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Chapter 4698 This princess is overbearing (162)

If he can't win alone, there is still her.

After they finished speaking, the Saint Vatican spoke again: "Yunhua, your status is special. You do not belong to the Six Realms, let alone this God Realm. The God Realm cannot restrict you with rules. You can do whatever you want. Do it, as long as you dont violate your heart."

"Master, you are not afraid that I will really make these six realms jump and complain, and I will pierce this day?"

Su Qiao was a little curious about her thoughts.

The battle between gods and monsters billions of years ago, although Ye Jinghan was finally beaten to the end of the demon soul, it was almost over, but her master was also very miserable.

It has been so miserable that it has cultivated and regenerated for hundreds of millions of years, and it has not yet fully recovered.

Is this a feud?

If you change people, I'm afraid that you have long ago been born with obsessions and a demon. When you see Ye Jinghan the culprit again, you may wish to kill him immediately and smash him to pieces!

The Saint Vatican smiled faintly, and there seemed to be sun, moon and stars in his eyes: "Your temperament, the master knows very well, it is impossible for such a thing to happen."

Su Qiao became more curious.

Is there really such an open-minded person in this world?

"The master thinks, am I suitable for him?"

Probably, only such a truly open-minded person can cultivate to her level!

"I don't need to feel it, as long as you feel it fits." Van Su shook his hand gently, turned and left.

After these tens or hundreds of millions of years, the two of them can still meet each other again, and the fate between the two of them is constant no matter who they are.

This is probably a certain number in the dark!

As for the God Realm, it has been so long, and they should support it by themselves.

The battle between gods and demons naturally did not start.

Although the demons are a bit pity, but fortunately watching such a big scene, I dont feel too regretful.

Next, its time to go back to each house and spend each time.

Gu Nanyis demon soul, although it was taken out of the jade bottle, was erased by Ye Jinghan all memories, and then thrown into the demon realm, letting her fend for herself.

There are not only various monsters, but also various ghosts, which are dark things that survive and cultivate in the form of ghosts.

If she is lucky, she can live and practice the ghost way. If she is nearly lucky, she will be swallowed by other ghosts as energy.

In short, the ending will not be too good.

Leaving Gu Nanyi and Yuyao alive, Su Qiao is not afraid.

Because, even if they have a good chance, they have come again, but whether it is tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, or hundreds of thousands of years later, they will not be her opponents.

As long as they dare to do anything stupid, they will be wiped out again immediately.

Of course, she actually wanted to see what Yuyao would turn into in the end in the hands of the Demon King Black Dragon after her rebirth.

Dont look at the Demon King Heilong. He looks pretty good on weekdays, but to be the Demon King, he is an extremely cruel black dragon. He is not a good personality.

Before, it was probably just one thing to drop one thing, and what was not obtained was always the best, so he would be firmly controlled by Yuyao!

But now, the situation is different. It's hard to say what the outcome will be.

Of course, Su Qiao suggested that if he doesnt know how to train well, he should go to the human world to see what it means to nurture. Its not kind, its just that he wants to watch a show.

After the war between gods and monsters, Su Qiao went back to the gods, said goodbye to the master, the queen, and the **** Nan Ting, and took Ye Jinghan to some of the most high-end future worlds in the three thousand worlds.

She is going to fight, she will go back to see her children again, to scare them.

I just hope that their nerves are strong enough and dont be scared by her.

Soon after they left, under Nan Ting Gods both soft and hard, under various small actions, Van Su also promised that he would not retreat anymore, and go to various small worlds to go around, taste the delicacies mentioned by Su Qiao, and have fun. Those interesting games and the like.

As for how they ended up, whether they will be together, this is unknown.

Maybe we will be together happily, maybe not, and will be like these billions of years, one persistently chasing, the other indifferent, not responding or rejecting.

is finally over, so tired.

During the period of writing the final total plane, my body has not been very well, my head hurts, my sleep is not good, and I take bitter medicine every day, which affects my mood, so this ending is a bit unsatisfactory, but it ended smoothly anyway. There is no break, and it is not a bad end, right!

has always wanted to say, thank you very much for the support and company of the fairies, I am very grateful, without you, I can write a maximum of 3 million words, and I definitely insist on less than 5 million words.

Hahaha, when I finished, I suddenly realized that I had written so long, and I couldn't believe it.

Not much to say, thanks again to all the fairies! Ninety degrees bow!

Im a fan of novels, and Ive become obsessed with farming literature recently. Maybe Ill write this next, but its estimated that it wont be updated until June.

(End of this chapter)

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