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A few minutes later.

The palace hall of the Meck family.

"Why...why...what is your relationship with that stranger..."

In the hall, there was a roar of unwillingness and doubt from Queen Mayk.

Just look at the two pairs of Wings of Queen Mayk, it seems that they were pulled apart by someone, solitary scattered on the left and right sides of the hall.

Queen Meck is lying on the floor in the middle of the hall.

On the other hand, Angel Leng stepped her left foot on Queen Mecks abdomen, crossed her chest with her hands, and squinted at the pseudo-angel queen, and said with disdain:

"It's your sister's relationship. I just saw you upset, so I cut you off. Why, don't you agree?"

Not long ago, William asked Leng and the others to attack the palace first.

The angels who received this order naturally used absolute crushing strength to solve the Mei Ke guard stationed here and the strongest Mei Ke queen.

The pair of wings mentioned earlier was forced off by cold brute force, mainly because she was very upset with these self-respecting Meck tribes.

Although she and most of the angels are also quite arrogant, but the angels are kind and righteous, which is fundamentally different from the Meck clan.

On the right hand side of Queen Leng He Meck, there are Keisha, the six angels, and a stone coffin.

The lid of the coffin had been removed by the angels, and lying inside was the fierce man in the archon's armor.

However, the hunk fell into a deep sleep once again, unable to wake him up in the usual way.

Cold tried to use the secondary creature engine to redefine the state of Doom, wanting to forcefully wake up the opponent.

However, the engine warned that it was cold, and the body level of the Doom was too high to operate at all.

See here.

The cold left leg increased some strength, bent over to stare at Queen Meck, and his right finger pointed to the coffin in a deep voice: "Hey, Bitch, let him wake up."

"How is it possible! Do you think I will compromise like those lower creatures?!" Queen Meke would rather die than surrender.

"Huh? It seems that you really want to be annihilated?"

As he spoke coldly, the strength of his left leg increased again.

"Crack!" With a sound, the left foot directly pierced Queen Meck's abdomen, and the sole of her left foot was also on the floor of the hall.

It's a pity that Queen Meck's body is semi-biological and semi-mechanical, and this blow didn't feel any pain at all for Queen Meck.

"Hey? You're not afraid of death, are you? Okay, then you go to die! Bitch!"

Seeing that Queen Mayk still looks like she would rather die than open her mouth, Leng's violent temper came straight up.

Pulling his left foot out of Queen Meck's body, Leng directly uses the secondary creature engine to directly compress the pseudo-angel queen who has provoked a macho into the size of a candy block.


"Hey!" After a while, Queen Meck's candy cube was ruthlessly trampled on.

"Boom, boom."

At this moment, there was a heavy sound of Tao Ti armor stepping on the floor tiles.

The angels turned their heads and saw Astarte, the guard at the entrance of the hall, and William and Serena who were guarded in front.

Enter the lobby.

The guards scattered and watched the surrounding movement, while William led Serena to the angels' side.

William looked at the Doom in the coffin, looked around again, and finally looked at Keisha and asked, "Where is the queen?"

"It was destroyed by Little Sister Leng..." Keisha glanced at her and said coldly.

"Yes." Leng also confessed openly: "The **** did not say how to wake up the man, so I trampled her to death.


The **** hasn't been completely cold yet, and now I can resurrect her in time with my secondary biological engine, so do I need to perform the resurrection procedure? "

"Not for the time being." William shook his head lightly, then walked to the coffin, looked at the sleeping macho, and said to the system in his heart:

Can the system revive Doom again?

[Back to the host, yes, it takes one month of replacement funds, do you want to recover?

The system is still so concise and clear.

'of course.

[Yes, it is recovering...

The recovery is complete.

The voice of the system fell, and the Doom in the coffin was also a twitch, and then...

"Boom~!" At a moment, the coffin was blown out by the Doom Warrior who was dispelling his anger.

Rubble was splashing.

William and others immediately stepped back, keeping a distance of more than ten meters from the Doom.


"Boom! Boom!"

Seeing the Doom attack, the guards Astart all gathered together and aimed their guns at the Doom who protruded from the center of the rubble and smoke.


When the smoke and dust dissipated, the Doom completely regained consciousness. Even if he was getting up, he would not vent with William and the others for the time being.

Then the Doom waved his hand and opened a crack in front of everyone that could lead to the Ring of Noor.

Walk in.


The crack is closed.

That's it, the fierce man didn't even say a word of thanks, and he returned to the Ring of Nur, ready to continue to slaughter those demons that were hated by people.

Unfortunately, on the current timeline, the devil is about to be slaughtered by Umbrella, so if the macho wants to continue to get pleasure, he can only go back to the past.

William, Serena, and Kesha were all used to this, but Leng and the six angels did not expect Doom to be so rude.

At this time.

Serena, who had just lifted her transformation form, flashed blue light in her pupils, and approached behind William, who was also in her transformation form, and whispered:

"William, after the death of Queen Make, I tried to invade the master control system of this celestial body."

"And then?" William asked.

"I found that there is a teleportation device that opens the multiverse, or other planes, and records hundreds of thousands of universes and planes that have not been corroded by hell." Serena said.

"Hundreds of thousands?" William was taken aback.

Good guy, it seems that Serena can take them Umbrella to other universes and planes without system prompts.

and many more?

William suddenly turned around to look at Serena with a flash of inspiration, and asked with a serious expression: "Selena, you can detect these universes...

Is there any Telang servant who won the universe of the President of the United States? "

Knowing that Wang was elected, but William has a deep memory, after all, that is a rare cross talk president in the United States.


Hearing William's question, Serena, although she didn't understand what her husband was thinking, was still being screened quickly.

Within two minutes, Serena's eyes returned to normal, and she said to William in a little astonishment:

"William, I didn't expect that in these universes, there really was a Tron servant who was elected president of the United States! My god, are the American citizens of that universe stupid? Still not enough IQ..."

The reason why Serena was shocked was that in this universe more than 50 years ago, Telang servants also campaigned.

It's a pity that many artificial intelligences, including Cortana and Serena, used the models they created to analyze and said that the probability of Telang servants being elected is extremely low.

Unless, the brains of old American citizens are rusted away, so Serena would be so surprised.

After all, Telang has almost no political experience, and is a thorough businessman.

However, the cross talk president made three large-scale investments, each of which ended in a disastrous defeat, and in the end he could only inherit hundreds of millions of fortunes.

"Oh? Really?!" William said in disbelief.


William turned and walked in the direction of the teleport base station, while walking, commanding Serena who was following him:

"Notify the engineering team to build a large-scale transmission base station. I want to get this paradise to the main universe."


Time: November 16, 2065.

Five days after Mars appeared a crack leading to hell, it was occupied by Umbrella in the opposite direction.

After five days, the engineering team built a base station with sufficient power on the heavenly body.

Subsequently, the celestial body was successfully transferred to the lunar orbit of the main universe, and successfully opened the cosmic crack leading to the rule of the Telangpu.

Halfa o'clock: 12:06.

Location: Inside the flagship bridge of the Zero Fleet.

The second floor of the bridge.

William, in the uniform of Commander Umbrella, stood on the edge of the second floor with his hands behind his back, observing the huge crack through the porthole.

Standing on his right hand side was Serena wearing a civilian uniform, and behind him was Kesha wearing a pale pink dress with white wings.

On the left hand side, is his wife Halsey.

In addition, Halsey also rarely wore civilian military uniforms, matched with ponytail hair, and really had a sense of heroism.

There was a moment of silence.

William, who was staring at the crack, whispered to Carmen sitting in the captain's position: "Captain Ibanez, take us through that crack."

"Yes, chairman."

After Carmen answered, he proceeded to command the crew and let the entire Zero Fleet head towards the crack.

go ahead.

Pass through unimpededly.

Came to the moon's orbit at the end of the crack.

After driving out of the crack, Serena used the flagship of the Athena class as a base station to start a network invasion of the earth not far away.

In about three minutes, Serena felt everything about the universe, her eyes returned to normal and reported to William Hui:

"William, the Atlantic time of this universe is January 22, 2019, and the earth technology of this universe does not seem to have begun the colonial era."

"Yeah." William nodded lightly.

He looked at the blue planet outside the porthole, with unspeakable excitement in his heart.

He wasn't sure whether this universe, or whether he had traveled through the universe before, but Serena said that the possibility of Trang serving as president was that the entire old American citizen's mind was rusted.

It just so happened that in the universe before he crossed, most of the old beauty's brains were indeed abnormal.


William asked again: "Selena, China in this universe, is there a website called libilibi?"

"Libilibi?" Serena was taken aback, and quickly searched the Internet, and replied: "Yes."

"Okay, I get it." After hearing this, William's mouth rose slightly, and he continued to say to Serena:

"Among China's netizens, we screened out those who meet the requirements for joining the company, and then sent their admission link to their mailbox to see how many people would choose to join Umbrella.

By the way, don't expose our existence for the time being, we will show up in time when the old beauty of this universe gets sick. "

"Yes." Serena executed the order methodically.

"Oh~." But Halsey discovered the difference in William.

After years of observation and understanding of William, she can perceive this universe...it seems to be William's real home.

However, she was not prepared to bring it up in public. The secret only needs to exist between the couple.


Umbrellas Zero Fleet gathered on the back of the moon and disabled some of the human detectors, and then prepared to show up when the United States began to commit a crime.

The future Umbrella will be involved in the entire universe, even if the current universe is not the starting point, it will arrive one day.

"Containment Control Begins with the Umbrella" has ended~www.wuxiaworld~ Actually, there are many poisons in the early stage of this film. In fact, there is no outline about the hundred chapters. In the later stage, the author loses very serious hair (just for wearing a wig Excuses).

The author is also very grateful to the readers who have gone through to the end, Xin will definitely avoid the poison point and make it as refreshing as possible.

Mercenary and CSGO are not sure when they will go online, but the other one has already written more than 10,000, and it is ready to go online until it reaches 100,000 inventory in mid-July. I hope everyone can still join in.

In the early stage of "Umbrella", the poisonous hits were on the heroine and founding the company, so in order to avoid this phenomenon, in the works that are going to go online next month, the emergence of the heroine has not been considered for the time being.

Besides, it is not certain whether it is human or not, hahaha~.

Well, the author once again thanks everyone for your support~! ! Looking forward to seeing you again~!

Two hundred chapters of women's clothing after the new work is on the shelves as usual! ! ! (The kind that buys clothes)! !

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Revenue Service Chapter 857: Junior Kicks Chapter 858: Bright Debut Chapter 859: The True Face Of Superheroes Chapter 860: Preliminary Preparations Completed Chapter 861: 7 Man Team : Human Supremacy Chapter 863: Mutation Chapter 864: Queen Maeve Chapter 865: Maeve Vs Alien Guard Vs Tracker Chapter 866: True Superhero Entry Chapter 867: Who Is Strong? Chapter 868: Guests Of The U.s. Government Chapter 869: Internet Celebrity Packaging Plan Chapter 870: Demigods Past Events Chapter 871: Giant Babies Chapter 872: Official Debut Chapter 873: Walter Is Not A Fool Chapter 874: Assassinated William? Chapter 875: Ready To Shoot Chapter 876: Wanda Motherlander Chapter 877: Horus Motherlander Chapter 878: Equivalent? Chapter 879: Rolling Chapter 880: William: I'm the real villain Chapter 881: Leverage Umbrellas old traditions, acquire and control Chapter 882: Goal*** table Chapter 882: the goal Chapter 883: The best place to release bloodthirsty Chapter 884: Super "little brother" Chapter 885: "The Green Robe" This robe Chapter 886: Chapter 887: What is Western, Hollywood-style love Chapter 888: Umbrella's file analysis one Chapter 889: Anomaly analysis file Chapter 890: Weird Chapter 891: Parasites Chapter 892: Critical situation Chapter 893: Fully equipped agents can carry out crushing operations Chapter 894: Arthur Returning Chapter 895: Russell family Chapter 896: New 1st generation Chapter 897: Space distortion produced by three thousand tons of tungsten bullets Chapter 898: "Wait, why did you say it again?" Chapter 899: "Spirit Cage" Chapter 900: Eschatological earth Chapter 901: contact Chapter 902: Beast Eater Chapter 903: Astart vs. Beast Eater Chapter 904: Humans are the masters of the ground Chapter 905: Mark, Ran Bing Chapter 906: Return trip Chapter 907: Get off the horse? Chapter 908: What kind of power struggle is the big beacon? Chapter 909: Yes, this is destined Chapter 910: Sooner or later humanity will perish on its own Chapter 911: Lord of you **** of light and shadow Chapter 912: Demigods are always the best way to bluff people Chapter 913: End the court meeting Chapter 914: Genetic test Chapter 915: Arrange a residence Chapter 916: Analyze the plot trend through court discussion Chapter 917: Sacrifice hue Chapter 918: breakfast Chapter 919: "Lower 1 castle owner" Chapter 920: Arthur teaches you how to PUA Chapter 921: Lord of Light and Shadow God Chapter 922: Encounter with Huang Mao Chapter 923: Convene again Chapter 924: Lord of the City Chapter 925: Ring match Chapter 926: Arrange breeding tasks Chapter 927: Duster child Chapter 928: Newton's coffin board can't cover Chapter 929: Before the rainstorm Chapter 930: Hope Chapter 931: coup Chapter 932: 1 person is enough Chapter 933: Veterans of the hunters Chapter 934: Landing Chapter 935: A civilization that can destroy 1 planet in one night Chapter 936: Calyx Chapter 937: Separate action = grave action Chapter 938: Humanity? Chapter 939: Bai Yuekui Chapter 940: Return Chapter 941: Super soldier Chapter 942: Man-made doomsday Chapter 943: (Women's photo upload) Arthur: Forget it, too lazy to pretend, we... : 944 Restoring Tartaros Chapter 945: About to return Chapter 946: Long time no see william Chapter 947: Arrival of the fleet Chapter 948: Star Destroyer and Lighthouse Chapter 949: Throw it away Chapter 950: Destroy the earth? Chapter 951: Halo = 1 key to clear Chapter 952: Return to the main universe Chapter 953: The final fate of the lighthouse and the wrong street canyon Chapter 954: Deflated Chapter 955: Jingnan's problem Chapter 956: Conversation between father and son Chapter 957: Halsey: Russell's family supports concubine Chapter 958: File Analysis of Umbrella High-Tech Weapons Chapter 959: Immortality in a sense Chapter 960: Technology is used to serve humans, not humans to serve the subject... Chapter 961: "Super Seminary" Chapter 962: 1 family Chapter 963: 7th Fleet Chapter 964: Arrived on the earth in "Super Seminary" Chapter 965: Liu Chuang, Wei Lan, Rui Mengmeng Chapter 966: Starry Chapter 967: Myron vs Thornton Chapter 969: Destroying you, what to do with you? Chapter 970: meet Chapter 971: "Trash listen, I'm your human father." Chapter 972: Detonate Dark Matter Bomb Chapter 973: China's comprehensive upgrade Chapter 974: What about Yaowen? Chapter 975: Stars Awaken Chapter 976: Angels on earth Chapter 977: Arrived at the North Star Chapter 978: Cold, Yitian, Luoluan, Lingxi Chapter 979: Against Ruoning Chapter 980: Retreat Chapter 981: Finalize the alliance Chapter 982: Dialogue between angels Chapter 983: Picture their bodies... body technology Chapter 984: Physical extinction Chapter 985: France's strongest force Chapter 986: "This is called a special exorcism!" Chapter 987: Void Warrior Chapter 988: Yan, Zhixin Chapter 989: "Then... Where's the rose?" Chapter 990: Planning the earth Chapter 991: Highlights in France Chapter 992: Triangle Chapter 993: Activate the halo array Chapter 994: Hua Ye Chapter 995: 7th Fleet vs 0 million Chapter 996: Only 4 gods left Chapter 997: Cthulhu Chapter 998: Mother and child are single for 60 years, but they can welcome angel girls Chapter 999: Marriage Chapter 1000: WilliamDangerous Chapter 1001: 2 years Chapter 1002: Run Chapter 1003: Sumari Chapter 1004: "Little Soldier" vs. Sumari Chapter 1005: Angel Miyakonojo Chapter 1006: carnival Chapter 1007: Yan and Hexi Chapter 1008: Cold and Horosen Chapter 1009: 10 years of development Chapter 1000: "The Lost Paradise" Chapter 1011: Looting Belt Chapter 1012: Humans are an endangered species in the world Chapter 1013: 1 punch into ashes Chapter 1014: Arrived in human settlements Chapter 1015: Tit for tat Chapter 1016: reply Chapter 1017: Jiehua, Kichang, Begonia Chapter 1018: Qian Qiao Chapter 1019: Leo Cavalry Chapter 1020: The daily life of a 7000-year-old master and apprentice Chapter 1021: Masquerade Chapter 1022: Raid Chapter 1023: Full load Chapter 1024: Kamen Rider "Bu Jingyun" Chapter 1025: Crossfire Chapter 1026: ?Crimson 16 company Chapter 1027: Control the situation Chapter 1028: upsiron Chapter 1029: Trial Chapter 1030: William with its own traffic Chapter 1031: hell Chapter 1032: Human cruelty : 1033 Reappearance of "Titan" Chapter 1034: "Doom" and "Warhammer Fortyk" Chapter 1035: Kill again, the devil will be extinct Chapter 1036: False angel, false heaven Chapter 1037: Umbrellas Starting Point