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In Ice Cloud Towers dungeon, it was gloomy and cold and also damp.

Several Celestial Deity Realm disciples guarding were chatting while drinking wine to warm themselves.

"Did you hear? Our Ice Cloud Tower has completely fallen out with the Grand Pill Establishment. They directly cut off our medicinal pills supply. I heard that Martial Ancestor flew into a thunderous rage after returning. Senior Apprentice Sister Li got a little on her bad side and was actually killed by her with one palm!"

"What? Cut off the medicinal pills supply? Then what should we do about our cultivation in the future?"

"I heard that Martial Ancestor already sent people to arrange things with Northday Assembles Empyrean Dragonjade. I believe that there will be a result very soon. But that Master Ji whos new is really too scary, to actually be able to make Empyrean Loneswan acknowledge him as a master."

"Master Ji? Which Master Ji? When did our Jiu Luo Ji have an additional Master Ji?"

"Huhu,Junior Apprentice Sister, you were guarding the dungeon these few days and dont know about the outside worlds situation. This Master Ji is called Ji Qingyun. Although hes just a Six-star Alchemy God, he defeated Lord Loneswan in public. Later, Lord Loneswan even put aside the face of an Empyrean and acknowledged him as a master!Oh,right, this Master Ji even brought a kind of fine wine called Sunshine Glow. Its already being snatched like crazy outside now!"

"S-So impressive?"

That junior apprentice sisters mouth opened wide, a face of disbelief.

Empyrean Loneswan was a god-like existence in her eyes.

But now, this god-like existence actually acknowledged a Six-star Alchemy God as his master. Then how formidable was the other party?

She was already unable to imagine it.

Inside the dungeon, when a gaunt and thin figure heard Ji Qingyun these three words, her beautiful figure suddenly trembled.

Following that, she actually wept with joy.

"He came! I knew it! I know that youll be fine!"

If Ye Yuan was here, he would be able to recognize with one glance and this thin figure was precisely the Lu-er that he had already not seen for more than a thousand years.

In these several decades, Lu-er had always been suffering torment.

Eldest Senior Sister He Xiangyun told her that her master already sent Senior Apprentice Sister Xun to go capture Ye Yuan.

When Senior Apprentice Sister Xun captured Ye Yuan and brought him back, if she still dared to disagree with the wedding with Feng Tianyang, her master would sentence Ye Yuan to death.

Senior Apprentice Sister Xun had left several decades ago. Calculating it, she should also be coming back.

Lu-er naturally had confidence in her young master. But the more she cultivated, the more she knew that cultivation was not easy.

Senior Apprentice Sister Xun was a top five ranking existence in Jiu Luo Ji, being a late-stage True God Realm mighty expert.

Even if Ye Yuan was formidable, it was likely hard to resist Senior Apprentice Sister Xun too!

Hence, these several dozen years, Lu-er did not have a single day where she could cultivate serenely and also did not have a day where she could rest well.

Presently, she had a wan and sallow appearance.

If Ye Yuan was here, his heart would probably ache terribly.

But earlier, the discussion of Ice Cloud Towers third-generation disciples made Lu-er wildly ecstatic.

All the worries in these several decades, all of the suffering, completely vanished without a trace at this moment.

Sure enough, Young Master was invincible!

He came to save me!

Ji Qingyun this name, others did not know it, but how could she, Lu-er, not know?

Moreover, to be able to make a Seven-star Alchemy God put aside his pride and acknowledge this figure as a master, who could it be if not her young master?

The current Lu-er was proud and also delighted and also touched.

The pain and resentment of these few years had long already evaporated into thin air.

"Turns out that His Excellency is already so incredible. Even a Seven-star Alchemy God like Lord Loneswan actually has to acknowledge him as a master!"

Lu-ers eyes sparkled, the joyous emotion not only expressed in words but also on the face.

She knew that her young master was incredible. But she did not expect that a thousand years had passed and he was already formidable to such a degree.

Even Empyrean powerhouses had to acknowledge him as a master.

"Great Martial Aunt!"

Lu-er was currently rejoicing on her own when several panicky voices suddenly came from outside. She hurriedly reined in her emotions and concealed her joy.

Although Lu-er was pure, she was not dumb.

Since Ye Yuan changed his name and came to this Northernmost Steppe, he definitely had his plans.

If she gave it away, not only would it disrupt Ye Yuans plans, it might even put Ye Yuan in danger.

He Xiangyun was born with a mean face and had a high and mighty appearance, making people give rise to detest the moment they saw her.

But in this Ice Cloud Tower, her seniority was the oldest and her strength the strongest.

Seeing Lu-er, He Xiangyun had a cold smile on her face as she said, "Your ungrateful sl*t, you really dont know whats good for you! Master imparted to you cultivation methods and provided resources for your cultivation. Now, asking you to do a little something, you threatened to die."

Lu-er said coolly, "Senior Apprentice Sister, dont need to say anymore. If Master makes Lu-er go and fight, even if I die on the battlefield, Lu-er will also not have any complaints. But, making Lu-er commit to Feng Tianyang that bastard, Lu-er would rather die than submit!"

He Xiangyun curled her mouth and said disdainfully, "Whats wrong with Feng Tianyang? Hes this Northernmost Steppes young generations number one person. Getting his favor is your fortune cultivated from your previous life!"

Lu-er said, "Senior Apprentice Sister, you dont need to say anymore. These words, Lu-er has already listened until my ears are growing calluses. How that Feng Tianyangs temperament is, I believe that Senior Apprentice Sister is even clearer than me."

Seeing that Lu-er was impervious to everything, He Xiangyun could not help feeling angry and said in a solemn voice,"Humph!Are you still harboring hope in your heart? Let me tell you, your Senior Apprentice Sister Xun has already sent news that your little lover has already been captured by her. Three years if its short, five years if its long, they will be able to return to Jiu Luo Ji."

He Xiangyun wanted to see a panicky expression from Lu-ers face, or even kneel on the ground to beg for mercy.

But she was disappointed.

If it were before, Lu-er would still be worried.

Now, Lu-er knew that Jiu Luo Ji had an addition Ji Qingyun. So why would she be worried?

However, Lu-ers face still changed colors slightly. It was just that it was reined in very quickly, recovering to an indifferent expression as she said coolly, "Is that so? Senior Apprentice Sister Xun left for several decades and has never been heard of since. But today, she suddenly sent news, dont Eldest Senior Sister find it strange? Saying anymore is pointless. If Senior Apprentice Sister Xun really brought Young Master over, Lu-er will naturally submit."

With Ye Yuans news, Lu-er had much more confidence when speaking.

"You! Little sl*t, you really think that I dont dare to do anything to you?" He Xiangyun said furiously.

Lu-er could not be bothered to argue with He Xiangyun and simply shut her two eyes. Lu-er ignored her.

"Good, good, good! What a stubborn little sl*t! I want to see if youre forged out of iron!"

Under He Xiangyuns rage, she repeatedly fired out several seals. Lightning suddenly shot from everywhere in the entire dungeon.

Lu-er cried out painfully, her whole body being bound up by frenzied electricity.

But the stubborn Lu-er did not make a sound. It was just that the light moans that came from time to time showed her current agony.

The Five Lightning Array Formation was laid down in this dungeon. It was in order to prevent prisoners from escaping and also to carry out punishments.

Since Lu-er went into the prison, He Xiangyun would come and torture Lu-er when she was unhappy, all the way until Lu-er spasmed on the ground in pain. Only then would she leave in satisfaction.

But this was already no idea how many times.

When those Celestial Deity Realm disciples outside heard the lightning sounds coming from inside, they knew that Martial Aunt Lu-er was being tortured again. All of them were frightened until they were silent like cicadas in winter.

Only all the way until after more than two hours, after Lu-er laid on the ground and made no more sounds, did He Xiangyun laugh coldly. She then said,"Tsk tsk,really pity my little junior sister. Although I cant kill you, seeing you get tormented every day is still very satisfying,hahaha"

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