Home Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue WifeChapter 526

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Bai Jiayi looked like he had an accident. He was only wearing his inner pants that showcased how thin he was. His chest was bare, and if one looked closely, one would be able to notice drops of blood in his chest.

He was only wearing his inner pants that showcased how thin he was. His chest was bare, and if one looked closely, one would be able to notice drops of blood in his chest.

Bai Jiayi looked dishelmed as well with his shoulder-length hair sticking all over the place as if there was dried blood on it, helping the strands of hair stood up.

'Is this how herbal bath is supposed to look like after?' She asked herself silently and suspiciously, as not liking the idea to look so dirty and battered. He seemed like he just survived a very bloody fight.

"Ah! Why back so quick little master? Are you able to break through so quickly?" Little black kitten asked with delight as it jumped towards Bai Jiayi.

Breakthrough in what? Cultivation or survival in life?' She thought sarcastically. It was impossible to look like that unless the herbal bath that they were dealing with was made of blood, and it was destructive.

She saw Bai Jiayi smiled bitterly, before responding. "I could feel that I am almost successful in tampering my physique to be stronger, but there was an immediate summon from the clan, and I needed to stop in critical mome- cough!" He was not able to continue what he was supposed to say because he coughed hard with blood.

"Little master! What is wrong with you?" The little black cat frantically asked as it hugged Bai Jiayi's leg.

She watched the two with complex emotions. It seemed that Bau Jiayi looked like that because his breakthrough was halted. However, the cause of it was his own family.

Don't they know that he was supposed to be in the temple to get better and improve his strength?

So why would they do it suddenly? Did they not bother to check if it was alright to do so?

While thinking this, she watched him covered his mouth as he continued coughing. However, it did not hide the too much blood that he currently realized as some of it was spilling between his fingers.

Bai Jiayi could barely stand up, so he forced himself to walk towards the bed. However, before reaching the bed, he fell on the ground and lost consciousness.

"Little master! Hang on! I will call, priestess master!" The little black cat loudly yelled as it dashed out of the room.

She looked at the small running creature with a trace of loss and a little envy. 'It would be nice if I have a spirit beast like that.'With the action of the black kitten, the idea of having her own pet spiritual beast started to form. However, it would be difficult since she could not bring a living creature from the outside world using a pawn.

Since it was difficult, she placed the idea at the back of her mind for the meantime.

The crow unable to do anything helpful only jumped towards the unconscious lad on the floor. She then managed to look closely at the lad and inspected all his wounds from the feet to the chest arms, and finally on his handsome face.

It was her first time seeing someone looked so weak that seems like in the verge of dying. While looking at him, she also wondered about her future in the event she managed to leave their confinement.

Would she look like him at one point in case she stepped in the Qi Universe and try to cultivate? If family members could just disturb during a crucial time of a breakthrough, that only means anyone could do it.

The generals were only soul fragments that had treated her with the utmost care despite their situation. They also needed to return to their original body or return to the Beyond eventually.

If they managed to find their bodies, would they be able to use it? What if they could not anymore and unable to help her cope with the new world that she would need to face alone?

That was probably why, despite wanting to be free soon, but in her heart, there was the desire to delay the things as she was afraid. The possibility of being alone was the scariest for her.

However, she also knew that it would be inevitable. The longer the generals stay in confinement, the more they would act crazy.

"Arg" Bai Jiayi groaned softly. This had cut off her line of thought.

The crow was still standing in front of his face. Thus she was able to see the silver eyes glinting in pain while looking at it.

Bai Jiayi opened his eyes painfully, "Where is Hai Hai?" He asked weakly while still staring at the crow that was not even bigger than his hand. It has a bandage on one of its tucked wings that he had put before."Never mind that if you don't understand me" He added eventually.

Crew. Crew.

The crow made a sound and moved its head towards the open door. It then moved its head forward as a sign that the black cat went out.

This action of the crow made Bai Jiayi look at it with amusement before he chuckled over his pain. "Hehe. Thank you for trying. You are a very smart bird." He said smilingly, that looked creepy due to the blood.


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