weierster (5) Chapter 715: Battle of Weierster (6) Chapter 716: Battle of Weierster (7) Chapter 717: Battle of Weierster (8) Chapter 718: Battle of Weierster (9) Chapter 719: Battle of Weierster (10) Chapter 720: Battle of Weierster (11) Chapter 721: Battle of Weierster (12) Chapter 722: Battle of Weierster (13) Chapter 724: Battle of Weierster (14) Chapter 724: Battle of Weierster (15) Chapter 725: Battle of Weierster (16) Chapter 726: Battle of Weierster (17) Chapter 727: Battle of Weierster (18) Chapter 728: Battle of Weierster (19) Chapter 729: Battle of Weierster (20) Chapter 730: Battle of Weierster (21) Chapter 731: Battle of Weierster (22) Chapter 732: Battle of Weierster (23) Chapter 733: Battle of Weierster (24) Chapter 734: Battle of Weierster (25) Chapter 735: Battle of Weierster (26) Chapter 736: Battle of Weierster (27) Chapter 737: Battle of Weierster (28) Chapter 738: Battle of Weierster (29) Chapter 739: Battle of Weierster (30) Chapter 740: Battle of Weierster (31) Chapter 741: Battle of Weierster (32) Chapter 742: Battle of Weierster (33) Chapter 743: Battle of Weierster (34) Chapter 744: Battle of Weierster (End) Chapter 745: Looks like he's not dead yet? Chapter 746: Aggrieved Latis Chapter 747: Haig's conspiracy Chapter 748: New task Chapter 749: uninvited guest Chapter 750: Capital Region of the Empire of Crete Chapter 751: Charlie Crete Chapter 752: Domineering Lin Yu Chapter 753: Blackhand is a level 10 civilization? Chapter 754: Join if you can't beat Chapter 755: Alphat Civilizations God Creation Project Chapter 756: decision Chapter 757: 16 Nations Allied Forces Chapter 758: Support arrived