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Birth, old age, sickness, death, resentment, fear, jealousy, greed, stupidity, separation of love, unwillingness...

The world gives birth to all things, and people are born with a lot of suffering, and demons live with suffering, immortal and immortal.

Good thoughts soar into gods, evil thoughts degenerate into demons.

Fortunately, all things in the world are born in darkness, but they are looking for light.

In many battles between gods and demons, the gods have won a great victory, expelling the demons, sealing them and being in a small dark abyss, but they never give up, constantly trying to influence all the worlds, and imprison humans in their hearts. Harmony and darkness are released, turning good thoughts into evil thoughts, triggering evil, provokes war, and finally turns the world into a dark and twisted **** of blood.

If the world tree is eroded, the small world will become a dark hell, and more villains will grow. When the world matures and falls into the galaxy, the demons will grow infinitely and spread to all worlds like a plague, everyone The original evil thoughts in the heart are triggered, and the light is constantly being swallowed, and the Protoss will completely fall and cease to exist.

As long as the Phoenix God was in a coma, the Emperor was worried for how long...

He sent out all the spirits that might awaken the Phoenix God, but the heart attacked by the monsters, no matter how much external force he exerts, he eventually needs to wake up on his own. The faces of every **** who came back from the small world were very ugly. They failed miserably. Most of them chose to block the memories in the small world, and didnt want to remember anymore, for fear of thinking too much...

Not long ago, General An Long finally returned from his small world, and he was no longer tough.

The emperor has great hopes for Anlong. After all, he and the Phoenix God are close friends, guarding the seal of the demons for many years, born with battle bones, fortitude and courage, and willpower is one of the best in the gods. He especially likes fighting, and there is no such thing as emotion in his mind. When he has nothing to do, he asks the Phoenix God to make an appointment to hone his strength and win each other. He once slapped the beautiful face of the Phoenix God with all the wounds, and lost a few of his beautiful feathers. The gods felt heartache when they persuaded him, and he was very contemptuous after he persuaded him:

"Wuhuan is a man, so what does he care about his appearance? He also plucked me a lot of scales, and I didn't even complain of pain!"

"A man's face is not important, what is important is strength."

"I won't waste time in my whole life looking for a **** partner."

"Wuhuan, that useless guy, you can't see through this illusion, I'm going to the small world to laugh at him!"

The gods were speechless.


After General An awakened from the small world, the first thing he did was to smoke his own two mouths, his expression turned red and black, black and red, and turned several times, which was very exciting. The Emperor of Heaven and the waiting gods had never seen him look like this, they were shocked, especially want to know what happened.

General An used a vocabulary from the world of science and technology, and said deeply: "This is my eternal black history."

He didn't wait for the gods to ask again, and quickly blocked the memory of the small world.

What a **** shame! Don't think about it again in his life! Otherwise, I'll have no face to go to Phoenix for an appointment!

Damn the demons, he is going to the territory occupied by the demons and tear a few big demons to vent his anger!

He turned into a black dragon, flicked his tail, and slaughtered the demons aggressively.

Gods: "???"

The emperor eased his breath: "Who else is in the small world?"

The gods thought for a while: "Nothing..."

The Phoenix Divine Sovereign was probably out of help, the God Realm was about to be destroyed.


After Song Qingshi woke up, his mind was confused because he had done too many tasks. He sat in the corner of the temple and sorted out his memories for a long time.

The Emperor finally remembered his existence, and found that the stone was still in a daze when he woke up, looking no different from before. He walked over with no hope, and asked casually: "How is your task done?"

Song Qingshi raised his head and pointed in the direction of the Phoenix Temple.

In the clouds, the divine envoy flew over, and shouted a happy announcement: "Wake up! The Phoenix God is awake!"

The gods were overjoyed and couldn't take much care of them. They set up fairy carts, spread their wings, and rushed to the Phoenix Temple to visit the Phoenix God.

The Emperor of Heaven was pleasantly surprised and asked Song Qingshi: "Did you succeed?"

Song Qingshi nodded.

"How did you do it? What did you do?" The Emperor hurriedly asked, how could he not think that this heartless stone could awaken the phoenix with the exquisite heart of seven orifices. He followed up with a series of questions, and saw that the other party was confused by himself, and finally remembered that Song Qingshi could not speak. He wanted to make things simpler, so he changed the question and said calmly, "Could it be...lucky?"

Song Qingshi thought for a long time and nodded again.

"I knew you were a lucky kid." The emperor patted his head excitedly, trying to figure out his preferences, and rewarded countless treasures and books. There are millions of books that include the essence of all worlds and gods. The collection of the world, the book of the world left by the **** of creation.

The emperor is really a good man.

Song Qingshi received a huge reward, his eyes lit up with joy, and the books inside were extremely tempting.

He wanted to run home immediately and read decades of books.

The Emperor of Heaven saw that he liked it, and was very happy. The fate envoy directly sent the reward to Yunyun Yard, let him go back to rest, be a good child, and don't learn from General An's fool who got up and went to fight. The world tree withered severely, and when the Phoenix God regained his spirit and completed the restoration of the small world, he was asked to thank him personally.

With such kindness, Phoenix can't overstate any great gift...

When the Emperor of Heaven had comforted Song Qing, he was about to embark on a treasure car and visit the Phoenix Temple. When he looked back and saw Song Qing's very happy expression, he suddenly realized something was wrong. When did this stone feel happy? He couldn't help asking: "What kind of luck did you get to awaken the Phoenix God?"

Song Qingshi turned around and said:

"It's the lucky one gained after 1,350 failures."

The Emperor of Heaven was stunned.

Can the stone he refines speak?


Song Qingshi took a detour to the Phoenix Temple. He wanted to see Wuhuan, but found that the gods outside the temple were surrounded by three floors and three floors. They held gifts of condolences and lined up in long lines, vying to see the sick. .

I once heard that the Phoenix God Sovereign is the most beautiful and popular **** in the Three Realms. Everything in the world likes him. Many creatures are rushing to be his Taoist companions, even the gods.

Today, Song Qingshi finally saw the popularity of Wuhuan...

He can't squeeze in anymore.

The gods have tried to say hello or talk to Qingshi God before, but they never got a response. The scene was too embarrassing. Now that they saw Qingshi God, they didnt know what to say. They looked curiously, and then paid attention again. The strength was transferred to the happy event that the Phoenix God Sovereign awakened.

Song Qingshi looked outside for a while, and heard everyone discussing in full swing:

"The **** has suffered a serious crime this time, he should have sealed the memory, right?"

"General An is sealed, he will also be sealed..."

"Those painful past, what is worthy of nostalgia, must be sealed."

"He is so perfect and clean..."


Song Qingshi felt that everyone was right. The body of the small world is fake, and the soul is only fragments. Now that they have been purified, their Taoist seals are gone, and the relationship is broken. As long as Wuhuan seals the memory, all the residual extreme and morbidity will disappear. He is still the original phoenix, flying in the sky freely and happily.

He thought for a long time, and decided not to rush to be responsible to Wuhuan, and give him the freedom to choose.

The phoenix was born in the wild and lived for hundreds of millions of years. The time in the small world was a drop in the ocean in his long life, nothing.

Song Qingshi knew how much pain and grievance Wuhuan had suffered. If he wanted to seal off his memory, it would be great...

Anyway, he went to the small world to find Phoenix, it was his own opinion, and he hadn't thought about getting anything.

Now that Phoenix wakes up, it is the best reward.

The goal has been achieved.

So Song Qingshi happily went home to read.


In the courtyard with clouds, Song Qingshi sat at the window and read books for a long time. When he was tired, he would look at the clouds outside the window.

White clouds will transform into various forms in the air, which is very interesting, and you can't get tired of it. However, what he likes most is the golden red glow that appears outside the window every evening.

Song Qingshi couldn't remember when the phoenix appeared.

About ten thousand years ago, right?

When he saw it for the first time, he stared blankly for a long time, and didn't know what it was, but the clouds that he usually saw were different, with very bright colors. Later, he went to the book for a long time, and finally found a few appropriate adjectives: brilliant and colorful, magnificent, jeweled, colorful, natural beauty.

Afterwards, Phoenix flew past his window every day, and from time to time he would sing like a fairy music.

There are different colors in the monotonous clouds.

According to the book, this is called beautiful scenery.

So Song Qingshi sat in front of the window on time every day, waiting for the appearance of the phoenix, watching the most beautiful scenery, listening to the most beautiful sounds... Gradually, this matter became his habit, just like the most important part of his life.

Suddenly one day, the phoenix disappeared.

He sat alone in front of the window, looking at the clouds at the end of the sky, and waited for a long, long time...

It's dark, it's dawn, and it's dark again...

He waited blankly for many days, but didn't see the phoenix appear.

The book in my hand is not fragrant, and I can't understand every word.

Where did Phoenix go?

Song Qingshi found a pen and paper, wrote the question, and handed it to the emperor's envoy who came to deliver the book.

The envoy had dealt with him all the year round, and had a very good temper, so he told him what happened to the Phoenix.

Song Qingshi looked out the window, thought about it for a long time, and decided to find Phoenix back.

The Emperor talked a lot with him, and it was difficult to tell him about it.

However, he doesn't care.

He is a rock and does not understand the emotions and principles of the world. He only hopes that the phoenix outside the window can come back and fly beautifully and proudly in the clouds. This is the most important scenery in his life. He is willing to pay any price for it, even if his body is broken. Not afraid...


In the small world, the first emotion he learned was crying.

It turns out that human beings are so painful that they want to cry. While crying, he wrote down this important insight in his notebook. Later, he understood what anger is, why he wanted to hit someone when he was angry, and then he understood what is missing, what is panic, what is afraid, what is shy, what is embarrassment, what is shame, what is joy

Wuhuan said that he liked him, and said he looked good with a smile.

Finally, he understood what is like and what is smile.

He likes books, likes to study, likes to research, likes medicine, likes to study questions, likes to read clouds.

My favorite is Wuhuan.

In each reincarnation, his liking for Phoenix is even stronger.

He must bring Phoenix back.


"Wuhuan?" Song Qingshi woke up from his memories, looking for the more bored and chatting about the interesting things that he just remembered, but found that he was no longer in the small world, and the more Wuhuan was no longer by his side. The phoenix outside the window may not have appeared for a long time.

Where did Phoenix go?

Song Qingshi was holding the book blankly, thinking about it for a long time, and suddenly burst into tears.

It turns out that this is loneliness.

It turns out that he doesn't like being alone, doesn't like loneliness, doesn't like boredom, and doesn't like watching clouds alone. What he likes the most is not the beauty of the phoenix, but the company that flies over the window every day, which makes him feel that he is no longer alone. ...

In the room full of books, there was a cold atmosphere everywhere, and it was as silent as death.

Song Qingshi relied on no one to see him, without shame, lying on the table, crying out of breath.

He decided to wait until the crying was over before writing 10,000 papers, and put the sadness behind...

Suddenly, the door was knocked.

Hasnt the messenger's book been finished yet?

Song Qingshi quickly wiped away the tears with his sleeve and opened the door.

The gentle sunset came in. The Phoenix God had already put away his gorgeous wings, dressed in golden red clouds, stood outside the door, and smiled softly: "I'm tired from flying in the sky, so I can stop in your house. ?"

The beautiful eyes are full of expectation.

Song Qingshi was stunned, and greeted the Phoenix Divine Sovereign in a panic, then took out the cakes and spirit tea, and pushed him down.

Shenjun looked at his movements and said with a smile: "You used to be like this, you will give me everything I like."

Song Qingshi nodded, and affirmed: "Well, I will give it to you..."

He suddenly realized that God Lord Phoenix was talking about the small world.

"The Emperor of Heaven asked me to thank you heavily, but the entire Phoenix Temple is not worthy of your gift. I can't think of what to give." The Phoenix God gentlely wiped away the remaining tears from the corners of his eyes and straightened his messy hair. , Asked carefully, "So, I want to give myself to you, can I?"

This gift is a bit big, but I like it very much.

Song Qingshi happily accepted: "Thank you, this is the most beautiful gift in my life."

It is a good thing that the Phoenix God is willing to block the memory, and it is a better thing that the Phoenix God is not willing to block the memory.

Since God Lord Phoenix had chosen him, he would be responsible.

Song Qingshi searched his intestines, promised that he would do a good offense, and tried his best to spoil the Taoist couple.

God Lord Phoenix smiled and asked, "How to spoil it?"

Song Qingshi was an actionist. He did not hesitate to unwrap the gift package, make papers, and used all the skills learned in the small world. He was particularly confident in this exam and felt that he had now returned to the gods. There is absolutely no problem, no matter what you play, you won't beg for mercy anymore.

Finally, the room was covered with Blood King Vine, and there were unharmonious gasps and crying in the examination room.

"Wuhuan, I like you."

"Ok, I know."

"Woo, Wuhuan, I like you so much."


Afterwards, the Phoenix God held Song Qingshi comfortably in his arms, quietly listening to his heartbeat, as if he couldn't hear enough. Song Qingshi thought for a long time, and finally asked a question that had been buried in his heart for a long time:

"Wuhuan, I don't understand something."


"Why do you pass by my window every day?"

"There are tens of thousands of roads to the Phoenix Temple, but I take this one every day, guess why?"

"you like me?"

"I have been waiting for the stone to give birth to my heart every day. I have been waiting for a long time."

"Wuhuan, my heart was born for you, for you."

"Thank you, this is also the most beautiful gift in my life."

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