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Chapter 50: Zhao Xiumei ~ Beaten

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Mom, why did you hit him?

He is an unfilial thing! Is the brick in your hand to kill me?

Zhao Xiumei trembled with anger. How did I raise such an unfilial thing!?

Mom, youre mistaken. I thought there was a thief in the house. The door was wide open and I wanted to use it to protect myself. I really didnt do it deliberately, Lan Tingyun explained.

You unfilial thing! How dare you talk back! I havent been here in days, do you think Im dead? How dare you call me a thief? Tell me, what good things could I steal from you?

Zhao Xiumeis chest heaved with anger.

Mom, Tingyun really didnt mean that.

Li Yuerus heart ached when she saw her husband beaten down.

Mom, its embarrassing to let outsiders see us fight. We should go in and talk. Since Sister-In-Law is back, her illness has only just healed. She might catch a cold again, Xu Yanshan spoke kindly.

Zhao Xiumei calmed down, turned around, and sat in the hall.

As soon as she sat down, Lan Anran walked out from behind. She had seen the scene just now. Her father was an adult and yet, she beat him up so easily. Did she not care about his reputation?

Grandma, youre here just in time. Are you here to ask for money?

Lan Anran sat down as well.

B*stard! How can you sit when Im seated? Dont you have any manners? Do I need to tell you why Im here?

Zhao Xiumei was enraged when she saw Lan Anran.

Grandma opened someone elses door without their permission. This is called trespassing, you can go to jail for that.

Lan Anran peeled the mandarin on the table leisurely.

B*stard! What are you saying? Im a widowed old woman. Is it illegal for me to visit my unfilial son?

Zhao Xiumei was getting angrier.

Mom, dont be angry. Yueru hasnt been well these past few days and I have been busy taking care of her in the hospital. A few days ago, she was in the intensive care unit, so I really didnt have time to visit you. I wanted to wait for Yueru to get better to see you, but you came early.

Lan Tingyuns attitude was very kind. After all, she was his mother, so he couldnt say much.

Well said. Second Daughter-In-Law, your health isnt good. Why are you always sick? It wouldnt be good if news spreads that my daughter-in-law is a sickly child.

Zhao Xiumei was disgusted.

Mom, Ive been working overtime too much and will be better after some rest. Dont worry.

Li Yueru was very polite.

Grandma isnt worried, she only cares about money. How much do you want today?

Lan Anran didnt believe Zhao Xiumeis words. Her mother had been hospitalized for such a long time and hadnt seen her make a phone call or show her face. That being said, when she ran out of money at the end of the month, she took the initiative to come over.

You insolent thing! How dare you speak to me in such a manner? You must be itching for a beating. If I dont teach you a lesson today, you wont know the rules!

Zhao Xiumei glanced at Lan Tingyun and his wife. They couldnt bear to hit a child.

Dont stop me today, Im going to teach her a lesson. Yanshan, slap her!

Xu Yanshan looked troubled and she pretended to be constipated as she walked forward.

Mom, this isnt good

Who dares to hit my child?

Li Yueru was usually an agreeable person and was very humble in front of Old Mrs. Lan. Today, hearing that someone was going to hit her child, she couldnt tolerate it. She already felt that she owed her daughter, so how could she allow her to be bullied again?

Li Yueru, what daughter did you give birth to? She doesnt just jinx people, she also goes against her elders. What do you need such an unfilial thing for? She wont know the Lan Familys rules if she isnt taught a lesson!

Zhao Xiumei slammed the table and roared.

Mom, dont be angry. That wasnt what Anran meant. Anran, apologize to Grandma Lan Tingyun hurriedly explained.

Grandma, am I right? Youre angry because youre embarrassed. Grandma is a doctor too, she must know the saying that the crooked stick will have a crooked shadow. It means that our ancestors inherited these morals, Lan Anran spoke unhurriedly.

Zhao Xiumeis face turned green with anger. Wasnt she indirectly scolding her for having low morals?

Youre rebelling, you brat! Ill teach you a lesson today!

She raised her hand, wanting to slap her, but suddenly

Lan Anran reacted quickly and a slap landed hard on Zhao Xiumeis face, producing a loud sound.


Everyone was dumbfounded and Zhao Xiumei was stunned.

In the entire Lan Family, or even the entire medical field, who would dare to lay a finger on her?

You dare to hit me?

Zhao Xiumei couldnt believe her eyes. She had lived for so long, but was beaten by a little girl?

You acted first, I was just defending myself.

Lan Anran sounded helpless when she said that.

You! Lan Anran, you dare to hit your grandma? Mom, let me help you vent your anger!

Xu Yanshan was furious. This was a good opportunity for revenge.

She had just walked in front of Lan Anran and before she could react, Lan Anran stretched out one leg and Xu Yanshan tripped, falling to the ground. The heels of her high heels were broken.

Ah! Auntie, the quality of your shoes arent very good. Dont wear such lousy shoes again. Didnt Grandma give you a lot of money?

Lan Anran picked up the ruined high heels mockingly and yanked the heels right off!

Her high heels became flats.

Xu Yanshan was furious. This was humiliating!

Mom, this child

She couldnt take it anymore and could only look for Zhao Xiumei.

You unfilial and rebellious thing! Ill teach you a lesson myself!

Zhao Xiumei was over 60 and had a strong body. She was a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and was good at maintaining her appearance. Her foundation was pretty good.

She walked forward and was just about to raise her walking stick when Lan Anran suddenly pushed her with her arm and Old Mrs. Lan fell.

You cant blame me, Grandma, this was your scam!

Lan Anran was dissatisfied.

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