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Chapter 51: Profound Truths

Its really Thunder Palm?!

Lin Xiuzhu stood beside his father and looked at Eleven in disbelief.

Compared to being told about something, it was clearly more shocking to see it personally.

Thunder Palm skill was actually really mastered by a level-six young Iron-eating Beast?


Lin Hongnian nodded. Moreover, it was the Thunder Palm that had just gained power. It seemed that this Iron-eating Beast had put in a lot of effort to practice after mastering the Thunder Palm.

Although it wont lose its battle ability, if it takes this move head-on, Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beasts entire body will probably be paralyzed.

Lin Hongnian looked at the venue and judged.

Zi! Zi! Zi!

Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beast was crackling all over.

At this moment, Jiang Rui was at a loss and shocked.

How could this be This didnt make sense!

Wuu Just as Jiang Rui was stunned, the Iron-eating Beasts roar woke him up.

The battle wasnt over yet.

Hard Claw.

Only then did Jiang Rui react and hurriedly give the order to attack.

We cant lose

It was fine to lose to a newcomer. After all, the other party had already used the Thunder Palm. Who the heck would call this a newcomer?

However, after losing, the training volume would increase. It would really be devastating for a panda.

In order to not train twice as much, even if Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beast was paralyzed, it still erupted with fighting spirit.


Under the Beast Tamers command, its body shot out lightning as it pounced at Eleven.


However, under the paralysis state, the iron-eating beasts speed was more than just half a beat slower.

Opposite it, Eleven, who had pulled away, instantly saw hundreds of openings in Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beasts attack under the lock of its super vision.

Dont dodge. Fight it head-on and counterattack. Shi Yu ordered. He didnt plan on showing the super vision to everyone.


Although it could easily dodge the attack trajectory with its super vision, Shi Yu had not forgotten the purpose of the battle.

It was to show Lin Hongnian Elevens Hardening and Thunder Palm Proficiency, not to showcase the power of his super vision.

Wuu! The Beast Tamer had already given the order. What else could Eleven do?

It directly stood on the spot like Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beast just now, its whole body hardening!

Proficient Level Hardening!

At this moment, when they saw the changes in Elevens body, the disciples of the dojo were shocked again.

Not only did he master the Thunder Palm, even its Hardening Proficiency looked very high!

That made sense. After all, one of the requirements to learn Thunder Palm was proficient level Hardening!

While everyone was amazed by the little Iron-Eating Beasts monster-like talent, Jiang Ruis Iron-Eating Beast swiped its claw at Eleven.


Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beast mainly trained the hardness of its claws. In daily training, the hardening skin of the Iron-eating Beasts of other martial arts apprentices was often torn by the hard claws of his Iron-eating Beast.

But this time, under the claw of Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beast, it only left a white mark on Elevens hardened skin. It didnt break through his defense at all!

It was just a very light injury!

How is this possible?! Jiang Rui felt that it was ridiculous again.

In the next second, an even more ridiculous scene appeared.

After taking the palm, Eleven maintained his hardening state and tried his best to hit his Iron-eating Beast.

Because the lightning energy accumulated in his body was limited, it was very difficult for Eleven to use the second powerful Thunder Palm. This time, he could only choose to harden his skin against the enemy.


Because they thought that the other party had only mastered proficient level Hardening, Jiang Rui and his Iron-eating Beast didnt have any defense awareness at all, causing them to directly eat all the damage from this impact!


Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beast was sent flying. The maximum power Thunder Palm plus full damage Hardening impact directly made his Iron-eating Beast lose its battle awareness!

Thank you, Shi Yu said in embarrassment.

At this moment, Jiang Rui and the apprentices worldview gradually shattered.

Expert level Hardening

This was a level-six young Iron-eating Beast??

Even the iron-eating beasts cultivated by the senior brothers and sisters who passed the vocation assessment were only so-so.


At the same time, Eleven let out a cry of victory when he saw his opponent fall.

However, it still felt that it wasnt enough.

The strength of the apprentices in Bamboo Stone Dojo seemed to be limited.

At the moment, probably only pets of the commander rank and above could pose a threat to Eleven.

Jiang Rui, you lost. Your training will be doubled when you go back. At this moment, Lin Hongnian spoke beside him.

I Jiang Rui expressed that he had lost for no reason.

This, this, this, a newbie???

He looked at Eleven and Shi Yu with a blank expression, then at Lin Hongnian and Lin Xiuzhu. He suspected that they were Master Lins illegitimate children.

Otherwise, how could he be so strong?

The other apprentices from the dojo also looked confused, but at this point in the battle, Lin Hongnian felt that it was enough.

Jiang Rui, bring the Iron-eating Beast to treat it. The others continue training. Shi Yu, come with me.


Lin Hongnian turned and left. Shi Yu could only call Eleven to follow.

As for Lin Xiuzhu, he was still pondering on the spot.

Was this really the Eleven she knew?

Senior Sister Lin, that person is The other apprentices surrounded Lin Xiuzhu.

Lin Xiuzhu returned to his senses and said, Your training will also be doubled.

With that said, she hurriedly followed her father and Shi Yu, leaving the confused apprentices behind.

How was this a rookie at the bottom? It was clearly a monster genius who only knew how to provoke people. Damn!

In the inner area of Bamboo Stone Dojo, in an empty training hall, Shi Yu was brought here by Lin Hongnian.

Following beside Shi Yu, Eleven observed the strange middle-aged man leading the way. It kept feeling that he looked a little familiar.

Eleven. Lin Xiuzhu called Eleven after following him.

Eleven turned around and couldnt help but be pleasantly surprised when it saw Lin Xiuzhu.

It was the Big Sister.

Well in Elevens eyes, Lin Xiuzhu, who often wore a panda costume, was one of them. She was a panda to it.

Eleven, long time no see. Lin Xiuzhu touched Elevens head and hugged it to observe.

Well Eleven was still that Eleven, but what exactly happened???

Why was it suddenly so strong

Your Iron-eating Beast is pretty outstanding.

Its the most outstanding iron-eating beast Ive ever seen. Lin Hongnian was not stingy with his praise in front.

Wuu!!! Eleven left its stuffy place and clenched its fists. Of course It also remembered who this uncle was. It seemed to have seen him in the breeding base, but it didnt know who he was.

Thank you. Shi Yu acknowledged the praise slightly. Sigh, wasnt this all thanks to his training?

In short, your future is immeasurable. Lin Hongnian sighed.

Unfortunately, I cant teach you much. Next, I plan to show you the training direction after Hardening and Thunder Palm. You can take a look.

After saying that, a blue summoning array appeared beside the old man. A two-meter-tall adult Iron-eating Beast walked out.

This iron-eating beast had a fierce expression. Its whole body was muscular and looked extremely strong. It was completely unlike the laziness of ordinary iron-eating beasts. It was not cute at all.

It seemed that under the nurturing of Hall Master Lin Hongnian, this pet had already overcome some habits and become a symbolic battle pet.

The different proficiency symbols for hardening should be clearly recorded in that basic cultivation manual.

As for the Thunder Palm

Lin Hongnian looked at his Iron-eating Beast and nodded.

The next moment, in Shi Yu and Elevens eyes, the Iron-eating Beasts palm also filled with a high-intensity electric current that was interweaved between blue and white!


As lightning lingered in his palm, the strong Iron-eating Beasts surroundings flashed with lightning, appearing especially dazzling.

Your Iron-eating Beasts Thunder Palm proficiency is currently at initial level.

Once hit, after the chaotic high-intensity electric current erupts, it can put the enemy in a strong numb state.

However, the penetration power is still not enough. Otherwise, it could have directly shattered the hardening layer and killed the opponent just now.

And the symbol of the proficient level Thunder Palm is reflected in the piercing and penetration effect of the Thunder Palm.


As Lin Hongnian finished speaking, the chaotic blue and white lightning on his Iron-eating Beasts palm started to wander. They gathered and looked even stronger.

The Iron-eating Beast casually waved its arm. As the lightning flashed, the lightning seemed to really become a sharp blade. Its penetrative power increased visibly, and the air started to hiss.

With the proficient level, no matter how hard the steel is, it can still be shattered with the Lightning Penetration.

As for the expert level Thunder Palm If Im not wrong just now, your Iron-eating Beast was a little weak after using the Thunder Palm.

Shi Yu nodded.

The symbol of an expert-level Thunder Palm is the normalization of it.

After Lin Hongnian finished speaking, his Iron-eating Beast moved again. This time, both its palms were covered in lightning and it maintained this state continuously.

Not only can it let the lightning cover the palm like the vambrace, but it can also use the Thunder Palm with both hands. This is the symbol of an expert-level Thunder Palm.


After saying that, he looked at his Iron-eating Beast.

Its the state where you train the Thunder Palm to perfection!


The strong Iron-eating Beast roared, and the lightning from its palms began to spread throughout its entire body, invading its body.


Under the lightning, its mouth and eyes seemed to be filled with lightning.

In the next moment, all the hair on its body stood up. As if it were a bolt of lightning, it streaked past and instantly appeared 50 meters away from the training hall. Then, it instantly returned to its original spot.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, leaving the ground charred.

Perfect proficiency. Borrowing the high-intensity electric current of the Thunder Palm to stimulate the whole body, using this to produce a powerful instant explosive force, obtaining speed that cant be seen with the eyes.

After training the Thunder Palm to perfection, the penetration power of the lightning and its own speed can even cut open real lightning!

His vision is so strong, Shi Yu thought.

After Lin Hongnian finished speaking, Shi Yu was still feeling alright. Eleven, who was beside him, however, looked at Shi Yu excitedly.

This one looks so powerful

Shi Yu, increase points!

He would make up for it afterwards with training.

However, this isnt even anything! Lin Hongnian wasnt done speaking. This is what you should be pursuing.

This time, Shi Yu also perked up and looked at Lin Hongnian.

Was he going to show him theTranscendent Thunder Palm?! What effect would it have?

Obviously, he was overthinking. Even Lin Hongnian, a master-level Beast Tamer, didnt train his Iron-eating Beasts Thunder Palm to that level.

At this moment, Lin Hongnians Iron-eating Beast dispersed the lightning and actually entered a hardening state.

Then, it raised its head and clenched its fists.


Under the metallic texture of its entire body, an even stronger electric current shot out from its body. Black and white intertwined, and under the flickering of the blue electric current, it was as if the iron-eating beast was wearing lightning armor!



In this state, the Iron-eating Beasts strength was full. Its attack, defense, and speed reached the peak together. The explosive sound of the lightning armor seemed to be able to shatter the enemys will.

A combination skill of Hardening and Thunder Palm? Shi Yu opened his mouth slightly.

Yes, but its more powerful than ordinary combination skills. Beside him, Lin Xiuzhu didnt expect his father to display it to this extent.

When ordinary two skills are successfully combined, its called a combination skill.

But Fathers Iron-eating Beasts Hardening Proficiency and Thunder Palm Proficiency are both above Perfect Level.

In the master domain, Beast Tamers call the perfect combination skill formed by two skills above perfect proficiency profundity.

Right now, this is one of the profundities mastered by Fathers Iron-eating Beast, Thunder Armor. With this profundity, it can temporarily battle monarch-level creatures.

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