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Chapter 50 A Paw!


Undoubtedly, now Ye Xuans heart was full of panic!

Because the mysterious woman had told him that the existence in the second layer was not something good. Since it was something evil, it must be really hard to communicate with. As it was difficult to communicate with, it would mean that the existence might not give him a chance to speak once it came out.


Ye Xuan stepped back two steps. He glanced around. Predecessor? Are you still there?

The mysterious woman still made no answer.

Ye Xuan was ready to bug out!

Right at this moment, the Prison World Tower suddenly trembled a little. Soon the footsteps upstairs stopped abruptly, and the entrance of the second layer also restored calm.

Ye Xuan was startled a little, and then he quickly asked, Predecessor? Did you make your move?

There was no answer!

At the time when Ye Xuan still wanted to ask, a white piece of paper suddenly floated out from the entrance of the second layer.

A piece of paper!

Ye Xuan was stunned for a while, and then he walked two steps forward. At this moment, the paper drifted in front of him. There was a smile on the paper. Below the smiling face, two paws were printed there which were somewhat similar to cat claws.

Ye Xuan, ...

Just then, another piece of paper wafted through the entrance of the second layer. It leisurely drifted before Ye Xuan. This time, an aggrieved face was printed on it and there were two same little paw prints below the face.

Suddenly, another piece of paper was out. Soon, the paper floated before Ye Xuan. While this time, it was a crying face. Below it, there were two small paw prints as well.

Ye Xuan looked up at the second layer and asked, Do you want me to let you out?

After his voice fell, a slight noise rang suddenly on the roof.

Ye Xuan smiled bitterly. As to this, I cant let you out for the time being...

A moment of silence, then abruptly—


The first and second layer of the Prison World Tower instantly trembled tempestuously. The powerful impact blew Ye Xuan out immediately.


Ye Xuan hit against the tower wall, right after that he wailed mournfully. At this time, he felt his limbs were falling apart!

However, before he got up, an evil and hostile spirit appeared in the first layer all at once. The evil in the spirit made Ye Xuans face greatly changed. In a hurry, he backed out of the tower. After him, the evil spirit was going to overflow from the tower. But at the point, a sword above the Prison World Tower suddenly trembled a little.


In no time, the evil spirit was shattered, and immediately, the Prison World Tower returned to normal!

After a great while, when Ye Xuan saw the Prison World Tower restore its calm, he finally felt a sense of relief. Dare not stay longer, he left the Prison World Tower without hesitation!

Back in the real word, Ye Xuan took a deep breath. Look for the Rule for the Tao!

This was the first time when he truly realized the horror of the Prison World Tower. It is just the second layer. What the hell would those beings be that are kept in the third layer, the fourth layer and so on?

I must find the Rule for the Tao!

After Ye Xuan calmed down, he washed up himself and returned to his courtyard. At the gate of the courtyard, he saw a petite figure sitting in front of the stone steps.

It was Ye Ling!

Just like before, no matter how long he had been out, he would always see Ye Ling sit there waiting for him when he came back!

Ye Xuan went up to Ye Ling. Ye Ling was already asleep now, so he gently picked up Ye Ling. At this time, Ye Ling subconsciously hugged him tight and she buried her head in his chest. Brother...

Ye Xuan smiled and then carried Ye Ling back to her room. After tucked Ye Ling into the quilt, Ye Xuan left the room.

Not far from the room, did not know when Mr. Ji appeared at the door.

Mr. Ji said, Walk with me!

After that, he turned around and walked outside.

Ye Xuan followed up.

On the way, Mr. Ji poured himself a swallow of wine and said, The things related to Cangmu College have temporarily come to an end. However, if you go down the mountain later, you should be careful. Now, there are many people in Cangmu College who was full of great grievances and are eager to take revenge. But they are put down by the people from the above of Cangmu College. Of course, it is not that they want to let it go, but they are waiting for the return of Fen Jue and Bei Chen!

Arent they in Cangmu College? Ye Xuan asked.

Mr. Ji said simply, If they had been at Cangmu College that day, the three remarkable talents would not have come to challenge you. Usually, Cangmu College wont make its move, but once it decides to strike, it will definitely exterminate its enemies.

Ye Xuan kept silent.

Mr. Ji said again, I am there so Cangmu College dare not send strong persons to assassinate you, but not absolutely. Therefore, you must take care of yourself outside, do not accidentally get yourself killed.

Ye Xuan nodded. Understood!

Mr. Ji suddenly stopped. There is still half a month before you go to the Frontier Mountain. Is that right?

Ye Xuan looked at Mr. Ji. Do you know that?

Mr. Ji nodded. Only two or three people in Jiang Country are qualified. Miss An gave her qualification to you. It looks like that she really favors you.

Ye Xuan did not speak.

After some hesitation, Mr. Ji added, Boy, you are not an ordinary person, nor was Miss An. People in Cangmu College act so domineeringly. However, when An Lanxiu told them that she would withdraw from the college, they didnt even dare to fart. From this, you could see how terrifying she is.

Ye Xuan smiled. What do you want to say?

Mr. Ji said in a low voice, You know in your heart what I want to say quite well!

Ye Xuan smiled. You are afraid that I will get into trouble if I am too close to her, right?

Mr. Ji nodded. Miss An means well, but the person behind her may not. Youd better stay away from her, or to be close to her when you have the absolute strength. Its good for you and good for her as well!

Ye Xuan shook his head.

Mr. Ji stared at Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan softly said, We are well acquainted and we have fellowship with each other. It is unmingled with nothing else.

Mr. Ji shook his head. You are too idealistic. You and she may not mingle anything else in. But wont others mingle anything in either? Or do you think that this world is beautiful and everyone is reasonable?

Ye Xuan shrugged. If people in her family want to stop me, I will fight with them until they dont dare to prevent me!

Mr. Ji gave a thumb to Ye Xuan. You have enough courage, but unfortunately thats all you have!

Ye Xuan was a little speechless. What else can I do? Am I going to tell Miss An that I cant be her friend anymore only because I am afraid of her families?

Mr. Ji looked steadily at Ye Xuan. Do you really just want to be a friend with her? Without any other thoughts?

Ye Xuan blinked at him. I dont understand what you are talking about!

After he said that, he walked to the distance.

Mr. Ji whispered a sigh. He took a step forward. This step directly brought him to Ye Xuan, then he added, It is your choice. I will not say anything more. Lastly, when you are in the Frontier Mountain, you should pay attention to the following three points. First, it naturally should be Cangmu College. Its two marvels and three remarkable talents may go there too. If you encounter them, dont flaunt your superiority. You should run whenever it is necessary. Second, you should beware of people from Tang Country. This time, they must also go there. The relationship between Jiang Country and Tang Country is like that of Cangmu College and Canglan College, you know.

Speaking of this, he paused a little and then said, Third, you should take precautions against some geniuses from other countries. When you are far away from home, it is a very usual thing to come across things like killing and treasure snatching. You should know that the rise of many geniuses often builds on the bodies of other geniuses. I know that you have been fighting and killing people since childhood, but the law of survival is even crueler outside.

Ye Xuan nodded. I will keep your words firmly in mind!

Mr. Ji took a gulp of wine and continued, The Fire Spirit in your sisters body is being devoured, so the Fire Spirit cant last long. This time you go to the Sword Lords Abode which is located in a volcanic area. If there are any chances, find some fire items, the hotter the better.

Ye Xuan slightly saluted. My sister stays here. Could you please take care of her for me?

Mr. Ji said, Trust me, she is safe here.

With this, he stopped. Before you go to the Frontier Mountain, you will have to cultivate the Punch Momentum to the best. Now you dont have enough momentum. It is called Punch Momentum, which means that your momentum should come out before you launch a punch in order to achieve the real Punch Momentum. As for your Conceptual Battle Skill, never rush for quick results. There is a process between you and the Martial Arts Master which needs to be completed gradually. The Tao of Martial Arts cannot be rushed. It is best to achieve everything when conditions are ripe!

Ye Xuan deeply saluted at Mr. Ji. Thanks for your guidance!

Mr. Ji nodded. Go back to practice. Cultivating your Punch Momentum to the best will be of great help for you to go to the Frontier Mountain!

Ye Xuan saluted once again and then turned to walk away.

Seeing the figure that Ye Xuan left, Mr. Ji whispered, No rashness and no panic... He is truly a promising student...

After he said this, he took a big gulp of wine. Then he turned and disappeared into the distance.

In the back mountain.

Once again Ye Xuan came to the hill and in no time, a booming sound came from the back mountain. Under the waterfall, Bai Ze crazily climbed up against the current of the waterfall. In the mountains, Mo Yunqi was fleeing like mad. This time, there was not only one Evil Wolf was chasing after him, but two!


After the last time that they played against the students from Cangmu College, the three of them started up the crazy cultivation mode.

Because each of the three had already encountered the strength of Cangmu College students. They would definitely fight against those students in the future.

None of them wanted to lose or die!


Practicing crazily!

In the next period of time, Ye Xuan and the other two turned the crazy cultivation mode on. In addition to eating and sleeping, they were practicing in the rest of the day. Especially Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze, these two persons were quite defenseless in the battle against the students from Cangmu College, and they were firmly suppressed. Both of them were proud people so they didnt want that happen again!

Half a month later.

The penance was certainly effective.

Mo Yunqi could handle the two Evil Wolves with ease. Even pursued by the two wolves, he could release his daggers at any time. While under the waterfall, now Bai Ze could go up against the waterfall without the iron chain. Compared to before, his physical body had undergone a huge change. Except for his physical body, his strength was also utterly changed.

As for Ye Xuan...

In front of the hill.

Ye Xuans look was slightly changed, and his whole person was like a statue. Didnt know how long it took, his eyes suddenly opened and his right hand clenched into a fist.


An invisible power swept out of his body.

In the distance.


A huge stone, a dozen meters wide, was shattered!

The Momentum!

The Punch Momentum!

Then Ye Xuan suddenly launched a punch to the ground!


Taking Ye Xuan as the center, the ground within dozens of meters was cracked in an instant. Countless broken stones shot around like sharp arrows!

Ye Xuan stood up. He glanced at his fist and his eyes were full of excitement. I am so fucking awesome!

Right at this moment, something strange suddenly happened in the field—


With the sound of a loud slap, the whole body of Ye Xuan flew directly to the hillside dozens of meters away.


The hill slightly shook, and then numerous rubbles hit down toward Ye Xuan.

After a while, Ye Xuan slowly climbed up added with a small paw print on his right face...


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