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Chapter 51 Its All Your Fault

At the dining table, Lu Ping watched as Huang Xiaoqi chatted and laughed with Mrs. Lu while feasting on her food.

This lady could really eat, so her mouth wasnt idle. However, to anyone who cooked, this was the greatest reward. Mrs. Lus eyes narrowed into slits as she smiled.

Finally, the dinner ended.

Huang Xiaoqi got up and wanted to help Mrs. Lu clean up the table and wash the dishes.

How could Mrs. Lu let her do that? She hurriedly stopped her and said, Go, go, go Lets go and chat. Leave this to Lu Ping and Lu Yu!

Lu Ping curled his lips and said, If she wants to do it, just let her do it. We cant just eat for free!

Mr. Lu. said angrily, What are you talking about? Shes a guest. How can we let a guest wash the dishes? What did I teach you? Hurry up and wash the dishes!

Lu Ping was speechless.

Seeing Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu leading Huang Xiaoqi out, his heart was filled with hatred!

He turned to look at Lu Yu and said, Ill leave it to you!

Lu Yu was stunned and looked aggrieved. No way, bro, you are too cruel. You have the heart to treat your dear sister like this?

Ill give you 50 star dollars!


50 star dollars was a lot of pocket money for Lu Yu.

Lu Yu happily accepted the transfer and started to wash the dishes.

Lu Ping left the kitchen.

Mom, Supervisor Huang and I have something to do. Well leave first. Lu Ping planned to quickly drag Huang Xiaoqi away.

Huang Xiaoqi looked at Lu Ping with a smile in her eyes. However, Huang Xiaoqi didnt refute him. Instead, she stood up and followed Lu Ping with a smile, Uncle and auntie, then well leave first. Ill come to see you guys another day.

Yiyi, wait for a while. I have something to say to Lu Ping, Mrs. Lu hurriedly said.

After saying that, she stood up and pulled Lu Ping into the bedroom.

Mom, do you have something to say? Lu Ping asked curiously.

Mrs. Lu looked at Lu Ping and said, Tell me honestly, what is your relationship with Huang Yiyi!

Shes just an ordinary colleague.

Mrs. Lu sighed, she said, Im afraid that she has some feelings for you. You should treat her well and pay attention to her. If you can become her cultivation partner, your mother will be willing to die.

Huh? Lu Ping never expected that his mother would actually think of asking him to chase after crazy Huang. Mom, what are you thinking about? The two of us are just colleagues. Lu Ping shook his head.

Lu Pings mother said anxiously, Be more attentive and take the initiative.

Lu Ping replied, Why would I? I have a girlfriend!

You have a girlfriend? Lu Pings mother was stunned and asked suspiciously, Where is she? Why havent I seen her before or heard you mention her before?

Were in an online relationship. When my cultivation level is higher, well date publicly! Lu Ping said honestly.

Lu Pings mother was furious. Are you crazy? Such a good girl is by your side, and shes even interested in you. Why are you so infatuated with an online dating partner? Let me tell you, I really like her. I think shes a really nice person. You should think about it carefully. I think you cant miss this girl.

Crazy Huang? A nice person?

Lu Ping ridiculed in his heart and said, Shes usually not like this

Lu Pings mom looked at him seriously and said, Im just making a suggestion, but I think that you cant let go of this opportunity. Yiyi is really a nice girl. Think about it and treat this girl well.

Okay, okay, okay. Ill think about it. I have something urgent, so Ill leave first. Lu Ping dealt with it.

Just now, Lu Ping was in a hurry to take Huang Xiaoqi away!

Now, Lu Ping wanted to run away as well!

Outside, Huang Xiaoqi was extremely happy.

Although the two people in the room had lowered their voices to talk, to Huang Xiaoqi, it was no different from talking beside her.

Mrs. Lus performance was undoubtedly an acknowledgment of her personality and charm.

Humph, Xiaoqi is awesome! Huang Xiaoqi was proud in her heart, but she still reminded herself not to raise her head.

However, her chin was still slightly lifted.

Lu Ping came out and looked at Huang Xiaoqi with hidden bitterness. He said, Shall we


Okay! Huang Xiaoqi stood up obediently and walked to the door to put on her shoes. She smiled and said, Goodbye, uncle and auntie.

Mrs. Lu looked at Huang Xiaoqis beautiful face and her heart was filled with love. She said, If you want to come, come. Auntie will make you delicious food.

Okay! Huang Xiaoqi nodded her head vigorously.

The two of them left the house and Lu Ping heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked at Huang Xiaoqi and pursed his lips. He said, Alright, weve eaten. Go back to what you were doing. Im going back to the dormitory.

Huang Xiaoqi said unhappily, You rascal, today is the weekend. What are you cultivating for? Lets go out and play. Ill treat you. Treat it as a return gift for treating me to a meal.

Lu Ping shook his head and said, I dont have as much free time as you do. Goodbye!

After saying that, he got up and flew away on his sword.

Huang Xiaoqi didnt chase after him. For her, todays harvest was enough.

After meeting Lu Pings family, they got along quite well.

Auntie is really gentle and her cooking skills are not bad. From the looks of it, the two of us as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law shouldnt have any conflicts, right? Huang Xiaoqi started to calculate. After watching too many TV dramas, there would always be some strange thoughts appearing.

At Lu Pings house, Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu were sitting in the living room.

Mrs. Lu smiled and said, I didnt expect that this kid to really has good taste. Yiyi is really not bad.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Lu didnt agree.

Hubby, why arent you saying anything?

Mr. Lu shook his head and said, Its good, but its a little too good.

Ah? Mrs. Lu was stunned and frowned. Hubby, what do you mean?

Mr. Lu sighed and said, That girl is so beautiful and her behavior is graceful. Although she is amiable, her temperament is not something that an ordinary family can cultivate. Moreover, how can such an outstanding girl have only a few suitors by her side? Lu Ping is not bad compared to us right now, but at the end of the day, hes just a cultivator at the foundation establishment stage. Do you think its appropriate for the two of them to be together?

Mrs. Lu was stunned. Mr. Lu glanced at her, he continued to smile and said, Dont worry too much. Love is something that you cant say for sure. Who knows, maybe someone will take a fancy to your son? But what I mean is, dont rush Lu Ping too much. Its best to let nature take its course.

Mrs. Lu had called Lu Ping into the house previously. Her hubby didnt need to listen to her to guess what she meant.

After all, they had lived together for decades.

Suddenly, Mrs. Lu slapped her forehead. Did we forget something today?

When he heard this, her hubby also remembered.

His expression was a little ugly. Damn it! I forgot to tell Lu Ping that he had to keep a low profile in school.

Mrs. Lu said angrily, Its all your fault! Why didnt you tell him?

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