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The other saint-level masters around the ruins clearly knew what they needed to do now, so they dispersed.

In the ten-colored light pillar level of the divine kingdom ruins, the thrones would have to stay inside for at least half a month or more. They could use this time to make some preparations.

Oswede said that he would stand guard in front of the light pillar and notify Joelson as soon as he could enter.

Joelson simply found a secret location and entered the space of the ranch.

Congratulations, Rancher, for clearing the tenth farmland. Unlocked the building: Farm.

Joelson was a little surprised.

He did not expect that, after clearing the tenth farmland, it would automatically upgrade to a farm. In addition to shortening the maturity period of crops and planting higher-level crops, the farm could also receive a holy dragon fruit every month.

A holy dragon fruit that increased growth value by 20,000 at one time.

Most of the dragons in the farm had already advanced to tier 9, but the growth value needed to advance from tier 9 to saint-level was too huge, so they were stuck at this stage.

With this farm benefit, it meant that from now on, every month, Joelson could successfully advance one dragon to saint-level.

Every month, he could have one more saint-level dragon.

The saint-level dragon army did not seem to be too far away.

Moreover, if he raised ten saint-level dragons, he would be able to obtain a top-tier dragon pool lottery.

Time dragons, space dragons, fate dragons, destruction dragons

Joelson did not forget these top-tier dragons that he had coveted for a long time.

He fed this saint-level dragon fruit to Lightning. The Lightning that had been stuck at the ninth level for a long time roared and turned into a huge purple Lightning, jumping crazily in the space above the ranch.

The other ninth-level dragons cast envious looks at him.

It had always been their biggest dream to be able to fight together with Joelson.

Joelson smiled at the dragon and comforted him, Dont worry, that day will soon come.

The Lightning was so noisy that it disturbed a certain dark magic dragon who had been sleeping. It glanced at it indifferently, and Lightning immediately wilted.

It flew back obediently and hid beside Joelson, not daring to make any more noise.

Joelson was helpless and did not know what to say.

The eyes of Kokonoro, who had been watching the whole process of the Lightnings advancement, were red.

Holy dragon fruit!

A holy item that had not appeared in the Dragon Clan for ten thousand years had actually become something that could be mass-produced in Joelsons place.

If there was a holy dragon fruit in front of Kokonoro now, even if it was to sign a master-servant contract with Joelson, Kokonoro would not hesitate to agree to it.

What was the dignity and pride of the Dragon Race?

Was strength important?

He secretly made up his mind. From today onwards, he would work even harder to train Connie and curry favor with him.

Perhaps one day, when all the dragons had advanced, he would be in a good mood and perhaps he would give it a try.

After advancing to saint-level, Lightning became arrogant. It was originally lively but, this time, it became even more arrogant.

After Lightning advanced, the first thing it did was to ask Joelson to take it around the rune land.

The last time it saw so many delicious electric runes, it could not eat them. It was really uncomfortable.

Joelson considered that he would soon enter the ruins of the ten-colored light pillar, so he refused Lightnings request, but he allowed it to go by itself.

Lightning was instantly discouraged.

Without Joelson, Boss Du Lu, and Steel Dragon backing it up, it felt a little insecure.

At this time, Connie suddenly stood up, she also wanted to go back.

The purpose was to collect more runes for Joelson.

Of course, Kokonoro would not let go of this opportunity.

He had heard Connie mention the wonders of the runic land, he wanted to see the opportunity to seek a breakthrough, and also to please Joelson.

With Kokonoro, a black dragon at the peak of sage level, protecting it, Joelson was much more assured.

The two dragons disappeared into the entrance of the runic land alone.

Joelson soon received news from Oswede.

The ten-colored pillar of light had been opened!

By the time Joelson arrived, Oswede was already waiting here.

Joelson saw that the ten-colored pillar of light had become much thicker, and the door was wide open.

Have the thrones finished exploring the ruins of the divine kingdom?

Joelson couldnt help but frown and ask.

It had only been less than a week since the ruins were born. This was too fast.

No, the thrones havent come out yet.

Oswede shook his head. His expression was slightly solemn, and at the same time, there was some excitement and joy in his eyes.

But yesterday, the Dark Throne sent a message from the ruins, ordering us to enter directly. They said that this is a ruin worth exploring with the power of the entire Saint Realm.

Oswedes eyes flashed with a strange light. He approached Joelson and said in a low voice, Edward, I suspect that there might be divine sparks left in these ruins!

Joelsons heart trembled and he looked at Oswede in disbelief.

Divine sparks?


Oswedes eyes were fervent and he analyzed excitedly, Think about it. The Four Thrones havent come out yet but theyre in a hurry to let us in. Theyre obviously in a hurry to go deeper and they dont have the patience to help us sort out the dangers ahead. They want us to explore by ourselves.

And the only thing that can make the thrones so eager is the divine spark!

Divine spark. The power and qualifications of a god.

With a divine spark, one would be able to completely inherit everything that a god had when he was alive and become a new god.

This represented the chance to become a god!

Joelson was moved but he calmed down after a few seconds. He shook his head and said, Even if there really is a divine spark in the ruins, its not something we can covet.

Oswede sighed and said dejectedly, Of course I know but. in the face of such a huge opportunity, I cant help but have some unrealistic fantasies.

At this time, Joelson saw that there were already scattered saint-level masters flying into the ten-colored light pillar. Most of them chose to enter in a team. And a few who were confident in their abilities chose to enter alone.

Both methods had their own advantages. It was safer to enter in groups but the gains would be split equally. If they encountered a huge opportunity, they might even die at the hands of their own people.

The desires and greed of saint-level powerhouses were even greater than that of ordinary people. Otherwise, they would not be able to reach the saint-level step by step.

In the Saint Realm, there were still the rules set by the Four Great Thrones. Once they entered the ruins, all the grudges could be settled together.

For example.

Joelson had long felt a gaze of hatred staring at him.

Archibald did not hide his killing intent towards Joelson at all. He entered the ten-colored pillar of light under the escort of a group of people.

Holy Zither also glanced at him from afar.

Compared to Archibald, although Joelson had a bigger grudge with the Church of Light, Holy Zither was more interested in winning than hatred towards him.

Joelson guessed that Holy Zithers indifferent personality might have something to do with it, and she probably didnt have much affection for the Church of Light.

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