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Chapter 51: Old Doctor

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Shen Yun was stunned. He scratched his ears, as if he couldnt believe that these words came from Lei Hus mouth!

Lei Hu, what the f * ck did you say? Before Shen Yun could say anything, Zhao Gang was the first to curse.

Lei Hu smiled. He casually picked up a stool and threw it directly at Zhao Gangs head!

Who do you think you are? How dare you shout at me? Lei Hu glared at Zhao Gang and cursed!

Everyones expression was ugly, and they felt that something was wrong.

Didnt they say that Shen Yun was a shoe in? But from Lei Hus attitude towards Shen Yun, it didnt seem like the case...

Shen Yuns expression was extremely cold. He took a deep breath and said, Lei Hu, Ill settle the score with you later! Quickly get that so-called doctor out now!

Lei Hu snorted and ignored Shen Yun. He ran to Qin Yu and said with a sheepish smile, Mr. Qin, they are calling for you.

Although his voice wasnt loud, it reached everyones ears.

Lei Hu, what do you mean? Zhao Gang couldnt help but shout.

I asked you to invite the so-called doctor out. Why are you looking for that loser?

Thats right, are you playing us?

Our time is very precious. How can you afford to waste our time?

Lei Hu sneered as he said, Are your brains not working, or are your ears not working? Mr. Qin is that so-called doctor. Is it that hard to understand?

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How is that possible?! Zhao Gang shouted.

Qin Yu is a loser. When did he become a so-called doctor? What a joke. Su Yan, who was at the side, also sneered.

There was immediately an uproar at the scene. It was obvious that no one believed that Qin Yu was that so-called doctor.

Qin Yu slowly stood up and strode to the stage.

Yao Qing! Qin Yu shouted.

Yes, Mr. Qin. Yao Qing immediately nodded.

He took a sack and walked to Qin Yus side.

Then, the sack fell to the ground, and one Soul Nourishment Pill after another rolled out of the sack.

At a glance, there were at least hundreds of Soul Nourishment Pills on the ground!

Everyone present couldnt help but gasp!

Although the Soul Nourishment Pill had caused a huge uproar in Jiangcheng, it was extremely rare!

Many big shots were willing to spend millions just to buy one!

How much was so many Soul Nourishment Pills worth?!

Hehe, taking a bunch of ordinary pills and pretending that they are Soul Nourishment Pills? Shen Yun couldnt help but sneer.

Upon hearing this, everyone quickly reacted.

Thats right, how do we know whether this is a Soul Nourishment Pill or not?

Who doesnt know that youre just a freeloader? When did you become a medical practitioner...

Tsk tsk, scamming our money together with Lei Hu? Hehe, in Jiangcheng, were the only ones who get to scam others money. Others dont get the right to scam us!

When he heard the comments of the crowd, Qin Yus eyes narrowed slightly.

At this moment, an old man with white hair suddenly rushed onto the stage in a hurry!

Hurry up and stop him! Lei Hu hurriedly shouted.

Wait! Qin Yu waved his hand.

After the old man ran onto the stage, he picked up a Soul Nourishment Pill and looked at it carefully.

Its the genius Dr. Yang! At this moment, someone recognized this old man!

Its really the genius Dr. Yang, the top doctor in Jiangcheng!

I didnt expect that the genius Dr. Yang would also come. Just in time. Let the genius Dr. Yang take a look! Everyone shouted one after another.

The old man who was called the genius Dr. Yang held the Soul Nourishment Pill and looked at it carefully. His expression became more and more excited, and even his body began to tremble!

Soul Nourishment Pill... it really is a Soul Nourishment Pill! the genius Dr. Yang said in a trembling voice.

Then, he turned to look at Qin Yu and said somewhat excitedly, Was this pill really refined by you?

Qin Yu politely supported the genius Dr. Yang and nodded as he said, This pill was indeed refined by me.

Hearing this, the genius Dr. Yang didnt say a word and knelt on the ground on the spot!

I have studied medicine for decades, but I have never seen such a miraculous pill! Please accept my bow! The genius Dr. Yang said excitedly.

Seeing this, Qin Yu hurriedly reached out to help the genius Dr. Yang up.

Sir, please get up quickly. You are a senior. I cant accept this! Qin Yu said with some fear.

The genius Dr. Yang shook his head and said, Age has never meant anything. Your ability is above mine, so you have the right to accept my bow!

Hearing this, Qin Yu was filled with respect for the genius Dr. Yang!

There was no telling how many people exploited their seniority. There were few people as upright and humble as the genius Dr. Yang!

This scene shocked everyone below the stage.

Even the genius Dr. Yang said it. It seems that it is really the Soul Nourishment Pill... someone murmured.

I didnt expect Qin Yu to really be that so-called doctor...

He has such outstanding talent at such a young age. No wonder he is favored by the Yan family...

Mr. Qin, can you sell me the formula for the Soul Nourishment Pill? Im willing to pay ten million! Someone was the first to react!

Im willing to pay one hundred million!

Im willing to spend money to buy an agency right!

Many businessmen below the stage shouted one after another!

Shen Yuns expression turned extremely ugly. Those who curried favor with the Shen family were filled with regret.

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