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As the faint light illuminated the surroundings, the cave was already filled with treasures. Not only were there immortal artifacts but there were also some top-grade spirit stones.

After staring at the things in, Andrew didnt even think and put them into his interspatial ring.

In a short while, he had already put away more than half of the mountain of treasures.

After a while, he finished dealing with the treasures and then set his eyes on a celestial artifact on the other side.

After staring at that thing and sizing it up, Andrews lips curled up slightly. This thing shouldnt be of much use to him, but it would be of great use to Howard.

In an instant, he put the pair of wings into his interspatial ring.

There was nothing valuable left in the cave. Andrew smiled faintly and walked out.

He infused his fist with the immortal Qi and fiercely smashed the cave. The cave began to collapse, and in the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

He stared at the cave that had turned into ruins, and the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of a smile as he spoke indifferently.

Since theres no longer any use for it, why keep it?

After saying this, he directly changed his tone without turning his head and spoke coldly again.

I advise you to get lost. Im in a good mood today, and I dont want to hurt your lives. But if you continue to follow me like this, dont blame me for being ruthless.

He pulled out his Dustless Sword and enhanced the immortal Qi in his body.

Andrew turned around and shot out a few sword Qis behind him.

His lips curled up slightly.

Ill teach you a lesson this time. If I find out that youre still following me in the future, then the outcome will not be so simple.

After he finished his sentence, he did not care about the sword Qi at all. He did not care if he knocked down the people who were following him. He rushed out of the secret realm.

In a short while, Andrews figure disappeared from the secret realm. However, at the place where he had just disappeared, four or five figures appeared.

They looked at each other, and their faces had ugly expressions.

You said that we should let him leave this place safe and sound. When that time comes, our fate

The person who spoke did not finish his sentence. Instead, he stared at the other people with a solemn expression.

The others had similar expressions. They did not know what to say. Now, they all knew what would happen to them if they let Andrew leave this place.

The few of them looked at each other. One of them gritted his teeth and circulated his Qi, slapping his shoulder fiercely.

The others could not help but look shocked.

However, when they saw a trace of blood on the corner of the mans mouth, they came to a sudden realization. They hurriedly circulated the Qi in their bodies and started hurting themselves.

They had made a wise choice. If they did not do so, then they might very well die at the hands of Zeus.

On the other side, after Andrew abolished this realm, he came to the hall of the Mountain of Gods. He looked at Zeus, who had a solemn expression, and the corners of his mouth curled into a cold smile.

This time, you really did not lie to me. However, you have to teach your men better. If you dare to play such a trick on me again in the future, then dont blame me for being merciless. Especially you, as the master of the Mountain of Gods, you cant even control your own subordinates. This is the first time, and I hope it will be the last time. If there is a next time, then you dont need to be the master anymore.

Zeus, who was sitting in the Mountain of Gods, could not help but show a trace of fear on his face when he heard what he said. Then, he nodded repeatedly at Andrew.

Zeus originally thought that Andrew would be heavily injured even if he did not die when he entered this mystical realm. However, he did not expect that he would actually walk out unscathed.

He originally wanted to take advantage of Andrews serious injury to obliterate him. Seeing Andrews unscathed appearance, he only changed his mind.

He definitely wouldnt joke with his own life, so after thinking about it, he could only admit his mistake.

Seeing Zeussincere look, he just smiled faintly, turned around, and walked out of the Mountain of Gods.

However, just as he took a step forward, he retracted his foot and turned around calmly. With a mysterious smile on his lips, he spoke to Zeus once again.

Oh, right, let me tell you that I will come to your Mountain of Gods again next time. I hope that the next time I come, you can prepare everything for me. Dont make me spend so much effort. My patience is limited.

After saying this, he did not give Zeus any time to react. He turned around and walked out of the Mountain of Gods. This time, he did not stop. When he walked out of the Mountain of Gods, he released his cultivation. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

As for Zeus, after hearing his last words, he was stunned in the Mountain of Gods. When Zeus sensed that Andrews aura had disappeared from the Mountain of Gods, his expression changed. He roared out in the Mountain of Gods.

You really want to take an inch and take a mile. Do you really think that I, your father, opened this Mountain of Gods for you? Who gave you such power? If you dare to lay a finger on me again, I will definitely destroy you.

At this moment, Zeuss words were just words of anger. He clearly knew how strong Andrew was.

Even if he gathered all the forces on Mountain of Gods to fight against Andrew, he would not be a match for Andrew.

Following his angry voice

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