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Chapter 50: 050 Love Rival?

Shen Yan was stunned for a moment, and she raised her eyes to look at Miss Na. She thought that she was hallucinating, but she knew she heard correctly after seeing Miss Nas serious face.

I dont have the time! Shen Yan frowned and continued, In the future, theres no need for you to tell me anything relating to him. You guys can just handle it!

But Miss Na hesitated for a moment before finally agreeing.

Shen Yan was mulling over where to go for lunch when her phone suddenly vibrated. She glanced at it and saw that Chen Nian had sent her a screenshot. When she opened it, she saw that Fu Hang and her had topped the trending searches again.

Before Shen Yan could reply to the message, Chen Nian had already given her a call.

Yanyan, were you with Fu Hang last night?

Chen Nians anxious voice came from the other side of the phone.

Shen Yan smiled helplessly and responded, We were just talking about matters relating to business last night. I was with him

Yanyan, lets have lunch together at noon. I wont leave until I see you! After Chen Nian said that, she hung up the phone without hesitation and sent the address of the restaurant over.

Shen Yan smiled helplessly and drove to the restaurant. When she arrived at the restaurant, she saw that Chen Nian and Lu Yu were sitting at the dining table by the window.

Chen Nians head was lowered, and she seemed to be instructing Lu Yu. Lu Yus face was filled with seriousness. He kept nodding his head like a good student who was listening obediently.

What are you talking about? Shen Yan walked over to the table and asked with a smile.

Youre here! Come and take a seat! Chen Nian called for Shen Yan to sit opposite Lu Yu.

As soon as Shen Yan sat down, she saw that Lu Yus face was flushed red. He tried to put on a calm demeanor as he looked at Shen Yan, uttering, Yanyan.

Shen Yan was taken aback by how Lu Yu addressed her. After all, Lu Yu used to call her Sister Shen.

Chen Nian, on the other hand, looked at Lu Yu with satisfaction. She stood up with a smile and said, Yanyan, Im sorry, but I have other things to do. Ill have to head back to work first. You can have dinner with Lu Yu.

You Shen Yan looked at Chen Nian in disbelief. She did not expect Chen Nian to be so direct in setting her up with Lu Yu.

Chen Nian held down Shen Yans shoulder swiftly and moved closer to her. She lowered her voice and whispered beside her ear, Lu Yu is much better than Fu Hang! Why dont you try it out with Lu Yu? Ill tell Uncle and Auntie that you still want to be with Fu Hang if you dare to leave now!

Chen Nian patted Shen Yans shoulder meaningfully and left in her high heels enchantingly.

Shen Yan watched Chen Nian leave with a helpless look on her face. She raised her eyes to look at Lu Yu and saw him lowering his head with a lost look on his face.

Are you feeling unwell? Shen Yan looked at him worriedly. She continued to ask without waiting for Lu Yus response, Is it your mothers side

Miss Shen. A disappointed smile appeared on Lu Yus face, and he lowered his eyes slightly. Thanks to Miss Shens help, my mother is already out of danger.

Thats good, Shen Yan said with a smile. She sighed gently, as she thought of Chen Nians farce. Dont take Niannians words to heart in the future. Im still waiting for you to help manage my assets after you graduate!

A trace of despondency and pain flashed across Lu Yus eyes. The corners of his lips hooked up slightly. The smile on his face deepened, and he obediently nodded in response.

Just then, the waiter came over with the dishes that Chen Nian had ordered earlier.

Subsequently, three people came into the restaurant. Their appearance instantly garnered the attention of many people.

Fu Hang walked at the front in his suit, followed by Fu Xiaoxiao and Lin Xing, who appeared terrified.

Fu Xiaoxiao took Lin Xings arm and gently coaxed her, Sister-in-law, dont worry. Im here with you. You need to go out more often in the future. It will help your condition.

Lin Xing was wearing a white woolen jacket. Her seductive peach blossom eyes blinked as she looked at Fu Xiaoxiao and whispered, Xiaoxiao, we should go home for dinner. There are so many people outside

As Lin Xing said this, she swept a glance at the strangers around her. Seeing that they were all looking at her, she hid behind Fu Xiaoxiao unconsciously.

Fu Xiaoxiao pulled Lin Xing out hastily and glared at the people who were looking in their direction viciously. She snorted, What are you all looking at?! Havent you seen a beautiful girl before?

Fu hang listened to Fu Xiaoxiaos voice and pursed his thin lips tightly. A trace of coldness flashed across his eyes and he quickened his pace.

Suddenly, his gaze fell on Shen Yan who was sitting not far away. The corners of his lips drooped after seeing that she was talking and laughing with a man.

He chose a table at random, just so he could see Shen Yans every move.

Fu Xiaoxiao pulled Lin Xing and sat opposite Fu Hang. Seeing the waiter come over, she ordered what she and Lin Xing wanted to eat. Finally, she handed the menu to Fu Hang and inquired, Second brother, what do you want to eat?

Fu Hang ordered a random set meal and started swiping his phone. The corner of his eyes occasionally fell on Shen Yan, who was not far away.

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