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Chapter 50: Insta-kill

Commander Zhao and the others immediately cried tears of joy!

Senior Zhou!

Its Senior Zhou!!

Quick, Senior Zhou, save He Biao!

Zhou Hao naturally saw He Biaos desperate situation. His figure flashed repeatedly, and his saber beam that looked like raindrops quickly cut off a large number of spider legs.

The shadow insects fled in all directions in fear.

They were extremely fast. Furthermore, Zhou Hao was still worried about Commander Zhao and the others, so he did not chase after them.


He Biao fell to the ground. The other grandmasters also used their sabers to support their bodies.

How are you guys doing? Are you guys alright? Zhou Hao took a step forward and stood in front of Commander Zhao and the others as he asked anxiously.

Commander Zhao sighed heavily. This injury is nothing to us. We have to quickly stop the Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink and not let it summon other demon kings. Otherwise, it will be a huge disaster for the Huadong City!

Dont worry, leave it to me! Zhou Hao stared at the Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink.

The Seven-Tailed Cloud Minks cold blood-red eyes also locked onto Zhou Hao.

Human, youre like a tiny ant to me. Are you the one who killed my subordinates?? A deep voice sounded from the Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink.

Zhou Hao was stunned. This high-level demon king could actually speak?!

He sneered and said, If youre talking about the trash like the Four-Winged Shadow Leopard, then yes, I killed them!


The Seven Tailed Cloud Mink roared.

You damn ant, you will pay a painful price!

As soon as it finished speaking, its broken white tails grew out in the blink of an eye before sweeping crazily towards Zhou Hao.

At this moment, Zhou Hao did not hold back either.

After all, the opponent in front of him was a high-level demon king who ruled over the wilderness area around Huadong City.


His blood essence surged, and the violent aura on his entire body exploded. It vaguely condensed into an ancient dragon elephant, and a monstrous pressure exploded in all directions like a storm and tsunami.

Commander Zhao and the others behind him widened their eyes.

This this is the strength of a peak-level grandmaster?!

Too too strong!

Zhen Hong and the others could not help but be in awe. The blood essence in their bodies had been suppressed at this moment.

Die, you ant!!

The Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink also felt the shocking blood essence pressure. It roared towards the sky, and its hundred-meter-tall body instantly expanded to more than seven hundred meters tall.

It looked down at Zhou Hao like a giant.

Its huge tails swept out crazily as they covered the sky.

The cold water condensed into ice with cracking sounds before shattering. The shattered ice pieces quickly gathered at a visible speed.

Zhou Hao glanced at him. Is this all youve got?

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure suddenly vanished, and seven figures suddenly flashed in front of the Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink.

Shadow Seven Sabers Explode!

The seven figures gradually gathered into a saber beam.


A cold voice sounded from Zhou Haos mouth.

It was as if this saber beam was the only thing left in the world.

Before the Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink could react, it sensed a sharp and terrifying force that slashed through the air.

At this moment, its fur and skull that was capable of withstanding a nuclear bomb shattered like an egg.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A large number of huge Ice Dragons condensed from ice shards smashed down.

The Seven-Tailed Cloud Minks huge body that was seven hundred meters tall fell heavily, raising countless dust.

Commander Zhao and the others were watching intently.

Everyone was stunned.

Am am I hallucinating?

Was that really the Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink?

Quick, pinch me. I feel like Im in a dream!

Zhen Hong and the other grandmasters, who had regained their senses, either rubbed their eyes or pinched their meat as they looked at the huge beast collapsing in front of them.

After all, this was a Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink, a high-level demon king!

It was an existence that had ruled the wilderness outside the Huadong City!

In the past decades, no grandmaster had dared to provoke such an existence. Even a nuclear bomb could not destroy it.

There was even a peak-level grandmaster who came and left in dejection.

But today, this high-level demon king had died in its own lair.

Most importantly, it had been insta-killed!

If not for the fact that they had seen the entire process with their own eyes, Commander Zhao and the other grandmasters would definitely find it hard to believe that an expert could instantly kill the Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink.

Even an invincible existence that surpassed the peak-level grandmaster might not be able to do it.

After all, the Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink had a noble bloodline. Although it was a high-level demon king, its combat strength was close to that of a overlord-level demon emperor!


Zhou Hao recovered from his shock.

The grandmasters opinions of Zhou Hao had also changed.

They felt nothing but reverence towards him.

After all, to be able to instantly kill the Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink, it meant that Zhou Haos strength had probably already surpassed a peak-level grandmaster!

Zhou Hao, of course, did not know what Commander Zhao and the others were currently feeling. In fact, he had not even used his full strength to kill the Seven-Tailed Cloud Mink.

However, he did gain a lot.

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