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Chapter 50: Ungrateful

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Qin Tai had originally planned to die without revealing any information, but he never expected Ye Jiushang to know everything. He even knew his name.

The name of a sacrificial soldier would always be a secret. Many sacrificial soldiers actually did not even have a name, only a number.

If someone had even investigated the sacrificial soldiers name, they would obviously know everything about him like the back of their hand.

In other words, he had no secrets from the mysterious Ninth Imperial Uncle, Ye Jiushang. Perhaps even his masters background was something the Ninth Imperial Uncle already knew.

The Dukes Estate and the Imperial Preceptors Estate have always minded their own business. Why would the Imperial Preceptor want to kill my grandfather? Xue Fan could tell that Qin Tais faith had already collapsed. It was easier to interrogate him now.

Sure enough, when he found out that his secret was no longer a secret, the defense in Qin Tais heart completely collapsed. For some reason, he blurrily told the truth, The Imperial Preceptor found out that the emperor has a grudge against Xue Batian and the Xue family. He wanted to get rid of him, so he took the initiative to ask the emperor for permission. Hes willing to share the emperors burden and help him eliminate Xue Batian.

This useless ruler. My grandfather led the Xue family army to build an empire for him, but hes actually so ungrateful. How detestable.

Ye Jiushang stopped playing the guqin and said with a faint mocking tone, Since ancient times, the emperors have always been ruthless. Forget about the subjects, even father and son can kill each other for power. This is very normal.

When Ye Jiushang stopped playing the guqin, Qin Tais head suddenly cleared up. Only then did he realize that he had made a huge mistake. He looked at Ye Jiushang in extreme horror, filled with fear for this person.

As sacrificial soldiers, even if they died, they could not reveal any information about their master. Even if the other party already knew, they could not say a word. Just now, he had actually spilled everything and even dragged the emperor out. This was a huge mistake!

How could this be?

Why had he become dizzy just now?

Qin Tai observed Ye Jiushang very carefully. Finally, his attention landed on the strange guqin, and he came to a realization.

No wonder the Ninth Imperial Uncle played the guqin in the middle of the night. It was precisely because he had heard the guqin that his head had become muddled as if he had lost his soul.

You are very smart and have realized the truth immediately. However, people who know too much often die an early death. Ye Jiushang casually hooked a guqin string with his ring finger. A strange tune sounded from the strings and flew towards Qin Tai, accompanied by a purple light. It was like an invisible blade had sliced his neck.

Qin Tai did not even know how he died. He only knew that the person who had killed him was very, very powerful. Before he stopped breathing, the last thought that appeared in his mind was: Be it the Imperial Preceptor or the emperor, if they continued going after Xue Batian, the one who would lose their lives would definitely be them.

Xue Fanxin did not care about Qin Tais life. She turned her attention to Ye Jiushangs guqin and was a little interested in it.

It was a purple nine-string guqin. Like its master, it was mysterious and noble.

Killing people with music was not rare. What was rare was that you could practice such a killing technique.

If only she could learn a sound killer technique too..

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