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Seeing that Gu Feng was about to go far, Su Mujin suddenly uttered a word to stop people, "Brother wants to discuss with the Sect Master about the Shuangxiu Grand Ceremony?"

"..." Gu Feng bounced a few veins on his forehead, and he guessed it. What surprises there is, he was a little helpless, "Can't you pretend that you didn't guess?"

Su Mujin's eyes were clear, and his tone of voice was innocent: "You can't blame me, it's so easy to guess."

"And I don't like a grand ceremony. There are too many people and it is uncomfortable." The ceremony of the two of them does not need unrelated people to witness.

A smile appeared in Gu Feng's eyes, "Then how did you plan?"

Su Mujin leaned to the other party's cheek and whispered a few words. Gu Feng's eyes flickered after hearing it, and then nodded: "Let's do it like this."

The place where they held the ceremony was finally set on a small island in the sea. For the guests, they only invited familiar friends such as Chu Feng, Ling Yunxuan, and Xiao Chen. In addition, they also invited Zuo Hufa and Gu. Han Shan, after all, is his father and mother in name.

The green bamboos on the island are swaying and birds are singing. It should be a very quiet and elegant place, but the bamboos are either hung with red silk cloth or red lanterns. This combination of red, big and green looks really a bit. strange.

Not only that, the ground was also covered with red petals, quite...a girl.

Gu Feng looked at the scene in front of him, the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely, and said with sorrow, "Xiaojin, do you really need to think about it?" He didn't know that the other party was crazy, so he had to follow the mortal marriage ceremony. Hold a ceremony.

There was a sly look in Su Mujin's eyes, "No, don't you think this scene is very beautiful?"

Gu Feng choked, and only after a long time chose a roundabout way of saying, "...Well, it's very festive."

"They should be coming soon, we have to put on auspicious clothes quickly." Su Mujin took out a set of red clothes from the storage ring and handed it to Gu Feng.

Gu Feng took the clothes and looked at it. He always felt something was wrong. He picked up a square red cloth with his fingers and asked, "What does this mean?" It's not what he thought.

"Red hijab." Su Mujin took it for granted: "I brought it to you. You need to lift the red hijab when you get married. If you don't have this step, it won't be complete."

"...What about you?" If you want to take it, you should take it. Of course, Gu Feng didn't dare to say the following sentence.

"Of course I'm helping you lift your hijab. This is just a small request." Su Mujin stopped here on purpose, smiled swiftly, blinked his eyes and said, "Can you satisfy me?"

Gu Feng: "...Yes." Damn, this guy is actually playing yin, so he deliberately said the next sentence separately. Can he say no? If he says he can't, he will definitely be able to take advantage of the situation and propose to be led by the other party tonight.

"Come and I will bring it for you." Su Mujin's eyes were full of evil interest, and he was holding the red cloth to bring it to Gu Feng's head. However, he froze in the middle of the action because his body was out of control. Those two hands covered his head with the red cloth against his will.

Gu Feng hooked the corner of his mouth, "It's not that I didn't give you a chance. It seems that you want me to help you lift your head. No problem, I will satisfy you tonight."

Su Mujin was sad and angry, "You are shameless."

Gu Feng took Su Mujin's hand and stepped on the red petals, "Who makes your cultivation base worse than me? People with low cultivation base can only..." He paused deliberately here, and the ending sound made people think about it.

Be. Do it, Su Mujin silently completed the last two words in his heart, and suddenly became angry.

When Chu Feng and the others came to the island and saw this red and green scene, their expressions were a little hard to say, it was really immortal.

They walked along the red petals, twitching the corners of their mouths, and a pavilion made of bamboo came into view, and the bamboo upstairs, from the top of the building to the floor with wooden pillars, of course... are all covered. Red silk cloth, obviously this is where the ceremony was held.

Everyone: "..."

When I entered the door, I saw two people standing with their backs to them. They were about the same height. One of them was holding one end of a red silk cloth. One of them was still covered with a red hijab. How ordinary the cloth looks like.

Chu Feng finally couldn't stand it anymore, "Brother Gu, if you are short of spirit stones, you can tell us, why are you so shabby?"

Gu Feng turned around with a black face and found that although the others hadn't spoken, the meaning in their eyes was the same as that of Chu Feng.

"...You are all laymen. Only this most common thing can reflect our sincere feelings and not be affected by foreign objects." After speaking, he felt that his face no longer existed.

Su Mujin hid in the red hijab and laughed wildly. Gu Feng was a little helpless. Forget it, it's good for this person to be happy.

Since Gu Feng has become a god, it is naturally impossible to kneel down and worship people at will. Moreover, Gu Hanshan and Zuo Hufa always feel that they are separated from Gu Feng by one floor and cannot really treat him as a son. worship.

The red silk cloth in his hand connected the two of them together, facing the person with the red hijab, Gu Feng suddenly became a little nervous, after this step, this person became his completely.

His mind was agitated, causing him to accidentally bump into the other's head when dealing with him, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Su Mujin: "..." He felt that his forehead must have been red.

Gu Feng ignored everyone's ridicule. He is in a good mood today and doesn't care about them.

Take out the oath stone from the storage ring, and use this oath stone to establish a blood oath, only then can it be recognized by heaven.

"Xiaojin, do you wish?" The Adam's apple rolled, his tone was infinitely cherished.


At the same time they finished speaking, they cut their fingers and wrote the oath on the oath stone with blood. Two voices sounded after they finished writing.

"Relying on my blood, and the proof of heaven, Gu Feng and Su Mujin will live and die together, and they will grow together forever. If they violate this oath, they will be smashed by the tribulation until the soul dissipates."

The blood is hidden in the oath stone, and the oath has been made.

Both of them have a feeling in their hearts. From now on, they will connect their fate with each other, and they will never be alone in the future.

"It's nice to be young," Zuo Hufa murmured. The oath made by these two people is extremely strict. If they violate the oath, then reincarnation will not be possible. How many people in the world dare to make such an oath?

Gu Hanshan held Zuo Hufa's hand and said gently: "You still look like a little girl."

"..." Zuo Hufa broke away from Gu Hanshan's hand in disgust.

Chu Feng held Feng Fox in his arms, his eyes moved slightly, wondering if he would also come to a double repair ceremony to tie Feng Fox to his side, so that the fox would not take that little cub around around every day.

Ling Yunxuan and Xiao Ce looked at each other and smiled, everything is silent.

Hua Yan was getting angry with Ye Mochen. Look at the oath made by others, Ye Mochen was about to cry while coaxing, and this made Hua Yan amused again.

The hall also worshiped, and the vows were also made, and then it was time to entertain the guests, Gu Feng said.

"It's time for our bridal chamber, we are not ready to eat, you should leave by yourself, and don't give it away." He couldn't wait to lift the red hijab.

Su Mujin staggered when he heard the words, and if Gu Feng hadn't been holding him, he was afraid that he would fall directly.

"Be careful." Gu Feng turned to look at the man with the red hijab. With a thought, he blurted out, "Lady."

"...Who do you call the lady?" Su Mujin Liangliang said, his voice seemed to be accompanied by ice scum, if he didn't take into account that lifting the hijab is an important step, he really wanted to take off the hijab and fight with someone immediately.

"I didn't speak just now, did you misheard it?" Gu Feng immediately compromised and tentatively asked: "But does our name have to change? How do you call my husband?"

"Try calling it first? I'll call it when you call it." This tone was a little playful, as if he didn't believe that Gu Feng would really call it.

Without a trace of psychological burden, Gu Feng called out, "Husband." Anyway, there was a lot of meat.

The beautiful magnetic sound came into the ears, bringing a burst of numbness. Su Mujin was stunned by the cry, "Call again to listen."

Gu Feng smiled lightly: "You haven't called me yet, do you want to cheat?"

"...I haven't lifted the hijab, the ceremony is not done, I will say it later." It will be a while to push.

Gu Feng took Su Mujin all the way to the room. The room was naturally red and green. The corners of his eyes twitched for a while, and he decided not to see or bother.

Sitting on the bed, Su Mujin could see the other person's footsteps from his angle. He was approaching him step by step, and finally stood in front of him, but he did not move for a long time.

He was in a daze. He had a lot of thoughts in his mind, but he couldn't think of a word that could express the feelings in his heart. In the end, he had to say, "If you don't lift it anymore, it will be over by auspicious hour. The spring night is worth a thousand dollars."

The man's hand tightened, and finally he lifted it up as if determined, the wooden pole lifted the bottom of the hijab, swept it lightly, and his eyes lit up.

The person in front of him stared at him with a smile, Su Mujin flushed slightly, shy and looking forward to what would happen next.

Seeing people blushing, Gu Feng's heart shook, "You... shouldn't you call me?"

Su Mujin froze, and his eyes seemed to be flaming.

Just when Gu Feng thought that the other party would not scream, Su Mujin suddenly lowered his eyes and said softly: "Husband." After screaming, the root of his ears turned red unconsciously.

Gu Feng suddenly had an urge to cry, and after so much, they finally became a Taoist couple, and they were also the Taoists who had taken the oath of heaven.

Two glasses of wine were brought from the table, and the voice was a little choked, "This is a cup of wine, and drinking it means that we have become one from now on. Body, love each other, share happiness and sorrow."

"Okay." Su Mujin took the wine and drank the two glasses of wine with Gu Feng's arms crossed.

After drinking, the two silently stared at each other, everything was silent.

The thin lips are intertwined and the fingers are interlocking.

Never separate again.

The author has something to say:

It's officially over here. I have patched up the collar in Lingtan. If you are interested, you can check it out. The future articles will be long stories. I plan to save the manuscript first and then open the article. I will open the article in mid-October.

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