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The forest near Wrihull City wasn't very large by any means.

It took Shun one whole day to find a cave. The Ardor he sensed in that cave felt very demonic. Moreover, he also saw a Demonic Totem in that cave.

Shun couldn't help but wonder 'Was this the demonic being's lair? Despite the presence of Demonic Ardor in the surroundings, there are no clues. Because of the flow of time, there are no clues. This location was most likely last used a few months ago.'

After understanding that he wouldn't find any more clues around in this lair, Shun investigated the forest even more thoroughly.

It took Shun another half a day to find a den. From the Ardor, Shun felt that this location was used by an elite beast.

He entered the den and after inspecting it for a few minutes, Shun had a smile on his face. He found the clues inside this den.

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