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Chapter 659

Banished to Another World, Chapter 659: Mr . Chief and the Ambassador

Yan Mo was a little embarrassed before he saw Yuan Bing . He came out with two purposes: saving someone and killing someone .

But when he was sure that the person who robbed Yuan Bing was Shu Yi, he had a hesitation in his mind . For him, Shu Yi is more like a distant friend than an enemy .

But Yuan Bing is his own people .

Two friends, one of them robbed the other and forced him, what should he do?

In terms of relationship, he is closer to Yuan Bing, so he will naturally be inclined to Yuan Bing psychologically .

From the perspective of political relations, it is not good for the Jiu Yuan to kill Shu Yi - although it is snobbish to think so, it really is .

If Shu Yi is not good to Yuan Bing, there is no need to say anything . Even if he starts a war with the Ding Yue, he will also kill Shu Yi's revenge for Yuan Bing .

But . . . According to the news from animals and insects, the situation of these two people seems to be different from what they imagined, which is the main reason why they didn't catch up immediately .

If it's a relationship of oppression, they came out to save their people .

But if two people have already had feelings or are in a more delicate situation, they will not only embarrass Yuan Bing, but also help to make their subtle feelings slide towards the unknown direction .

This world is different from the world he once lived in . Many tribes are still searching for their mates in very primitive ways - for example, they can smash a stick to each other and carry the loser back . It's just a normal thing for them to take a look at someone outside and take them back to grow feelings slowly, or to exchange the relationship for some things directly .

And the people who are robbed and forced agree with this kind of morality, because they and their relatives may also become a part of robbing others, and they teach their children the same way .

Even the Nine Great cities, many of them are either blind or dumb married, many of their spouses meet for the first time on their wedding night, do they want to? But it's also a disguised forced, and then they have to accept such an arrangement and force themselves to adapt to life .

Although the Jiu Yuan is slowly changing people's inherent concept, the establishment time of the Jiu Yuan is still short . The world is very big . It is not easy to let people accept the concept of "friendly communication, love first and then marriage" in a short time . It needs time to make some influence and change .

At this time, you tell people in the world that you want your spouse to fall in love first, the other party will only give you a silly look: What is falling in love? Oh, if liking someone is love, then I like him, take him back isn’t that a love to him? We need to talk first . Then I'll bring him back . It's not the same?

Yuan Zhan even sniffed at the idea of love . He thinks that one person really intends to raise another person for a lifetime, and only raise him and his children . If they are hungry the provider will do everything to not make them go hungry, which is the highest performance of love .

Yuan Zhan is also worried about Yuan Bing, but he is only worried about his life danger . In his opinion, Yuan Bing may be hit with something similar to the insult of being beaten . When he finds someone to beat them back, he even thinks that if the person who takes Yuan Bing can like Yuan Bing, it will be good for Yuan Bing . At least they don't have to worry about Yuan Bing in the short term if his life will be in danger, and Yuan Bing won't be hungry if the robber takes on some responsibilities .

Yes, according to Yuan Zhan and others, starvation and death are the biggest risks .

Yuan Zhan dare to put his dark psychology towards the two rivals on the table, completely ignoring the partner rights declaration he once taught his children, deliberately delaying and deliberately creating more time for the two Shu Yi and Yuan Bing to get along with each other . The fundamental reason is that he thinks Yuan Bing is not in any dangerous situation .

Yan Mo thinking is close to his heart . He doesn't agree with some of Yuan Zhan's views psychologically . He doesn't even want Yuan Bing to have feelings with Shu Yi because of Stockholm syndrome . Just because he has been tangled with Yuan Zhan for such a long time, he doesn't want Yuan Bing to follow his old way . Maybe Yuan Bing is different from him in mood and thoughts, but he thinks that no man can bear to lie under another man unless he is a bottom .

He hoped that even if Yuan Bing had feelings with Shu Yi, it would be in his ability to work with Shu Yi and have an equal partnering dialogue with Shu Yi . If he wanted to beat Shu Yi, he could beat Shu Yi half dead . At least he accepted Yuan Zhan after he could compete with Yuan Zhan .

So when he learned that Yuan Bing and Shu Yi had entered a tribe and had not come out for several days, he ignored Yuan Zhan's various delaying tactics and flew over with Jiu Feng .

Yuan Zhan can't delay any longer, so he has to follow him - he's really upset . He was injured in the leg before and was bullied and laughed at by Yuan Bing . Later, Yuan Bing dared to think about his Mo, and he always agitated him . He always wanted to find a chance to revenge . It's said that since that Yuan Bing may be oppressed this time . He really came to see him being the butt of the joke . Even he thought about it . As long as Yuan Bing is not in danger, when he saw enough jokes, he would make an excuse to help his senior management get angry and beat another guy who didn't like in his eyes . Well, it would be better if he could kill him!

You see, how good, it's like one throw hit two eagles! Yuan Bing's sacrifice was not in vain .

Unfortunately, his priest Da-Ren, thinks that his unilateral revenge on Yuan Bing should stop there, and taught him that he can't be such vindictive person as a leader .

Yuan Zhan was depressed . He wanted to say that Yuan Bing was really hateful before, but he felt that he was not a man to complain, so he had to hold back .

Because of the pain, Yuan Zhan took out the list of dowry, which was prepared, and increased and decreased it again and again .


Yuan Bing finally met his chief and priest Da-Ren again .

However, after seeing Yuan Zhan's smiling face, Yuan Bing immediately gave birth to the idea of never wanting to see him again .

Fvcking bastard! This man must be laughing at him . Maybe he wakes up every day thinking of this moment!

Yuan Bing turned around and left .

"Hello, Bing, where are you going?" Yan Mo stood up and cried . Is it not the same as he imagined? Yuan Bing and Shu Yi are really two lovers? Now he is worried about them being broken up, so he want to run as soon as he see them?

Shu Yi used the fastest speed to get out of the way, but Yuan Bing stopped walking in front of him .

He almost fell on that bastard!

Yuan Zhan must have thought he didn't want to see him for a long time . He deliberately made that expression to annoy him . If he really doesn't return to the Jiu Yuan from now on, that's what really weighs his heart, is what is like what is in his mind!

Don't say anything . Look back!

If his own existence can keep up with that guy's life, he will stay in the Jiu Yuan all his life and die in front of him!

Seeing Yuan Bing turn around and come back, Yuan Zhan's face immediately stretched long .

Yuan Bing looked at his face, and suddenly he was very happy .

“Witch Mo, blessed by my ancestors, letting me see you again . " Yuan Bing saluted Yan mo .

Yan Mo replied that he was a little confused about Yuan Bing this time, but Yuan Bing seemed to be mentally active and didn't look like an abused person on his face, so he was relieved .

"Blessed are the ancestors . I heard you got lost when you came out to play? This was picked up by the chief of the Ding Yue tribe? After playing so long, you should come home, right? Bing, the Jiu Yuan City can't do without you . During your absence, your people are going crazy . They come to Yuan Zhan every day to cry and ask when you can come back . "

Yuan Bing's heart warmed up at a moment, even his nose was a little sour . "It's a long way, I was lost for a while, but I've been looking for the way home . The Ding Yue chief was ready to help me, aren't you? Chief Da-Ren! "

Shu Yi doesn't plan to cooperate at all . "It's mine if I find it . "

Yuan Zhan raised eyebrows .

Yan Mo's forehead was perspiring .

Yuan Bing's mouth twitched, "Find your fvcking father!"

Well, all the previous illusions of Harmony have been torn up . It is not easy for the primitive warriors who have been separated from the savages for a long time to realize the hypocrisy of politics .

"Give him to me . " Shu Yi looks at Yan Mo, who directly ignores Yuan Zhan .

But he obviously asked the wrong person . If he asked Yuan Zhan, maybe he could come up with some mysterious list to talk with him about the terms and if he finds Yan Mo, it would be no different from finding a nail from a haystack and hitting it in the dark .

Yan Mo felt complicated about Shu Yi . He appreciates this cool brother a little and has enjoyed his cooperation before . Compared with the former chief of the Ding Yue, Shu Yi is the chief in the Ding Yue, which is of great benefit to the Jiu Yuan, the Ding Yue and even the whole eastern continent .

Now the eastern continent can't stand having a big war . Although the Horned-people have retreated, it doesn't mean that they are not going to return . What's more, there is the Demons from the sky, the sword of Damocles that will land at some time .

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan's current policy towards the eastern continent is to cultivate, cultivate and strengthen the living forces of all ethnic groups . For this reason, they prefer not to unify the eastern continent on the surface, but to choose a gentler and more secret strategy of moving silently .

Until the eastern continent begins to use the characters of the Jiu Yuan, the articles of the Jiu Yuan, the warrior training method of the Jiu Yuan, until the eastern continent spreads the roads built by the Jiu Yuan everywhere, until all ethnic groups are proud to send the best children to the Jiu Yuan for study, and when the clans comes to the Jiu Yuan for reconciliation and help to thrive, the Jiu Yuan may not be needed . The whole eastern continent will be under the banner of the Jiu Yuan if they specially need to send troops to attack anyone .

Of course, it's still early to say this, and the silent migration has just begun .

But Yan Mo didn't expect his family Yuan Bing Da-Ren to go out for a vacation to provoke their biggest imaginary enemy, their eldest brother .

Yan Mo can't deny that at that moment, he really gave birth to the impulse to give Yuan Bing to the Ding Yue and his relatives, if this can make the Ding Yue and the Jiu Yuan retain calmness for decades .

Not so bad! Since the birth of his son, Mo Da-Ren, the hard, cruel and impersonal old heart has been softened a lot . Compared with the visible benefits, he is still slightly partial to his own family .

So when hearing Shu Yi's request, Yan Mo, with an understanding and amiable smile, replied without any room for discussion: “Yuan Bing belongs to himself . Although I am the priest of the Jiu Yuan, I am not qualified to give him to anyone . Chief Shu Yi, you know we have no slaves in the Jiu Yuan . "

Shu Yi immediately responded, "I don't see him as a slave . "

"Oh, please don't tell me, or any of us, the Jiu Yuan, who will we give to you . The Jiu Yuan persons are independent individuals . No matter the leader of the Jiu Yuan or his parents or family members, they are not entitled to give anyone to anyone . "

"How about you let Yuan Bing stay in the Ding Yue?" Shu Yi finds that Yan Mo doesn't cause the same impulse as before . He still likes this person very much . If he can get him that will be the best, he doesn't want to get everything, but he hopes that the other party can do the Ding Yue's priest and bring the blessing of the ancestor to the Ding Yue .

"It depends on Yuan Bing himself . " Yan Mo said positively, "Chief Shu Yi, can I ask you why you want our Bing to stay in the Ding Yue?"

Shu Yi replied without hesitation, "I want him to be my partner . He will be the only chief lady of the Ding Yue . "

Yuan Bing rolled his eyes .

Yuan Zhan was huffing, really tried hard to not laugh, tears were overflowing .

Yan Mo stared at Yuan Zhan, that’s enough of you!

Yuan Zhan sat a little bit upright . He really doesn't know why priest Da-Ren of his family wants to make things so complicated . If they don't want Yuan Bing to stay here, they directly rob people to walk . He believes that all the people here can't stay together . If you want to exchange Yuan Bing for benefits, then talk frankly . Yuan Bing's loyalty to the Jiu Yuan will make him bring the interests of the Jiu Yuan as the first . Even if he is unwilling, he will stay as long as he and Yan Mo ask him to stay .

You see, what a simple thing?

Yan Mo looked at Yuan Bing, “What do you say? Do you want to stay or go back? "

Yuan Bing stares at Yan Mo and asks sharply, “What about you? Priest Da-Ren, do you want me to stay?"

Yan Mo shook his head slowly but with great certainty, "No benefit of the Jiu Yuan will be exchanged for the happiness of any of the Jiu Yuan people, except the warriors who died in the war . "

Yuan Bing's face suddenly softened, "I want to go back . " Not have, but want .

Shu Yi didn't know what he was thinking . He didn't stop him .

Yan Mo turned to Shu Yi, "Chief Shu Yi, you also heard that our Yuan Bing wants to go back to his hometown . Thank you for taking care of Bing during this time . Now it's the busiest spring summer market . There are many things waiting for Bing to do in the Jiu Yuan City . Let's not delay, Bing . Let's go . "

"Permanent envoy . " Shu Yi opened his mouth, and when the three people in the room looked at him together, he said very clearly: "The Jiu Yuan and the Ding Yue are still a long way from friendship, but I, the Ding Yue, intend to cooperate with the Jiu Yuan has become a brotherly tribe . If you like, the two tribes can send envoys to each other, not the kind of envoys who come occasionally for trade or other purposes, but the brothers who live in the tribe . "

Yuan Zhan stopped breathing and asked directly, “What's the power of this kind of permanent envoy?"

Shu Yi seemed to have thought about it for a long time, and immediately replied without any pause: "Communication, various other things . The place where they live will not be affected by the war between two tribes . Even if there is a war between the two tribes, it is not allowed to affect them, let alone kill and kidnap envoys . Various transactions and personnel movements between our two tribes can also be managed through envoys . If the person of the Jiu Yuan does something wrong in the Ding Yuan and is unwilling to accept the punishment of the Ding Yuan, then the messenger can be handled according to the rules of the Jiu Yuan . As long as it's fair, both sides have to accept it . "

Yan Mo was surprised . Isn't this the original embassy and Ambassador thing from his advanced world? Shu Yi seems to be so determined that Yuan Bing stay that he even wanted to make permanent Ambassador title . And probably to protect Yuan Bing? Put the issue of not hurting the ambassador came first .

Yuan Zhan can't fully understand the benefits of embassies and ambassadors at present, but as a natural ruler, he subconsciously thinks that this kind of permanent ambassador is good for the Jiu Yuan, and it's not bad . It may be better for the Jiu Yuan to make good use of it than to marry a chief's wife there .

What makes Yuan Zhan most enchanted is that if the chief's wife is dead or rejected, she will be killed . But permanent ambassadors can always be dispatched . If they are not affected by the war, they can escape back to the Jiu Yuan even if the two sides have a bad relationship .

Moreover, the chief's wife usually can't be openly partial to her own people, let alone interfere in transactions, exchanges, etc . , but the permanent envoys can do it, and can do it in a fair way .

In addition, if the chief lady tells the secret of the Ding Yue to the Jiu Yuan, it is betrayal . But if it's the ambassador who hears it and sends the secret back to the Jiu Yuan, who dares to say that the ambassador is problematic as long as he hasn't been caught?

The more Yuan Zhan thinks of it, the more he immediately sees Yuan Bing as an asset . It's true that this guy lived to more than 30 years, but he was able to captivate the enemy's chief . At last, his eyes didn't hurt so much when he looked at him .

Yuan Bing has been in charge of the public security and construction of the Jiu Yuan for more than ten years . His vision is not that of the Yuan Ji tribe . As soon as he heard the proposal of Shu Yi's permanent envoy, he immediately thought of its benefits .

The Ding Yue has a large territory . I don't know how many small and medium-sized tribes, many of which haven't heard of the Jiu Yuan . If he or other warriors of the Jiu Yuan can stay in the Ding Yue, they will also be able to contact these people .

The benefits of contact with these people, needless to say, not only can they increase the trading volume of the Jiu Yuan, but also may increase the population of the Jiu Yuan, and even bury poison / medicine (spies) in the Ding Yuan tribe .


At the first sight of the expressions of the three, Shu Yuan knew that they were moved .

"I have only one condition . The first permanent envoy must be Yuan Bing, and the length of stay must not be less than ten years . "

"On this point, we can't promise you now, and as for the power of the permanent envoys, I think we need to discuss carefully before we can make a clear contract . " Yan Mo thought more, and he intended to take this opportunity to popularize the concept of embassies and ambassadors throughout the eastern continent .

Yuan Zhan knew him well and understood his meaning at that time . "In this way, Chief Shu Yi, why don't we meet in the Ding Yue City three months later and invite other forces from the Ding Yue to discuss this matter together? What do you think?"

Seeing that they want to play big move, Shu Yi naturally didn't shrink to the back . The business of permanent envoys is a double-edged sword . He doesn't just want to get Yuan Bing, but this matter is also beneficial to the Ding Yue development .

"Two months . We can talk about relevant rights now . We can make a decision . I don't think other forces will have any opinions . " Shu Yi spoke a lot, but it's not surprising that he speaks a lot . Although the Ding Yue don't have Semi-God warriors, they have unlimited potential . There are so many the Godblood stones, and the metal warriors and energy weapons of the Ding Yue are indeed powerful . Without the Jiu Yuan, they are definitely going to be the first force in the East .

"Okay . " Yuan Zhan agreed .

Yan Mo left an eye sore in his heart . "Talking between the four of us? The Great Witch Zhe Li and Lamo-Na priest of the Ding Yue do not need to attend? "

Shu Yi looked at Yuan Bing and licks his lips . "I have informed them and they will arrive in five days . "


Time is like flowing water . The senior management of the Ding Yuan, such as Zhe Li and Lamo-Na, rushed to see the three senior management of the Jiu Yuan, who should never have appear here . They were all dumbfounded at that time .

Great Witch Zhe Li even wanted make them leave from here, but Yuan Zhan showed his strength in time . Great Witch Zhe Li thought twice and had to give up that thought .

After more than half a day of heated discussion, it was basically Great Witch Zhe Li who kept refuting, while others kept adding and subtracting various powers and obligations to the future ambassadors and embassies, and the first letter of confirmation of the functions and powers of the permanent ambassadors of the eastern continent and even pangu star power of attorney was born .

Two months later, the eastern mainland forces gathered in the Ding Yue City, and all parties voted in favor of the letter of confirmation of the functions and powers of the qualified permanent ambassador - at that time, everyone wanted to send envoys to the Jiu Yuan, and they all wanted to learn something from the Jiu Yuan and the Ding Yue .

As a result, the two new things, the ambassador and the embassy, have blossomed in the great power of the eastern continent .

At that time, the Jiu Yuan was excellent (incomprehensible) in various rules, political strategies and so on, which also flowed into various forces in the eastern continent . ——it doesn't matter if you don't understand . First, you have an impression . After a long time, when you have a comparison, you will always feel the good parts of the Jiu Yuan .

The ambassador's business has been carried out in such a vigorous way . Has the original purpose of Shu Yi, who raised this issue, been achieved?

Three months after the emergence of the ambassador system, the Ding Yue finally welcomed Yuan Bing Da-Ren, the first permanent ambassador from the Jiu Yuan .

Yuan Bing spent half a year handing over his work and responsibilities to others . During that time, he also received Yan Mo's special training, not only for pupil training, but also for how to be an excellent spy .

The chief Shu Yi, who hasn't seen him for half a year and has been stifling his lust / desire for half a year, asked him . "This is the embassy you will stay in for a long time . Do you like it?"

Yuan Bing looked up at the towering all stone embassy - the builder and designer are from the Jiu Yuan, and then looks at the mansion across the street . "Is that it?"

Shu Yi looked back . "Oh, that's my home . I'll live alone now . If you have nothing to do, you can come around and live in my place . "

Yuan Bing was speechless and said after a while: You know the ambassador's stay is only five years, right?"

"Renewable . "

"Ten years at most . "

"Ten years is enough . " Shu Yi personally opened the door and said seriously, “Witch Mo says that seven years is a barrier . If we can spend seven years, we can spend seventy years, or even more . "

Yuan Bing was even more speechless . “You don't think I came here to sleep with you, do you? I tell you not to even dream!"

Shu Yi turned his head in an indissoluble way . “You don't sleep with me . Who else are you going to sleep with? Tell me their name . I'll kill him now! "

Yuan Bing: “……”

Shu Yi: "Is it a Jiu Yuan? Among the people you brought? One, or several? Well, as promised, I can't kill them, so I'll castrate them all . "

Fvcking basket case! Can't I sleep with a woman! Yuan Bing took a deep breath and changes the topic forcefully: "If you rob for slaves of slavers, are you violating your rules?"

"It depends on whose slave you rob and who the slaver belongs to . "

"That is to say, who has a big fist wins the argument?"

Shu Yi was silent .

Yuan Bing suddenly smiled at him, "Hey, do you want to go out for a walk?"

Shu Yi, “ . . . ” You just came here, you haven’t even entered the door, and you want to run out? But maybe his family, Bing Bing, likes field fighting? Think about it . Most of them used to be in the wild .

Shu Yi, who thought of the key points, nodded without hesitation .

At the same time, he didn't particularly want to see the faces of some people . It's better to go out for a walk .

Great Witch Zhe Li, who was listed as one of the few faces that Da-Ren, the chief of his tribe, didn't want to see, sat in the shrine .

Below, the kneeling warriors dare not move .

Finally, Great Witch Zhe Li said, “What do you mean when the chief threw Lu Fei out?"

The warrior replied, "Just throw it out . "

Great Witch Zhe Li, “Is he dead?”

"No . But elder Shan Liu was angry . "

"In the name of the chief, send him four pretty slaves under the age of fourteen . "

Yes . "

Great Witch Zhe Li said to himself: "He doesn't want the noble princess of Yincheng-Sound city . He doesn't want the beauties offered by all ethnic groups . Now he can't even look at the first daughters of the tribe . What is our chief Da-Ren thinking about? He hasn't been looking for a woman for half a year?"

An old hunchback slave walked out of the dark and knelt down on the ground and said, "No, Great Witch . "

It took a long time for the Great Witch Zhe Li who was silent again, and then he asked, “What about men?"

"No," the old slave understood

“When you call on the chief, say I want to see him . "

The warrior was in a dilemma . "Great witch, Chief Da-Ren and Ambassador Jiu Yuan left the city in the afternoon and said they would come back in a few days . "

Great Witch Zhe Li pinched the handrail hard to let the warriors and old slaves all retreat .

The ambassador of the Jiu Yuan, Yuan Bing, is one of the famous senior officials of the Jiu Yuan . His fighting force is not particularly powerful, but he heard that his management of the tribe internal affairs is quite good, and he doesn't know how the Jiu Yuan can let such a valuable person to come out .

But when such a person is sent to the Ding Yue, he has no mission or purpose . Who will believe it?

But their chief seems to like Yuan Bing? Half a year ago, he saw their chief, Da-Ren, get into each other's room and not come out until morning .

At that time, he was also worried about whether the Jiu Yuan deliberately sent Yuan Bing to seduce their chiefs . But Yuan Bing was old and not very good-looking . He also satirized their chiefs either by opening his mouth or by raising his hand to beat him . It didn't look like seduction at all .

But! Why didn't anyone send this guy?

The most important thing is why the chieftain was away when the man came?

If Zhe Li wants to believe that the chieftain, who has never concealed his strong demand for that aspect before (xxx), he even threw out the first beauty of the tribe who laid naked on his bed, it's better for him to believe that their chieftain is injured somewhere in the brain .

Although Great Witch Zhe Li has not yet used the ability of prophecy, he has already felt the threat posed by Yuan Bing .

God, Ancestors, let me see the ambition of the Jiu Yuan, let me know why the Yuan Bing came .

Great Witch Zhe Li walked slowly into the pool water behind the temple

About ten minutes later, Great Witch Zhe Li's body suddenly trembled, and his facial expression twisted to a certain extent .

"No! It can’t happen!" Great Witch Zhe Li opened his white eyes and screamed out sharply .


Outside the Ding Yue City, there is something going on the wild hill ridge .

Yuan Bing, who was about to ambush a group of slave merchants, suddenly shivered .

Shu Yi subconsciously took off his leather robe and put it on Yuan Bing .

Now it's late autumn and the weather is very cold .

Yuan Bing turns his head and accidentally saw Shu Yi's bare / exposed eight abdominal muscles .

"No, I'm not cold . "

"Put it on . " Shu Yi could not stand to be refused at all .

Yuan Bing put his leather coat under his buttock as a cushion .

Shu Yi doesn't care . Lied down on Yuan Bing's back from the back and touch his collar .

Yuan Bing grabbed his finger and threw it out, "I have a little bad feeling . "

“What premonition? When do you have the ability to prophesy?" Shu Yi simply hugged him by the waist and gently pushed him from behind .

Yuan Bing didn't feel the hardness . "I suggest you stay away from me in the Ding Yue city . Otherwise, don't say ten years, can I live for ten days~~ “ “I thought you were here to fight with the Ding Yue high-rise and split their relationship with Great Witch Zhe Li . "

Yuan Bing sneered and says, "Since you know, how dare you pester me?"

Shu Yi licked his neck, "It's more exciting . I don't like the quiet life . In addition, as long as you are not in the Ding Yue way, I will stand by you . "

Understand! You are a sadist looking for abuse!

Yuan Bing's nameless anger erupted out . As soon as he was turned over, he opened his mouth and bit him!

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Chapter 38: The Picky Mountain God Chapter 39: Mee Chapter 40: A Lively Day Chapter 41: Begins To Build The Winter House Chapter 42: Treating Yuan Zhan..but What Caused A Miracle? Chapter 43: The Origins Of Yan Mo.. Don't Believe That He Will Tell The Truth. Chapter 44: Yuan Zhan's Depression.. Chapter 45: Yan Mo's Abilities? Chapter 46: Saving People Chapter 47: Rewards Powers And Mutations Chapter 48: Punishment And The Beginning Of The First Touch Chapter 49: The Consequence Of The Lack Of Communication Is.. The Dog's Blood Is White? Chapter 50: The Terrible Wonder Comes After The Extreme.. Chapter 51: A New Member Who Is Less Popular.. Chapter 52:ten Days And Yuan Zhan's Plan Chapter 53: Ten Days And The Plan Of Yuan Zhan Chapter 54: Yuan Zhan's Ambition And Yan Mo's Two Paws Chapter 55: Try Your Hand Chapter 56: The Birth Of The Jiu Yuan Tribe Chapter 57: Everyone Is Speechless.. Chapter 58: Joining The Jiu Yuan Tribe Needs To Be Tested Chapter 59: The God's Priest And The Strict Class He Has To Teach Himself To Cultivate The Future Minions Chapter 60: The Awu Tribe's Treasure Chapter 61: Yuan Zhan's Gift New Enemy? Chapter 62: Woman Yuan Zhan And Jiu Feng Chapter 63: Arriving At The Future Tribal Territory Chapter 64: Taking The First Step Towards Building A Tribe Chapter 65: Primary Training Method Chapter 66: The Secrets Of Two Bratty Children Chapter 67: Fishing.. Who Is Fishing? Chapter 68: Double Edged Sword Chapter 69: You Can't Guess What In A Woman's Mind Chapter 70: Fighting And Fighting And Punishmen Chapter 71: Reunion Chapter 72: The Variability Of The Use Of Heating Methods Chapter 73: The Causes Of Disputes Chapter 74: Resolving The Misunderstanding Chapter 75: Resolving The Evil And The Blessings Chapter 76: Painful And Happy Chapter 77: Use Of Punishmen Chapter 78: Hit A Stone Chapter 79: Punishment May Be A Help? Chapter 80: The Accidental Blessing? Yan Mo Feels The Pain Of Losing Vitality Chapter 81: Setting The Door Chapter 82: The Importance Of Morality Chapter 83: The Importance Of Communication In Diplomacy Chapter 84: How Do Women Get Divide? The Conflict Between The Family System And The Tribal Status Quo Chapter 85: The Collision Of Patriarchal And Matriarchal Chapter 86: Yuan Zhan Gives Yan Mo Reason To Believe That He Is That Bastard ... Chapter 87: The Troubles Caused By The Rainstorm What Happened To The Dwarves? Chapter 88: Cheeky Dwarf? Sick Yuan Zhan? Chapter 89: The Difference Between Slaves And Helpers Chapter 90: The Two Party Symposium Please Don't Figh Chapter 91: Who Is The Enemy? Chapter 92: The Cruel Yuan Zhan Chapter 93: He Is Intriguing Chapter 94: The Truth About Yan Mo's Vomiting Blood Chapter 95: Jiu Yuan's First Offensive And Defensive Battle.. Who Is The Worst? Chapter 96: Jiu Feng Da Ren Is Mighty Chapter 97: When People Have Two Mistakes In The Same Period Of Time. Chapter 98: Plan Changes Chapter 99: Yuan Zhan's Treatment To Yan Mo's Negative Emotions Chapter 100: The Secret In The Grassy Beach Chapter 101: Disputes Chapter 102: Please Look Forward Chapter 103: The Man Amongst Men Is Not As Good As Chapter 104: We Are Actually Not That Arrogant.. Really Chapter 105: The Conflict Between The Old Priest And Yan Mo Chapter 106: Jiu Feng Stinginess Chapter 107: Treatment Of Chief Zhang Chapter 108: The Gift From The Chief's Woman Chapter 109: Earth Yuan Fruit And The Old Priest's Plan Chapter 110: Disputes Chapter 111: Da He Decision Chapter 112: Talks About The Fighting Between Animals And Animals. Chapter 113: Opening Guide Article 5 Conditions Of Special Guides Chapter 114: The Old Priest's Budge Chapter 115: The Day Of The Eclipse Chapter 116: The Ancestor Anger Chapter 117: Jiu Feng Takes The Treasure Chapter 118: Difficulties Chapter 119: The Fruit Of Witchcraf Chapter 120: A Group Of People Eating Meat. Chapter 121: The Role Of Jiu Feng And Iron Back Dragon In Migration Chapter 122: Deciding The Route And Yan Mo's Experiments Chapter 123: Misunderstanding Chapter 124: Can You Give A Birth?you Think I Can Give Birth? Chapter 125: Yan Mo Struggled And The Backhand Broke Into The Other Body. Chapter 126: The Tree Men Singing Chapter 127: The Capture Of Yuan Zhan And Yan Mo Chapter 128: Discovering A Gold Mine Chapter 129: The Seeds Of The Undead Tree Chapter 130: Yan Mo's Teeth Are Not Casually Venomous Chapter 131: Yan Mo's Adventure Chapter 132: The Fruit Of Witchcraf Chapter 133: Old Sa Ma's Method Chapter 134: Yan Mo What Is It Will You Change Into? Chapter 135: Yuan Ji Tribe's Complete Spli Chapter 136: Exhausted And Thrown Down But Who Is The Strongest? Chapter 137: The Old Priest's Wild Vision The Eye Prophesying Chapter 138: Ummh Why Is Yuan Zhan So Obedient? Chapter 139: 3rd Rank Warrior Yan Mo Chapter 140: Why Is The Animal? Chapter 141: Enemy Or A Friend? Chapter 142: The Changes In Jiu Yuan City Chapter 143: Their Own Minds Chapter 144: Yan Mo Lead Dance? Chapter 145: Yan Mo's Scientific Verification Chapter 146: This Night Chapter 147: Yuan Zhan Is Like An Arrow When Mo Is Not Around There Every Day There Are People Who Continue To Seduce Him Chapter 148: Leader's Fighting Strength Chapter 149: Do Not Play The Tentacle System Behave You Chapter 150: More Slaves Or Enemies? Chapter 151: I Want To Give Mo Da Ren A Child Chapter 152: I Am Going To Die With You. Chapter 153: Want To See Your Man's Strength? Chapter 154: The Process Of Tuning The Dwarfs. Chapter 155: Someone Is Watching Him.. And The Person Around Him Chapter 156: The Earth Yuan Fruit Is Gone. Chapter 157: Meet Me Firs Chapter 158: The Shameless Mer People Old Pries Chapter 159: A Loyal Spouse Chapter 160: Threats Chapter 161: Yu's Blood Stasis Chapter 162: The Blood Stone Chapter 163: You Can Be My Chapter 164: A Frenzied Yan Mo Part 1. Chapter 165: A Frenzied Yan Mo Part 2 Chapter 166: The Frenzy Is Spread Chapter 167: Jealousy Jealousy Still Is Jealousy Chapter 168: Calmness Before The Storm Chapter 169: The Mysterious Sideburns Man Chapter 170: Awakening Chapter 171: What's The Lower Limit? Chapter 172: Unexpectedly Scum Points Reduction. Chapter 173: Angry Birds? Chapter 174: Good Trick Or Not So Good A Trick Of The Luck Frui Chapter 175: Yan Mo Rushing By. Chapter 176: The Black Skull Chapter 177: The Inheritance Of The Bone Sculpting People. Chapter 178: What A Bored Yuan Zhan Does? Chapter 179: 3rd Rank Reward Chapter 180: Yuan Zhan Is Changing Chapter 181: The Fashionable Priest Da Ren Chapter 182: Patching Things So As To Get Along With You Chapter 183: The Story Of The Bone Rat And What The Bone Rat Have To Tell Chapter 184: The Fruit Of Witchcraft Wants To Eat Him.. Chapter 185: The Old Pries Chapter 186: We Aren't Mating With The Wildebeest.. Chapter 187: Yuan Zhan's Melodrama.. Chapter 188: The Gentleness In The Morning Chapter 189: Hunting Team Returns With Prey Chapter 190: Jiu Yuan's First Marke Chapter 191: Moer Gan People's Guess Chapter 192: The Murderous Connotation Of The Jiu Yuan Tribe Chapter 193: Jiu Yuan And Moer Gan's First Transaction Chapter 194: Business Exchange Under The Star Lights Chapter 195: Who Is Taking Advantage? Chapter 196: The Tribe Two Or Three Things Chapter 197: Who Took The Bue? Chapter 198: Unable To Figure It Ou Chapter 199: Escaping From The Illusion. Chapter 200: Spiritual Control Chapter 201: The Illusion Of Truth And A Confusing Accoun Chapter 202: Preparations Of Going Back To Jiu Yuan Chapter 203: What Do You Want To Do Come Chapter 204: Winter Day Touching Hear Chapter 205: The Old Priest Doub Chapter 206: The Will Of The People Comes From The Real Benefits Chapter 207: Leader And Priest Bed Talk. Chapter 208: I See That You And I Have A Karma Relation Chapter 209: Can You Still Be A Scum? Chapter 210: The Old Priest Qiu Shi Chapter 211: Strive To Resis Chapter 212: Yuan Zhan You Come Out Chapter 213: Okay Its Terrible Just Terrible. Chapter 214: Its Hard For A Leopard To Change Its Spots Chapter 215: I Will Get You More Corpses Chapter 216: The First Wave Of The Arrival Of Slaves Chapter 217: One Of Yan Mos Prestige Chapter 218: The Waves Under The Cover Of Darkness Chapter 219: One Of Yan Mo's Prestige Chapter 220: The More Ferocious First Chief Da Ren Chapter 221: Winter Transition Chapter 222: The Number Is The Brightest Point Chapter 223: Going To Moer Gan Chapter 224: Entering The Moer Gan Marketplace Chapter 225: Second Floor Flirting Chapter 226: The First Business Brought By The Two Storey House Chapter 227: Picking Things At The Marke Chapter 228: The Ink Killer Chapter 229: Progress At The Marke Chapter 230: Honey Don't Forget The Guide Is The Special Bully Chapter 231: Progress At The Market 2 Chapter 232: Natural Porcelain? Chapter 233: Progress At The Market 3 Chapter 234: Ding Yue Tribe Chapter 235: I Still Think You Are More Pleasing To Me Chapter 236: Yan Mos conscience Help For The Dwarf Chapter 237: Treasures Of The Land Of Relics Chapter 238: The Treasure Of The Land Of The Relics 2 Chapter 239: Treasures Of The Land Of Relics 3 Chapter 240: Yan Mo's Suspicion Chapter 241: The Origins Of Four Bone Devices Chapter 242: Curse Bone Devices Chapter 243: War Slave Shen Gu Chapter 244: Future Regiments Leaders Chapter 245: Rumors Has It That Brother Mo Ate Meng's Children? Chapter 246: Yuan Zhan The Shameless I Chapter 247: Zan Bu Of The Bone Sculpting People Chapter 248: The Priest Of The Moer Gan Chapter 249: Yan Mo The Two Face Chapter 250: Yuan Zhan The Shameless Ii Chapter 251: A Happy Family? Chapter 252: The Emergence Of Yan Mo's Brother. Chapter 253: Its Not Easy To Make Up A Perfect Lie. Chapter 254: The Salt Mountain Tribesmen Chapter 255: Who Is The Perpetrator Of This Iniquity? Chapter 256: Fake News Chapter 257: Ready For War And Meet The Enemy Head On Chapter 258: He Is Not Dead Yet Get Away Chapter 259: I Will Eat Your Son If You Don't Give It To Me Chapter 260: The Jiu Yuan's Way To Get Ou Chapter 261: The Priest Who Touches Others In The B.u.t.t Is Not Good Pries Chapter 262: Yan Mo's Ideas Chapter 263: Yan Mo's Crazy Ideas Chapter 264: Yan Mo's Payment To Hei Jiao. Chapter 265: Yan Mo Schemes Chapter 266: The Four Tribes On The Way. Chapter 267: A Confident Qi Hao Chapter 268: A B.l.o.o.d.y Battle Caused By A Stone. Chapter 269: Do You Want A Water Tank? Chapter 270: The Slate Contrac Chapter 271: Half A Month Haircut And Shampoo. Chapter 272: Needs Yuan Crystal And Jiu Yuan Needs Them In A Hurry Chapter 273: The Old Mandrill Chapter 274: A Big Bargain Chapter 275: Animalism To Hooliganism Chapter 276: The Giant Firebird Bone Puppet. Chapter 277: Return 1 Chapter 278: Return 2 Chapter 279: Return 3 Chapter 280: Return 4 Chapter 281: Face Beating Using The Double Bluff Strategy Chapter 282: The Cunning Young Master Jiu Feng. Chapter 283: Cheating The Whole Family Chapter 284: The Death Of The High Pries Chapter 285: Zhan Come Back Soon Chapter 286: The Temptation Of That Momen Chapter 287: The Jiu Yuan Second Selection Conference Chapter 288: Tranquility Before The Storm? Chapter 289: Jiu Yuan's Daily Life Chapter 290: Negotiation: The Land Of Dwarf Heritage Chapter 291: Yu Wu's Commitmen Chapter 292: Treatment Of Early Abortion Chapter 293: Yan Mo's Lies Chapter 294: Yan Mo Who Wants To Eat Crabs Chapter 295: The Stone Hunting Team. The Individual Members' Problems. Chapter 296: Ding Fei Got Kidnapped Chapter 297: The Great Obscuri Tribe Chapter 298: Old Man Yan's Skill. Chapter 299: Old Man Yan's Rigorous Crisis Chapter 300: Torture Chapter 301: The Exact Whereabouts Of The G.o.dblood Stone Chapter 302: It's Easy To Satisfy Animals. Chapter 303: The Legends Of The Black Earth City And Their Entry Into The Black Earth City Chapter 304: The Honest Yan Mo In The Temple Chapter 305: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Chapter 306: She Dan Dren And The Domino Challenges Chapter 307: Leishen's Ooze Chapter 308: Closed Door Exile Chapter 309: The Curse Of The Beast G.o.d Chapter 310: Young Master Jiu Feng And The Black Water Tribe's Chief Chapter 311: Secrets Of The Black Water Tribe's Chief Chapter 312: A Kindred Spiri Chapter 313: The Challenge Of Gaogang City Temple High Pries Chapter 314: Stepping Into The Trap Chapter 315: Result Of The Compet.i.tion Chapter 316: Yan Mo's Counterattack Chapter 317: The High Priest's Curse Before His Death Chapter 318: The First Traveling Doctor Chapter 319: Hidden Task Chapter 320: Starting Of A Special Career Inheritance Chapter 321: Reliable Shifu . Chapter 322: Shifus Guidance Chapter 323: First Selection Chapter 324: The Curse Witch Zhou Wu's Warning Chapter 325: King Wu Shang's Younger Brother's Invitation . Chapter 326: The Arrogant The Jiu Yuan People . Chapter 327: Yuan Zhan's New Way Of Playing Priest Dren Chapter 328: The Danger Of Approaching Yuan Zhan Chapter 329: The Second Field Selection Chapter 330: Angry Shifu Chapter 331: Crisis? Chapter 332: The Arrogant Yuan Zhan . Chapter 333: The Black Earth City Man And The Priest From The Upper City Chapter 334: The Life Of Young Slave Chapter 335: Yuan Zhan Who Did Not Follow The Plan Chapter 336: Die Chapter 337: Ending . . . Bulls.h.i.t Chapter 338: Found You . Chapter 339: News Of Hungry Men And Tucheng Earth City Chapter 340: The Resurrection Of Mo's Spirit And Body? Chapter 341 Chapter 342 Chapter 343 Chapter 344: Tucheng Earth City Temple High Pries Chapter 345: The Unsolved Mystery Chapter 346: Ident.i.ty Change Chapter 347: Opportunities To Go Home? Chapter 348: Medicine Should Not Be Eaten In Disorder So Is My Skin. Chapter 349: Drug Testing Chapter 350: What Falls Down Is Mine Chapter 351: H.e.l.lo Queen Chapter 352: You Can Advance And Retreat You Still Have To Show Your True Colors. Chapter 353: Calculations Of Yincheng Sound City High Pries Chapter 354: About Red Spider Lily Lycoris Radiata Chapter 355: Strange And Unpredictable The Road Ahead Is Vague Chapter 356: Transforming Pa.s.sive Into Active Chapter 357: Professionals Who Play Tricks And Ghost Spirits Chapter 358: The Great Secret Chapter 359: Yan Mo Recovery Chapter 360: There Are A Series Of Changes . Chapter 361: The Delight Of Seeing Each Other . Chapter 362: The Great Princess's Intentions Chapter 363: Before Escaping Chapter 364: Ha Ha Chapter 365: It's Just A Samsara Cycle . Chapter 366: Happy Return Tucheng Earth City Regrets Chapter 367: The Jiu Yuan Crisis And Return Chapter 368: Inspired Comeback . Chapter 369: Dance Of Ancestral Sacrifice Chapter 370: Traitors Chapter 371: Whether The Dance Of Ancestral Sacrifice Can Be Danced . Chapter 372: Chief Duo Feis Complacen Chapter 373: Demolition Of Cities Chapter 374: Making Enemies And Consoling Spiri Chapter 375: Dance Of Comfort Consoling Spiri Chapter 376: Slate Contrac Chapter 377 Spouse A.s.sembly Chapter 378: Quiet Changes Chapter 379: Severe Law And Brainwashing Chapter 380: The New Weather In Jiu Yuan . Chapter 381: Priest Dren Chapter 382: Chief Zhan The Man Chapter 383: New Guests And The Pries Chapter 384: Where Is Mo Dren? Chapter 385: She Dan's Politicization Chapter 386: Whose Mouth Is More Poisonous? Chapter 387: Calculating Separately. Chapter 388: The Insider Of The Nine Great Cities Decade Gathering Chapter 389: The Nine Cities Challenge Rules Chapter 390: Wucheng City Of Witches Chapter 391: Asking For Owns Dead End Passing The Tes Chapter 392 Wucheng City Of Witches Sudden Change Chapter394: Who Is The Shameless Person? Chapter 395: The Provoked Mo Da Ren. Chapter 396: Beginning Of The Nine Cities Gathering. Chapter 397: The Curse You Can't End It's Cheating Chapter 398: Real Miracles 1 Chapter 399: Real Miracles 2 Chapter 400: Real Miracles 3 Chapter 401: Advertising The Jiu Yuan. Chapter 402: The Jiu Yuan Peoples Arrogance Chapter 403: The Results Of The Jiu Yuan Challenging Tucheng Earth City Chapter 404: Dealings During Break Time Chapter 405: Natural Enemies Chapter 406: A 10th Rank Warrior Chapter 407: Crisis Presenting Chapter 408: Divine Punishment I Want You Chapter 409: Not A Good Person Chapter 410: The Conspiracy That Was Discovered? Chapter 411: Saving The Grand Witch Xiang Chapter 412: Mo Stepping On The Blade Chapter 413: Bullying Me Because I Can't Move? Chapter 414: Special Effects Wound Medicine Chapter 415: Conspiracy Hemophilia Patients Chapter 416: The Handsome Fengcheng Wind Citys Lord Chapter 417: Its Exposed Chapter 418: The Fruit Of Witchcraft And The Son Of Life Chapter 419: Fighting Battles Lessons Learned Chapter 420: Hahaha Bully You Guys Chapter 421: Dissolving The Enslavement Bone Chapter 422: Reward For Melee Chapter 423: Beautiful Melee Chapter 424: Yan Mo Disappears Chapter 425: Hey Where Is This? Chapter 426: A Cruel Yuan Zhan Chapter 427: Yuan Zhan's Revenge Chapter 428: Unintentionally Planting Willows Chapter 429: The Beginning Of The Plague Chapter 430: Confluence Pre Meeting Chapter 431: Wucheng City Of Witches Results Chapter 432: Yan Mo's Day Chapter 433: Confluence Meeting. Chapter 434: Mysterious New Friends? Chapter 435: Yuan Zhan Who Does Not Speak A Foreign Language.. Chapter 436: Collaborated Victory Chapter 437 Entering The City Chapter 438: No Money Then You're In A Tough Spo Chapter 439: Discerning The Bones To Make Money Chapter 440: Pissed Off At You Chapter 441: Yi Fan The Master Bone Sculptor Chapter 442: Got A New Teacher? Chapter 443: Selling Knives Chapter 444: Conflic Chapter 445: Fight Figh Chapter 446: The Decision Of The Citys Lord Chapter 447: Finally Connected Chapter 448: Secrets Of Parenting Bags And Fruits Chapter 449: Epidemic Outbreak Chapter 450: Myths Are Formed Like This Chapter 451: The Collapse Of The Wuqian City Chapter 452: Gossip Chapter 453: The Dark Yan Mo Chapter 454: The First Negotiation Chapter 455 Chapter 456: Warnings From The Guide Chapter 457: The Secrets Of Buhua's Medical Treatment And The Qiyu Village Chapter 458: True And False Promises Chapter 459: Sc.u.m Value Reduced By 10 Million Points Chapter 460: The First Wish After The Good Fortune Karma 1 Chapter 461: Susuna Fighting A Battle Yan Mo Chapter 462: Climax Chapter 463: The Power Of Faith Chapter 464: Departing For The Demon Abyss Chapter 465: Cultivation And Transfer Of Wu Guo And Du Du Chapter 466: How Difficult It Is To Raise A Son Chapter 467: The First Two Way Contac Chapter 468: Friends Of The Demon Abyss Calm Down Chapter 469: Into The Demon Abyss Chapter 470: Signs And Conditions Chapter 471: Beating Yuan Zhan Chapter 472: Fake Fight Or Demonstration? Chapter 473: Great Deception Or True Messenger? Chapter 474 Chapter 475 Chapter 476 Chapter 477 Chapter 478 Chapter 479: Petty Thieves And Coercion Chapter 480: One By One Solved Chapter 481: The Transaction With N.o.ble Son Buhua Chapter 482: The Secrets Of The Duke's Mansion. Chapter 483: The Bone Objects Contest Registration Tes Chapter 484: The Persecution Of The Hornless Men And The 10th Rank Bone Treasure Chapter 485: Yan Mo's Extra Prestige And Yuan Zhan's Smile Chapter 486: Xi Yang's Decision Armor And The Start Of The Contes Chapter 487: A Happy Bone Objects Contes Chapter 488: Yan Mo's Bone Objec Chapter 489: Shocking The Audience Chapter 490: Qia Di's Reminder Chapter 491: The King City Palace Banquet 1 Chapter 492: The King City Palace Banquet 2 Chapter 493: Wrecking Havoc In The King's City Chapter 494: The Tracker Chapter 495: The Horn People's Opinions On The Disposal Of The Two Hornless Men Chapter 496: The Wishes Of The White Horn Sumen Chapter 497: Freely Giving Sumen? Chapter 498: An Enemy Or Benefactor? Chapter 499: Repeated Cruel Blows Chapter 500: The Change Of Sumen And The Real Reason Why The Horn People Attacked The Eastern Continent . Chapter 501: The Furious Yan Mo I Chapter 502: The Furious Yan Mo Ii Chapter 503: Furious Furious Chapter 504: Feelings Chapter 505 Chapter 506 Chapter 507 Chapter 508 Chapter 509: Interaction Of Forces Chapter 510: Gold Contrac Chapter 511: Setting Fire And Pouring Oil Chapter 512: Contacting The Jiu Yuan Chapter 513: The Birth Of The Jiu Yuan Doctrine? Chapter 514: Traps And The Little Spirits In The Mountains Chapter 515 Chapter 516 Chapter 517 Chapter 518 Chapter 519 Chapter 520 Chapter 521 Chapter 522: Woman Bugs Opportunities Or Dangers? Chapter 523: Saving The Domestic Animal Chapter 524: The Soul Sea Chapter 525: A Jealous Da Zhan Chapter 526: The Beginning And Soul Exchange Of Everything Chapter 527: The Death And Life Of Hu Lian Chapter 528: Achievement Of Self Sacrifice? Chapter 529: The Adventures Of Yan Mo Chapter 530: Demolition Of Specialized Household Chapter 531 Chapter 532: The Birth Of Wu Guo Chapter 533: The World Of Bullied Little Guo And Yan Mo's Way Of Debt Collection Chapter 534: Which Is The Fragrant Steamed Bun Chapter 535: Road Chapter 536: I Will Become Stronger And We Will See Who Lays Eggs For Whom Chapter 537: Going Back To The Jiu Yuan And The Jiu Yuan's Status Quo Chapter 538: Welcoming Priest Dren Chapter 539: Secret Weapons And Deception Chapter 540: Misfortune Chapter 541: The Apprenticre Who Died First Before Achieving Victory Chapter 542: Agreement With Shu Yi Chapter 543: Life Energy Chapter 544: On How Males Become Friends Chapter 545: A Sneak Attack Chapter 546: Yuan Zhan Chapter 547: Transaction With The King Of Kunpengs Chapter 548: Inheritance Memories Of The Son Of Life Chapter 549: The Benefits Of Being The Life Energy Source Chapter 550: Happy Zhan I Chapter 551: Happy Zhan Ii Chapter 552: The People Of Chuan Shajias The Sand Wearers Chapter 553: Exotic Energy Chapter 554: The Power Of Evolution Chapter 555: Secrets Of The 11th Floor Chapter 556: Breakthrough Chapter 557: Hu Lian's Three Questions Chapter 558: The Third Question And Hu Lian's Last Secre Chapter 559: The Decisions Of The Chuan Shajias The Sand Wearers Chapter 560: The Semi G.o.d Warrior Chapter 561: Yan Xiaole The Bone Warrior Chapter 562: Accepting The Chuan Shajias The Sand Wearers And Discovering Liquid Active Metals Chapter 563: The Undercover Plan Chapter 564: D.u.o.b.i. Naomi Chapter 565: Another Question Again? Chapter 566: Miao Xiang's Final Counterattack Chapter 567: The Insect King Egg Chapter 568: Mr. Li Chapter 569: The Daily Life Of The Jiu Yuan Chapter 570: Sumen A.s.sa.s.sination A Furious Yan Mo Chapter 571: The Declaration Of War Chapter 572: The Secrets Hidden In The Holy Land Of The Bone Sculpting People Chapter 573: Yan Mos Revenge Chapter 574: Yan Mo The Slave Chapter 575: The Plight Of The Weak Chapter 576: The Weak And The Strong Chapter 577: Saving Lives Chapter 578: Return To Camp Chapter 579: I Love You I Will Keep It To Torture You Chapter 580: Starting A Beat Down? Chapter 581: A Man With A Hundred Of Manners Chapter 582: Hara.s.sment Again Chapter 583: Dig A Hole Chapter 584: Origination Of Banque Chapter 585: Stealing The Son Of Life Chapter 586: The Last Guests Chapter 587: The Truth Is Not Threatening Chapter 588: The Horn People Retrea Chapter 589: Do It With Me Once? Chapter 590: College Acciden Chapter 591: The Chaos At The Zhan Mo College 1 Chapter 592: The Chaos At The Zhan Mo College 2 Chapter 593: The Chaos At The Zhan Mo College 3 Chapter 594: The Chaos At The Zhan Mo College 4 Chapter 595: Beating A Drowing Dog Chapter 596: Mr . Li Waiting For The Knife To Fall Chapter 597: Exposing Mr . Li 1 Chapter 598: Exposing Mr . Li 2 Chapter 599: The Crazy Jiu Yuan People Chapter 600: Yan Mo Faints Chapter 601: Yan Mo's Plea Chapter 602: New Contrac Chapter 603: Dig A Hole On The Way To The Huocheng Fire City People Chapter 604: Wu Chen And Meng Er Chapter 605: Underground Adventure In Huocheng Fire City Chapter 606: I Want Water Not Energy Chapter 607: Du Du Is Not A Bad Boy Chapter 608: Yan Mo The Great Demon Chapter 609: The G.o.d Of Huocheng Fire City Chapter 610: Yan Mo's Big Baby Chapter 611: His Name Is Mo The Greatest Witch In The World Chapter 612: The Terrible Consequences Of Jokes Chapter 613: The Future Of The Jiu Yuan And Changing From Female To Male? Chapter 614: What To Do If You Don't Want To Be Scammed Chapter 615: Wucheng City Of Witches Chapter 616: The First Day Of Setting The Stall Chapter 617: A Jab Of Words And An Order Is Stamped Ou Chapter 618: The Details Of False Quipa Chapter 619: Fei Shan Dren Do You Want To Have A Baby With The Grand Witch Xiang Dren? Chapter 620: I Want The First Priest's Position Chapter 621: Confusion Coming In The Thousand To Pay Attention Chapter 622: How To Divide The Territory Between The Public Forces And The Skinny Grand Witch Xiang Chapter 623: The Jiu Yuan Alliance Chapter 624: The Conspiracy Chapter 625: The Ways Of Fighting Can Be Diverse Leading To A Psychological Devastation Chapter 626: The Arrogant Yan Mo And A.s.sa.s.sination Plot Chapter 627: Fighting In Disorder Chapter 628: Semi G.o.d's Move Chapter 629: Who Is The Sky Transporter? Chapter 630: Prophecy Chapter 631: On The Importance Of Time And The Battle Of Semi G.o.ds Chapter 632: The Power Of The Living Weapon Chapter 633: Territory Division Chapter 634: The End And Beginning Chapter 635: The Jiu Yuan Visiting Delegation Chapter 636: Unwilling To Admit That Youre The Jiu Yuan People And Want To Enjoy The Benefits Of The Jiu Yuan Dream On Chapter 637: Husband And Wife Are All In One Mind And Invincible Chapter 638: The Importance Of Performance And Speech Chapter 639: Getting The Rong Tribe Chapter 640: The Demons Husband Chapter 641: The Children's Games Chapter 642: En Route Chapter 643: No Grass Left For Him Chapter 644: The Miracle And Loyalty Chapter 645: The Exploration Of The Outer Hole Chapter 646: The Mysterious Old Man Chapter 647: A Drop Of Blood Give Or Not? Chapter 648: The Spaceship Treasure Chapter 649: The Birth Of The Son Of God Chapter 650: Chaos In The Classroom Chapter 651 Chapter 652 Chapter 653 Chapter 654 Chapter 655 Chapter 656 Chapter 657 Chapter 658 Chapter 659