Home Pampered By Mr President!Chapter 2163

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Gao Tiantian's heart shattered into thousands of pieces with a bat, and there was an urge to break off friendship with Fang Wen.

"Isn't I looking at... don't you look like? Are you going to kill me with a knife?"

Fang Wen looked at Gao Tiantian's crying expression, and hurriedly comforted him in a low voice: "Okay, my fault, Major Leng is already pretty, but she doesn't usually make up. Wait someday, you put on your wedding dress and dress up Dress up. Also as beautiful as her."

When Gao Tiantian heard this, she comforted a little bit in her heart, and muttered, "It's pretty much the same."

Zheng Zihao looked at Leng Jiao and Huo Sikai's hands holding each other tightly, and a smile of relief evoked at the corners of her lips, as long as she was happy.

Huo Sikai and Leng Jiao walked to the priest under everyone's gaze.

The priest read the wedding message, and then looked at Huo Sikai seriously: "Mr. Huo, please declare your oath to the bride before God, in front of your beautiful bride and all your relatives and friends."

Huo Sikai turned to face Leng Jiao, took her hands, and said with a seriousness in her eyes: "Jiao Jiao, from today on, you will be my lifelong partner. I am willing to take care of you for life and life in the name of my husband. Love you alone, cherish you more than cherish myself, I am willing to do my best to satisfy all your longings and expectations about happiness, and I am willing to share with you everything I have achieved through hard work.

Regardless of whether the future life is rich or poor, health or disease, smooth or rough, I will always keep the promise made today, take care of you, care for you, and cherish you forever..."

Huo Sikai's voice was low and gentle, and his eyes were serious and burning, which made Leng Jiao moved beyond words.

The feeling of happiness is so beautiful.

The priest looked at Leng Jiao with red eyes: "Miss Leng, please be in God, in front of your handsome groom and all your relatives and friends, to declare your oath to the groom."

Leng Jiao was suddenly at a loss.

She didn't know how many times she had sketched this scene in her mind, and the pursuit of more than ten years suddenly became true, which made her a little bit unbelievable to believe it was true.

Huo Sikai looked at Leng Jiao, holding her hands tighter involuntarily, seeming to be encouraging.

Leng Jiao paused for a while and looked at Huo Sikais eyes and slowly said: "From today onwards, I will be your wife. I am willing to face the unknown life with you in the name of my wife. I only love You alone, cherish you more than I love myself, and we will spend the rest of my life hand in hand with you from now on.

No matter what happens in the future, I will continue to support you, encourage you, and appreciate you, because I firmly believe that choosing you to be my husband is my most correct decision. I love you. "

As soon as Leng Jiao's voice fell, there was deafening applause in the hall.

Many lesbians in the audience were moved with red eyes.

The two are really good match, so happy!

Hearing these words, Huo Sikai's excited hands trembled. It turned out to be such a happy thing to hear the person he loves saying that it is such a happy thing to love yourself.

"Jiaojiao, I love you too..."

Before the priest could speak to kiss the bride, Huo Sikai could not wait to hug Leng Jiao and kiss him deeply.

The priest was silent.

Everyone laughed and applauded again.

The petal rain floated down from the sky again, and fell on the two of them, beautiful as a dream.

The church wedding ceremony ended perfectly, and the photographer began to arrange the final group photo.

Friends and relatives are all here, there are a lot of people.

Huo Sikai said: "Even if you take the lens farther away, you must shoot all the people, one cannot be missing."

The photographer nodded hurriedly: "Don't worry, Shaoye Huo, you must take all of them."

Then, the props were placed in front of the church door for more than ten minutes.

"The bride and groom stand in the middle, the ladies in the second row behind stand props, and the taller men can stand in the open space. Everyone finds the correct position and starts to take a big group photo~"

Huo Sikai Lengjiao and the family of both parties and a group of close friends from the Northern Territory were all in the first two rows, followed by relatives of both sides and a group of people from the Third Military Region. Everyone had a happy smile on their faces.

"Okay, everyone look here, I say 1, 2, 3, everyone shouts eggplant together~"

The sky is very blue, the clouds are very light, and the wind is very light. In front of the sacred and elegant church door, everyone's eyes are shining like a star, and the smile on everyone's face can warm the whole world.

With a click, the picture freezes, and this scene will be deeply engraved in everyones heart, unforgettable.

Perhaps many years later, I will look through the photos and look at my past self, relatives and friends, and tell my children every unforgettable love, family, friendship or comradeship in those years. What a wonderful thing that would be...


In the evening, the guests dispersed.

There is only one table left to talk.

Husky was drunk a lot today, but he was not drunk.

Today is a day of his great joy, how can he drink?

Therefore, he provided himself with alcohol-suppressing tea, otherwise, he would have been given to the ground by this group of husband and dog friends.

"I am really happy today. I am very happy. I knew that getting married is so cool. I should be in front of all of you!"

Leng Jiao was speechless.

Shi Ran smiled and said, "Sky, you are drunk."

"I'm not drunk!" Huo Sikai slapped the table and said, "I am sober."

After that, she raised her finger at Leng Jiao beside her: "This is my wife."

Everyone: "" If you can't even recognize your own bride, are you afraid that you will be thrown into the pan?

"This is Ayu, Yinyin, this my eldest brother-in-law, where's the president, is awesome!"

Everyone was speechless.

Huo Sikai continued to point one by one and said: "This is my eldest uncle and sister-in-law, beautiful."

Leng Jiuchen darkened his face and wanted to pour tea on his face.

Huo Sikai continued: "This is Jing Chen and Officer Ji, as well as Yi Ming and Mei Ning, oh, here is another bachelor."

Burning time: ""

What is playing bachelor?

He is called a single noble!


Everyone laughed.

Huo Sikai looked at Leng Jiao beside him as if asking for credit: "Jiaojiao, look at what I said is right, I'm not drunk!"

Leng Jiao nodded silently: "Well, I'm not drunk." Actually, it's almost the same.

Huo Sikai said again: "I am really happy today, really..."

Shi Beiyu said: "Knowing that you are happy, it's not early, we won't be here to disturb your bridal chamber."

As soon as he heard the words of the bridal chamber, Huo Sikai's eyes lit up.

The bridal chamber he has dreamed of!

In an instant, he shot the desktop: "Why didn't you remind me earlier, I should have sent you away long ago."

Everyone: ""

Leng Jiao is also speechless, Huo Sikai's mouth is really...

Leng Jiuchen took the lead to get up from the chair: "Then we will all go back first."

Huo Sikai sighed: "I'll see you off, brother-in-law."

Leng Jiuchen really wanted to smoke Huo Sikai, but today he is the groom's official, he is the oldest, so he doesn't care about him.

Huo Sikai and Leng Jiao drove everyone into the car, watching the cars disappear into the night, Huo Sikai squinted at the Leng Jiao beside him, and hugged her into his arms: " See where you run tonight..."

Madam Huo by her side coughed dryly: "Kai Kai, it's not early, take Jiaojiao back to the room."

Her silly son could not have forgotten his old mother, father and grandfather standing beside him!

Leng Jiao was extremely embarrassed.

Huo Sikai smiled disapprovingly: "Okay, you guys should rest soon."

After that, he stooped and hugged Leng Jiao horizontally.

Leng Jiao blushed instantly: "Let me go down."

Huo Sikai smiled: "Don't let it go."

After he finished speaking, he quickened his pace and went upstairs to his and Leng Jiao's wedding room.

Old man Huo sighed with emotion: "Now, the old man, I can finally hold the great-grandson!"

Huo Sikai hugged Leng Jiao back to the wedding room and couldn't wait to overwhelm the person on the bed.

Looking at Leng Jiao's gorgeous face, her breathing was so hot: "Jiaojiao, I've been waiting for a long time this day..."

After he finished speaking, she didn't give Leng Jiao a chance to speak, so she lowered her head and blocked Leng Jiao's lips severely.

At the same time, both hands unzipped Leng Jiao's dress.

Since the night that King Lengjiao made his bow hard, Huo Sikai has been itchy, but Leng Jiao just disagrees, and almost suffocates him!

Leng Jiao pushed Huo Sikai's shoulder, a little shy: "I haven't taken a bath yet."

Hearing this, Huo Sikai smirked: "So you want to bathe in a mandarin duck..."

Leng Jiao: ""

Huo Sikai kissed Lengjiao's lips, then picked him up again, ill-intentioned: "I can go to the bathroom, too."

Leng Jiao's blush was not good.

"You...Don't talk!"

"Well, I will prove it by action."


Huo Sikai rushed into the bathroom holding Leng Jiao and closed the door. After a while, there were bursts of imaginative sounds from the bathroom, and they became more and more lingering.

Huo Sikai hugged Leng Jiao's soft body, with a hoarse and affectionate voice: "Jiao Jiao, I am very happy to have you..."

What is happiness?

Happiness is a kind of satisfaction.

What I want in my life, but firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, occasionally I am obsessed with it, but I want to get it all.

End of full text

Author's words: From the beginning of the article on November 15, 2018 to today, I have been stumbled along the way. Fortunately, your support has allowed me to hold on to this day.

The story is also considered to be complete, everyone has everyones happiness and destination, except for the burning of time, he is a single aristocrat who is free and easy by nature. After all, everyone pursues differently, maybe he will meet him someday A person you like, or perhaps not, will be so chic for a lifetime.

For myself, I have a little regret that I have not allowed the babies to show up more. Therefore, if I have time in the future, I may write a little about the children to make up for the regret in my heart. This is to be determined.

Then, thank you all for your continued encouragement and support. It's great to have you!

Finally, I would recommend my new article "The Big Big Brother Always Fills Me with Ecstasy Soup", I hope I can see the cute little figures that you are familiar with in Xinkeng~ I love you~

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Don't you go! Chapter 377: Whether it is a person or a heart, it must be hers Chapter 378: My brother's daughter-in-law was robbed? Chapter 379: You promised me you won't go Chapter 380: Uncle Shi...I'm sorry... Chapter 381: See him again, I must kill him! Chapter 382: Just stay by his side as if Chapter 383: She hurt you so much, you still think of her! Chapter 384: Baby~ I know you want~ Chapter 385: Drag him down for me and beat him fiercely! Chapter 386: Where did he... go again? Chapter 387: You are obviously running away from home! Chapter 388: As long as you can win, you can do whatever you want Chapter 389: Said it will take half a month to come back Chapter 390: Did your boyfriend ask Yifan to be beaten? Chapter 391: I already knew how many legs you had with him Chapter 392: Why did Shi Beiyu lie to her? Chapter 393: Did you sneak out by yourself? Chapter 394: How did you hit Wang Ouba up here? Chapter 395: Amazing! Chapter 396: I picked up a child on the road Chapter 397: Will you hurt him in the future? Chapter 398: Xiao Beibei came back from a business trip today Chapter 399: Find a little girl to eat with you Chapter 400: Xiao Beibei~ Its not good~ Xiao Siyin ran away from home~ Chapter 401: Their master is so stingy! Chapter 402: Why isn't that kid with you? Chapter 403: I'm comfortable alone Chapter 404: Call Xiao Beibei too Chapter 405: What are you talking about? Chapter 406: We just had a little conflict Chapter 407: Grandma, what did you call Mou Si Yin to come back suddenly? Chapter 408: Is your precious grandson running away, not coming? Chapter 409: Just like, pour Ayu a cup of tea Chapter 410: Ajiu, let's take a look? Chapter 411: I think Ayus heart is not on ours at all Chapter 412: Miss Yue likes me? Chapter 413: Who I want to marry is my own business Chapter 414: Is it bronze? I'll know later Chapter 415: One day, he will nod Chapter 416: Do you really have someone in your heart? Chapter 417: He is really crazy! Chapter 418: Who allows you to touch my things! Chapter 419: In this life, she only collects debts! Only revenge! Chapter 420: You... unexpectedly, drugged me? Chapter 421: Let her fend for herself? Chapter 422: Mu's family is too quiet tonight, it's not normal Chapter 423: Let's save her... Chapter 424: Are you Mu Si Yin's boyfriend? Chapter 425: So few of us, what are you afraid of? Chapter 426: Siyun is in her now Chapter 427: Can you burn her away with a fire? Chapter 428: Siyun, long time no see (1) Chapter 429: Siyun, long time no see (2) Chapter 430: It is you who are going to **** now! not me! Chapter 431: What a Mu's family! Chapter 432: You and Yinyin...must be happy... Chapter 433: Is also a child with a hard life Chapter 434: Help her bath (don't jump Chapter 435: She is my person Chapter 436: See how timely I get this medicine Chapter 437: You should find someone else to stay with you Chapter 438: As long as your heart is with me Chapter 439: You are not Mu Heyuan's daughter Chapter 440: You dont know how much I want to see her... Chapter 441: You didn't touch me before because of my sister? Chapter 442: I really want to eat you now Chapter 443: I brought you Musiyun too (reward plus more) Chapter 444: So negative me! She deserves to die! Chapter 445: What about the old lady Namu and Mu Xingyu? Chapter 446: What happened tonight is purely an accident Chapter 447: Fortunately, Bei Yu didnt hate her when she was so kind to her. Chapter 448: Hearing this sound, it seems something is wrong? Chapter 449: Can you just smile? Chapter 450: Who will it be Chapter 451: Is it because I interrupted your good deeds? Chapter 452: Give birth to Xiaobei and come out to play Chapter 453: Afraid of repeating the tragedy of the previous life Chapter 454: After death, you can't run to the next eighteen layers of hell! Chapter 455: Are you still in touch with Leng Jiuchen now? Chapter 456: Let her stay away from Ajiu Chapter 457: Give me a baby... Chapter 458: Take care of your body quickly Chapter 459: Mr. Unknown Chapter 460: If you dont eat, I will eat you... Chapter 461: Who has a life like him? Chapter 462: It seems that you want to change another way? Chapter 463: She is really going crazy... Chapter 464: This is the benefit of height! Chapter 465: From today on, Im not allowed to call me uncle again Chapter 466: He has already confessed guilt in person Chapter 467: I'm looking at who you look like! Chapter 468: It's not that when you got married Chapter 469: It might be a gift from Yinyin's biological father to Aunt Lu... Chapter 470: Don't let me meet her by chance! Chapter 471: Talk about inheritance Chapter 472: You a little girl Chapter 473: Don't want to take the position of president! Chapter 474: Mu Xingyu's face was slapped Chapter 475: You are going to rebel with Mou Si Yin! Chapter 476: Will it be her? Chapter 477: Become president Chapter 478: He said his favorite is me! Chapter 479: He can only be mine... Chapter 480: Husband~You are so considerate~ Chapter 481: Alan...you still lied to me... Chapter 482: Say you are pregnant with Gu Yifan's child Chapter 483: Deep...hate! Chapter 484: Oh my god! Really pregnant! Chapter 485: My body, I know it in my heart Chapter 486: Accidental explosion Chapter 487: Went to Africa Chapter 488: Great artist, Yue Ming Chapter 489: Ji Yang was injured Chapter 490: Sturdy is not like a woman Chapter 491: Ms. Mu, please take a trip Chapter 492: Then see you Chapter 493: Who makes your life experience inferior to Yue Yiru? Chapter 494: As long as he does not give up, I will never leave! Chapter 495: Miss Ben... never thought about marrying... Chapter 496: Didn't you stay with Yang Yang? Chapter 497: Open your mouth, ah... Chapter 498: My first kiss is still there! Chapter 499: ungrateful Chapter 500: She is jealous of Yue Yiru in her heart Chapter 501: The news of Shiyue's marriage Chapter 502: Such a big thing happened Chapter 503: Finding Ayu to be your son-in-law, you only make money and not lose money Chapter 504: Pestering Ayu all day Chapter 505: That explosion was not an accident Chapter 506: The ugliest man Chapter 507: What is the taste of male gods now? Chapter 508: I'm a little bit crossed to her Chapter 509: Like you, I dont have to worry about catching up with girls Chapter 510: Young Master was injured Chapter 511: Go to see the north Chapter 512: That kind of pain and despair Chapter 513: I am his approved fiancee Chapter 514: Don't let her get close here! Chapter 515: What qualifications do you have to marry my son! Chapter 516: Let Shimu slap her face Chapter 517: Such a show of affection Chapter 518: Call her a sister-in-law and try again! Chapter 519: Ghost out of the base Chapter 520: I naturally want my sister-in-law to take care of her Chapter 521: This Yue Yiru is really tricky Chapter 522: Hate her more than she thought Chapter 523: Elegant as white lotus Chapter 524: He doesn't like you, let alone marry you Chapter 525: What's so good about being handsome? Recruit bees and butterflies! Chapter 526: This person really has no dead ends in 360 degrees Chapter 527: You are really fascinated by her! Chapter 528: Im not a god, I cant make every one of you satisfied Chapter 529: Give me a kiss and don't care about you Chapter 530: Don't always pester him to do something shameful Chapter 531: A light bulb of tens of thousands of watts alive! Chapter 532: Sure enough, if you have a woman, you forget your mother... Chapter 533: The wound is not old, your young couple cant make affection anymore. Chapter 534: Does it feel good to be shot? Chapter 535: Your friend may suffer this time Chapter 536: Is it too capricious? Chapter 537: Add fire Chapter 538: Isn't this hitting Ayu in the face? Chapter 539: Thunder rolling Chapter 540: I am a wolf Chapter 541: why did not you tell me? ! Chapter 542: How could his people allow them to be so insulted and insulted! Chapter 543: Let's just wait for a good show Chapter 544: They are all messing around! Chapter 545: Xiaobeibei~~We should go home~ Chapter 546: I have no one but you! Chapter 547: Made up a proof Chapter 548: Yue Yiru's anxiety and anxiety Chapter 549: The twisted melon is not sweet Chapter 550: Want to try it? Chapter 551: Just want you, what do you want to face? Chapter 552: Sudden marriage proposal Chapter 553: Affectionate Announcement (2) Chapter 554: The wedding wine has been drunk long ago Chapter 555: People all over the world know (2) Chapter 556: Death under the peony Chapter 557: Just let him guard the empty room on the first day of the bridal chamber? Chapter 558: I'm not alive~ let me die Chapter 559: Do you want me to force him to divorce? Chapter 560: You are simply shameless! Chapter 561: Believe it or not, I slapped you to death! Chapter 562: Its up to you that young people want to tie with whomever they want to tie with! Chapter 563: You shameless old fox! Chapter 564: God, you are unfair... Chapter 565: Time to have a baby Chapter 566: You just keep pampering her Chapter 567: Brother is in a bad mood recently Chapter 568: Has that woman come back? Chapter 569: Want to date you Chapter 570: Why don't you answer my call? Chapter 571: What is self-respect? Chapter 572: Be my woman Chapter 573: You can't in ten days... that Chapter 574: If you are pregnant with Shi's blood Chapter 575: Her cousin is really not good at all Chapter 576: Whoever marries is unlucky! Chapter 577: It's just a monster Chapter 578: I have never seen him so shameless! Chapter 579: Why didn't you go to the honeymoon? Chapter 580: Sooner or later, Shi Beiyu will be swept out! Chapter 581: Ke Yifan now...no Chapter 582: Now, there is Mousse's sound! Chapter 583: Want me to clean you up tonight? Chapter 584: Look a bit like my daughter-in-laws eyes Chapter 585: If... tonight, she can be pregnant Chapter 586: You have to take my dad seriously in the future Chapter 587: Someone discovered what happened tonight, what should I do? Chapter 588: Daydreaming! Chapter 589: I'm afraid I forgot to use my brain when I went out Chapter 590: Don't offend anyone off Shi Beiyu Chapter 591: Must find a man outside Chapter 592: The opportunity is finally here... Chapter 593: It's just getting more and more anxious! Chapter 594: Reach a consensus (1) Chapter 595: Reach a consensus (2) Chapter 596: Happy cooperation (1) Chapter 597: Happy cooperation (2) Chapter 598: Blind date (1) Chapter 599: Blind date (2) Chapter 600: Find a little flower (1) Chapter 601: Find a little flower (2) Chapter 602: According to his wishes (1) Chapter 603: According to his wishes (2) Chapter 604: To his heart (3) Chapter 605: Try to associate (1) Chapter 606: Try to associate (2) Chapter 607: Ji Yang discharged from hospital (1) Chapter 608: Ji Yang discharged from hospital (2) Chapter 609: Couple treats (1) Chapter 610: Couple treats (2) Chapter 611: All in (1) Chapter 612: All in (2) Chapter 613: It's so high-profile if you want a red envelope! Chapter 614: How many more births can be given to one child, the best Chapter 615: Thirteen Girls in Jinling Chapter 616: Will speak his own man! Chapter 617: Ajiu won't mess around Chapter 618: For you, I am bound to win Chapter 619: Stay with me for one night Chapter 620: Don't move, I won't touch you Chapter 621: Yes, my wife Chapter 622: You have to think about it anymore! Chapter 623: Gu Yifan, you are looking for death... Chapter 624: You can't escape tonight! Chapter 625: Did not see the young lady Chapter 626: Go and tie them to me! Chapter 627: Where is Yin Yinren? Chapter 628: You dont know who you cherish, but someone will love you! Chapter 629: who are you Chapter 630: You need my help now Chapter 631: What Shi Beiyu can give you, and I can give it too Chapter 632: If Mou Siyin can die outside and can't come back Chapter 633: it's him! Chapter 634: Pay attention to the child in the belly Chapter 635: How he... Chapter 636: That night... it was an accident Chapter 637: Is it really good for us? Chapter 638: Father's debt repayment is justified! Chapter 639: There is news! Chapter 640: What do you want, just say it Chapter 641: May be Yinyin's biological father Chapter 642: Nausea Chapter 643: The aunt is indeed four or five days late! Chapter 644: If he wants to die, then fulfill him! Chapter 645: Time North! I am here! Chapter 646: It's not too beautiful and too romantic Chapter 647: How is this going? Chapter 648: In the future, no contact with any man is allowed Chapter 649: You are going to be a fool! Chapter 650: Be good, let's change clothes Chapter 651: Skye, you can help Yinyin to get the pulse Chapter 652: Only planted one Chapter 653: I like both men and women Chapter 654: Is it possible that he can eat people? Chapter 655: I have children Chapter 656: We Yinyin won't marry, and this marriage won't end! Chapter 657: The wedding, do whatever you want Chapter 658: Ask her biological father to show her off Chapter 659: My grandfather knows who my biological father is? Chapter 660: Why are you talking today... so raunchy? Chapter 661: The person she wants, must get Chapter 662: Wedding set Chapter 663: They all said I don't deserve you Chapter 664: You want Shibeiyu, I want mousse sound Chapter 665: A child can never be born! Chapter 666: Chapter 667: Chapter 668: I'm looking for women outside, isn't it all because of you? Chapter 669: Surprising but not dangerous Chapter 670: All of this was caused by him! Chapter 671: Could it be that he is the one we have been looking for Chapter 672: My Lu family is too small to tolerate your big Buddha! Chapter 673: Even if Ayu finds you, you can't admit it! Chapter 674: I will try my best to make up for the sound Chapter 675: Must stay at home and take good care of the baby Chapter 676: Yinyin, I think... Chapter 677: Find the right heart Chapter 678: Sister Xingyu, come and persuade my mother Chapter 679: I have become disabled! I can't give you anything! Chapter 680: All this is because of mousse sound! Chapter 681: It's red or black, it doesn't matter to you Chapter 682: Isn't she pregnant? Chapter 683: You are pregnant Chapter 684: Look, this is our child Chapter 685: What's the use of entangled in what happened? Chapter 686: Not to her appetite Chapter 687: Thanks husband Chapter 688: I really dont know whether to say he is scumbag or he has deep affection Chapter 689: So rightly and confidently let people make him a kid? ! Chapter 690: She is a person, we must be careful Chapter 691: At nine o'clock, I saw it at Quansheng Club Chapter 692: Baby obedient Chapter 693: Tonight, I must tear them up! Chapter 694: He is Yifan's father, he is your father-in-law! Chapter 695: Xingyu is carrying my child! Chapter 696: Completely finished Chapter 697: The woman who sleeps with her son dares to be so arrogant! Chapter 698: Do you know who the private meeting with your dad is? Chapter 699: Great joke... Chapter 700: You and Gu Zhihongs children are gone... Chapter 701: Grandma, I found you a good home Chapter 702: I don't want to die...I don't want to... Chapter 703: Unexpectedly, Mu Xingyu would die like this Chapter 704: The strongest best man and bridesmaid group Chapter 705: Hero saves beauty Chapter 706: Not afraid of making jokes Chapter 707: This is just for you Chapter 708: What the **** is Leng Jiuchen doing? Chapter 709: Your wife is pregnant with a child and is tossing me to death all day long! Chapter 710: Do you also want to satisfy his selfishness? Chapter 711: You are my most beautiful princess Chapter 712: I cant open my eyes for the beauty of this wedding dress Chapter 713: Why did you go abroad suddenly? Chapter 714: Give me three years and I will give you what you want Chapter 715: Give him two fists for me Chapter 716: Is he a dog? Bite and bleed Chapter 717: President's daughter Mei Ning Chapter 718: It's a crime! Chapter 719: Hit the plan of Shi Beiyu and Leng Jiuchen! Chapter 720: What obsession does Leng Jiuchen have for Choo Ja? Chapter 721: If one day, she is really moved by him Chapter 722: What you think is never possible Chapter 723: Go to the guest room tonight! Chapter 724: Hypocritical persuasion won't work! Chapter 725: Aunt of Shibeiyu Chapter 726: Little girl has a sweet mouth Chapter 727: Point Yue Yiru to Shi Mo Chapter 728: The marriage is up to them no matter what! Chapter 729: In my opinion, it is hug! Chapter 730: You just go out of style like this! Chapter 731: Yinyin, are you teasing me? Chapter 732: I didn't expect that the face slap would come so soon! Chapter 733: It's not that I haven't touched it before, so hypocritical... Chapter 734: You are too persistent Chapter 735: Yinyin, serving a glass of wedding wine for Uncle Yue (1) Chapter 736: Yinyin, serving a glass of wine for Uncle Yue (2) Chapter 737: You, you are a prodigal! Chapter 738: Let's see how much gift Uncle Yue gave Chapter 739: I want to hide these Chapter 740: If you are less narcissistic, she will not like you! Chapter 741: So rude to eat Chapter 742: I curse that she won't be able to marry her forever! Chapter 743: I don't mind having a relationship with you Chapter 744: In the presence of outsiders, leave me two points of face Chapter 745: Be considerate of the hungry wolf Chapter 746: How sticky is this? Chapter 747: Shameless conspiracy Chapter 748: I dreamed of Mu Xingyu... Chapter 749: Wedding dress and body (1) Chapter 750: Wedding dress and body (2) Chapter 751: Stinking rogue! Chapter 752: Our most beautiful time grandma Chapter 753: Yinyin, I love you~ let me in this poor bug~ Chapter 754: Its finally your turn to show off~ Chapter 755: I'm here to marry a wife Chapter 756: Yinyin, are you satisfied with these 6 reasons? Chapter 757: Wife is always right Chapter 758: Love you a million years Chapter 759: This is simply frantic! Chapter 760: I only used half of my power Chapter 761: Wedding surprise (1) Chapter 762: Wedding surprise (2) Chapter 763: The child...may not be able to keep it Chapter 764: I want to be with her... Chapter 765: As long as Yinyin can save his life, thank God Chapter 766: That little vixen might be really bad this time! Chapter 767: Nameless is the manipulator of all this Chapter 768: Today's account, he will always keep it in his heart! Chapter 769: Why didn't you take away the mousse sound? Chapter 770: Where there is life, there is hope Chapter 771: Tell me who is the murderer? ! Chapter 772: Count me please... don't tell dad about this Chapter 773: We will definitely have children Chapter 774: It will be difficult to get pregnant again Chapter 775: What his father did is so useless! Chapter 776: Can you get rid of the shackles of the previous life? Chapter 777: The four dead men are still dead... Chapter 778: They only dared to make surprise attacks from behind Chapter 779: There is a female relationship between two people! Chapter 780: Do you like me or not? Chapter 781: The nameless hides by his side Chapter 782: Finally recovered and discharged Chapter 783: Destined to hurt one Chapter 784: Announcement tomorrow, engagement in half a month Chapter 785: The dog can't spit out ivory Chapter 786: What I want is not once, but for a lifetime! Chapter 787: Except you, dont touch any other women Chapter 788: I'm sorry about this Chapter 789: Why should I wait for him? Chapter 790: Will Miss Mei let him come back so soon? Chapter 791: Go to a place Leng Jiuchen can't find Chapter 792: Everyone has everybody's helplessness Chapter 793: Really stubborn Chapter 794: Xiang Qiuji is now my woman Chapter 795: Whenever you want to fight, be with you anytime Chapter 796: Childhood sweetheart Chapter 797: Vulgar men will have their first heart knot Chapter 798: Good performance, keep working hard Chapter 799: What a barren iron cock! Chapter 800: I must overwhelm the mousse! Chapter 801: Don't get excited, your own person Chapter 802: Amo, you have a woman! Chapter 803: Tell me which woman this belongs to! Chapter 804: I believe my husbands vision is right Chapter 805: Thank you Miss Yue for your concern, Beibei and I are doing well recently Chapter 806: Good news! Chapter 807: I'm so happy to see you jealous Chapter 808: Amo is very attentive no matter what he does Chapter 809: The basement was attacked! Chapter 810: Mr. Wuming shot again Chapter 811: Laozi TMD is not a **** and nameless Chapter 812: To live to see people, to die to see corpses Chapter 813: Why did Ah Ran do this? Chapter 814: Don't tell me you just waited all night Chapter 815: I'm really worried that the tragedy of the previous life will repeat itself Chapter 816: What is your relationship with Wuming? Chapter 817: Don't die! Chapter 818: Too much to the mousse! Chapter 819: Do you think that Shi's family will want a young lady who can't give birth to a child? Chapter 820: Let her make trouble! Chapter 821: Why lie to me... Chapter 822: You dont care, but others care, I care Chapter 823: Shi Beiyu has a good impression of you? Chapter 824: Second marriage is second marriage, as long as it is him Chapter 825: Don't leave her alone Chapter 826: Do the current golden bachelors like to be small and beautiful? Chapter 827: Men strive for their own careers, women must also pursue their dreams Chapter 828: Sister Choo Ja is dead early! Long gone! Chapter 829: High-profile can attract people's eyes Chapter 830: You are my fancy Chapter 831: Engagement banquet Chapter 832: The Shi familys fortune cannot be inherited by no one. Chapter 833: Banquet conflict (1) Chapter 834: Banquet conflict (2) Chapter 835: That mousse sound is so fierce Chapter 836: Just a guy who eats soft but not hard! ! Chapter 837: They were all used as guns! Chapter 838: What they spread is all falsehood Chapter 839: He is also the one who made mistakes Chapter 840: Who is your daughter anyway! Chapter 841: Yue Xiang! You are really too much! Chapter 842: I've been so annoying in the past month Chapter 843: You do not want it? Chapter 844: I will discriminate against you Chapter 845: If they want to go back to live, let's live longer Chapter 846: It's always your wife and daughter Chapter 847: I just want to divorce Chapter 848: This time I really came to pick up people Chapter 849: Life is like this, ups and downs Chapter 850: Even if you run to the end of the world... Chapter 851: Attend a state banquet Chapter 852: As long as I can hug my grandson as soon as possible Chapter 853: Let's slap those officials' wives in the face Chapter 854: Uncle Shi, do you know how old you are? Chapter 855: Isn't she your dream? Chapter 856: You and Siyin met several years ago? Chapter 857: Did he think of you before? Chapter 858: Ayu is too vigilant, I never have a chance to get close to him Chapter 859: Let her know who she is Chapter 860: They are not welcoming her mother-in-law, they are going to leave~ Chapter 861: There are three kinds of unfilial piety, and the last is the greatest Chapter 862: The wise does not buy rumours Chapter 863: Face slap Chapter 864: I must let you hold the big fat grandson Chapter 865: Is their relationship good or fake? Chapter 866: Be careful alone Chapter 867: Between you and my brother, it's not clean Chapter 868: Don't you want mousse sound? Chapter 869: No one can be found everywhere Chapter 870: Isn't this a coincidence? Chapter 871: Is the medicine too weak? Chapter 872: It's you shameless daughter-in-law who seduce our family! Chapter 873: She was poisoned Chapter 874: who is it! How dare to do such a shameless thing at a state banquet! Chapter 875: Just like, it was you! Chapter 876: What if I did it! Chapter 877: You are not allowed to have any dirty thoughts about Yinyin in the future! Chapter 878: You two go abroad immediately Chapter 879: Yin Yin is my daughter! Chapter 880: The world collapsed all at once... Chapter 881: Mousse! Why do not you go to hell! Chapter 882: Thank you for visiting her Chapter 883: Fortunately, it did not cause a big mistake Chapter 884: Do you know what Yue Yiming likes about you? Chapter 885: He even had children with other women behind my back! Chapter 886: Is my daughter and Alan Chapter 887: You are so scheming! Chapter 888: Every day, none of them let me worry! Chapter 889: We were hiding something from you back then Chapter 890: If he wants to recognize Mou Siyin, I will divorce him! Chapter 891: Staying together for more than 20 years, how did he treat her like this? Chapter 892: This matter... can't just let it go, right? Chapter 893: You...Don't break other people's marriages anymore Chapter 894: I won't touch her before getting married Chapter 895: Scum nine Chapter 896: I'm sorry, my leg is cramping Chapter 897: Do you want children? Chapter 898: Does she have a sweetheart? Chapter 899: Yang Yang likes her cousin? Chapter 900: Am I... ugly? Chapter 901: Tell me not to touch you, eh? Chapter 902: Chapter 903: It's crazy in broad daylight! Chapter 904: Surprised to find Chapter 905: Refresh facial features Chapter 906: Just like last time, play it secretly, right? Chapter 907: Is actually a master of love Chapter 908: Have you ever thought about falling in love with my cousin? Chapter 909: Ruoya, can you explain... Chapter 910: Chapter 911: You guys... really make me feel sick! Chapter 912: You are more hateful than that woman! Chapter 913: A creature like a woman is terrible Chapter 914: You guys, you really want to **** me off! Chapter 915: Your mother, she is stupid! Too stupid! Chapter 916: Today is not the secretary of state Chapter 917: Where did you get drunk last night? Chapter 918: Let me see who your scumbag is Chapter 919: How could she have such a dumb cousin! Chapter 920: Who can be infallible when a person is alive Chapter 921: Yinyin...Thank you for not disgusting me...Father Chapter 922: People who are unclean and self-interested are not allowed! Chapter 923: Stop here Chapter 924: The lonely man and widow must have done nothing good! Chapter 925: Find out by yourself Chapter 926: Do you want to hold a wedding until you have a baby? Chapter 927: My aunt looks forward to my uncle coming, but my uncle just doesnt come. Chapter 928: I don't agree with my dad to recognize her! Chapter 929: Without my permission, I can never come back again! Chapter 930: Mousse! Don't be proud, I will be back! Chapter 931: The beauty is beyond the reach Chapter 932: You are eccentric! Chapter 933: There seems to be no news on the belly of the Shi family? Chapter 934: His age, if you dont touch you, youll touch others Chapter 935: There must be another woman beside Leng Jiuchen Chapter 936: For profit, anything can be used as a bet Chapter 937: A birthday to the old general Chapter 938: Teach you how to spoil your daughter-in-law Chapter 939: No matter how good the relationship between two people is, they still have to use children to keep them together. Chapter 940: Can't this man cooperate with her a little bit! Chapter 941: Is she... pregnant? Chapter 942: Congratulations, you are a father... Chapter 943: Why is this mousse sound so fateful! Chapter 944: You rascal! I am a pregnant woman now! Chapter 945: Didn't you say you want to take away the mousse sound? Chapter 946: Quadruplets Chapter 947: Child... Can't it be? Chapter 948: I don't allow you to take any risks! Chapter 949: As long as we can keep the children... Chapter 950: I was careless about this Chapter 951: This is my decision Chapter 952: You only have 20% chance of surviving Chapter 953: The method she said...you can also try Chapter 954: Are you going to protest with me on a hunger strike? Chapter 955: Plan to keep the child Chapter 956: Ayu, blessed you kid! Chapter 957: Too many fetuses are also worrying Chapter 958: Can she just let her shed the child? Chapter 959: You shouldn't promise Siyin to help her lie to Ayu Chapter 960: Stop mentioning it, I regret it when I mention it Chapter 961: You are not allowed to tell him Chapter 962: Tell me a little about Choo Ja's whereabouts Chapter 963: Why are you so stupid? Chapter 964: What kind of medicine do you want me to give him? Chapter 965: As the daughter of the president, she actually took this kind of mischievous thing! Chapter 966: There is always a person in his heart Chapter 967: You black-hearted bastard! Chapter 968: How did that Moussein get pregnant with quadruplets? Chapter 969: July pregnancy Chapter 970: After two weeks, take them out immediately Chapter 971: Baby needs supplies Chapter 972: Set up the baby room Chapter 973: Shuhui, why are you back? Chapter 974: The best time for you to do it now! Chapter 975: When I finish giving birth, everything will be up to you Chapter 976: Why are you all coming here tonight? Chapter 977: Is this girl stupid or silly? Chapter 978: You may not be able to get home tonight Chapter 979: Your mother also likes to watch snow Chapter 980: And let the little **** of Mou Siyin die better than life! Chapter 981: No loss is the daughter of the general, and she has more courage than the average person! Chapter 982: Sudden accident (1) Chapter 983: Sudden accident (2) Chapter 984: Sudden accident (3) Chapter 985: Sudden accident (4) Chapter 986: Life and death (1) Chapter 987: Life and death (2) Chapter 988: Life and death (3) Chapter 989: Go against the sky (1) Chapter 990: Going against the sky (2) Chapter 991: Truly unnamed (1) Chapter 992: Truly unnamed (2) Chapter 993: Truly unnamed (3) Chapter 994: Everyone has his own life, it's really not you to blame Chapter 995: Amo, did a good job tonight Chapter 996: Did Yunfeng do it? Chapter 997: Those four children were fateful! Chapter 998: You are utterly desolate! Chapter 999: You killed Yinyin! Chapter 1000: Ajiu, save your aunt... Chapter 1001: How to deal with it all depends on time! Chapter 1002: You are the heir to the Shi family, dont let me down... Chapter 1003: Must be shipped to the far north as soon as possible Chapter 1004: Found Ayu! Chapter 1005: Poisoned too deep! Chapter 1006: I can't deal with this poison Chapter 1007: I asked you to do it, you must be a hundred willing Chapter 1008: What did you do to Ayu! Chapter 1009: Ayu! You finally woke up! Chapter 1010: Say! What did you do to Ayu! Chapter 1011: I give birth to him! I die, he die! Chapter 1012: He got gu Chapter 1013: Chapter 1014: You are Shi Beiyu Chapter 1015: She will always remember today's shame! Chapter 1016: Do you want to be shameless, don't you know yourself? Chapter 1017: Ayu, I really love you Chapter 1018: it's here! You have no right to speak! Chapter 1019: I was really blind Chapter 1020: Are they all my children? Chapter 1021: It doesnt hurt to see them... Chapter 1022: There is a kind of love that is unforgettable Chapter 1023: People from Miaojiang (1) Chapter 1024: People from Miaojiang (2) Chapter 1025: People from Miaojiang (3) Chapter 1026: A good hand, beat it to death! Chapter 1027: Know yourself and the enemy to survive Chapter 1028: Do you know what happened before I was captive? Chapter 1029: There is no good day! Chapter 1030: Actually, I have found her Chapter 1031: Blue tone Chapter 1032: Is that Miss Mu anyway? Chapter 1033: It seems that something important is missing Chapter 1034: Yinyin, you are getting a big money, right? Chapter 1035: I have been looking for you for a long time, and finally I found it Chapter 1036: Want her to be his girlfriend... Chapter 1037: Transfer to a hospital in Kyoto Chapter 1038: Resistance Chapter 1039: Picturesque Chapter 1040: Ayu! Are you finally willing to believe me? Chapter 1041: What is their number? Chapter 1042: What you hid is really deep enough! Chapter 1043: Why did she come out? Chapter 1044: He has made a girlfriend with us behind his back! Chapter 1045: Let him bring the girl back tonight Chapter 1046: Amo, can you really surprise us? Chapter 1047: A deep feeling (1) Chapter 1048: A deep feeling (2) Chapter 1049: Crawling (1) Chapter 1050: Crawling (2) Chapter 1051: The one who looks so lonely... Chapter 1052: Give me more snacks Chapter 1053: Stood in front of her abruptly like this Chapter 1054: Bumped into an acquaintance Chapter 1055: I won't marry anyone Chapter 1056: What should I do if I ran away? Chapter 1057: Quarrel again Chapter 1058: Sudden accident Chapter 1059: She fell down accidentally, don't blame me! Chapter 1060: From now on, she will never show up in front of you again Chapter 1061: Those lost memories (1) Chapter 1062: Those lost memories (2) Chapter 1063: Those lost memories (3) Chapter 1064: The real namelessness is not the burning of time at all, but... Chapter 1065: When did you have such thoughts about her? Chapter 1066: Ayu, do you want to follow along and have a look? Chapter 1067: We... met before? Chapter 1068: Why does she feel like she is teasing him? Chapter 1069: Just now, was he teased by this woman? ! Chapter 1070: Who is she? Chapter 1071: My mother came back from abroad, she wants to see you Chapter 1072: How about... contact her cousin first? Chapter 1073: I found out why you are so interested in the affairs of Ayu? Chapter 1074: The more so, the less impulsive Chapter 1075: Send news to Lu Jingchen Chapter 1076: Yinyin, is it really you? ! Chapter 1077: You can only find Leng Jiuchen to solve it Chapter 1078: You are really the most hypocritical girl I have ever seen! Chapter 1079: I don't agree with you being with her! Chapter 1080: If you disagree, Amoy? Chapter 1081: I've long wanted to go back and see some of her little babies! Chapter 1082: Finally came back with memories Chapter 1083: I didn't expect them to be so cute now... Chapter 1084: Are you peeking at me? Chapter 1085: We will try to give birth to a few more in the future Chapter 1086: You can fool others, but you can't fool me Chapter 1087: Some of them are making trouble... Chapter 1088: When Leng Jiuchen comes back Chapter 1089: If I want her, I will marry her Chapter 1090: Finally contacted Chapter 1091: Lan Yinyin's body needs to be protected Chapter 1092: I am your little fairy Chapter 1093: Acquainted by love Chapter 1094: I just see her not pleasing to the eye, I just want to **** her off Chapter 1095: Shiran appeared Chapter 1096: I have nothing to do with Wuming! Chapter 1097: The real nameless may really be Amo! Chapter 1098: Brother, got a tyre punctured? Chapter 1099: You... are nameless people! Chapter 1100: What i care about is your heart Chapter 1101: Siyin, welcome back... Chapter 1102: You are the cruelest one Chapter 1103: Could it be that the nameless... is really Amo? ! Chapter 1104: Ah Ran doesn't seem to be lying Chapter 1105: No need to wait any longer, tomorrow night Chapter 1106: Knowing his identity, what can we do? ! Chapter 1107: Dark wave surging (1) Chapter 1108: Dark wave surging (2) Chapter 1109: Dark wave surging (3) Chapter 1110: Dark wave surging (4) Chapter 1111: The truth is revealed (1) Chapter 1112: The truth is revealed (2) Chapter 1113: The truth is revealed (3) Chapter 1114: The truth is revealed (4) Chapter 1115: The truth is revealed (5) Chapter 1116: The truth is revealed (6) Chapter 1117: The truth is revealed (7) Chapter 1118: The truth is revealed (8) Chapter 1119: The truth is revealed (9) Chapter 1120: Who wins and loses (1) Chapter 1121: Who wins and who loses (2) Chapter 1122: Who wins and loses (3) Chapter 1123: Who wins and loses (4) Chapter 1124: Who wins and loses (5) Chapter 1125: Who wins and loses (6) Chapter 1126: Who wins and who loses (7) Chapter 1127: Shimo Persistent (1) Chapter 1128: Shimo persistent (2) Chapter 1129: Shimo persistent (3) Chapter 1130: I am not human now (1) Chapter 1131: I am not human now (2) Chapter 1132: Remember the mousse sound (1) Chapter 1133: Remember the mousse sound (2) Chapter 1134: Remember the mousse sound (3) Chapter 1135: Blue tone appears Chapter 1136: Secret escape (1) Chapter 1137: Secret escape (2) Chapter 1138: Fortunately to meet the deceased (1) Chapter 1139: Fortunately to meet the deceased (2) Chapter 1140: Fortunately to meet the deceased (3) Chapter 1141: Fortunately to meet the deceased (4) Chapter 1142: Transfer immediately (1) Chapter 1143: Transfer immediately (2) Chapter 1144: Successfully rescued Chapter 1145: The person who refines Gu (1) Chapter 1146: The person who refines Gu (2) Chapter 1147: The person who refines Gu (3) Chapter 1148: Gu Practitioners (4) Chapter 1149: I am back Chapter 1150: Tormented (1) Chapter 1151: Tormented (2) Chapter 1152: Work together (1) Chapter 1153: Work together (2) Chapter 1154: Threatening Yue Yiru (1) Chapter 1155: Threatening Yue Yiru (2) Chapter 1156: Threatening Yue Yiru (3) Chapter 1157: You will only kill him (1) Chapter 1158: You will only kill him (2) Chapter 1159: Silent threat (1) Chapter 1160: Silent threats (2) Chapter 1161: Silent threats (3) Chapter 1162: Where would you hide people (1) Chapter 1163: Where would you hide people (2) Chapter 1164: Delay in time (1) Chapter 1165: Delay in time (2) Chapter 1166: Don't go with him! (1) Chapter 1167: Don't go with him! (2) Chapter 1168: Don't go with him! (3) Chapter 1169: Shimo forced marriage (1) Chapter 1170: Shimo forced marriage (2) Chapter 1171: Today's headlines (1) Chapter 1172: Today's headlines (2) Chapter 1173: Infighting (1) Chapter 1174: Infighting (2) Chapter 1175: Infighting (3) Chapter 1176: Discover the clues (1) Chapter 1177: Discover the clues (2) Chapter 1178: Finally found (1) Chapter 1179: Finally found (2) Chapter 1180: Finally found (3) Chapter 1181: The wedding is approaching (1) Chapter 1182: The wedding is approaching (2) Chapter 1183: Capture the old lady Mu (1) Chapter 1184: Capture the old lady Mu (2) Chapter 1185: Encounter with grudges (1) Chapter 1186: Encounter with grievances (2) Chapter 1187: Encounter with grievances (3) Chapter 1188: Encounter with grievances (4) Chapter 1189: Fierce battle (1) Chapter 1190: Fierce battle (2) Chapter 1191: Fierce battle (3) Chapter 1192: Fierce battle (4) Chapter 1193: Fierce battle (5) Chapter 1194: Fierce battle (6) Chapter 1195: How to solve Gu (1) Chapter 1196: How to solve Gu (2) Chapter 1197: Eat your own fruit (1) Chapter 1198: Eat your own fruit (2) Chapter 1199: Hold a wedding (1) Chapter 1200: Hold a wedding (2) Chapter 1201: Smashing the field and grabbing the marriage (1) Chapter 1202: Smash the field and grab the marriage (2) Chapter 1203: Smashing the field and grabbing the marriage (3) Chapter 1204: Smashing the field and grabbing the marriage (4) Chapter 1205: Overturned (1) Chapter 1206: Overturned (2) Chapter 1207: Overturned (3) Chapter 1208: Overturned once (4) Chapter 1209: The truth about car accidents (1) Chapter 1210: The truth about car accidents (2) Chapter 1211: Extradition of Gu Worm (1) Chapter 1212: Extradition of Gu Worm (2) Chapter 1213: Extradition of Gu worms (3) Chapter 1214: Extradition of Gu worms (4) Chapter 1215: Extradition of Gu Worm (5) Chapter 1216: Like Shimo (1) Chapter 1217: Like Shimo (2) Chapter 1218: Unwilling to admit defeat Chapter 1219: Scared to urinate Chapter 1220: Sleep together Chapter 1221: About Dongfangjue Chapter 1222: Brother confrontation Chapter 1223: Uncle Shi was jealous (1) Chapter 1224: Uncle Shi was jealous (2) Chapter 1225: The silk tone is gone (1) Chapter 1226: The silk tone is gone (2) Chapter 1227: The silk tone is gone (3) Chapter 1228: Go to Snow Mountain (1) Chapter 1229: Go to Snow Mountain (2) Chapter 1230: Finally arrived (1) Chapter 1231: Finally arrived (2) Chapter 1232: Can't find (1) Chapter 1233: Can't find (2) Chapter 1234: Meet with Dongfangjue (1) Chapter 1235: Meet with Dongfangjue (2) Chapter 1236: Meet with Dongfangjue (3) Chapter 1237: Fox Fairy = Food (1) Chapter 1238: Fox Fairy = Foodie (2) Chapter 1239: Fox Fairy = Foodie (3) Chapter 1240: guess who I am? Chapter 1241: You can't run away! Chapter 1242: Little White Going to the Horse (1) Chapter 1243: Little White Goes Out (2) Chapter 1244: Little White Comes Out (3) Chapter 1245: Completely subdued (1) Chapter 1246: Completely subdued (2) Chapter 1247: She is back (1) Chapter 1248: She is back (2) Chapter 1249: She is back (3) Chapter 1250: She is back (4) Chapter 1251: Reunion and return (1) Chapter 1252: Reunion and return (2) Chapter 1253: Reunion (3) Chapter 1254: Young couple (1) Chapter 1255: Young couple (2) Chapter 1256: Sunny after rain (1) Chapter 1257: Sunny after rain (2) Chapter 1258: Sunny after rain (3) Chapter 1259: Shimo leaves Chapter 1260: Go to Lujia (1) Chapter 1261: Go to Lujia (2) Chapter 1262: Leng Yunfeng is dead Chapter 1263: Poor Lu Jingchen Chapter 1264: The task is arduous (1) Chapter 1265: The task is arduous (2) Chapter 1266: Identity exposure (1) Chapter 1267: Identity exposure (2) Chapter 1268: Identity exposure (3) Chapter 1269: Killing chickens and monkeys (1) Chapter 1270: Kill the chicken and respect the monkey (2) Chapter 1271: Keep your body like jade (2) Chapter 1272: Keep one's body like jade (3) Chapter 1273: Clever use of beautiful male tactics (1) Chapter 1274: Clever use of beautiful male tactics (2) Chapter 1275: Ji Yang Vinegar (1) Chapter 1276: Ji Yang Vinegar (2) Chapter 1277: narcissism Chapter 1278: The Mind of Dragon Seven (1) Chapter 1279: The Mind of Dragon Seven (2) Chapter 1280: The Mind of Dragon Seven (3) Chapter 1281: Act early (1) Chapter 1282: Act in advance (2) Chapter 1283: Act early (3) Chapter 1284: Take a risk (1) Chapter 1285: Take a risk (2) Chapter 1286: Mixed into the trading floor (1) Chapter 1287: Mixed into the trading floor (2) Chapter 1288: Mixed into the trading floor (3) Chapter 1289: Full firepower (1) Chapter 1290: Full firepower (2) Chapter 1291: Will be called father Chapter 1292: Whereabouts unknown Chapter 1293: Lucky to be rescued Chapter 1294: Report safety Chapter 1295: Where's my clothes (1) Chapter 1296: Where's my clothes (2) Chapter 1297: The evidence is missing (1) Chapter 1298: The evidence is missing (2) Chapter 1299: Her likes (1) Chapter 1300: Her likes (2) Chapter 1301: Her likes (3) Chapter 1302: Kissed Chapter 1303: Apply medicine Chapter 1304: Probing (1) Chapter 1305: Test (2) Chapter 1306: Go to heaven with one praise Chapter 1307: How stingy! Chapter 1308: Squeezed like this by my girlfriend Chapter 1309: Are these two things so valuable? Chapter 1310: Why steal these things? Chapter 1311: Where are the pinhole cameras sold? Chapter 1312: For money, dare to do anything! Chapter 1313: I chopped you to feed the dog today! Chapter 1314: Grandma, please spare your life Chapter 1315: Long-term Chapter 1316: Poor parents in the world Chapter 1317: It's not scary to go the wrong way for a while Chapter 1318: Are you leaving now? Chapter 1319: Begging Officer Ji to show mercy Chapter 1320: What is the charm of Ji Yang? Chapter 1321: are you a pig? Chapter 1322: I don't mind raising you a little white face Chapter 1323: Ji YangGood, very good Chapter 1324: Just wake you up Chapter 1325: I can't even find a boyfriend Chapter 1326: Bai Lianhua is too good at pretending, and blame me? Chapter 1327: He is not my boyfriend Chapter 1328: Encounter with ex Chapter 1329: You are green for him after all Chapter 1330: Hook out the hurt in my heart again? Chapter 1331: Mousse tone, "you" is good Chapter 1332: It's really hard for you to give birth to four at once Chapter 1333: What's wrong with my cousin? Chapter 1334: If he can let go, thank goodness Chapter 1335: People saved you, you can't overemphasize your promises Chapter 1336: He don't want to be strict with his wife Chapter 1337: I don't want to get married now... Chapter 1338: He even thought of marrying that man-in-law? ! Chapter 1339: You won't... are you chasing me? Chapter 1340: Do you have someone you like? Chapter 1341: Why are you looking for me? Chapter 1342: Anxious to find the next home? Chapter 1343: You say... how should I punish you? Chapter 1344: You should be thankful I fell in love with you Chapter 1345: Let him go or want him to come in and save you Chapter 1346: I decided, take you with me Chapter 1347: Your wings are hard to fly this time! Chapter 1348: You MD is the little boy! Chapter 1349: Did the young master beat them all down? ! Chapter 1350: I just want to put some medicine on Officer Ji Chapter 1351: The level of shame is really eye-opening Chapter 1352: How is your considering? Chapter 1353: Has Bai Ruoya been here? Chapter 1354: I...have a girlfriend Chapter 1355: Wasn't she in love with each other this time? Chapter 1356: Hold great grandson, hold great grandson... Chapter 1357: Cousin! You finally got the hang of it! Chapter 1358: Fever with a sore face! Chapter 1359: Yinyin, things are not what you think Chapter 1360: Can't it stop? Chapter 1361: He can always inadvertently touch her... Chapter 1362: self boasting Chapter 1363: I always feel stupid... Chapter 1364: Don't be so unkind to me, okay? Chapter 1365: He has no place for you Chapter 1366: Why can't you think of jumping off the building? Chapter 1367: Bai Ruoya is going to make trouble with him! Chapter 1368: Are you jumping? Chapter 1369: If I can't be with him, I would rather die! Chapter 1370: Jing Chen, please Chapter 1371: If you want to play this kind of bitter drama in the future, please change place Chapter 1372: How despicable is this, this is shameless! Chapter 1373: She is not good enough for Jing Chen! Chapter 1374: Cousin and cousin are the same~ Chapter 1375: Show affection again Chapter 1376: Bravely Chapter 1377: The first time you visit, it spawns Chapter 1378: Who confessed first? Chapter 1379: I must come forward to expose her true colors! Chapter 1380: I used to think Ruoya was a pretty well-behaved and sensible girl Chapter 1381: Ji Yang was shot while lying down this time Chapter 1382: Jing Chen and Yang Yang must be fair Chapter 1383: I want to catch my cousin's heart... Chapter 1384: It's all a good thing you caused! Chapter 1385: I have recently suffered from depression, and my spirit is not normal Chapter 1386: You make me pretend to be crazy? Chapter 1387: Madam guessed right Chapter 1388: I'm worried about my young master's EQ Chapter 1389: Master, you dont know women Chapter 1390: Who told you to come in without knocking Chapter 1391: Come on, baby, I'll give you medicine... Chapter 1392: Don't you think Ben Shao is unreliable? Chapter 1393: Do you think Ben Shao is handsome? Chapter 1394: Tell me about how you became a boyfriend? Chapter 1395: I have to listen to me when I go back this time Chapter 1396: Boyfriend is bursting Chapter 1397: That bitch! I don't want to see her again! Chapter 1398: You want him, but he doesn't like you? Chapter 1399: Guilty conscience Chapter 1400: When will you be more obedient? Chapter 1401: You and your boyfriend have to be careful Chapter 1402: You are a boy, you have to let your girlfriend Chapter 1403: This time he played with Ji Yang Chapter 1404: I've moved your things to Jing Chen's room Chapter 1405: Do you know what it means to strike first? Chapter 1406: No, she has to think of some measures Chapter 1407: The woman I like Long Qi, no one will take it away! Chapter 1408: What can his mother calculate for him? Chapter 1409: They divorced a long time ago Chapter 1410: What are you thinking about! Ji Yang! Chapter 1411: Do you think you have that opportunity? Chapter 1412: Double happiness is here, how great! Chapter 1413: You are really a talent! Chapter 1414: What happened that made you hard to say? Chapter 1415: Leng Jiuchen is probably crazy Chapter 1416: Your husband is sick Chapter 1417: So responsive Chapter 1418: It really is a conscience! Chapter 1419: I didn't expect Shao Lu to be very clingy Chapter 1420: Madam, how come you are so good to me all of a sudden? Chapter 1421: Let Lu Jingchen know how many rivals he has Chapter 1422: You dont know if you like Ji Yang? Chapter 1423: Is it caused by drugs...or do you really like it? Chapter 1424: There is a feeling of falling into the pit! Chapter 1425: Dragon Seven! Go away! Chapter 1426: Ji Yang, he is not for you Chapter 1427: Is the type that Lu Jingchen used to like Chapter 1428: Man woman...I'm going to die... Chapter 1429: He seems to really feel affection for Ji Yang... Chapter 1430: Let's end this relationship... Chapter 1431: Don't have to say sorry to me Chapter 1432: Ji Yang, I like you... Chapter 1433: Always routine him Chapter 1434: Is your temper getting bigger and bigger? Chapter 1435: Your boyfriend is so kind to you Chapter 1436: It's absolutely right to ask that Xiao Nizi for help Chapter 1437: Its not a problem if you are alone for three to five years Chapter 1438: Dude, please enlighten me Chapter 1439: That man must be moved to tears! Chapter 1440: She didn't care about him at all Chapter 1441: Man, you are a liar! Chapter 1442: Don't you feel anything about me? Chapter 1443: Go to sea again in three days Chapter 1444: I like to drink by myself Chapter 1445: Xiao Mengxin, dont know the rules Chapter 1446: Sister Xiu is really good-sighted Chapter 1447: The first time I saw such a shameless woman! Chapter 1448: Raise your hand and let me go Chapter 1449: You go and pick something next door Chapter 1450: It was so angry that it didn't explode! Chapter 1451: Ji Yang! She is Ji Yang! Chapter 1452: Follow the plan I told you Chapter 1453: Give them a little excitement Chapter 1454: Heaven! Earth! Chapter 1455: You can escape! Chapter 1456: Everything, it is his Dragon Seven who has the final say! Chapter 1457: It turned out to be a stunt man! Chapter 1458: It's better not to meet him Chapter 1459: Miss...Can you leave a phone call? Chapter 1460: I think Miss Qiao is like a person Chapter 1461: Ji Yang can't be reached Chapter 1462: Waiting for you and Yang Yang to come back Chapter 1463: What despicable tactics are you going to use? ! Chapter 1464: I don't want to go on a hunger strike! Chapter 1465: This is Long's fiancee, Qiao Weiwei Chapter 1466: See what she is arrogant now! Chapter 1467: Are you kidding me? Chapter 1468: It shocked her too much, and disappointed her too much! Chapter 1469: A woman like you! You should throw it into the sea to feed the fish! Chapter 1470: That guy is so impulsive! Chapter 1471: Is it really selfless? Chapter 1472: Don't regret it... Chapter 1473: What dastardly tactics are you doing! Chapter 1474: You can only ask me now... Chapter 1475: I feel sick when I see you Chapter 1476: I don't want to see you, it's like seeing a ghost Chapter 1477: Don't need your hypocrisy Chapter 1478: Either he died or I died Chapter 1479: I never said that I want to marry you Chapter 1480: I can't get too close to my enemy Chapter 1481: how? Afraid of me jumping into the sea? Chapter 1482: Hold an engagement banquet Chapter 1483: He is much cleaner than you Chapter 1484: I really want to kill him immediately! Chapter 1485: Dragon Qi, you shameless! Chapter 1486: Give me your hand! Chapter 1487: Tied up...hanging upside down on the deck... Chapter 1488: Last name Long! Obediently let people go! Chapter 1489: Are you the grandson of the turtle grandson? ! Chapter 1490: The men who fall in love are all dumbfounded Chapter 1491: Are you afraid that your head is flooded? Chapter 1492: Don't be afraid to burn yourself stupid! Chapter 1493: Thank you for saving me and thank you for taking care of me Chapter 1494: Can you keep this secret for me? Chapter 1495: Has the name changed from Lao Zhangren to Uncle Ji? Chapter 1496: what's happenin? So mournful? Chapter 1497: Can't you just chase it cheeky? Chapter 1498: But you...really not my type Chapter 1499: Did he have to sleep on the sofa and blame me? Chapter 1500: Fascinated by Ben Shao Kan? Chapter 1501: Jing Chen, Yang Yang... I'll leave it to you to take care of Chapter 1502: I said you are really the older and the more domineering Chapter 1503: The girl looks like your sister-in-law, understand? Chapter 1504: You and my cousin should talk about marriage, right? Chapter 1505: Personality disagreements are trivial Chapter 1506: You haven't told me what kind of man you like? Chapter 1507: Ji Yang, I really want to be with you Chapter 1508: What's your ghost name early in the morning? Chapter 1509: It's right or not, I'll know after trying Chapter 1510: She is your daughter-in-law, she can't run away! Chapter 1511: I want to ask you a favor Chapter 1512: For her, it's more terrifying than death Chapter 1513: I don't want to tell him now Chapter 1514: Even his own identity is ignored! Chapter 1515: Even his own identity is ignored! Chapter 1516: Dont you feel proud? Chapter 1517: Deep down in her heart, she didn't want him to leave... Chapter 1518: Are you breaking up now? Chapter 1519: The great Baoma Chapter 1520: Follow them quietly Chapter 1521: Plan again Chapter 1522: Wouldn't it work for him to change it? Chapter 1523: Give me some more time Chapter 1524: When did you learn to be reserved? Chapter 1525: The fish is about to be hooked... Chapter 1526: Jing Chen~Help me~ Chapter 1527: Scream, grandpa, come and listen Chapter 1528: I'll save anyone else Chapter 1529: Suspected resurgence Chapter 1530: Is it true that the old relationship with Miss Bai has rekindled? Chapter 1531: She should bless... Chapter 1532: Poor Xiao Yangyang Chapter 1533: Wouldn't it be enough to introduce her anew? Chapter 1534: Why don't you have a long memory? Chapter 1535: Let him explain to you Chapter 1536: Dig a corner for my son like this Chapter 1537: What's wrong with me? Chapter 1538: Those on the Internet are all fake Chapter 1539: Do you believe me good this time? Chapter 1540: Maybe she doesn't like me enough Chapter 1541: Let Bai Ruoya come forward to clarify Chapter 1542: You have to be careful and stop her way Chapter 1543: Miss Ji is so pitiful that she met such a white lotus Chapter 1544: He and I are still the most suitable friends Chapter 1545: Can't find someone? Chapter 1546: Must follow our plan Chapter 1547: She and Lu Jingchen are very lucky Chapter 1548: Love this thing Chapter 1549: Did you decide to forgive my cousin? Chapter 1550: Isn't something really going on? Chapter 1551: A self-directed and self-acted scene? Chapter 1552: Relieve sorrows with alcohol Chapter 1553: Let me stay with you, OK? Chapter 1554: You are the most mean and shameless woman I have ever seen! Chapter 1555: Lu Jingchen! Damn you! Chapter 1556: Chapter 1557: I suspect that I was calculated Chapter 1558: Bai Ruoya is the guilty conscience Chapter 1559: This woman can really pretend! Chapter 1560: When she comes back, I will take care of the matter Chapter 1561: Take one's place, seek one's job Chapter 1562: You have to give him a name in front of the whole world Chapter 1563: I didn't do anything good, but I did a lot of stupid things Chapter 1564: Xiang Qiuji and I also like each other Chapter 1565: Escaped for a while, not a lifetime Chapter 1566: Leng Jiuchen has his ambition Chapter 1567: Look at Gods will, look at fate, look at themselves Chapter 1568: Just get married once, so naturally you have to be more extravagant Chapter 1569: This Bai Ruoya is really lingering! Chapter 1570: That figure should be Choo Ja... Chapter 1571: Who do I think it is? Chapter 1572: A shameless person like her Chapter 1573: Don't you miss him a little bit? Chapter 1574: Is cultivating feelings Chapter 1575: It's the foodie Xiaobai, yes... Chapter 1576: You still have vision! Chapter 1577: Why did you become a foodie in an instant? Chapter 1578: She is sick and has a terrible fever! Chapter 1579: Actually, she was poisoned Chapter 1580: Am I more handsome than your husband? Chapter 1581: It's really amazing... Chapter 1582: Fortunately, Leng Jiuchen didn't come Chapter 1583: You don't have to risk this trip Chapter 1584: My life, I call the shots Chapter 1585: Then I... it's time to go Chapter 1586: Leng Jiuchen, what are you doing? ! Chapter 1587: Leng Jiuchen! You are so mean Chapter 1588: Does this grandmother not write drafts when she tells lies? Chapter 1589: Blame or fate Chapter 1590: Find Xiang Qiuji, what should Meining do? Chapter 1591: My home voice is getting more and more capable Chapter 1592: She still cares about you Chapter 1593: Why don't you tell me about your poisoning? Chapter 1594: Fool, your poison is gone Chapter 1595: Are you moved? Chapter 1596: If Bai Lianhuas matter is not resolved, the two of them are unlikely Chapter 1597: Leng Jiuchen! I hate you! Chapter 1598: Good-looking good-looking, very good-looking Chapter 1599: I met such a big white lotus early in the morning Chapter 1600: Do you have to avoid me like this? Chapter 1601: They seem to be reconciled Chapter 1602: Tell Lu Jingchen you are pregnant Chapter 1603: That **** Leng Jiuchen didn't catch up with you, right? Chapter 1604: Meining, you, why are you here too? Chapter 1605: I know he doesn't like me Chapter 1606: You are a bastard! Chapter 1607: What do I want you? Chapter 1608: Lovers get married Chapter 1609: Bullying too much! ! Chapter 1610: When do you want to be upset? Chapter 1611: He is anxious to see Choo Ja! Chapter 1612: How to propose to be romantic enough Chapter 1613: Xiang Qiuji, you are deceiving yourself... Chapter 1614: Aran wants to be your brother-in-law Chapter 1615: Do you care too much? Chapter 1616: You just need to look after your wife for me Chapter 1617: Who makes people thick-skinned? Chapter 1618: Its okay to talk to me, right? Chapter 1619: A man-in-law is a man-in-law, and cannot be compared with the average woman Chapter 1620: Prepare for surprise Chapter 1621: Ji Yang! I love you, marry me! Chapter 1622: Lu Jingchen can really pick the time Chapter 1623: Soon, there will be wedding wine again Chapter 1624: Without giving him some stimulation, he would not feel the sense of crisis at all Chapter 1625: Bai Lianhua is going to do something again Chapter 1626: He's afraid you know what happened with me Chapter 1627: Are you shameless as a woman? Chapter 1628: I am not a fool, Lu Jingchen, let you cheat at will! Chapter 1629: What I cant get, dont even think of Ji Yang! Chapter 1630: Without your cooperation, what kind of guidance and acting would she use? Chapter 1631: I will bring the evidence to you Chapter 1632: It was a trivial matter last time, this time it's different Chapter 1633: She is really hardworking Chapter 1634: Such a woman is not a good lesson Chapter 1635: Is it useful for you to self-mutilate now? Chapter 1636: What is the reason for her being so persistent? Chapter 1637: I think my decision last night was too hasty Chapter 1638: Women are really scary Chapter 1639: Have all the proposal rings returned to Jing Chen? Chapter 1640: He actually did it to you? ! Chapter 1641: I have another trick Chapter 1642: I'm worried about you coming back alone Chapter 1643: I never hit women! you are the first! Chapter 1644: I won't keep you accountable Chapter 1645: Must check Chapter 1646: Let's not deceive ourselves anymore Chapter 1647: Bai Ruoya was almost choked to death by you, do you know? Chapter 1648: She is a complete liar Chapter 1649: You still see is believing Chapter 1650: Ji Yang! Wait! Chapter 1651: wait me back Chapter 1652: If he doesn't come, I will jump from here! Chapter 1653: Women...really terrible! Chapter 1654: Why should she treat her this way! Chapter 1655: Kill you wicked thing! Chapter 1656: Have you saved her heart? Chapter 1657: I have met her father Chapter 1658: what goes around comes around Chapter 1659: This is for the people to eliminate harm, this is for Jade... Chapter 1660: It's really cheap and cold Jiuchen Chapter 1661: Don't like others, don't run away from me Chapter 1662: Mei Ning is the one you want to marry Chapter 1663: She is nothing more than a long face with Yueya Chapter 1664: When will you still lie to her? Chapter 1665: Want to divorce Chapter 1666: If... Leng Jiuchen really has another woman by her side Chapter 1667: If you dont have a last resort, this marriage wont retire Chapter 1668: Leng Jiuchen is here Chapter 1669: You have to talk about the wedding Chapter 1670: Is Achen really here to discuss marriage? Chapter 1671: I let you down Chapter 1672: Why is he going to destroy her dream... Chapter 1673: I dont want to marry someone who doesnt love Chapter 1674: It's simply a horror of slipping the world! Chapter 1675: See what kind of woman is doing things by his side! Chapter 1676: We are all well, don't worry Chapter 1677: Set about the wedding Chapter 1678: I want to meet that Xiangjia girl! Chapter 1679: You have to sit in your palace position Chapter 1680: I want to divorce Chapter 1681: Fainted Chapter 1682: Ninety-nine, you have to think twice, think twice! Chapter 1683: I want to use the child to lock her firmly by my side Chapter 1684: I have a method, you can try Chapter 1685: Ayu came up with a good idea for me Chapter 1686: The son died young, and the grandson is a **** again Chapter 1687: I dont clean up my mess Chapter 1688: You help me wake him up! Chapter 1689: The face of the iceberg will be turned into a smile by you for thousands of years Chapter 1690: He really doesn't know how to constrain Chapter 1691: One pair for life people Chapter 1692: I like to see you dancing Chapter 1693: Start with this woman! Chapter 1694: Ruined her face, she has nothing to rely on Chapter 1695: I'm getting married Chapter 1696: Its better for you not to show up at this critical juncture Chapter 1697: He would never allow him to marry that woman back! Chapter 1698: Hongyan is really a disaster! Chapter 1699: Vice President's Only Son Lu Tianyu Chapter 1700: More than they thought! Chapter 1701: He said he admired you and really wanted to marry you Chapter 1702: I don't want to marry Chapter 1703: Who do you want to marry if you don't marry me? Chapter 1704: Will you help me? Chapter 1705: She chose to leave, it was correct Chapter 1706: I dont worry if you go out alone Chapter 1707: Leng Jiuchen is willing to let you out? Chapter 1708: She has already figured out a plan, and I am cooperating with her Chapter 1709: Regarding the marriage of Miss Mei Ning and Jiu Chapter 1710: Yue has a son, seven out of twenty, not yet married Chapter 1711: They are really good calculations! Chapter 1712: Leng Jiuchen wants to see you Chapter 1713: What if I dont marry anyone? Chapter 1714: The children of the imperial family are the tools of marriage Chapter 1715: He is a villain, so what are you? Chapter 1716: Three days later, I will reply to Leng Jiuchen Chapter 1717: Since I have to choose one to marry, I choose Yue Yiming Chapter 1718: It's improper to leave the President's wife, but you want to marry a painter? Chapter 1719: You are a kind child, destiny will not treat you badly Chapter 1720: do you miss me? Chapter 1721: So good Chapter 1722: Does this person still have a face? Chapter 1723: Xiang Qiuji is really going to be restrained by you this time! Chapter 1724: I'm going to be a father Chapter 1725: How can you be so domineering? Chapter 1726: Like a perfect artwork Chapter 1727: I'm so shameless? ! Chapter 1728: It seems to be a complete change of person Chapter 1729: That overbearing mad Chapter 1730: Childish like a child Chapter 1731: Mei Qing too underestimated my family Chapter 1732: What shameful trick did you use? ! Chapter 1733: Waiting for the big drive at any time Chapter 1734: What should she do if she does have it? Chapter 1735: Why is Uncle Leng, what's wrong with your daughter-in-law? Chapter 1736: If you want, I can get married right away Chapter 1737: Want to threaten me with a child, don't you? Chapter 1738: Take care of my great grandson! Chapter 1739: If you really leave tomorrow Chapter 1740: Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years Chapter 1741: I really have the ambition of others, and destroy my own power! Chapter 1742: Lu Tianyu is not Leng Jiuchen's opponent at all Chapter 1743: You let me down, I'll go by myself Chapter 1744: Are you still angry? Chapter 1745: Slap in the face, once cooked and cooked again Chapter 1746: Talking and talking... I really like it... Chapter 1747: Ajiu, Ajiu, Ajiu... Chapter 1748: Two months later, I will marry you in Chapter 1749: I dont have time to find this wife? Chapter 1750: Come to introduce you a friend Chapter 1751: I went with Choo Ja Chapter 1752: Block the whole city immediately! Chapter 1753: Miss Xiang is missing... Chapter 1754: disguise Chapter 1755: Successful boarding Chapter 1756: Chapter 1757: Chapter 1758: Everything he did Chapter 1759: Where are you now Chapter 1760: Whereabouts have been discovered (1) Chapter 1761: Whereabouts have been discovered (2) Chapter 1762: In the hands of her Mei Qing, she is unlucky (1) Chapter 1763: In the hands of her Mei Qing, she is unlucky (2) Chapter 1764: It's all a bunch of rice buckets Chapter 1765: Let her send Xiang Qiuji back intact Chapter 1766: Choo Ja is in danger now Chapter 1767: Find it yourself! Chapter 1768: I have a deal Chapter 1769: She is in my hands now Chapter 1770: Was she kidnapped by that woman? Chapter 1771: If you don't have this face, you are nothing Chapter 1772: Do you know why Leng Jiuchen likes you? Chapter 1773: You have to pay for it! Chapter 1774: Don't be discovered! Chapter 1775: What's wrong, the investigation is so strict? Chapter 1776: Leng Jiuchen also went to the border town Chapter 1777: Can only succeed, not fail Chapter 1778: You, you...who? Chapter 1779: Take the room card and take us up! Chapter 1780: Leng Jiuchen...you can't die! Chapter 1781: Tonight, he will always remember... Chapter 1782: Afraid? Chapter 1783: trust me Chapter 1784: I believe Ajiu, he must be somewhere well now Chapter 1785: Are you a newly married couple? Chapter 1786: how is he? When can I wake up? Chapter 1787: Send the news back Chapter 1788: They are not bad guys Chapter 1789: Ji people have their own heavens Chapter 1790: A reward order is placed above Chapter 1791: You just need to hide it and not let others see it, it's okay Chapter 1792: I'm here...I'm right by your side Chapter 1793: I am sorry Chapter 1794: You have to lock this door Chapter 1795: There is no one in it? ! Chapter 1796: How is our child? Chapter 1797: Remember, never leave me again Chapter 1798: Can two people like this really be together? Chapter 1799: Finally called Chapter 1800: Leng Jiuchen! You are so fate! Chapter 1801: Today... you all are going to hell! Chapter 1802: You are a fool as your grandfather! Chapter 1803: Tied them all up for me! Keep it alive! Chapter 1804: It turned out to be a great benefactor! Chapter 1805: Go back to Kyoto immediately to avoid the long night dreams! Chapter 1806: You promised me Chapter 1807: Regret it? Chapter 1808: You should all understand each other's hearts, right? Chapter 1809: True love can cross everything Chapter 1810: I like confessing things like this the most! Chapter 1811: Its better to put away this photo early Chapter 1812: Blame himself, not you Chapter 1813: Persuading to join or not to persuade to leave Chapter 1814: This time! No one is allowed to intercede for her! Chapter 1815: If this continues, things will really happen Chapter 1816: One uncontrollable... Chapter 1817: Have personality! Chapter 1818: Does this Huo family mean to Jiaojiao? Chapter 1819: I really don't have any expectations for him... Chapter 1820: Determined Chapter 1821: Emotional matters, barely come Chapter 1822: Did you curse brother like that? Chapter 1823: My engagement with Meining has been cancelled Chapter 1824: Let Master Yue come back and meet Xiao Ning Chapter 1825: Feelings can be cultivated slowly Chapter 1826: Is the rice she feeds delicious? Chapter 1827: Injury is really not a pleasant thing Chapter 1828: That position is none other than General Leng! Chapter 1829: Two people with such a good match have actually retired? Chapter 1830: Do a big business first! Chapter 1831: You can! Chapter 1832: I am an angel in white! I am innocent and kind! Chapter 1833: Mei Ning ran away from home Chapter 1834: I should be happy, you still remember me Chapter 1835: The son of the Yue Guowu family is really hidden! Chapter 1836: Is there a woman you like before Yiming? Chapter 1837: Ajiu lost her, you must not lose again Chapter 1838: Its hard for him to understand the aesthetics of girls now Chapter 1839: Hi, what a coincidence~ Chapter 1840: Such a handsome and gentleman is polite and caring! Chapter 1841: Why is it so unlucky! Chapter 1842: Yue Yiming is the window to rescue Mei Ning Chapter 1843: She deserved it Chapter 1844: I'll be a cow and a horse for you all my life Chapter 1845: Destined to lose! Chapter 1846: On the Way of Doting Wife Chapter 1847: News that shocked the world Chapter 1848: Prepare your wedding gifts in advance Chapter 1849: Okay, you lied to me? Chapter 1850: Wait two more months for me Chapter 1851: Not obedient, huh? Chapter 1852: I want to surprise him Chapter 1853: Is this why you have to be me? Chapter 1854: I love you, and I want to marry you too Chapter 1855: What can you do to forgive me? Chapter 1856: I don't want to see you when she wakes up Chapter 1857: She has been a stand-in for another woman for so long Chapter 1858: What happened? Did he bully you? Chapter 1859: Maybe this is fate, it's fate Chapter 1860: Tell me a story about you and her Chapter 1861: That **** past Chapter 1862: He and that woman have a wonderful past Chapter 1863: The most handsome president in history Chapter 1864: Look at that woman rushing directly on Ah Jiu! Chapter 1865: I'm afraid something will happen Chapter 1866: Make a deal with him Chapter 1867: Seeing President Leng, I will definitely be overjoyed! Chapter 1868: How is this possible? Chapter 1869: Since President Leng doesn't want this surprise Chapter 1870: Are you still blaming me? Chapter 1871: Did he give her some Ecstasy? Chapter 1872: He said he would marry you? Chapter 1873: How can he call people like this? Chapter 1874: How do you deal with her relationship? Chapter 1875: I thought...I will never see you again... Chapter 1876: Xiang Qiuji, you are a fool... Chapter 1877: Could it be that she knew something? Chapter 1878: Send me away, or wait for him to collect my body Chapter 1879: I hate you! I can't wait for you to die! Chapter 1880: If you dont understand your hate, you can take a few more shots Chapter 1881: He and Xiang Qiujis children are just gone... Chapter 1882: I want to leave here, never want to come back Chapter 1883: Help me take good care of her Chapter 1884: He loves that girl very much? Chapter 1885: I would rather...one wrong to the end Chapter 1886: Head to head, the result is doomed to lose both Chapter 1887: Give up? Chapter 1888: Next month, I will announce the news that we are going to get married Chapter 1889: The life she wants is really simple Chapter 1890: You are not wrong, what is wrong is fate Chapter 1891: Leng Jiuchen is here! Chapter 1892: Say you are too old now, then what is not enough! Chapter 1893: I do not love you anymore Chapter 1894: What is the relationship between my brother and you? Chapter 1895: Don't give way quickly? Chapter 1896: Gone...Alright Chapter 1897: You are Dragon Cha, right? Chapter 1898: Why are you? Chapter 1899: Leng Jiuchen must die! Chapter 1900: You still can't let him go! Chapter 1901: Ask someone to check her brother, there must be something wrong with her brother! Chapter 1902: Are you very capable? Why did you let her go like this? Chapter 1903: You are so crazy! Chapter 1904: I have hallucinations Chapter 1905: People...Always change Chapter 1906: Glutinous rice dumplings Chapter 1907: You can try to jump a few more times Chapter 1908: He has now stayed and flew with Yue Qiuji Chapter 1909: Ten minutes, be sure to find the lady! Chapter 1910: Her luck tonight Chapter 1911: Since they want to kill me, I can't hide Chapter 1912: The people cultivated by Longsha really cannot be underestimated Chapter 1913: I think you want to find Xiang Qiuji! Chapter 1914: What are they...what are they planning? Chapter 1915: Even if you kill me, the Leng family is not wrong! Chapter 1916: She is my son's mother Chapter 1917: Take your people and leave immediately! Chapter 1918: He is my brother Chapter 1919: This is to put Leng Jiuchen to death! ! Chapter 1920: He would actually fall in love with the daughter who killed his father and enemy? ! Chapter 1921: Don't fight anymore! Chapter 1922: Let Leng Jiuchen take his people away immediately! Chapter 1923: One more person, more power, more hope Chapter 1924: Don't be happy too early Chapter 1925: What is the idea Chapter 1926: Change face, change place Chapter 1927: I will love Choo Ja more than him Chapter 1928: I wonder which child Long Shao is holding? Chapter 1929: You brat! Isn't the white-eyed wolf? Chapter 1930: I don't know who is Long Young's son's mother? Chapter 1931: Don't worry, Choo Ja will be fine Chapter 1932: What kind of defying skill is this? ! Chapter 1933: It should be her own problem Chapter 1934: It depends on whether Ajiu can fool his wife Chapter 1935: You let the young couple talk Chapter 1936: It's impossible to let Xiaoci continue to follow you namelessly! Chapter 1937: A mountain is higher than a mountain Chapter 1938: Actually, that child... Leng Jiuchen and I belonged Chapter 1939: When to tell Leng Jiuchen Chapter 1940: You and Xiao Yi are both little white-eyed wolves Chapter 1941: Are you refined? Chapter 1942: She is innocent Chapter 1943: No one can change what he wants to do Chapter 1944: Are you also against that **** marrying Xiang Qiuji? Chapter 1945: That child is the blood of my Leng family, and definitely cannot be raised by Longcha! Chapter 1946: This set is really clever Chapter 1947: Tell me, do we have a child Chapter 1948: Ah Jiu, you can really make money now! Chapter 1949: President Leng has good sincerity Chapter 1950: Very beautiful today Chapter 1951: In order to have a daughter-in-law, your son doesn't want it! Chapter 1952: Wedding in a month Chapter 1953: They are happy in love Chapter 1954: What happened to Mei Ning after being accused of Yue Yiming? Chapter 1955: How do you know their affairs so clearly? Chapter 1956: The boss fired you? Chapter 1957: is her! ! Chapter 1958: She needs to be independent Chapter 1959: Are you too ambitious? Chapter 1960: Why run away from home? Chapter 1961: If you don't want to marry, I can help you with an idea Chapter 1962: You are better than him in everything Chapter 1963: You said I look good Chapter 1964: Happiness comes fast, like a tornado Chapter 1965: This relationship is definitely unusual Chapter 1966: How could she have such an idea! Chapter 1967: Soon, I might call you Madam Chapter 1968: My boss and I are really not what you think Chapter 1969: I... I have a fiance Chapter 1970: You don't need to knock on the door when you come in Chapter 1971: What you want is never possible Chapter 1972: I'm going back after all Chapter 1973: But i don't like her Chapter 1974: This time, I have to go Chapter 1975: I accept her as a disciple, I have my own reason Chapter 1976: I really want to call Xiaoxin a madam Chapter 1977: This man is poisonous Chapter 1978: They all say that I am a couple with you Chapter 1979: Such a fairy boss can be so humorous Chapter 1980: I thought you were looking at me Chapter 1981: I accept an apprentice, you dont have to be so curious Chapter 1982: How did you let him accept you as a disciple? Chapter 1983: Is this important? Chapter 1984: Then you have no interest in your boss? Chapter 1985: To find a wife, you have to find a heart on yourself! Chapter 1986: I don't want to trouble myself Chapter 1987: If you are allowed to bully others, you are not allowed to fight back! Chapter 1988: She made me like this, why should I apologize to her? ! Chapter 1989: Caused you trouble Chapter 1990: You wrap it in a blanket first Chapter 1991: Really shameful! Chapter 1992: Is she...really to him... Chapter 1993: Don't call me the boss at home Chapter 1994: Provoked your little girlfriend Chapter 1995: Is he engaged? ! Chapter 1996: Is his fiance in the country? Chapter 1997: She still doesn't trust him after all Chapter 1998: I told you that I have a fiance Chapter 1999: I want to move out Chapter 2000: Don't you have any feelings for me? Chapter 2001: I am Yue Yiming Chapter 2002: Do you know what it feels like to be struck by lightning? Chapter 2003: He actually... kissed her! Chapter 2004: After confessing his identity, how did he treat him so badly? Chapter 2005: You...can't let him go? Chapter 2006: I can talk to you, but I can't say bad things about you Chapter 2007: Is it raw rice and cooked rice? Chapter 2008: This is Leng's house, keep your voice down Chapter 2009: There is a saying called Dependence of Fortune and Disaster Chapter 2010: Three to five years are too long, I cant wait... Chapter 2011: Have you ever had a girlfriend before? Chapter 2012: Are you really going back to get married? Chapter 2013: Why do you shatter so much drawing paper? Chapter 2014: The taste of the artist is really different from that of ordinary people Chapter 2015: How did you make yourself like this? Chapter 2016: how? Can't bear it? Chapter 2017: Which pot does not open and which pot! Chapter 2018: Get drunk Husky tonight Chapter 2019: The four women are discussing and calculating him Chapter 2020: too frightening! Chapter 2021: Huo Sikai jumped the window and ran away? ! Chapter 2022: He doesn't want to hit you Chapter 2023: Two months later, I also invite you to have a wedding wine Chapter 2024: Thank you Meining Chapter 2025: He fulfilled his promise Chapter 2026: I...I feel it! Chapter 2027: Bravely chase people back Chapter 2028: People's preferences will change Chapter 2029: Feeling about gains and losses Chapter 2030: I really dont know, Im surprised Chapter 2031: Born to be a gifted and beautiful woman Chapter 2032: All stunned! Chapter 2033: The name of the teacher's wife is a bit unable to stand up! Chapter 2034: You live in my room, I will go to the guest room Chapter 2035: It's been thundering outside, I'll accompany you Chapter 2036: Let's do something else Chapter 2037: Why did you go to Meining's room again? Chapter 2038: Why is this happening? ! Chapter 2039: Xiaoning, believe me! Chapter 2040: Damn it! Chapter 2041: What happened to you and Yiming? Chapter 2042: Is it responsibility, or really like it? Chapter 2043: I will go by myself tomorrow Chapter 2044: I'm not jealous! Chapter 2045: Rascal! You let me go! Chapter 2046: As long as the ring finger can wear a ring Chapter 2047: Princess Mei, you don't have to be so nervous Chapter 2048: Is it so good? Chapter 2049: Huo Sikai is really depressed Chapter 2050: In fact, there are no tigresses in this world, only cowards Chapter 2051: You and Jiaojiao... nothing happened that night Chapter 2052: I have been looking forward to this day Chapter 2053: Don't pretend to sleep when you wake up Chapter 2054: If you are curious, you can try it yourself Chapter 2055: I went after my wife~ Chapter 2056: I'm so smart! Chapter 2057: Stop talking nonsense, take him in first! Chapter 2057: Stop talking nonsense, take him in first! Chapter 2058: Block up the mouth of this little white face! Chapter 2059: He was wearing little shoes by Leng Jiuchen! Chapter 2060: This brother is really a man! Chapter 2061: misunderstanding! This is purely a misunderstanding! Chapter 2062: What are they doing? Chapter 2063: Find her again tomorrow! Chapter 2064: I didn't expect that being handsome would become a burden! Chapter 2065: how? Haven't seen each other in two months, don't you know me? Chapter 2066: I have promised to associate with him Chapter 2067: I feel like a joke! Chapter 2068: Maybe you think Zheng Zihao fits better than me Chapter 2069: His sister may be patient, and I have put on all the green caps! Chapter 2070: How can we defeat Zheng Zihao? Chapter 2071: Became famous all at once Chapter 2072: Do you really want to chase our major? Chapter 2073: You wait for the little master! Chapter 2074: That Huo dared to kiss them, Major Leng! Chapter 2075: When can I bring people back? Chapter 2076: She is Xiaoye's woman long ago Chapter 2077: Tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by a dog Chapter 2078: Why is he so miserable? Chapter 2079: Regret it? Chapter 2080: Which Wang Ba Lao said? Chapter 2081: Is it so detrimental to people's image? ! Chapter 2082: Why don't you go to prove it? Chapter 2083: Everything is your illusion Chapter 2084: It's just your pride Chapter 2085: This doctor is a gentleman, and he doesn't bother to do anything to a reckless man. Chapter 2086: Major General Zheng, don't be so nervous Chapter 2087: Suppress him on official business? Chapter 2088: Husky really gave birth to a crow's beak! ! Chapter 2089: It's so despicable and shameless! Chapter 2090: Provoked the five most powerful army dogs Chapter 2091: Come here and take your fifth brother away! Chapter 2092: Don't you catch me below? Chapter 2093: One day husband and wife hundred days grace Chapter 2094: Some fate, if you miss it, you miss it Chapter 2095: Wait, wait for him all! Chapter 2096: If the tiger doesnt show off his might, he really is a sick cat? Chapter 2097: As soon as the stitches go down, it will be obedient. Chapter 2098: Major General Zheng, why not, let's have a fun? Chapter 2099: That little white face is going to challenge their major general? are you crazy! Chapter 2100: Don't be strong, winning or losing is not important Chapter 2101: Incredible? incredible? Chapter 2102: Concealed weapon Chapter 2103: This is called scams, dont you understand? Chapter 2104: Seriously, you and him are really not suitable Chapter 2105: Jiaojiao, I was wrong Chapter 2106: I am so surprised Chapter 2107: Jiaojiao baby, I turned the window and left Chapter 2108: Are you going to transfer with Zheng Zihao? Chapter 2109: I'm dumped Chapter 2110: Brother, did you really give up like that? Chapter 2111: Isn't something wrong? Chapter 2112: I have to go there in person to rest assured... Chapter 2113: Where there is no grass in the end of the world, why love a flower unrequitedly Chapter 2114: I don't sleep for nothing, Hoskey... Chapter 2115: Said for the first time...Like her? Chapter 2116: Is this daughter-in-law chasing or not? ! Chapter 2117: He has been holding back all morning! ! Chapter 2118: Beating is pro-swearing is love Chapter 2119: Me...it's impossible with him Chapter 2120: Hao Hao and his daughter-in-law were abducted by others! Chapter 2121: Is everything predestined? Chapter 2122: I'm so afraid of losing you Chapter 2123: Me and him are only suitable for friends Chapter 2124: She didn't register with you Chapter 2125: What are you sneaking up here? ! Chapter 2126: These characters came again and again Chapter 2127: I'm afraid that I will **** someone from him Chapter 2128: When I fall in love, I must treat you to a big meal! Chapter 2129: Actual combat exercise Chapter 2130: Why are you looking for abuse here if you are okay? Chapter 2131: If Huo Sikai is interested in He Gaojun... Chapter 2132: If I have you, I dont want others either Chapter 2133: Just keep her silent Chapter 2134: Look at brother's Chapter 2135: Between him and her, it can only be like this... Chapter 2136: Leng Jiao was bitten by a snake Chapter 2137: They are together... Chapter 2138: Do you need help? I don't peek Chapter 2139: I feel very lonely and want to find someone to accompany me Chapter 2140: Why are you angry with me again? Chapter 2141: Does this little witch really like Doctor Huo? Chapter 2142: You... don't really like Dr. Huo anymore? Chapter 2143: Sudden accident Chapter 2144: This should be fate... Chapter 2145: I can't deceive myself anymore Chapter 2146: You... Have you seen him? ! Chapter 2147: Huo Sikai is going to get some gas this time Chapter 2148: I bless you Chapter 2149: Jiaojiao is about to marry, you are still sleeping here! Chapter 2150: Jiaojiao is not an outsider, why are you ashamed? Chapter 2151: Come and let me kiss Chapter 2152: She and I will be happy forever Chapter 2153: When you can jump on the ground Chapter 2154: Do you want a face? Chapter 2155: Are you planning to get married? Chapter 2156: No one is too lonely Chapter 2157: I'm going to the hospital, I'm going to give birth Chapter 2158: Having a baby is not as scary as you think Chapter 2159: Your husband is not as weak as you think Chapter 2160: Thank you for not giving up on me Chapter 2161: Wedding (1) Chapter 2162: Wedding (2)End