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Su Ruanruan, who had gained fame, did not stop in his own footsteps.

She studied Western medicine first, and then Chinese medicine. She always felt that each had its own advantages.

Therefore, Su Ruanruan thought that the combination of Chinese and Western medicine might be more helpful to some diseases.

When Su Ruan Ruan was studying medical skills, many big hospitals extended an olive branch to her, but because she was unwilling to leave the county seat, she could only return in disappointment.

Fortunately, Su Ruanruan was optimistic about her, and she invested in the hospital where she was working. The hospital's faculty gradually became strong, and many patients from other places came here to make the hospital better and better.

When Su Ruan Ruan focused on advanced studies, Xiao Chengjin left the food factory and started his own business.

After so many years, Xiao Chengjin did not accumulate experience and contacts. After working on her own, within two years, she has already achieved something.

Xiao Aiguo and Qian Aiju have also retired. They are now at home looking after the elderly and the children, and their lives are very comfortable.

The three brothers are already twelve years old, and the three who have just been twelve are already quite tall.

Su Ruan Ruan has always felt that he is not low, but looking at the three brothers who are only half a head lower than himself, he can't help but sigh. It turns out that he is not very high.

Of course this is not important. What is important is that she hasn't felt old yet, so why is the child so old?

Seeing Su Ruanruan's slightly disgusting look, the three brothers looked at each other and ran away.

Looking at the back of the three of them, Su Ruan Ruan shook his head helplessly, "It's nice to be young!"

Sitting on the side, Xiao Chengjin couldn't help but laughed, and grabbed Su Ruanruan's hand, "Of course it's good to be young, aren't we young?"

Su Ruanruan is only in her early thirties this year, but her face looks like she is in her twenties and no one doubts it.

When going out with the children, many people who didn't know them always thought that Su Ruan Ruan was the older sister and led the three younger brothers to go out together.

Su Ruanruan obviously thought of this, and laughed.

"It's pretty good."

Su Ruan softly looked at Xiao Chengjin, "It is good to have you, whether young or old."

Since her rebirth, she has not remembered anything about her previous life.

After all, there are too many happy things, and she wants to remember where there is still that time to worry about the things in the previous life.

Su Ruan Ruan leaned his head on Xiao Chengjin's shoulder, looked at Chen Granny and others who were sitting under the big tree opposite, and slowly raised the corners of his mouth.

Happy days are still growing!

(It's over!)

At this point, the book is over!

In fact, I think this book should be over long ago. The protagonists already have a new life, and writing it down is a bit verbose.

So during this time, I have been thinking about how to end it and how to give it a good ending.

After thinking about it for so long, I still didn't think of the perfect ending. In fact, the open ending is also good.

Life, it is impossible to sprinkle sugar forever, and the story will never end, because every day may be the beginning of a new story.

The elderly are in good health, the children grow up healthily, and the lover is by their side. This is probably the best ending, dont you think?

Thank you to all the babies who have grown up with you, thank you for your support for so long, and love you!

The new book "Rebirth 80 as a group pet little Fubao" is a pet article, you can check it out if you like it!

See you in the new book!

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Chapter 475: Don't want to take it away Chapter 476: Her dad will never change Chapter 477: Moved away Chapter 478: Wishing to get a divorce Chapter 479: When can I graduate and get married? Chapter 480: I tore your mouth Chapter 481: I'll knock out your teeth if you scold again Chapter 482: House to you Chapter 483: Break your teeth Chapter 484: Deflated Chapter 485: Burned to a handful of ashes Chapter 486: Good days are coming Chapter 487: It's just like a novel Chapter 488: Cherish it Chapter 489: See how good we are Chapter 490: Expelled Chapter 491: Then go together Chapter 492: Do what you can Chapter 493: Mortal wisdom Chapter 494: Tai Sui Chapter 495: The four of you come out Chapter 496: They made your face too? Chapter 497: That's a scourge Chapter 498: Believe it or not what's important Chapter 499: Back to production team Chapter 500: Whose child Chapter 501: Sobbing Chapter 502: Xiao Cheng is vinegar Chapter 503: So i like you Chapter 504: Pretending to be crazy Chapter 505: What are you talking about? Chapter 506: Pension money Chapter 507: divorced Chapter 508: Going to make a kiss Chapter 509: Live in the production team for a while Chapter 510: One month apart Chapter 511: Crying doesn't make sense Chapter 512: Clean up Chapter 513: Is a good old man Chapter 514: Twice as high Chapter 515: Old man Chapter 516: Go to the county seat Chapter 517: Separation Chapter 518: About Sausage Chapter 519: Sit and watch the world Chapter 520: The meat is solid Chapter 521: bet Chapter 522: Your parents have been here for a long time Chapter 523: Parents taught well Chapter 524: I'm going to be in the city Chapter 525: All dead Chapter 526: It's snowing Chapter 527: How to die Chapter 528: Accidentally closed Chapter 529: Feud Chapter 530: Hand-rolled noodles Chapter 531: Transcript Chapter 532: Don't act privately Chapter 533: medicine Chapter 534: Destiny Chapter 535: Don't worry about this Chapter 536: Twenty years ago Chapter 537: You drank this water Chapter 538: You drink Chapter 539: Learn boxing Chapter 540: Outdoor movie Chapter 541: Shen Yanjun Chapter 542: Give someone a stolen thing? Chapter 543: How much dowry to give? Chapter 544: What will you do for the rest of your life? Chapter 545: What a beauty Chapter 546: How do you feel Chapter 547: Gentle and pleasant Chapter 548: What do you want to do Chapter 549: Where did the confidence come from Chapter 550: Just grow tall but not brains Chapter 551: Helping outsiders pit one's own family Chapter 552: Can't watch Manqi marry someone else? Chapter 553: Brother, forget it Chapter 554: Blocking is worse than sparse Chapter 555: Crazy woman Chapter 556: what you up to Chapter 557: Soft belly was stabbed Chapter 558: Must watch Chapter 559: Rust and Pot Ash Chapter 560: Little witch Chapter 561: The most correct thing Chapter 562: Dare not get sick Chapter 563: Smooth and safe Chapter 564: Righteousness Chapter 565: Zhuang Zhou Mengdie Chapter 566: Someone came to rescue her Chapter 567: How did she die Chapter 568: Revenge for you Chapter 569: Her secret Chapter 570: Cheng Jin, it's nice to have you Chapter 571: Soft, let's get married Chapter 572: Let my sister sleep here Chapter 573: Dealt with Chapter 574: Su Jiefang and Deng Xia divorced Chapter 575: Three months in bed Chapter 576: Ask for leave Chapter 577: Deceived to be a daughter-in-law Chapter 578: Stupid has no lower limit Chapter 579: Can't afford to talk Chapter 580: Let me accompany you Chapter 581: Future daughter-in-law Chapter 582: I want to marry Manqi Chapter 583: I dont need those things before Chapter 584: Future wife Chapter 585: Homemade biscuits Chapter 586: Three generations single pass Chapter 587: What else do you want? Chapter 588: Daughter-in-law as a daughter-in-law Chapter 589: Do you eat chicken cake Chapter 590: Lean monkey Chapter 591: When to go to class Chapter 592: I'll go see her with you Chapter 593: I'll take a look at soft Chapter 594: Drug test Chapter 595: Not a big deal Chapter 596: Caught Chapter 597: For why Chapter 598: Can only stay in the next day Chapter 599: Not sold to you Chapter 600: Not counted as the royal family Chapter 601: I want to go to the hospital Chapter 602: Nurse Zhao Hongyun Chapter 603: Don't use cold water Chapter 604: Fairy grass tofu Chapter 605: married Chapter 606: Xiao Xiulan's new hairstyle Chapter 607: Its not a matter of time and distance Chapter 608: Anxious Su Ruan Ruan Chapter 609: Graduated from high school Chapter 610: Did not hide Chapter 611: Hug to the hospital Chapter 612: Stay in the hospital for a while Chapter 613: Filial piety Chapter 614: I have already figured it out Chapter 615: I won't return Chapter 616: Sister Zhao Chapter 617: Can only be understood and unspeakable Chapter 618: Send Hu Xiaoxiao home Chapter 619: Invite you to eat at a state-owned hotel Chapter 620: Get rid of the sickness Chapter 621: examination Chapter 622: second round Chapter 623: You come to get a needle Chapter 624: Successful interview Chapter 625: State hotel Chapter 626: Can eat Chapter 627: I would rather you coax her Chapter 628: Love and kill Chapter 629: Li Weiguo, what are you doing Chapter 630: Brother is bad Chapter 631: Just waiting to enjoy the blessing Chapter 632: Save fabric Chapter 633: Did you find a job Chapter 634: Soft, I have to go for two years Chapter 635: I'll pick you up at noon Chapter 636: First day at work Chapter 637: Photo studio Chapter 638: Must go Chapter 639: Marry someone else Chapter 640: Am I dreaming? Chapter 641: When will the baby be born Chapter 642: Enough support Chapter 643: I'll go too Chapter 644: I'm relieved with you Chapter 645: go together Chapter 646: It would be nice if I could work in the county seat Chapter 647: Confidentiality agreement Chapter 648: I am not in a hurry Chapter 649: Can also go to work Chapter 650: About to travel Chapter 651: Bon Voyage Chapter 652: Can i try Chapter 653: Live more and go back Chapter 654: Familiar voice Chapter 655: Footsteps Chapter 656: What is the relationship between the two of them Chapter 657: do not blame you Chapter 658: letter Chapter 659: See letter Chapter 660: five yuan Chapter 661: I'm going to try Chapter 662: Have breakfast together Chapter 663: Wang Liang Chapter 664: It depends on today Chapter 665: Right answer Chapter 666: Visit the department store Chapter 667: Salesperson Chapter 668: Not very good mind Chapter 669: Why are you still sleeping Chapter 670: Go back to earn work points Chapter 671: Aunt and mom Chapter 672: Watch Chapter 673: Guard against Chapter 674: I went to the factory if I knew it Chapter 675: Isn't it because of Wang Liang? Chapter 676: Hide things Chapter 677: Note Chapter 678: Where do you live Chapter 679: There is a girl in the Zhao family Chapter 680: Gossip Chapter 681: toffee Chapter 682: Koufu Chapter 683: Sister-in-law Chapter 684: Admitted Chapter 685: Give the job to you Chapter 686: Live with uncle's house Chapter 687: Hard work these two years Chapter 688: Talk next month Chapter 689: Go to the wedding Chapter 690: Beauty Embryo Chapter 691: Zheng Xiujia Chapter 692: Heatstroke Chapter 693: No water Chapter 694: Waiting for you to invite me to dinner Chapter 695: Su Ruanluan, don't panic Chapter 696: Scream full of breath Chapter 697: variable Chapter 698: it goes without saying Chapter 699: record Chapter 700: Lo Mein Chapter 701: retribution Chapter 702: Something wrong Chapter 703: She is still young Chapter 704: Cold cooker Chapter 705: Hide something Chapter 706: impossible Chapter 707: The relationship between Xiaozhituan and Su Jianjun Chapter 708: take away Chapter 709: Why don't you keep it if you don't burn it? Chapter 710: You don't know how to enjoy the blessing Chapter 711: You're off work Chapter 712: news Chapter 713: New girl Chapter 714: Wang Ying Chapter 715: Like-minded Chapter 716: Free man Chapter 717: Let him tell you Chapter 718: You still want to go to work Chapter 719: Don't fight for now Chapter 720: You have to do this, Chen Shimei Chapter 721: Cast a river Chapter 722: Die with the child Chapter 723: How could Cheng Jin be such a person? Chapter 724: Happiness is double, sadness is half Chapter 725: Wang Ying Chapter 726: Sister Liu Chapter 727: Hit the back of the head Chapter 728: Coax the child Chapter 729: Gave birth to a boy Chapter 730: Son and daughter Chapter 731: Send letter Chapter 732: rhubarb Chapter 733: Doghouse Chapter 734: Read letter Chapter 735: Buy firewood Chapter 736: tanned Chapter 737: Crash Chapter 738: Xiao Xiulan has it Chapter 739: Find someone to do it Chapter 740: stay together Chapter 741: single bed Chapter 742: Go back to sleep with me Chapter 743: Don't worry about going back Chapter 744: lunch Chapter 745: Coincidence Chapter 746: inquire about Chapter 747: Clean Chapter 748: What's wrong with your mother-in-law Chapter 749: Guarding you every day Chapter 750: make clothes Chapter 751: I'll go to your mother-in-law Chapter 752: relatives by marriage Chapter 753: Lucky Chapter 754: Cold weather Chapter 755: Are we leaving Chapter 756: It's going to be Chapter 757: October Blizzard Chapter 758: God loves people Chapter 759: ladder Chapter 760: Snow sweeping Chapter 761: Warm feeling Chapter 762: Getting old Chapter 763: So much easier on the road Chapter 764: Su's girl Chapter 765: Guilty conscience Chapter 766: Do you know how long to go Chapter 767: Back to the production team together Chapter 768: Can you get it Chapter 769: Prepared Chapter 770: Half son Chapter 771: I thought you were going to keep hiding it Chapter 772: We don't go to the county Chapter 773: Be a good wife Chapter 774: Soak your feet Chapter 775: How long have i slept Chapter 776: Snowy night Chapter 777: Can the child keep Chapter 778: Mrs. Zhang Chapter 779: Is it easy to save money Chapter 780: You go quickly Chapter 781: Be careful not to marry later Chapter 782: Are you okay Chapter 783: Natural disasters Chapter 784: Long open Chapter 785: ruins Chapter 786: Waiting for you for a long time Chapter 787: Get some back Chapter 788: Ward Chapter 789: hidden weapon Chapter 790: Encounter Qian Huihui Chapter 791: I carry it back by myself Chapter 792: Where to put the sewing machine Chapter 793: Make new clothes Chapter 794: Blessed Chapter 795: letter Chapter 796: Can't write a flower Chapter 797: Very young Chapter 798: You can't learn from the two of them Chapter 799: Put in the warehouse Chapter 800: Qian Huihui can't sleep Chapter 801: fever Chapter 802: pregnant? Chapter 803: Move the ward Chapter 804: There is no shortage of her bowl of rice Chapter 805: See clearly Chapter 806: Set a quantity Chapter 807: Countless in-laws Chapter 808: freeze Chapter 809: Encounter Zhao Gang Chapter 810: Persuade Chapter 811: Go to the hospital for leave Chapter 812: Did not buy Chapter 813: filial piety Chapter 814: Disposal Chapter 815: I go find him Chapter 816: I don't even want to recognize my grandma Chapter 817: Children can run off the ground Chapter 818: Kicked off Chapter 819: End-of-care Chapter 820: Beat to death Chapter 821: Second class Chapter 822: No grandson Chapter 823: I really treat myself as a person Chapter 824: I hope its on Xiao Chengjin and Su Ruanruan Chapter 825: Come with us to the county seat Chapter 826: Twenty yuan Chapter 827: You are mom's daughter Chapter 828: One set on the surface, one set on the back Chapter 829: Surgery Chapter 830: Do you feel cold Chapter 831: Cotton coat for you Chapter 832: Go home Chapter 833: I am not tired Chapter 834: Eyes in the door Chapter 835: Introduce someone to Xiaoxiao Chapter 836: Of course it was rejected Chapter 837: Late Chapter 838: Suffering from gains and losses Chapter 839: Xiao Chengjin is back Chapter 840: Eat dumplings early Chapter 841: Why are you back Chapter 842: All allowances for you Chapter 843: tanned Chapter 844: Just a few months away Chapter 845: Of course he likes me like this Chapter 846: A basin of noodles Chapter 847: Grow vegetables in the house Chapter 848: Dumplings, coriander and garlic Chapter 849: Xiao Chengjin is out Chapter 850: salute Chapter 851: Open let's see Chapter 852: Frightening everyone Chapter 853: Ask me if you know Chapter 854: I'm going to see Shen Yanjun tomorrow Chapter 855: what are you going to do Chapter 856: It doesn't matter anymore Chapter 857: Milk powder Chapter 858: Always so stupid Chapter 859: I want to be soft Chapter 860: The only enemy Chapter 861: Kick the door Chapter 862: What are you holding in your hand Chapter 863: Assault Chapter 864: Why didn't you tell me Chapter 865: I have been worrying about you too Chapter 866: We won't go back this year Chapter 867: Why are you here now Chapter 868: stable Chapter 869: Negotiate Chapter 870: bun Chapter 871: Just you can talk Chapter 872: Are you getting married Chapter 873: The head nurse does not like softness (first more) Chapter 874: Come to the wedding (2nd more) Chapter 875: What you are looking for is high-end (3rd more) Chapter 876: You have to listen to me (4th more) Chapter 877: Pick you up and go home together (5th more) Chapter 878: Dowry (6th more) Chapter 879: Material (7th more) Chapter 880: She doesn't dislike it herself (8th more) Chapter 881: Pack a big red envelope (9th more) Chapter 882: Make tofu (10th more) Chapter 883: People with different appearances (11th more) Chapter 884: Brain disease (12th more) Chapter 885: Don't you want to (13th more) Chapter 886: Dont you hug your grandson? (14th more) Chapter 887: Can you come if I get married (15th more) Chapter 888: Go early and return early (16th more) Chapter 889: Rouge (17th more) Chapter 890: Intentionally or unintentionally (18th more) Chapter 891: Buying a house (19th more) Chapter 892: Study hard (20th more) Chapter 893: Gave birth to a girl (21st more) Chapter 894: Can you not get fat (No. 22) Chapter 895: Pig's trotters and soybean soup (23rd more) Chapter 896: The relationship is really good (24th more) Chapter 897: Change house (25th more) Chapter 898: Go to the provincial capital (26th more) Chapter 899: Hard to buy a house (27th more) Chapter 900: Female dormitory (28th more) Chapter 901: Take a shower (29th more) Chapter 902: Get along (30th more) Chapter 903: Provincial City Life (31st more) Chapter 904: Big purchase (32nd more) Chapter 905: Gifts (33rd more) Chapter 906: Undrinkable chicken soup (34th more) Chapter 907: Return trip (35th more) Chapter 908: Back (36th more) Chapter 909: I'll know in a few days (37th more) Chapter 910: Hit people (38th more) Chapter 911: Bad luck (39th more) Chapter 912: Almost getting married (40th more) Chapter 913: Then get married next month (No. 41) Chapter 914: Serious reflection (42nd more) Chapter 915: Nothing needs to be prepared (43rd more) Chapter 916: Moving (44th more) Chapter 917: You have nothing to worry about (45th more) Chapter 918: Dowry (46th more) Chapter 919: Wedding night in the bridal chamber (47th) Chapter 920: Nanke Yimeng (1) (No. 48) Chapter 921: Nanke Yimeng (2) (49th more) Chapter 922: Nanke Yimeng (3) (50th more) Chapter 923: Nanke Yimeng (4) (51st) Chapter 924: Nanke Yimeng (5) (52nd more) Chapter 925: Nanke Yimeng (6) (53rd) Chapter 926: Nanke Yimeng (7) (54th more) Chapter 927: Nan Ke Yimeng (8) (55th) Chapter 928: Nanke Yimeng (9) (56th) Chapter 929: Nanke Yimeng (10) (57th) Chapter 930: Nanke Yimeng (11) (58th) Chapter 931: Nan Ke Yimeng (12) (59th more) Chapter 932: Nan Ke Yimeng (13) (60th more) Chapter 933: Nanke Yimeng (14) (61st) Chapter 934: Nanke Yimeng (15) (62nd more) Chapter 935: Nan Ke Yimeng (16) (63rd more) Chapter 936: Nanke Yimeng (17) (64th more) Chapter 937: Nanke Yimeng (18) (65th more) Chapter 938: Nanke Yimeng (19) (66th more) Chapter 939: Nanke Yimeng (20) (67th more) Chapter 940: Nanke Yimeng (21) (68th) Chapter 941: Nan Ke Yimeng (22) (No. 69) Chapter 942: Nanke Yimeng (23) (70th more) Chapter 943: Nan Ke Yi Meng (24) Chapter 944: Nan Ke Yi Meng (25) Chapter 945: Nan Ke Yi Meng (26) Chapter 946: Nan Ke Yi Meng (27) Chapter 947: Nan Ke Yi Meng (28) Chapter 948: Nan Ke Yi Meng (29) Chapter 949: Nan Ke Yi Meng (30) Chapter 950: Nan Ke Yi Meng (31) Chapter 951: Nan Ke Yi Meng (32) Chapter 952: Nan Ke Yi Meng (33) Chapter 953: Nan Ke Yi Meng (34) Chapter 954: Nan Ke Yi Meng (35) Chapter 955: Nan Ke Yi Meng (36) Chapter 956: Nan Ke Yi Meng (37) Chapter 957: Nan Ke Yi Meng (38) Chapter 958: Nan Ke Yi Meng (39) Chapter 959: Nan Ke Yi Meng (40) Chapter 960: Nan Ke Yi Meng (41) Chapter 961: Nan Ke Yi Meng (42) Chapter 962: Nan Ke Yi Meng (43) Chapter 963: Nan Ke Yi Meng (44) Chapter 964: Nan Ke Yi Meng (45) Chapter 965: Nan Ke Yi Meng (46) Chapter 966: Nan Ke Yi Meng (47) Chapter 967: Nan Ke Yi Meng (48) Chapter 968: Nan Ke Yi Meng (49) Chapter 969: Nan Ke Yi Meng (50) Chapter 970: Nan Ke Yi Meng (51) Chapter 971: Nan Ke Yi Meng (52) Chapter 972: Nan Ke Yi Meng (53) Chapter 973: Nan Ke Yi Meng (54) Chapter 974: Nan Ke Yi Meng (55) Chapter 975: Nan Ke Yi Meng (56) Chapter 976: Nan Ke Yi Meng (57) Chapter 977: Nan Ke Yi Meng (58) Chapter 978: Nan Ke Yi Meng (59) Chapter 979: came back Chapter 980: Are you a fairy Chapter 981: Live in your home Chapter 982: Open the door Chapter 983: Have a baby Chapter 984: borrow Chapter 985: You cook tonight Chapter 986: Fishy smell Chapter 987: What do you want to eat Chapter 988: You can't eat it, I can't eat it Chapter 989: Ask for leave Chapter 990: Good situation Chapter 991: What you like and what you don't like Chapter 992: Do check Chapter 993: This must be a dream Chapter 994: As a dream Chapter 995: Huiji will hurt Chapter 996: Spend a lot of time Chapter 997: invite Chapter 998: Herborist and elementary pharmacological knowledge Chapter 999: Can't rely on them Chapter 1000: Chicken cake Chapter 1001: Carpenter work Chapter 1002: Chop bamboo Chapter 1003: oven Chapter 1004: Out of the oven Chapter 1005: Can i still eat tomorrow Chapter 1006: sold Chapter 1007: Cheating on time Chapter 1008: you are sick? Chapter 1009: Go to the provincial hospital Chapter 1010: What else Chapter 1011: divorce Chapter 1012: I want to come Chapter 1013: The ability to settle down Chapter 1014: You go down Chapter 1015: Huichuntang Chapter 1016: Come let me see Chapter 1017: it is good Chapter 1018: Three days Chapter 1019: Unfinished Chapter 1020: Wuqinxi Chapter 1021: Miss home Chapter 1022: Jinbao is coming to be with you Chapter 1023: silver Chapter 1024: Mid-Autumn Festival Chapter 1025: Twelfth lunar month Chapter 1026: Strictly teach students Chapter 1027: Snacks and sugar Chapter 1028: Xiao Nian Chapter 1029: Won't wait long is how long Chapter 1030: Toad Palace Zhegui Chapter 1031: Happy for myself Chapter 1032: Get rich Chapter 1033: I believe you Chapter 1034: Unreliable Chapter 1035: Cart Chapter 1036: Not sure Chapter 1037: Can it really be cured? Chapter 1038: Drinking ten bowls is not a problem Chapter 1039: Are you pregnant with three? Chapter 1040: Suffer more Chapter 1041: Laugh at the first sight of you Chapter 1042: Late pregnancy Chapter 1043: Birds are free Chapter 1044: About to give birth Chapter 1045: Can I stay here? Chapter 1046: Three swaddlings Chapter 1047: Don't want children anymore Chapter 1048: Three sons Chapter 1049: Look at the child at the second glance Chapter 1050: Drink milk powder Chapter 1051: Worthy of being a husband and wife Chapter 1052: Pulled Chapter 1053: Better at home Chapter 1054: Thanks for your hard work and dad Chapter 1055: More like a child Chapter 1056: Confinement disease Chapter 1057: naming Chapter 1058: Why are you still so thin Chapter 1059: I'm getting thin before I get pregnant Chapter 1060: Have you figured out the name? Chapter 1061: what's wrong Chapter 1062: Another change in this life Chapter 1063: Occupy the pit without shit Chapter 1064: Waiting for the show Chapter 1065: Seek benevolence and gain benevolence Chapter 1066: There will always be a way Chapter 1067: Will tan Chapter 1068: fruitful Chapter 1069: Such a waste Chapter 1070: Medical book Chapter 1071: Duck to the mouth Chapter 1072: Two jars Chapter 1073: Small yellow croaker Chapter 1074: Girl Chapter 1075: Farming is too bitter Chapter 1076: Miscellaneous beauty Chapter 1077: Cheng Jin said it was okay if it was okay Chapter 1078: Hide the plague Chapter 1079: Plan early Chapter 1080: Rely on the old and sell the old Chapter 1081: Is my blessing Chapter 1082: See also Sumanman Chapter 1083: I've always been like this Chapter 1084: Is inconvenient Chapter 1085: A high-sounding reason Chapter 1086: Life is for you Chapter 1087: People are more popular than dead Chapter 1088: New Year's Money Chapter 1089: Let me ride the bicycle Chapter 1090: Not old silly Chapter 1091: Touching Chapter 1092: Zhao Guifen Chapter 1093: Is the rib broken? Chapter 1094: Why did you open a letter of introduction to him? Chapter 1095: accounting Chapter 1096: Magic sound Chapter 1097: Round eyes Chapter 1098: crazy Chapter 1099: Don't forget to close the door Chapter 1100: Don't move forward Chapter 1101: Wang Liang is also dead Chapter 1102: Pretending to be crazy and stupid? Chapter 1103: Don't open the door casually Chapter 1104: verification Chapter 1105: Scrawny old lady Chapter 1106: very successful Chapter 1107: Maybe someone will come Chapter 1108: She is an old dumb Chapter 1109: Cloth bag and broken book Chapter 1110: Want to use white work Chapter 1111: I want you one dollar Chapter 1112: Washed together Chapter 1113: How do you think i thank you Chapter 1114: Eat more people Chapter 1115: Sit and watch the world Chapter 1116: Understand or pretend not to understand Chapter 1117: With Chapter 1118: Just love to tell the truth Chapter 1119: Where is the trouble? Chapter 1120: Grievances baba Chapter 1121: Ineffective Chapter 1122: Don't worry Chapter 1123: Do you want to eat Chapter 1124: Oxytocin Chapter 1125: Won't have any more kids Chapter 1126: Two kids Chapter 1127: Already given birth Chapter 1128: Woke up Chapter 1129: Stick to you Chapter 1130: Where's your mother Chapter 1131: Mother is strong Chapter 1132: Do you know the consequences Chapter 1133: Nothing big Chapter 1134: Not necessarily Chapter 1135: No way Chapter 1136: It's all kind Chapter 1137: Zheng Xiu and Zhao Hongyun Chapter 1138: Small paper ball Chapter 1139: Ask for help Chapter 1140: Just take care of yourself Chapter 1141: You are right Chapter 1142: beat Chapter 1143: Three layers Chapter 1144: End Chapter 1145: garden Chapter 1146: Magistrate Chapter 1147: Go get the booklet Chapter 1148: Go back after the exam Chapter 1149: Eat less and move more Chapter 1150: Send it back Chapter 1151: Take special care of Ruanbao Chapter 1152: Shall we go back first? Chapter 1153: Buy a house in the county Chapter 1154: Who are you married Chapter 1155: Take it for granted Chapter 1156: Xiao Niu is getting married Chapter 1157: Buy something Chapter 1158: Ask for leave Chapter 1159: I have a passion for food Chapter 1160: Dislike him for being old Chapter 1161: Teaching Wu Qin Xi Chapter 1162: Add makeup Chapter 1163: Promise between men Chapter 1164: Let's go out and play Chapter 1165: chestnut Chapter 1166: Up the tree and down the river Chapter 1167: Guarantee there is no next time Chapter 1168: Chestnut stewed chicken Chapter 1169: Sell to shopkeeper Wang Chapter 1170: slingshot Chapter 1171: Quan Fu Ren Chapter 1172: Is it the same Chapter 1173: Will only make her more sad Chapter 1174: Why i don't have such talent Chapter 1175: Take six Chapter 1176: From the neighbor's Chapter 1177: Buy a house Chapter 1178: I can also cook Chapter 1179: Move away Chapter 1180: Sure to pass Chapter 1181: Is a boy Chapter 1182: safflower Chapter 1183: Miss the kids Chapter 1184: Child crying Chapter 1185: Do you see if i'm fat Chapter 1186: help me Chapter 1187: How can you help me Chapter 1188: Drugged Chapter 1189: No one knows it disappeared Chapter 1190: Not because of you Chapter 1191: Just jealous Chapter 1192: Quiet time Chapter 1193: Divide me half of what you bring Chapter 1194: The same end Chapter 1195: Cook Chapter 1196: Still too young Chapter 1197: search Chapter 1198: Teach him to be a man Chapter 1199: Dead dog Chapter 1200: This is a medicine Chapter 1201: We send you back Chapter 1202: Count on you Chapter 1203: Won't make a trip in vain Chapter 1204: Stubborn Chapter 1205: Duanchang Pill Chapter 1206: Eat porridge Chapter 1207: Three bowls of gooey Chapter 1208: Five yuan Chapter 1209: Used not old Chapter 1210: Saw it Chapter 1211: The little girl who almost ran into Chapter 1212: Why so young Chapter 1213: send her home Chapter 1214: What kind of Chapter 1215: Don't you worry Chapter 1216: Make up Chapter 1217: Overestimate yourself Chapter 1218: Transferred away Chapter 1219: Shout mom Chapter 1220: Mother, hug Chapter 1221: Lift high Chapter 1222: You let me wait to die? Chapter 1223: Inherited advantages Chapter 1224: New captain Chapter 1225: Finally have time Chapter 1226: Stand up to things Chapter 1227: Li Jianjun Chapter 1228: I moved over to live with you Chapter 1229: Today's task has not been arranged yet Chapter 1230: What's so worried about Chapter 1231: Avoid Chapter 1232: The country is easy to change, and the nature is hard to change Chapter 1233: Rice **** and plum juice Chapter 1234: No shelf Chapter 1235: gift Chapter 1236: What else do you want to do Chapter 1237: The quota was suddenly changed to you Chapter 1238: Missing the world of two people Chapter 1239: To take advantage of Chapter 1240: Will you cry Chapter 1241: letter Chapter 1242: Better at home Chapter 1243: Play with Chapter 1244: Grow up suddenly Chapter 1245: Personal advanced Chapter 1246: Sold out Chapter 1247: Premature delivery Chapter 1248: Your family has the throne to inherit Chapter 1249: divorce Chapter 1250: Keep it for Chapter 1251: Yoyo's Mouth Chapter 1252: What about girl Chapter 1253: Clean up that bastard Chapter 1254: Wang Qin learned to fight Chapter 1255: Unhappy childhood Chapter 1256: Life didn't know Chapter 1257: Cuckold yourself Chapter 1258: Abuse Chapter 1259: Can't wait Chapter 1260: They are not familiar Chapter 1261: Time to go to kindergarten Chapter 1262: Don't see others well Chapter 1263: Selection Chapter 1264: One more knife Chapter 1265: Keep thinking Chapter 1266: You did it with someone Chapter 1267: Suspected of Chapter 1268: People are curious Chapter 1269: Contrast Chapter 1270: Priceless Chapter 1271: Keep your eyes open Chapter 1272: Half month Chapter 1273: Never come Chapter 1274: Didn't know Chapter 1275: Look at them Chapter 1276: Why must I follow them Chapter 1277: Nocturnal Chapter 1278: plan Chapter 1279: take away Chapter 1280: Deliver to Dazhou Chapter 1281: Am i dreaming Chapter 1282: Be well in the future Chapter 1283: This is clothes Chapter 1284: Identity conversion Chapter 1285: Reflect on Chapter 1286: Change clothes Chapter 1287: Can't see the dead Chapter 1288: Where is home Chapter 1289: It's good here Chapter 1290: not worried Chapter 1291: Administer acupuncture Chapter 1292: Poisoner Chapter 1293: concession Chapter 1294: Your medical skills are better than Lao Li? Chapter 1295: Life is very leisure Chapter 1296: Better than yesterday Chapter 1297: Medical book Chapter 1298: Bamboo shoot soup Chapter 1299: Bring people here Chapter 1300: Only for madam Chapter 1301: Antidote Chapter 1302: Hit the board Chapter 1303: Say Chapter 1304: You seem to like children very much Chapter 1305: Does Ruanbao have someone you like? Chapter 1306: Ruanbao, you have made a fortune Chapter 1307: Why does Ruanbao keep looking at me? Chapter 1308: Take a look at home Chapter 1309: Leave after getting married Chapter 1310: Wedding dress Chapter 1311: Makeup poem Chapter 1312: Have you noticed it before? Chapter 1313: Sou Yi Sou Chapter 1314: Ten years later Chapter 1315: season finale