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Chapter 50: What Is her Relationship With the Fu Family?

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At the police station, Officer Lu looked at the young girl in the surveillance video. She was still wearing a sky blue school uniform, looking relaxed and languid.

Opposite her were Old Master Lin and Lin Nan.

This was the surveillance footage from the cafe. He had specially instructed the forensics team to bring it over.

Officer Lu took a sip of tea, a rare heaviness on his face. She was the one who drew the bomb layout near No.1 Middle School.

Even when he looked at Nian Yue from the surveillance camera now, he still felt that it was unreal.

Officer Lu opened another file from the computer screen. This is her speed

The video played the other day at the entrance of Xinhua Bookstore.

The footage was quite well-captured. They could clearly see her figure, but they couldnt even capture Fu Xiuyuans clothes.

When the group of people heard Officer Lu say that she could draw out the bomb layout, they were still in disbelief. However, when they saw the movements in the video, they could no longer sit still.

On the surface, this group of people was specially recruited by the Jiangcheng Police Department, but in reality, they were of high status.

Otherwise, Officer Lu wouldnt have spoken directly to Fu Xiuyuan.

Lu, where did you get the surveillance camera from?

You didnt play it at double speed, did you? Im afraid we cant find anyone with such skills and speed in our team!

The other officer could not suppress his restlessness and asked Officer Lu, Where is this student from? Could she have been specially transferred from the Imperial Capital?

No. Officer Lu shook his head. Shes a student from No.1 Middle School.

The students of No.1 Middle School were still teenagers. The few special geniuses had already been poached by the Imperial Capital. It was impossible for such a brilliant one to have gone through the cracks.

How is that possible?!

The other officers shook their heads in disbelief. With such skills, she can even be an instructor in the special forces

Our teams students might not even be half as fast as her even after half a year of training!

She can draw a bomb layout and posseses such skills and speed. Dont tell me you want her.

The officer who spoke at the start couldnt hold it in anymore. Hurry up and recruit her! Our team lacks such good talent!

Good talents were always well sought after.

Officer Lu understood the reaction of these people when he released the video, but he was still unsure. In the first video, she was with Master Fu

Master Fu Someone spoke first. Why was he there?

The Ninth Master of the Fu family was at the top of the citys pyramid. Ordinary people would not be able to get near him.

But this little girl actually knew him

With the Fu Family involved, our chances with this talent are ruined

Someone in the crowd sighed.

Everyone knew that the Fu family was ruthless and overbearing. They seemed easy to talk to, but if someone offended them, they were as good as dead.

Dont be anxious. Officer Lu coughed dryly. I have time to look for her and see if she has any intentions

Fora talent like Nian Yue to be recruited into their team, she would become an exceptional asset.

But if the Fu family was involved

He couldnt figure out what her relationship with the Fu family was.


Halfway through the afternoon class, Nian Yue slowly returned to the classroom.

The teachers of the various disciplines were already used to such situations.

Nian Yue was the only obedient student in the entire class. Other than sleeping, she did not cause trouble in class.

As long as she did not step out of line, the other teachers would turn a blind eye. In addition, Zhang Wei had personally brought her to the music classroom yesterday, saying that she wanted to take her in as a disciple. The other students looked at Nian Yue with envy.

When school was finally over, Nian Yue carried her bag with one hand and returned to the Nian Family residence.

The living room of the Nian family was still empty. Nian Yue did not even glance at it as she carried her bag and went upstairs.

She had just changed her clothes when Nanny Liu came in with milk. Second Miss, are you feeling better?

When she was tidying up Nian Yues room, she had found medical tape in the rubbish bin and found out that Nian Yue had fallen sick the day before.

That afternoon, Nian Yan had cried and kicked up a fuss at home because she had not been accepted as Zhang Weis disciple. The whole family had given her all their attention.

Nian Yue was sick, but no one knew.

They were all children of the Nian Family. The difference was too great.

A look of heartache appeared in Aunt Lius eyes when she thought of the deceased Madam Nian.

Tm better now. Thank you, Aunt Liu. Nian Yue took the milk and her cold eyes became warmer.

Second Miss, you look just like Madam when she was young. Mother Liu sighed. She looked at Nian Yues side profile and sounded nostalgic.

You knew my mother? Nian Yue raised her eyebrows and rubbed the cup with her index finger.

Madam she was a very gentle person Aunt Liu smiled. Then, she seemed to have thought of something and changed the topic. Master and Miss will be back soon. Be careful.

Wang Meihua looked gentle and generous, but she was a ruthless person in private. Nian Yue was young and she was afraid that Nian Yue would suffer.


The girl nodded and returned to the desk. She leaned against the swivel chair slowly and tapped her slender fingers on the table.

From the looks of it, her mothers passing wasnt that simple. She sent Wang Zhizhi a message to investigate what had happened at the Nian family back then.

The amount of information she could find on the internet was limited. The Wang family had a huge business, so it was not difficult for Wang Zhizhi to use the Wang familys database.

Lin Nan sent her a message.

Sister Yue, Ive been abused today. Please take me away.


Nian Yue agreed readily. She opened her cell phone app and logged into the game.

At this time, Nian Chaoyu and Wang Meihua brought Nian Yan back. Nian Yan was still crying. Daddy, what should I do..

She had already boasted in class that Zhang Wei would definitely accept her as her disciple, but in the end, Zhang Wei took in Nian Yue instead.

How was she going to face anyone in class?

Tl think of something for you. Nian Chaoyu patted her shoulder and comforted her.

After knowing that Zhang Wei had taken Nian Yue as his disciple, Wang Meihua and Nian Chaoyu immediately got Zhang Weis contact information and wanted to visit her personally.

In the end, Zhang Wei said that she had a suitable candidate and casually rejected them.

I think its all because of that little bitch Nian Yue..

Wang Meihuas face darkened and she pulled Nian Yan into her embrace. Dont cry, be good..

Nian Yue grew up in the countryside. Im afraid she doesnt even know the basics. Why would Zhang Wei treat her differently? Nian Chaoyu frowned.

He had long had his suspicions, especially regarding Nian Yue entering Class A. His relationship with Principal Wang was not that deep.

If he could, he would have stuffed Nian Yan into Class A..

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