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Even if the first wave had failed, they had not appeared to sprout any nonsense. Instead, they continued to hide in the darkness, searching for the next opportunity.

However, at this moment, the Mu Guang Pavilion assassins who had been hiding in the darkness were also secretly shocked.

He had actually dodged the attack. It was another top-grade Holy Artifact not mentioned by their intelligence. How many more trump cards did this Ron have?

So many people on their side had attacked a level-7 Great Archmage altogether, and they had actually failed.

Just as these bewildered people were preparing to launch the second wave of attack under the verbal command of the two strongest Chiefs, Big Chief and Little Chief, they suddenly sensed a very strong sense of danger.

And the source of this danger was Ron, who had been surrounded by them.

At this moment, Ron suddenly took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and then opened them again. His pupils had turned into a strange pale color, as if there were two balls of strange flames faintly flickering.

For a moment, the sinister black fog in a 50-kilometer radius seemed to have been provoked by something, and it suddenly started to surge crazily, especially the black fog around Ron, which was moving away rapidly as if it was fleeing for its life.

In the next moment, a strange flame suddenly swept out with Ron as the center. It was the Strange Sacred Flame, the Light Passage Flame. Once the flame came out, the group of enemies in the surrounding darkness were all horrified.

Before they could react, the flame had already swept more than ten kilometers in all directions. Wherever it passed, all the sinister black fog, which had not managed to escape in time, was instantly vaporized and dissipated.

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In the dissipating black fog, a few figures fled in panic, but a few others were trapped in the flame.

“This flame, ah! Save me” Screams and screams immediately sounded in succession. The four experts of the Great Archmage realm struggled crazily in the flames, but no matter how much energy they erupted, they could not disperse the flames on their bodies.

Their bodies, on the other hand, were aging rapidly in the flames. It seemed that in a few seconds, they had exhausted all their life force and turned into shriveled corpses. Then, they were lit up and reduced to ashes in the blink of an eye.

This scene caused the hearts of those who had fled to turn cold from fear.

Meanwhile, in the main hall of the Mu Guang Pavilion

The white light ball suddenly stood up and said in shock, “What kind of magical power is that?”

The darkness in the hall also surged violently, and the voice of the black ball of light sounded. “It doesn’t seem to be just magical power. Is that some kind of sacred flame? How can it be so special? I’ve never seen it before.”

In the darkness, two balls of dark green light lit up in the eyes of the black shadow, which were flashing with a strong greedy expression.

The eyes of the white light ball were also filled with excitement and greed. “Whether it is magical power or a rare treasure, we must obtain it.”

I’ll leave it to the Old Ancestor. The appearance of the Light Passage Flame has killed four experts of the Great Archmage realm, and there are six enemies who have escaped.

Sure enough, the seven that Ron had sensed earlier were not all. Three of them had not attacked in the first wave and had been deeply hidden.

If it had not been for the sudden appearance of the Light Passage Flame forcing them out, it would not be known when they would launch a sneak attack suddenly and pose a threat to Ron.

Everyone, including the two Chiefs, was frightened by the terrifying power of the Light Passage Flame and retreated with all their might. For a moment, no one dared to attack.

On the other side, Ron’s attack had not ended.

When he released the Light Passage Flame, the energy in Ron’s body had decreased by more than half. He could not even maintain the defense of the gold-tint magic robe anymore. Clearly, the eruption of the Light Passage Flame was not an easy task for him.

However, in the next moment, the aura on Ron’s body, which had just weakened, suddenly increased.

The level of the original level-7 Great Archmage had actually increased to that of a level-8 Great Archmage in an instant, and it did not stop but continued to rise rapidly.

During this process, Ron’s expression was cold as he looked at the retreating enemies. Energy erupted, and with a wave of his hand, the surrounding Light Passage Flame suddenly swept together, converging into several waves that swept toward the enemy.

The group of Great Archmage realm experts from the Mu Guang Pavilion were instantly shocked again. They all erupted with energy and retreated rapidly. However, there were two of them that were still too slow. They were caught by the Light Passage Flame and turned into ashes in a few seconds.

There was no chance to struggle at all, and of the four who had escaped, besides the two Chiefs, the other two were also of the Great Archmage realm.

After the Light Passage Flame had missed the four of them, Ron did not continue to pursue them because the further away they were, the more difficult it was for him to control it.

The Light Passage Flame quickly retracted back into Ron’s body, but Ron’s attack was still not over. When he was killing the two enemies, Ron’s aura did not stop rising. At this moment, it was obvious that he had already become a Great Archmage of level-9.

The energy in Ron’s body surged unprecedentedly, and his eyes flickered with cold killing intent. He slowly raised his right hand, stretched out his index finger, and pointed at one of the enemies in the distance.

The person he was pointing at was the Big Chief, the highest ranked of the few enemies.

The Big Chief was a short, thin old man with grayish-white hair. He had been horrified by the terrifying flames, but when he saw Ron’s action, his heart tightened instantly. He thought that Ron was about to attack him with the fire magical power again, but then he realized that the flames were not attacking him. He could not help but be stunned.

However, in the next moment, his pupils suddenly constricted, as if he had finally sensed something. He suddenly looked up.

In the sky above him, endless black fog was surging crazily. A huge finger, formed from the convergence of divine Qi from the heavens and the earth, broke through the black fog and pressed down on his head.

“Divine-level magical power!” The Big Chief’s pupils dilated rapidly. He instantly deduced that this earth-shaking finger was definitely a divine-level magical power. Before he could think further, the earth-shaking finger had already pressed down on his head.


The Big Chief’s eyes were about to split open. He let out a roar as all the energy in his body erupted. He retreated crazily and dodged while casting magical defense.

However, the speed at which the finger descended was too fast and the range too large. The Big Chief had only dodged less than a kilometer when the finger was already inches away.

“No!” The Chief’s face was pale, and his eyes revealed despair. As he retreated crazily, he shouted in a certain direction, “Save me, ah!”

Before his sentence had been completed, it became a scream. His figure was pressed down by a finger that had fallen from the sky. It did not continue to descend but seemed to have formed an invisible ground in the void. The body of the Big Chief was instantly crushed into a mist of blood.

His spirit was destroyed. This scene made the other enemies around him shudder in fear. It also shocked the two Pavillion Masters in the main hall of the Mu Guang Pavilion.

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