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Chapter 50: Marriage Proposal

If Nanyang is that perfect, why dont you marry her instead? I asked with a cold smile.

Perhaps it was my smile which provoked him because Jing Ning said with annoyance, Because my 7th uncle likes her!

Wait, what? Say that again?

What did you say? Your 7th uncle likes my sister? Something must be wrong with my ears.

As if realizing he had misspoken, Jing Ning quickly changed the subject, Nanxing, Nanyang is a good girl. She always gives in to you even though you are not her biological sister. You really cant find family like that anymore, you have to learn to appreciate her. Do you understand?

Jing Ning, weve wandered too far from the topic. The bottom line is, I will not marry you because I dont like you, I concluded.

Jing Ning leaned back in the chair. Nanxing, something or someone must be giving you a bad influence. You were never like this in the past. Nanxing, you need to control your temper. Ive already discussed things with my father, I will take you back to the Nan Family today. Ive also talked it out with my mother, she doesnt mind if you dont get into a good university, therefore, you can forget all about the entrance exam. If you really still want to study, I can send you overseas for a few years to study. Nanxing, we will arrange everything for you, we only need you to follow our orders. Nanxing, you are still young, you need to be protected. You dont know how dangerous the world really is. I do not ask much from you, I only need you to listen to me.

The alarm bell immediately rang in my mind.Something doesnt sit right. Why is Jing Ning suddenly so determined to marry me?

In my previous life, I was a fool to have accepted his marriage proposal. In that marriage, I felt no love at all. The lesson from that painful life was that Jing Ning never did love me. He never loved me then and definitely doesnt love me now. So why does he insist on marrying me all of a sudden?

There is only one answer, he has profit to gain from marrying me. But I still have no idea what this profit is. They know that I dont know about it and hope that I will never find out about it.

This discovery intrigued me.

I looked at Jing Ning. Jing Ning, I feel like a broken record but I will say it again. I will not marry you and I will not let anyone control my life. I am not throwing a tantrum and this is not jealousy talking. I simply have found my own direction in life. I stood up because I had nothing to say to him anymore.

Jing Ning stood up and slammed his fists on the table. He demanded in a low voice, Nanxing, is it because you like my 7th uncle?

I turned around and looked at him noncommittally.

Jing Nings expression was gloomy. Nanxing, he is your 7th uncle! Plus he already has someone in his heart, and that person is your sister, Nanyang!

I really wanted to laugh at him.Has he no idea how contradictory he sounded? Jing Tian is my 7th uncle, is Jing Tian not Nanyangs 7th uncle too?

But why would Jing Ning say that Jing Tian likes Nanyang? That is worth pondering.However, I was not going to discuss it with Jing Ning, he was only going to feed me nonsense anyway.

Jing Nings appearance at school wasnt entirely fruitless, at least I managed to see his sinister side which I didnt get to see much in my previous life.

Jing Ning, the reason you wish to marry me is for the immeasurable wealth I represent, isnt it? I suddenly asked.

Jing Nings expression changed. That was all the answer I needed.

I walked out and didnt turn my head around. There was a very strange feeling welling up within me. Due to my previous life, I knew how most people would fare in the end, however I had no idea how they got there, I was too deceived to tell.

But now, in this life, many things had changed. Things had developed differently, I had no idea if they were brought upon by me or not. However, I didnt care about that.

Because my goal is clear.

Since God has given me a second chance, I will not squander it. My future, my career, my love, my study I will take them all back!

And now I have an extra goal, the truth!

I have to know the truth behind everything that had happened!

At the same time, I will not forgive those who have injured me in my past life. Karma is coming.

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