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Chris frowned at him but still wet a towel. However, when he entered the bathroom, his bloodshot eyes froze for a few seconds when he saw the bathtub.

It appears to be nothing suspicious in the bathroom at the moment.

He took the towel and went out, throwing it directly at Jiang Yuning. Then, he turned around and walked towards the closet.

Jiang Yuning was a little anxious, but he still pretended to ask in a deep voice, "Chris, why are you looking around? Are you looking for something when Manda is not at home?"

"Dont talk nonsense." Chris instantly turned around and glared at him. "Its my responsibility to check the villa to prevent suspicious people from entering."

"What do you mean? Im lying here alive. Who else can come inside?" Jiang Yuning was displeased. "Your behavior is quite strange."

"I think youre the strange one." Chris pushed open the closet door with force. Just as he walked in, a fist came directly from behind the door.

He instinctively blocked it. He felt as if his arm had been stabbed by something. However, before he had time to think, a young oriental woman flashed out from behind the door. She looked like in her twenties.

Chris quickly reacted. He knew that Jiang Yuning must have betrayed the miss. Otherwise, no one would have snuck in.

Just as he was about to take out his walkie-talkie, Nian Xi raised her leg and swept it at him. She kicked the walkie-talkie away.

However, Chris quickly grabbed one of her legs and threw her into the wardrobe.

The force of the throw was very strong. Nian Xi suddenly felt her internal organs churning. She endured the pain and tried to get up. She saw Chris pick up the walkie-talkie, but not long after, his body shook, and he fell to the ground and fainted.

"Xixi." At this moment, Jiang Yuning came in with a knife. He was stunned when he saw this scene. "What What happened to him?"

Nian Xi struggled to raise the ring on her hand and smiled bitterly. "The ring you gave me had anesthetic in it. This damn pervert. I thought he would faint immediately, but I didnt expect him to hold on for so long."

Jiang Yuning immediately let out a sigh of relief and quickly held up Nian Xi. Seeing a girl fall so heavily, his heart ached. "You shouldnt have come in. Even if Manda has left, its still very dangerous inside.".

Nian Xi frowned. She also felt that she had been a little rash today. Fortunately, she had acted decisively in the end. However, on second thought, wasnt it the same every time she went on a mission? There were always risks and dangers. She had experienced all kinds of difficult situations, and had been through thick and thin. "Since Im here, I am prepared. Dont worry."

"Im worried about you." Jiang Yunings frown was so deep that it could kill a fly. "Did you know that someone ambushed Chris in the past? Chris wasnt injured. Instead, the attacker injured himself. His body is as strong as a wild beast."

"All wild beasts are paper tigers in front of me." Nian Xi snorted. She endured the pain on her back and glared at him. "By the way, what did you mean a moment ago? How dare you to disobey me?"

"I didnt" Jiang Yuning had just finished speaking when he heard a knock on the door again. "It must be the servant. Dont go out."

After he said that, he walked out. The servant came in with a medical kit. When she saw the situation in the room, she was a little puzzled. "Wheres Mr. Chris?"

"Hes gone."Jiang Yuning untied the towel in his hand. The servant helped him with his wound, turned around and bent down to pack his things. When he was done, Jiang Yuning grabbed a vase and knocked out the servant.

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Chapter 1: You Have No Place in this Community as Long as Zhong Yi is Here Chapter 2: Do Not Take Advantage of Me You Dont Deserve It Chapter 3: I Dont Want the Others to Know That I Was Carried in a Womans Arms Chapter 4: Isnt That Breakfast Too Good for a Carer? Chapter 5: Let Luosang Give You A Sponge Bath Tonight Chapter 6: When Are You Gonna Stop Eye-raping Me? Chapter 7: Dont Touch Me Chapter 8: You Shouldnt Have Such A Low Taste Chapter 9: Dont Tell Your Boss, its Our Secret Chapter 10: Didnt She Say She Needs to Go Back To Pick Some Clothes? But Shes Here Having Beef Rice Noodles Chapter 11: Mr. Nian Can Shake Xia City by Stomping His Foot Chapter 12: Nian Juntings Face Suddenly Turned Frosty Chapter 13: Was He Telling Her that Shes No Better Than His Dog? Chapter 14: A Thousand Per Day? Thats Too Little Chapter 15: Does She Need to Sponge-bathe Nian Junting Every Day? 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Chapter 59: He Has Spent His Time in the Army, and He Was a Special Force Soldier Chapter 60: Mr. Nian Said that You Dont Like Sweet Food Chapter 61: Dont Look at Me so Lovingly Again Chapter 62: Are You Trying to Say That You Cannot Sleep Because of Me? Chapter 63: Cut the Crap, I Dont Like Being Disobeyed Chapter 64: Mr. Nian, Can You Not Say Something that Leaves People such A Large Room for Imagination? Chapter 65: Its A Pity that You Dont Have Me, but at Least You Have Good Memories Chapter 66: I Remember that We used to Have A Dubber Named Xu Luosang, Shes Amazing Chapter 67: Youre Not Having Insomnia Because You Miss Luosang too Much, Are You? Chapter 68: She Turned off Her Phone for No Reason Chapter 69: Didnt You See it in WeChat Moment? Chapter 70: Luosang, When Did You Know Chi Shengxu so Well Chapter 71: You Reminded Me of Someone Chapter 72: Luosang, its Really You Chapter 73: Zhong Yi is Trying to look like a Kind, Innocent Little Girl Chapter 74: Since You Want So Much to be a Phoenix, How About I Admit that Youre A Genuine one? Chapter 75: Ye Chuen Turned Out to be Nian Juntings Distant Cousin Chapter 76: Mr. Yi, Thank God Youre Here, Xu Luosang is Crazy Chapter 77: If I Ever See You Hit Her Again, Ill Make You Suffer Ten Times Worse Chapter 78: Thanks to You, Ive been Hiding, Unhappily Chapter 79: Dont Say That in Front of Luosang; That Man is Her Father After All Chapter 80: Youre Trying to Stay in Shape, But Ill Make You Fat Chapter 81: Whyre You Barking? Is Something in There? Chapter 82: Long Time No See, Mr. Nian Chapter 83: I Havent Seen You For A While, It Turned Out that You Went to Get Plastic Surgery Chapter 84: I Like Doing It in the Toilet Chapter 85: Next Time When You Want to Allure Me, Wear More Clothes Chapter 86: How Can I be Allured so Easily by A Black Dress? Chapter 87: Luosang Didnt Know How To Keep Distance From Other Men Chapter 88: How Can Xu Luosang know Someone Like Nian Junting? Chapter 89: You Think I Care About Those Three Words? Chapter 90: Arent You Thirty? Did you Lie to Me? Chapter 91: She Felt A Little Uncomfortable, so She Could Only Move Slightly Toward Nian Junting Chapter 92: She Left When His Body was Aroused Chapter 93: Youve Made My Jacket Dirty Chapter 94: Im Getting Old, Its the Time for Me to Try Having A Girlfriend Chapter 95: Have I Been Misunderstanding Everything? Chapter 96: I Think Mr. Nian is Kinda into You Chapter 97: Shed Like to See if Zhong Yi Still Has the Mood to Act Today Chapter 98: If Youre Not Useful to Me, Id have Destroyed You Chapter 99: Because of Luosang, He Had A Sleepless Night Chapter 100: Tingting, Stop Bothering Me Chapter 101: It Has Been Days; Why Hasnt She Given Me My Jacket Back? Chapter 102: Why Are Nian Junting and Lu Kang here? Chapter 103: She Looks Nice Today Chapter 104: Who the Hell is Chi Shengxu? Is that Man more Handsome and Capable then him? Chapter 105: Nian Junting Knows Luosang and the Others, and Hes So Nice to Them Chapter 106: Mr. Nian, Youre so Dramatic Chapter 107: Next Time, Keep A Distance From That Sissy Boy Chapter 108: Mr. Nian, Theres A Generation Gap Between Us Chapter 109: Shes So Good at Playing Hard-to-Get Now Chapter 110: Look at You, Bullying Two Girls Chapter 111: Mr. Nian, Shes Your Woman? Chapter 112: Youve Taken so much Advantage of Me, yet Youre still trying to Shift the Blame to Other Shoulders Chapter 113: He Protected Her, and Respected Her Chapter 114: Do You Want to be with Me and Hold My Hands Every day? Chapter 115: Mr. Nian, Have You even Started Reading Your Horoscope? Chapter 116: Mr. Nian, You Are Better and Better at Talking Barefaced Nonsense Chapter 117: Yi Jingxi Suddenly Feel Uneasy and Annoyed Chapter 118: Miss. Luo Sent Me A Message, Said that She Broke Your Jacket and Doesnt Know What to Do Chapter 119: Nian Junting Was Going to the Seaside to Pick Her Up Chapter 120: You How Can A Woman Say Something like That? Chapter 121: Youre out on a date with me; Dont you think Youre being too Casual? Chapter 122: Ive Been Perfect Since Young Chapter 123: Ive been Keeping a Low Profile, so I Hardly Drive This Car Chapter 124: He Could Already Picture Her Surprise Chapter 125: The Whole Restaurant Will be Yours, Youll Have as Many noodles as You Like Chapter 126: Thanks for Buying Me Clothes, My Wife Chapter 127: Mr. Nian, Can You Take Your Hand Away from My Shoulder Chapter 128: He Looked Kind of Cute with His Hot Flushed Cheeks Chapter 129: Luosang Heard A Buzzing in Her Head. Why Did He Suddenly Kiss Her? Chapter 130: Dont You Fancy Me? Lets Date Then Chapter 131: If You Say that You Really Dont Like Me, I Wont Offer You Another Chance Chapter 132: How Do You Look So Sexy Drenched from the Rain Chapter 133: Youre Jealous, so You Want to Find a Man to Stimulate Me, Right? Chapter 134: How Could She Not Fancy Someone as Perfect as He Is? Chapter 135: You cant want to be with her only Because shes able to make your body React Chapter 136: You have feelings for her, dont you? Chapter 137: Mr. Nian Says that itll be Embarrassing to Give These Medicines to Luosang Directly, so He Asked Me to Send These to You Chapter 138: Do you not feel anything at all for him? Chapter 139: Why Is He Here? He Looks Familiar with Luo Sang Chapter 140: She Thought Only Yi Jingxi Knew About Her Identity, Who Knew Chapter 141: Jingxi, Why Do I Like You So Much? Chapter 142: Youre Just a Petty Thief With a Pretty Face Chapter 143: Luo Sang, Youve been Lying to Me the Whole Time Chapter 144: Her Brother Just Couldnt Keep An Aloof Front, Could He? Chapter 145: Why Does She Look so Cute Dressing like That? Chapter 146: It Occurred to Nian Xi Her Brothers Ulterior Motives Behind Bringing the Dog Out. Chapter 147: Stop Singing, Or You Might Attract the Attention of Other People Chapter 148: Her brothers attitude made her feel like she just had a mouthful of dog food Chapter 149: From Now On, Ill be Shelling All Your Prawns Chapter 150: As long as Im in the drivers seat, you have to sit in the front Chapter 151: It Seems that You Want to Marry Me Chapter 152: Oh my god! You guys are already sleeping together after one night? Chapter 153: Dont Worry, Ive Fixed Your Problem Chapter 154: Dont be uneasy, I can lend myself to your aid for a while Chapter 155: How About This; Ill Pay for Your Food from Now on Chapter 156: Judging by how intimate they were acting, it was hard to believe that they didnt sleep together last night Chapter 157: Mr. Chi, Right? Thank You for Looking After My Girlfriend Chapter 158: Itll be an impossible mission to get rid of my brother Chapter 159: For My Girlfriends Reputation, I Dont Care About the Money Chapter 160: Except for Luosangs, Isnt that strange? Chapter 161: Ill Sue You for Slander Chapter 162: Hello sister-in-law, welcome aboard my brothers pirate ship Chapter 163: You're even in Her Bed and Spreading Her Blanket Chapter 164: Besides, the bed isnt even long enough for me to lie down Chapter 165: Luosang, Ive Never Heard of Fake Boyfriends Chapter 166: Im not attracted to men who throw themselves at me Chapter 167: Im not the Jealous type, so you dont need to Explain in Detail Chapter 168: The natural course after sleeping at the villa would be sleeping together in the same bed Chapter 169: It was as if Every Cell in His Body was Shouting Compliment Me! Chapter 170: Toying with your feelings? Ive never flirted with you before, have I? Chapter 171: Should I Call Him Tingting like Xiao Si? Chapter 172: Old rules apply, whoever who finds a boyfriend must treat everyone else to a meal Chapter 173: But Im Not Thinking About You, Im just Thinking About Breakfast Chapter 174: Oh right, I prohibit your roommate from calling you Luoluo from now on, only I can call you that Chapter 175: Youre A Happy Little Piglet in My Eyes Chapter 176: I will only shower you with words of affirmation Chapter 177: He was Stirred Right now, and he Hadnt been Stirred like this for a long time Chapter 178: Yeah, you are my little vixen Chapter 179: I Guess Sister Lan only Knows that I Have A Good Appetite for Tofu and Cabbage Chapter 180: As your girlfriend, this is the first time Im coming over for a meal and youre asking me to cook for you? Chapter 181: Luo, Youre the Master of Flirting Chapter 182: Luoluo, I wont kiss you. Come help me put on the ointment Chapter 183 Chapter 184 Chapter 185 Have You Been Reading The Guides On Sweet Talking At Home? Chapter 186 Anyway Mr. Nian You Even Know About The Girls Unbuckling Their Belts Are You Also Chapter 187 Youre My Girlfriend So Its Reasonable For Me To Help You Chapter 188 Say Do You Think A Man Who Throws Himself At A Woman Is Unattractive? Chapter 189 And Yi Jingxi The Man I Introduced To You Last Year Chapter 190 She Found Herself Missing Nian Junting Chapter 191 Dont Forget About Luosangs Mother Chapter 192 She Didnt Expect Xiao Si To Be One Of His Poker Mates Tonight Chapter 193 Luosang Why Are You Here? Chapter 194 From This Day On Her Hatred For Yi Jingxi Shall Never Cease Chapter 195 Yi Jingxi Was My Fiance Chapter 196 Tingting Said That He Wanted To Purchase A Film Production Company. Hes Doing That For You You Know? Chapter 197 Who Bullied You? Chapter 198 She Hardly Ever Held His Hands And Now She Was Dragging Him Into The Woods? Chapter 199 She Kissed Him For The First Time Chapter 200 Do You Have A Secret Fetish For Masochism? Chapter 201 Are You Saying We Can French Kiss Tomorrow? Chapter 202 He Would Do Anything To Kiss Her Again Chapter 203 You Couldnt Sleep Because You Missed Mr. Nian So Much Did You? Chapter 204 Nothing Is More Important Than Kissing You Chapter 205 I Wont Take Advantage Of You. Ill Wear Swimming Trunks For You Chapter 206 Im Going To Kiss You For Half An Hour Straight Thatll Surely Take Your Breath Away Chapter 207 Are You Aware That I Have A Girlfriend Now? Chapter 208 Judging By Her Innocent Looks I Must Be Her First Chapter 209 I Have Never Seen A Jealous Man Like You Chapter 210 Junting Brother Is Akin To Mount Everest Chapter 211 You Owe Me Nineteen French Kisses Chapter 212 Apart From You Everyone Else Is An Ugly Duckling Chapter 213 Nian Junting Broke In With Large Steps Chapter 214 You Are Not Allowed To Have Any Skin Contact With Another Man Apart From Me Chapter 215 Luosang You Impressed Me Chapter 216 Mr. Nian Is Sure A Petty Man But It Also Goes To Show That He Cares About You Chapter 217 Ask Junting If Hell Come Chapter 218 Any Later She Would Surely Be Surrounded By Pesky Suitors Chapter 219 I Think Luo Sang Is Acting A Little Strange As If Shes Suddenly Distracted Chapter 220 Zhong Yi Was Standing Behind Her And Now Nian Juntings Grandma Was Right In Front Of Her Chapter 221 Ive Luckily Met Mr. Nian Last Year Chapter 222 Junting Is Here Along With Nian Xi Chapter 223 Within This Short While Zhong Yi Fell Into The Water Chapter 224 My Dog Seems To Like This Lady Chapter 225 Jingxi Look Chapter 226 Luo Sang Go Apologise To Sister Zhong Yi Later? Chapter 227 Nian Junting Bent Over To Give Luosang Artificial Respiration Chapter 228 Luo Sang Is My Fiancee Chapter 229 Yi Jingxi Right? Wake Up Chapter 230 You Dont Even Qualify To Be My Love Rival Chapter 231 Were A Couple. She Pursued Me Chapter 232 Yeah Shes The Daughter Of Xu Zhengxuan Of The Xu Group Chapter 233 Nian Junting Was Boiling With Anger Chapter 234 How Was Luo Sang Humiliated At The Poker Game? Chapter 235 She Envies Luo For Being Prettier Than Her And Having A Better Voice Chapter 236 He Said That You Were His Fiancee Are You Really? Chapter 237 Are You Still Mad At Me? Chapter 238 But Why Did She Find Him So Adorable? Chapter 239 Youre Not Mad Chapter 240 How Intense Was The Kiss Such That She Fainted? Chapter 241 Im Older Than You So Ill Tolerate You Chapter 242 You Were The One Who Slept In My Bed In The First Place Chapter 243 You Crawled Into My Arms And Took Advantage Of Me Yet Youre Blaming Me Chapter 244 Shes My Girlfriend Theres Nothing Out Of The Ordinary About Mouth To Mouth Is There? Chapter 245 Junting Dont Go Too Far. Chuen Never Offended You Chapter 246 If Not For Ye Chuen Provoking Mr Nian With His Pet Peeve Chapter 247 His Woman Still Has Her Virginity Just Like Him Chapter 248 Am I Of Less Importance To You Than Yansu? Chapter 249 You Havent Recovered Yet So I Need To Take Care Of You At Night Chapter 250 Sangsang You Only Have Eyes For My Brother His Charisma Is Truly Incomparable Chapter 251 Thats Uniform Temptation Chapter 252 Standing Before Her Was Statuesque Figure Dressed In A Green Army Uniform Chapter 253 Who Allowed You To Come Onto My Bed? Chapter 254 Chapter 255 Are You Going To Give Up On Zhong Zhou For A Woman? Chapter 256 Im Going To Be With Xu Luosan No Matter What Chapter 257 You Poured A Glass Of Wine On Her Face Chapter 258 She Was Trying Hard To Recall If She Bullied Luo Sang Chapter 259 Did Yi Jingxi See Me With Nian Junting By The Seaside? Chapter 260 Tell Me Truthfully You Havent Forgotten Yi Jingxi Have You? Chapter 261 Looking At The Grumpy Nian Junting Luosang Laughed So Hard Chapter 262 Luoluo Was Worried That I Was Unhappy And Decided To Feed Me Chapter 263 Is Ji Nuanyi A Man Or A Woman? Chapter 264 Now Not Only Do I Have To Be Wary Of Women I Also Have To Be Wary Of Men Chapter 265 If You Want Grandchildren Youll Have To Accept Her. Chapter 266 Brother Junting Im Your Sister After All Chapter 267 Its Its Zhong Yi Zhong Yi Said That Chapter 268 : To Love Is To Like Deeply Chapter 269 Listen I Like You Too Very Much Chapter 270 Relationships Are A Love Hate Affair Chapter 271 Sleep In Nian Juntings Bedroom Chapter 272 So You Are Going To Compete For Yi Jingxis Favour? Chapter 273 She Said That Shell Definitely Make Nian Junting Break Up With You Chapter 274 My Woman Must Have At Least Ten Suitcases When She Shifts House Chapter 275 The Bed Is Too Small Chapter 276 Vigorous Activities? Arent You Being Too Shameless Chapter 277 He Had A Woman In His Arms But He Can Only Hug Her And Kiss Her Chapter 278 Yi Jingxi Could See The Two Of Them Holding Hands Clearly Chapter 279 This Time Hell Taste Jealousy Too Chapter 280 I Dont Need To Eat The Hotpot Im Full From The Dog Food Chapter 281 Sleepless Lonely Night Chapter 282 So You Are Really My Brother Are You Ill? Chapter 283 Did Mr. Nian Avenge You? Chapter 284 She Wouldnt Be The Most Disappointed One Chapter 285 If She Acts Aggressively Hell Enjoy It Chapter 286 Luo Sang Would Never Do That Chapter 287 Is It My Fault To Be Too Handsome? My Parents Have Good Genes What Can I Possibly Do About It? Chapter 288 If We Want To Have Five Kids Should We Start Early Chapter 289 The First Time They Traveled Together And She Sneakily Hid A Box Of Condoms In Her Bag Chapter 290 Youve Never Even Praised Me Like That Before Do You Fancy Him? Chapter 291 Would It Be A Shame If Nothing Happened In Such A Huge Bed? Chapter 292 This Guy Was Scarily Possessive Chapter 293 She Didnt Look Back But She Knew That Those Were His Lips Chapter 294 Look Im Having A Nosebleed From Over Stimulation Chapter 295 I Never Tried To Compliment Women So My Words Are Limited Chapter 296 Do You Still Remember Me Miss Ji? Chapter 297 Shes Staying In This Hotel. Yi Jingxi Is Here Too. Chapter 298 What Did This Mean Was She Trying To Make Him Jealous? Chapter 299 Last Time Mr. Yi Claimed That My Girlfriend Is His Fiancee Chapter 300 Find Yourself A Caustic Husband And You Wont Ever Need To Argue For Yourself Chapter 301 What A Great Feeling It Was To Be Controlled By A Woman Chapter 302 Wife Later If You Like Anything Tell Me Chapter 303 She Was Calling Another Man Her Hubby Chapter 304 She Knows Exactly What Size I Am Chapter 305 Mr. Yi Have You Seen My Husband? Chapter 306 He Even Wanted To Chop Up Nian Junting And Chew Him Up Chapter 307 She Had No Idea What Stunt Nian Junting Was Going To Pull Chapter 308 If Shes Half Drunk Someone Else Will Get A Chance Chapter 309 He Didnt Want Her To Carry Him In Her Arms Chapter 310 Im Your Elder Sister So How Can You Hold Me To Sleep? Chapter 311 Luoluo Dont Leave Me Chapter 312 My Body Is As Perfect As Davids Chapter 313 I Wont Let You Down In This Lifetime Chapter 314 Mr. Xiao Is Much More Handsome Than You And He Has Dimples Chapter 315 Starved Until Her Stomach Cramped Chapter 316 Compared With Me Yi Jingxi Is Just Inexperienced Chapter 317 I Do Like What We Did Last Night As Well Chapter 318 You Look Like Someone From The Comic Books Chapter 319 What Kind Of Guys Are The Male Leads In Youth Comics? Chapter 320 I Want To Be Like A Normal Couple With You Chapter 321 Your Okamoto Filled My Heart And Soul Completely Chapter 322 Whats Going On? Are You Having A Fight? Chapter 323 You Shouldnt Do That Anymore. Itll Make It Worse Chapter 324 She Missed Him So Much That She Secretly Sniffed His Shirt Chapter 325 Let Me Look At Your Wound Chapter 326 She Didnt Understand Why He Was Suddenly Angry Chapter 327 Its Cold Ill Let You Hug Me To Sleep Chapter 328 Who Scratched Mr. Nians Chest? Chapter 329 You Guys Really Think Im That Kind Of Person? Chapter 330 Ill Disable You So You Can Never Be A Singer In Your Whole Life Chapter 331 Sangsang Im Thoroughly Impressed With You Chapter 332 Fourteen Missed Calls From Mr. Nian Chapter 333 I Didnt Expect You To Go On A Date With Another Man Behind My Back Chapter 334 Hes Being Narcissistic For Himself And His Girlfriend Chapter 335 Meet With The Wife Of The Ceo Of The Zhong Zhou Group Corporation Chapter 336 My Woman Is Perfect Indeed. She Can Even Win A Fight Chapter 337 You Can Understand What Kind Of Person Ye Chuen Is Chapter 338 Luosang Is Your Boyfriend Outside? Chapter 339 She Was Cradled Like A Princess In His Arms Chapter 340 No Other Man But I Can Afford You Chapter 341 Bringing Her Current Partner To This Movie Chapter 342 I Dont Want To Leave You Chapter 343 Its Fine. Shell Sleep In The Master Bedroom With Me Tonight Chapter 344 Dont Be Shy Im Gonna Take Off My Clothes Anyway Chapter 345 Luoluo I Want To See All Of You Chapter 346 Nian Xi Is My Sisteryou Cant Hurt Her Chapter 347 Jichuan Is Getting Nian Xi A Present For Christmas What Are You Getting Me? Chapter 348 Yi Jingxi And Her Lay Side By Side On The Road Chapter 349 Luo Sang Leave Him Chapter 350 Because Of You I Learned How Nice Nian Junting Is Chapter 351 What Are Some Gift Ideas For A Man Chapter 352 She Didnt Answer His Call Because She Was Talking With A Boy Chapter 353 This Woman Was Such A Liar Chapter 354 Will You Spend Christmas Eve With Me? Chapter 355 Do You Want To Be Punished By Kneeling On The Keyboard? Chapter 356 Do You Care About Young Master? Do You Love Him? Chapter 357 : Oh I Thought Nian Junting Was Texting Me Using Your Phone Chapter 358 Its A Gift From My Woman. Its Filled With Her Love Chapter 359 What Are You Trying To Seduce Me With Your Beauty? Chapter 360 : I Finally Know That You Love Me Chapter 361 Youve Changed Let Me Take A Look At You Chapter 362 This Is My Girlfriend The Future Mrs. Nian Chapter 363 Mr. Nian And Mr. Xiao Were Happily In Love Chapter 364 Look Up At The Stars So Romantic Chapter 365 I Wont Be Like This Once I Marry Ji Chuan Chapter 366 Why Would We Be Apart? Where Are You Going? Chapter 367 Merry Christmas I Love You Chapter 368 Theyre Trying To Save Him. I Need To Be There Chapter 369 Even If Something Happens To Me You Have To Be My Widow Chapter 370 Nian Junting Sent Those Messages With Your Phone Right? Chapter 371 Sangsang Im Giving You One Last Chance Chapter 372 I Wont Let You Fly Even If I Need To Give Up Everything I Have Chapter 373 How Dare You Hurl Things At A Woman Chapter 374 Youre Not Alone Chapter 375 Please Allow Me To Send You Overseas For A While Chapter 376 Xu Luosang Cant Get Suspended From School. Maybe She Can Take A Vacation. Chapter 377 You Look Just Like Your Mother Chapter 378 I May Have A Brother Or Sister? Chapter 379 Moving In With The Chi Family Chapter 380 You Finally Called Me Chapter 381 I Declare That I Am No Longer Together With Mr. Nian Junting Chapter 382 Im The Women Who Broke Up With You Chapter 383 You Are Way More Important Than Our Stocks Chapter 384 Shell Hold Him Helplessly Kiss His Lips Chapter 385 Shell Hold Him Helplessly Kiss His Lips Chapter 386 Youve Grown Thinner And Wearier Chapter 387 You Cant Protect Her Yet You Dont Want Others To Protect Her Chapter 388 Dont Go To Chi Shengxu Chapter 389 No Wonder Her Son Was Attracted By Her Chapter 390 Unless You Give Her All Of The Zhong Zhou Group Chapter 391 How Youve Been Bullying My Woman? Chapter 392 Im Ashamed Of You For Bullying A Girl Like This Chapter 393 I Almost Forgot That Im A Man Chapter 394 Luo Luo I Know We Havent Done This In A While Chapter 396 Ou Missed Out On A Night Of Passion Chapter 397 Our Love Started There Chapter 398 Your Wives Cant Match My Girlfriends Looks Chapter 399 His Little Brother Was Very Well Trained By Her Chapter 400 This Is Your Office Your Secretary Is Right Outside Chapter 401 I Want It To Be Romantic Not Random Chapter 402 If He Wanted It Again Tonight She Would Not Reject Him Chapter 403 He Missed The Fascinating Sexy Sleepwear Last Night Chapter 404 I Have To Make Him Swoon At The Sight Of Me Chapter 405 At That Moment Luo Sang Found That Murong Chengs Face Seemed To Be Covered In Ice Chapter 406 Shuangwei Is Coming Back In A Few Days Chapter 407 Youll Marry My Brother Sooner Or Later So Youll Eventually Find Out Anyway Chapter 408 At That Moment It Was As If Our World Had Fallen Apart Chapter 409 She Isnt Your Brothers Ex Girlfriend Is She? Chapter 410 It Could Be Annoying To Have An Overly Sensitive Sister In Law Chapter 411 Shes A Very Jealous Woman Chapter 412 Im Not A Man Who Messes Around. Im Loyal. Chapter 413 You Finally Found A Perfect Excuse To Talk To Me Chapter 414 Start A Fight While In Bed But Make Up Before Falling Asleep Chapter 415 I Was Conquered By Your Old School Yet Excellent Hard To Get Game Chapter 416 But Im Not Happy With You Tonight. Do You Have A Problem With That? Chapter 417 What Should Men Do When Women Are On Their Period? Chapter 418 I Can Tolerate All Of Your Unreasonable Fusses 418 I Can Tolerate All Of Your Unreasonable Fusses 419 Help My Girlfriend Is In A Bad Mood Because Shes On Her Period. What Should I Do? 420 Luosang Must Have Turned Off Her Phone Because Of Him 421 Wish Yourself Luck 422 My Dear Luo Im Sorry 423 Ill Pay For All The Sanitary Pad That You Need In Your Life 424 My Sangsang Has Both Brawn And Brains 425 Have You Forgotten That Miss Nian Said You Should Talk Less? 426 Are You Unable To Resist The Temptation Of A Uniform? 427 Sangsang How Can You Be So Softhearted? 428 Xiao Si Told Me That You Found A Girlfriend I Guess Its True 429 Let Me Introduce Your Future Daughter In Law To You 430 Dont You Love Me Anymore? 431 So Thats What love Me Love My Dog Means 432 Sangsang Come Down Quickly My Brother Is Here 433 It Was Really Easy For Sangsang To Lose Control After Getting Drunk 434 I Didnt Know You Were So Liberal Brother 435 Come On Kiss Me 436 I Bet The Eggs Hur 437 He Wont Lose His Temper If I Buy Another Man A Pair Of Uggs Will He? 438 Ill Capture Both His Body And Hear Chapter 439 Youre So Pretty Xiao Si Has Been Eyeing You Covetously Chapter 440 Have You Ever Imagined Yourself Back In An City? Chapter 441 In Her Room Her Photos Were All Over The Wall Chapter 442 Did She Have A Brother? Chapter 443 Zhong Yi Do You Know Why I Invited You Here Today? Chapter 444 Yi Jingxi Has Never Touched Me Chapter 445 She Wont Let Zhong Yi Become A Star Chapter 446 I Really Miss Your Cooking Chapter 447 Have You Done Something Bad Before? Chapter 448 Im The Only One Who Can Comfort You Chapter 449 You Look So Good In Pajamas Its Difficult To Ensure That They Wont Fall For You Chapter 450 : What Exactly Happened At Gu Feng? Chapter 451 For Every Bad Thing Youve Done My People Will Break One Of Your Fingers Chapter 452 Whats The Point Of Going To The Beach If You Dont Wear Bikinis? Chapter 453 Your Eq Has Finally Improved A Little Chapter 454 We Just Arrived Are You Going To Chapter 455 Its The First Time Ive Seen You In A Summer Dress Chapter 456 Marry Me Chapter 457 Youre Holding Me So Tightly Like A Little Girl Chapter 458 He Mustnt Let Her Get Drunk Tonight Chapter 459 Why Did You Put Me Up Here? Chapter 460 Dont Turn On The Light. Im Shy Chapter 461 Im Hungry Chapter 462 Do You Think I Can Get A Full Mark? Chapter 463 Now I Love To Watch You Eat Chapter 464 I Cant Bear The Pain Of Losing You Chapter 465 Are You Unhappy With My Current Breasts? Chapter 466 Xu Luosang Likes Pig Chapter 467 Am I Good? Chapter 468 Your Husband Is Really Bossy Chapter 469 Boundlessly Shameless Chapter 470 She Hasnt Even Come Into The Pool But He Chapter 471 See Your Body Sold You Out Chapter 472 Luosangs Legs Shivered. She Was Frightened Of The Sea Now. Chapter 473 Maybe She Should Stop Complaining About Nian Junting Chapter 474 She Actually Wants To Give Uggs To Another Man As A Gift Chapter 475 Youve Really Racked Your Brains In Doing This Chapter 476 In Your Heart Is He More Important Than I Am? Chapter 477 I Can Buy Gifts For Whomever I Want What Can You Do About It? Chapter 478 You Were Using Violence On Me Chapter 479 Looking At Him She Felt That The Word childish Was Written On His Face Chapter 480 She Doesnt Think That She Did Anything Wrong And She Made Me Sleep Alone Chapter 481 Ive Thought About It. Yesterday I Was Wrong Chapter 482 I Want To Kiss You For My Whole Life Chapter 483 Youre Such A Bad Girl Chapter 484 I Need To Talk To Sangsang. Youll Feel Too Hot Wearing Those Chapter 485 Nian Junting Was Terribly Displeased Chapter 486 Stay Calm Dont Be Jealous Chapter 487 Shuangwei You And Junting Are Dressed Chapter 488 She Was A Little Uncomfortable Chapter 489 Everybody Knows That She Still Loves Junting Chapter 490 We Need To Be Jealous Less Obviously Chapter 491 Youre A Little Different Today Chapter 492 Didnt You See The Awkward Expression On Sangsangs Face? Chapter 493 Sexual Dysfunction You Know? He Was Sick For Years Chapter 494 How Could She Get Tired Of Him? Hell Never Get Tired Of Her Chapter 495 If You Keep Giving Sister Lan A Hard Time I Wont Go On A Date With You Chapter 496 My Luo Ting Noodle Resturant Is Going To Open Soon Chapter 497 Ost Importantly I Am No Longer Single Chapter 498 Luosang Felt As If She Had Been Brainwashed Recently Chapter 499 I Wont Let My Woman Get Married In Such A Cheap Wedding Dress Chapter 500 Miss Leng Youre Already In The Past Tense Chapter 501 If You Really Understand Him Youll Find The Good In Him Chapter 502 It Has Been So Long. Dont Be Obsessive If Its Not Yours Chapter 503 He Had Been Keeping This So Strictly Secret From Her Chapter 504 I Told Young Master That Youre On Your Period Chapter 505 Do You Think Our Wedding Will Be Too Happy? Chapter 506 Why Wont You Even Look At Me? Chapter 507 From Now On I Hate Beef Noodles The Most Chapter 508 He Said That Maybe Youre Having Endocrine Dysfunction Chapter 509 I Nian Xi Will Only Get Married For Love Chapter 510 Young Master Sangsang Moved Out Chapter 511 If Im Unhappy None Of You Can Be Happy Chapter 512 Are You Psycho? We Have Broken Up Chapter 513 He Said That He Drove Miss Xu To The Airport Chapter 514 Sangsang Has Left Nian Junting. Just Go And Pursue Her Chapter 515 I Thought It Would Be Full Of Pleasant Surprises Yet In The End It Became Nothing But Disappointment Chapter 516 I Am A Lovelorn Man Now Would You Like To Fight? Chapter 517 You Left Without Saying Anything. Do You Know How Worried I Am? Chapter 518 If You Are Healed Will I Still Be The Only One In Your Heart? Chapter 519 Ill Be Waiting For Your Answer And I Believe That You Wont Lie To Me Chapter 520 Tell Sangsang That You Love Her Chapter 521 She Turned Around And Found The Tall And Sturdy Nian Junting Standing At The Door Chapter 522 Xu Luosang Youre Impressive Chapter 523 Did She Just Break Up With Nian Junting Chapter 524 I Havent Found Any Female Star Whos As Good Looking As Luosang Chapter 525 Mr. Nian Only Said That Because He Was Angry. Dont You Know About His Awful Temper? Chapter 526 Miss Xu Long Time No See Chapter 527 Mr. Nian Your Girlfriend Is Sitting Right There. Isnt It Inappropriate For You To Say That? Chapter 528 Junting How Are You Feeling Chapter 529 Mr. Nian Founded A Chain Noodle Restaurant For You Chapter 530 Luo Ting Both Your Names Are In It Chapter 531 Leaving Her Turned Out To Be So Painful Chapter 532 Luo I Love You Chapter 533 Thats Over Exaggerated. How Painful Can The Skin Puncture Possibly Be? Chapter 534 Ive Been Breaking Rules For You Since The Very Beginning Chapter 535 Miss Xu Did You Two Make Up? Chapter 536 Have You Been Keeping An Eye On Me During The Past Half Month? Chapter 537 Brother Its Late At Night. Why Are You Listening To Endless Love? Chapter 538 She Seriously Could Not Let Her Relationship Affect Her Studies Chapter 539 Mr. Nian Waited Alone In The Noodle Restaurant For A Long Time Chapter 540 Mr. Nian Why Are You In A Wheelchair Again? Chapter 541 Young Master Im Still Here Chapter 542 I Guess You Need To Give Me A Sponge Bath Again Chapter 543 I Want It So Much You Havent Touched Me In 20 Days Chapter 544 I Cant Satisfy You But I Can Kiss You Chapter 545 Countless Women Would Be So Jealous Of Her Chapter 546 Shes So Young But Shes Already Living At A Mans Place Chapter 547 Nian Xi Is Your Fiancee Your Lover Chapter 548 He Had Really Lost Himself In His Obsession With Xu Luosang Chapter 549 Is This A Surprise From Luosang? Chapter 550 Leng Shuangwei I Think You Should See A Shrink Chapter 551 Because Usually You Dont Get Presents From Women Chapter 552 He Didnt Know When She Arrived Chapter 553 Then Ill Show You How Much We Love Each Other Chapter 554 Who The Hell Is She? Chapter 555 Are You Being Mean To Them Because You Feel Guilty? Chapter 556 He Had Fallen In Love With Her Earlier Than He Thought Chapter 557 I Heard A Mans Voice Just Now Chapter 558 It Was Zhong Yi Who Had Disappeared For A While Chapter 559 Yi Jingxi Tried To Bring Her Down Crazily Chapter 560 Youre So Cheap Chapter 561 Im Going On Patrol Tonight. The Dinner Is Simple Chapter 562 What He Had Been Holding In His Hands Seemed To Be Slipping Further And Further Away Chapter 563 He Squatted And Looked At Her Motionlessly Chapter 564 Have You Fallen In Love With Me? Chapter 565 Xi Youve Touched Him. Shouldnt You Be Responsible For That? Chapter 566 Theyre Staying Together Though. Do They Have To Do It Every Day? Chapter 567 She Must Have Known What We Were Doing Up Here Chapter 568 You Should Be Forthright If You Really Want To Woo My Sister Chapter 569 You Are Pretty And Your Voice Is Pleasant Chapter 570 Luosangs Heart Nearly Melted Chapter 571 Ill Give It To You If You Like It Chapter 572 They Had Only Just Met But He Made Their Relationship Sound So Flirtatious Chapter 573 Lets Be Friends Chapter 574 Lets Break Up Officially Chapter 575 I Get Tired When I Cant See You Chapter 576 Luo Tell Me The Truth. Are You Feeling It Tonight? Chapter 577 I Almost Forgot To Tell You That Your Roommate Was Home Last Night Chapter 578 I Thought You Said You Didnt Hear Us Clearly. How Did You Know That We Were Urgent Chapter 579 This Is Leng Our New Instructor Chapter 580 She Is The Reason I Am In This Sorry State Today. I Am Going To Ruin Her. Chapter 581 So This Is Because Of The Woman Youre With Chapter 582 Leng Zhe The Nian Family Owes You Chapter 583 We Plan To Talk To Miss Xu Chapter 584 But That Shouldnt Be The Reason Why He Should Marry Her Chapter 585 He Was Rarely So Serious Unless There Was Something Important Chapter 586 Would He Leave Her? Chapter 587 Junting And I Love Each Other Deeply We Wont Break Up Easily Chapter 588 Luosang Was Shocked. She Looked At Nian Xi In A Daze. Chapter 589 Does The Nian Family Think That Im Dead? Chapter 590 Nian Xi Said That Your Thoughts Might Run Wild Chapter 591 You Managed To Be On The Same Side With Your Future Mother In Law So Quickly Chapter 592 Have You Consulted Junting? Chapter 593 His Grandson Was Really Sharp Tongued Chapter 594 Dad If You Feel Shortchanged Just Marry Leng Shuangweis Mother. Chapter 595 Im Afraid That You Might Be Unhappy If I Bring Luo With Me Chapter 596 This Time My Maternal Grandparents Have Stood Up For Us Chapter 597 Your Dad And I Are Finally Divorced. Congratulate Me Chapter 598 I Might Just Share About My Happy Moments Chapter 599 What Right Does She Have To Like Him? Chapter 600 I Thought You Missed Me So Much That Your Heart Ached Chapter 601 Last Time I Was So Embarrassed Chapter 602 Promise Me Youll Spoil Me For The Rest Of Your Life Chapter 603 You Young Girls Are Energetic Chapter 604 Luo You Arent Focusing Chapter 605 Yi Jingxi Is Your Son Right? Chapter 606 Sang Is This Your Brother Chapter 607 : Youre Only My Daughters Boyfriend. How Can You Chapter 608 His Father In Laws Taste Was Certainly Lacking Chapter 609 Luosangs Teeth Never Left A Mark On His Neck Chapter 610 Just You Wait Prison Awaits You Chapter 611 You Became So Ugly Chapter 612 Xiao Si Would Be Devastated To Hear What She Had To Say About Him Chapter 613 Arent You Too Heartless? Chapter 614 Youre Ok With That? She Is His Ex Girlfriend After All. Chapter 615 I Wont Marry Her Chapter 616 She Might Hate Me For The Rest Of My Life Chapter 617 Kick Down The Ladder Chapter 618 You Were Supposed To Have Your Period Today. Why Isnt It Here Yet? Chapter 619 Choose Between Your Father And Nian Junting Chapter 620 : Luosang Had Chills All Over Chapter 621 I Cant Do Such A Thing Chapter 622 They Needed An Opportunity To Reconcile Chapter 623 Miss An You Like Him Too Dont You? Chapter 624 You Wont Like Me Anymore When Youre Old Chapter 625 My Wife Likes To Peel Shrimps For Me The Most Chapter 626 Dont You Like That Im Passionate? Chapter 627 He Wished Luosang Would Torture Him Chapter 628 Ah Xun Will Buy Me Better Things Chapter 629 Luo Is Enchanted Chapter 630 Now That Shes Dumped You I Think I Quite Like Her Chapter 631 Did You Read That File? Chapter 632 I Wont Let You Spoil Me Anymore Ill Spoil You Instead. Chapter 633 Unknowingly He Had Given Her His Heart Chapter 634 Not Even Your Blood Type Or Your Horoscope Is As Good As Hers Chapter 635 I Knew You Didnt Want To Leave Me Chapter 636 Since When Was Sang Your Mistress? Chapter 637 A Gentleman Is Going To Read A Love Poem For Luosang Chapter 638 Let Me Chase You Instead Mr. Nian Chapter 639 Dont Share It With Yan Su Chapter 640 Three Lifetimes And Three Eternities Chapter 641 Put A Gift In His Hands Chapter 642 How Could She Confess To Him In Front Of Their Boss? Chapter 643 Ill Know That Shes Really Close To Me Chapter 644 Its Likely That Jiang Qifei Has Been Threatening Xu Luosang With The Evidence That She Has Chapter 645 Miss Xu Chose To Leave You Because Of Her Father Chapter 646 You Will Be Punished For Hitting Your Father Chapter 647 Youve Already Caused Harm To Me. How Are You Gonna Make It Up? Chapter 648 Flamboyant? She Said His Acting Was Too Flamboyant? Chapter 649 You Might Give Up On Her But Not On The Baby Chapter 650 She Sold Luosang To Be A Godmother Chapter 651 Fall Into Mr. Nians Trap Chapter 652 She Thought Nian Xi Would Try To Make Peace Between Them But Chapter 653 You Have A Baby? Chapter 654 Will We Be On The Same Plane With Him? Chapter 655 He Was Like A Body Of Light Catching The Attention Of Everyone In His Presence Chapter 656 : Stop Peeping At Him Obsessively Chapter 657 Luosang Felt Like Her Heart Had Been Smashed Into Pieces Chapter 658 She Slept With That Man Chapter 659 Was Yan Su Able To Take Control Of This Man With Her Gentle Spirit? Chapter 660 Your Shi Xiang Is So Incredibly Handsome And Charming Chapter 661 The Journey Was Getting Longer And Longer For Her Chapter 662 Nian Junting Was Standing By The Door Chapter 663 Her Heart Was Racing Chapter 664 Give Me A Child Chapter 665 His Baby Would Be The Prettiest And Cutest Chapter 666 Making A Baby Chapter 667 He Didnt Miss Her At All? Chapter 668 Did You Wait Outside The Whole Night? Chapter 669 Although No One Else Could Understand What They Were Saying Luosang Did Chapter 670 Youre Going Too Far Chapter 671 Nian Junting Paced In Front Of Her Door Chapter 672 Will He Leave After He Has Some Food? Chapter 673 She Was Going To Bear That Bastard Nian Junting A Child As Soon As Possible Chapter 674 You Tried To Seduce Him At Work Chapter 675 I Care About Her A Lot. I Dont Want To Lose Her. Chapter 676 : Does He Have Another Girlfriend In Korea Chapter 677 He Was Anxious To Finally Reunite With Xu Luosang Chapter 678 His Sisters Boyfriend Is An Old Man Chapter 679 Why Would Such A Pretty Girl Like Xu Luosang Be Attracted To You At All? Chapter 680 Slap Shi Xiangs Face Chapter 681 How Could His Woman End Up Taking A Hard Seat Train? Chapter 682 Whos Troubling You? Chapter 683 Mr. Nian You Really Go All Out For Miss Xu Dont You? Chapter 684 Luosangs Beauty Is The Strongest Proof Chapter 685 How Did Fanyu Break Ties With Shi Xiang Before He Had Even Interfered? Chapter 686 She Desperately Wanted To Lean On His Chest Chapter 687 They Knew That A Kiss Wasnt Enough To Satisfy Them Chapter 688 What Happened Last Night Wasnt A Dream Chapter 689 Arent You A Professional Surrogate Mother? Chapter 690 Are You Trying To Say That He Doesnt Care About Me Anymore? Chapter 691 You Mean To Say That Shi Xiang Found Himself A Rich Mans Daughter? Chapter 692 Yan Su Felt Especially Sorry For Luosang Chapter 693 Shi Xiang When Did You Become Like This? Chapter 694 Lets Break Up Chapter 695 Nian Xi Doesnt Want To Go Out Drinking With Me Again Chapter 696 Are You Pregnant? Chapter 697 Ji Nuanyi Commented Below he Might Really Stay Single For The Rest Of His Life. Chapter 698 Because Shes Already Pregnan Chapter 699 Luo Youre So Amazing Youve Given Me A Little Princess Chapter 700 What If You Slipped? Ill Carry You Downstairs. Chapter 701 When Did You Find Out About Jiang Qifei? Chapter 702 Did You Trick Me Into Having A Baby? Chapter 703 You Have Underestimated Your Man Chapter 704 Mr. Nian Maybe Youre Looking At The Wrong Area Chapter 705 How Can You Not Stay With Me When Youre Already Pregnant With My Child? Chapter 706 Baby Your Mother Wants To Make You An Illegal Resident Of This Country Chapter 707 Fine Youre The Boss Since You Just Fell Out Of Love Chapter 708 He Told Us To Call You Mrs. Nian Since You Broke Up With Him Chapter 709 I Guess I Cant Leave Tonigh Chapter 710 Ill Love You Both So Much Chapter 711 Sister Lan Shes Still In The Kitchen Chapter 712 A Few Female Colleagues Of Hers Were Gawking At A Corner Chapter 713 You Can Call Me Ning Chapter 714 I Didnt Bother You. You Bumped Into Me. Chapter 715 You Should Take Responsibility For What You Did Chapter 716 I Dont Want To Show My Back To Him. I Only Want To Show It To You. Chapter 717 Electric Current Connected Physics Reaction Chapter 718 If Only She Could Let Her Hand Stay There Chapter 719 When Had Her Place Ever Been This Clean? Chapter 720 Whos Your Dad? Watch Your Mouth. Chapter 721 Did You Know That Your Girl Has Found Herself A Gigolo? Chapter 722 You Need To Step Over My Dead Body Before You Get Together With Him Chapter 723 People Were Going To Misunderstand Chapter 724 She Kicked Him Off Of The Bed Chapter 725 He Should Have Held Himself Back More Now That She Was Pregnant Chapter 726 Jiang Qifei Began Trembling With Fear Chapter 727 I Should Send It Over To Nian Qingyun And Let Him Have A Look Chapter 728 The Woman In His Arms Was Tender And Soft Like A Cat Chapter 729 Mr. Yi And Mr. Fang Have Already Checked In This Afternoon Chapter 730 So You Live Across The Hall Chapter 731 Luosang Looked Like How She Was When She Was Eighteen Perfect And Pure Chapter 732 Ive Spoiled Her Chapter 733 Mr. Nian Are You Going To Be A Father? Chapter 734 Mr. Yi Arent You Gonna Congratulate Me? Chapter 735 Planted His Lips Firmly On Hers Chapter 736 I Told You To Keep An Eye On Her. Is That How You Do Your Job? Chapter 737 Im A Fool Now That I Am Pregnant. Do You Have A Problem With That? Chapter 738 Make It Up For You Chapter 739 Kissed Every Single One Of My Wounds Chapter 740 She Wouldnt Listen But Insisted On Spoiling Me Chapter 741 You Asked About Your Mother Chapter 742 Your Mother Is Not An Ordinary Person Chapter 743 Im About To Have A Powerful Mother In Law? Chapter 744 I Am Too Rich For You Chapter 745 Im So Happy For You And My Brother Im Actually Crying Tears Of Happiness Chapter 746 Theyre Not As Pretty As The Young Man That You Brought Back Last Time Chapter 747 Mo Liuxi Would Be Devastated If He Found Out About This Chapter 748 Liao Qiulong Started Figuring Out What Really Caused The Crisis Of His Company Chapter 749 Do You Think You Can Trample On Me Nian Junting Like This? Chapter 750 You Think Hell Let Jiang Qifei Get Away With It? Chapter 751 But You Can Only Hit Me On My Buttocks Chapter 752 Luo In One Month We Can Chapter 753 In The End Played Like A Fool By Xu Luosang Chapter 754 You Can Go After Yan Su When Luosangs Father Is Out Of Prison Chapter 755 Back Then Jiang Qifei Nearly Got Married To My Father Chapter 756 Mr. Yi This Is From The Courthouse Chapter 757 Your Daughters The Only One Whos Precious Im Just A Strand Of Weed Chapter 758 Mr. Nian Is So Proud Chapter 758 Mr. Nian Is So Proud Chapter 759 Were You Eavesdropping On Our Conversation? Chapter 759 Were You Eavesdropping On Our Conversation? Chapter 760 You Have Remembered My Birthday Long Time Ago Chapter 761 Its Been Three Months Chapter 762 Im Tasting You Chapter 763 Court Session 1 Chapter 764 Court Session 2 Chapter 765 This Presuming Son In Law To Be Chapter 766 Yi Jingxi Has No Intention Of Confessing Chapter 767 There Was A Strange Sense Of Familiarity About This Woman Chapter 768 Mo Jin Chapter 769 Chapter 769 Chapter 770 Ill Give All The Pain That Luosang Has Suffered Back To You Chapter 771 When Do You Intend To Claim My Sister Chapter 772 She Wants To Find Her And Give Her All The Best In The World Chapter 773 Change Your Passcode To My Birthday Chapter 774 Mr. Nian Is Pretty Nice To Miss Xu Chapter 775 Aunty Mo Said You Once Destroyed Their Family When You Were Young Chapter 776 Xiao Si Almost Died From Anger Chapter 777 He Was Extremely Dissatisfied With The Morrison Clans People Chapter 778 Say It Again That Im Yours Chapter 779 Where Did This Bewitching Man Come From Chapter 780 He Really Worries About His Sister Chapter 781 You Should Address Us As Your Sister Chapter 782 Do Not Get Into A Strange Mans Car Chapter 783 You Can Be Dressed Skimpily Laying There And He Will Be Thrilled Chapter 784 Su You Really Know Everything Chapter 785 His Face Was Flawless Where Did He Come From? Chapter 786 Mo Liuxi Carried Luosang Chapter 787 She Wondered If He Had Fallen In Love With Luosang At First Sight Chapter 788 How Did You Manage To Make Both Older And Younger Men Fall For You? Chapter 789 Dont Fight When Im Gone Chapter 790 Her Business Is My Business Chapter 791 Youre Full Of Trouble Even When Youre Pregnant Chapter 792 Mr. Nian Isnt As Fresh And Juicy As Him Chapter 793 I Wont Mistreat Her I Have Plenty Of Money Chapter 794 Shell Like Me Chapter 795 : Nian Qingyun Would Be So Furious That He Had To Be Admitted To The Hospital Chapter 796 Jiang Qifei Was Despairing Chapter 797 The Man She Loved Was Going To Be A Dad Soon Chapter 798 Junting You Have To Help Me Chapter 799 The Guy That Saved You Earlier Moved Into The Apartment Next To Yours Chapter 800 His Welfare Was Gone Again Chapter 801 Jingxi Come Save Me Chapter 802 : He Never Loved Me Chapter 803 This Was The Lie That You Fed Your Son? Chapter 804 He Lay On The Ground And Bawled Chapter 805 The New Director Of Luoxi Films Chapter 806 Why Is This Boy Everywhere? Chapter 807 Nian Xis Mind Was A Gutter Chapter 808 He Offended His Future Mother In Law And Brother In Law Before He Married Luosang Chapter 809 His Weakness Was His Little Tingting Chapter 810 He Would Become A Useless Man To Her Except For In Bed Chapter 811 Only Then Would Luo Continue To Admire Him Chapter 812 She Was Mo Jin For Sure Chapter 813 How Had Her Daughter Attracted Such An Oddity? Chapter 814 Im In A Very Low Place At Home Chapter 815 It Was A Single Fetus. How Could There Be Twins? Chapter 816 My Brother Is So Handsome. Why Is He So Handsome? Chapter 817 Be Good Call Me Brother In Law Chapter 818 She Looked At Mo Liuxi With A Silly Smile On Her Face Chapter 819 Dont Talk To Me Im Not As Handsome As Your Brother Chapter 820 Her Bride Price Was A Thousand? Chapter 821 It Cant Be That Your Mum Had A Baby With My Dad Chapter 822 Sangsang Im Leaving Chapter 823 Twelve Oclock Its My Birthday Chapter 824 My Dear Tingting I Wish You Happy Birthday And Become Uglier And Uglier Chapter 825 Do You Want Me To Find A Scientist For You Somewhere Chapter 826 Her Families Defended Her Chapter 827 He Only Prepared A Thousand Dollars He Was So Thick Skinned To Lie About It Chapter 828 Mo Liuxi Is Good At Sowing Discord Between People Chapter 829 You Still Havent Grown Up After All You Need Someone To Take Care Of You Chapter 830 Its Your Birthday. Youre The Boss Chapter 831 Come Torture Me Chapter 832 I Got The Best Birthday Gift Chapter 833 When Yan Su Came To Her Senses Again She Was Livid Chapter 834 Yan Su Greeted You Today But You Ignored Her Chapter 835 You Dont Like Me Brother In Law? Chapter 836 Call Me Uncle Chapter 837 Oh Well You Rely On Your Body To Win Over A Lady You Should Eat More. Chapter 838 Im Too Old For Her Chapter 839 Liuxi Im Sorry Chapter 840 Yi Jingxi Was Sentenced Chapter 841 : Im Helping Luosang To Scratch An Itch Chapter 842 As Your Punishment You Need To Kneel On A Keyboard By The Bedside Chapter 843 Nian Xi Commented wow The Washing Board Really Suits My Brother. Chapter 844 Please Dont Mind He Hardly Ever Listened To Music Chapter 845 Sorry Im Gay Chapter 846 Are You Sure Hes Your Brother Not Nian Juntings? Chapter 847 You Little Vixen. So Cunning Even When Youre Pregnant Chapter 848 Yan Su Was Pushed Into Mo Liuxis Arms Again Chapter 849 This Is For What Happened In The Lift Earlier. Were Even Now Chapter 850 Afterall He Was So Annoying Chapter 851 What Did Yan Su Tell You Today? Chapter 852 You Defamed Me Out There And Now Youre Saying Good Morning To Me Chapter 853 Its A Baby Boy Chapter 854 Jiang Yuning 29 Years Old Chapter 855 Nian Xi Do You Know Jiang Yuning? Chapter 856 Hes A Scientist? Chapter 857 His Innocent Eyes Light Up With Joy Chapter 858 I Like You Chapter 859 It Tastes Better When You Feed Me Chapter 860 Ill Be Nice To You. Ill Give You My Credit Card Chapter 861 She Knew Better Than Anyone That He Was A Clean Slate When It Came To Relationships Chapter 862 Nian Xis Contest Chapter 863 Im Outstanding And Pretty. Am I Not Good Enough To Be Fancied By A Scientist? Chapter 864 At The Sight Of Yan Su Nian Xi Rushed Up To Her And Gave Her A Huge Hug Chapter 865 No I Cant Miss Out On Any Details That Has To Do With The Wedding And My Woman Chapter 966 Buy Me Dinner Chapter 967 Was He Smiling Just Now? Chapter 968 Liuxi Mind Your Language Chapter 969 Did She Blush At The Sight Of Him Chapter 970 Do You Know Shi Xiang? Chapter 971 Were Her Husband And Brother Both Experts Of Logic? Chapter 972 Hold Her Comfort Her Chapter 973 I Think Im In Love With A Woman Chapter 974 Why Didnt You Invite Me? Chapter 975 Yan Su Is Mr. Lus Girlfriend Chapter 976 He Saw Mo Liuxis Glamorous Face Chapter 977 Why Are You So Nice To Me? Chapter 978 That Silly Girl Would Believe Anything He Said Chapter 979 His Eyes Were Burning Making Her Face Feel On Fire Chapter 980 So You Took Pictures And Leaked Them To The Press Trying To Ruin Her Reputation? Chapter 981 You Made Trouble With Another Man But I Need To Pay For It? Chapter 982 He Looked Adorable Chapter 983 Baby Youll Feel Better When I Kiss You Chapter 984 Your Lips Are So Soft Chapter 985 When Are You Gonna Let Me Go? Chapter 986 You Can Have My Abs And You Can Have Me Chapter 987 I Want To Kiss Your Lips And Touch Your Face Chapter 988 I Will Support You Forever Chapter 989 Kiss Her Chapter 990 You Cant Call Her That Chapter 991 You Are Gorgeous Even Though Youre Trying To Make Yourself Ugly. My Eyes Are Even Dazzled By Your Beauty Chapter 992 How Can You Be Bored If Youre With Mr. Nian Every Day? Chapter 993 Luosang Was Touched Because Her Brother Never Give Such A Warm Suggestion Chapter 994 Its Static Chapter 995 Senior Yan What Are You Reading? Why Are You Blushing So Red? Chapter 996 Xu Luosang You Lied To Me Chapter 997 Im Still Young I Can Change You Anytime Chapter 998 Baby Chapter 999 Behave Yourself Else I Will Tell Your Sister Chapter 1000 Why Dont I Have A Good Husband And A Good Brother? Chapter 1001 In His Embrace Yan Sus Brain Became Fuzzy Chapter 1002 Your Sister In Law Ran Away From Home Chapter 1003 Your Wish Is My Command Chapter 1004 The Change In His Attitude Happened So Suddenly She Was Caught Off Chapter 1005 He Felt That He Really Had Spoiled Yan Su Chapter 1006 Let Me Feed You Chapter 1007 Press Release For New Movie Chapter 1008 She Was Standing Together With Shi Xiang Who Was In A Black Suit Chapter 1009 Luosangs Younger Brother Really Had A Vicious Tongue Chapter 1010 I Choose Yan Su Chapter 1011 Yan Su Shi Yu Invited You Are You Willing To Accept Chapter 1012 You Are Nice To Yan Su Chapter 1013 I Dont Need You Anymore Chapter 1014 You Didnt Even Have The Courage To Admit What Youve Done Chapter 1015 I Thought That You Would Never Find Out Chapter 1016 She Mustnt Let Mo Liuxi Know That Shi Xu Was In Her Room Chapter 1017 What Is Your Relationship With Shi Xiang? Chapter 1018 You Cried For Another Man Chapter 1019 I Want To Be Part Of Your Future Chapter 1020 Did You Throw Yourself On Me So I Can Kiss You Again? Chapter 1021 You Look Gorgeous Chapter 1022 And This One Directly Told Her That They Were Kissing Chapter 1023 Were You Kissed By Shi Xiang Or Mo Liuxi? Chapter 1024 Is It Because I Have Tried It? Chapter 1025 Quit Staring At Her So Intently Chapter 1026 Have You Her Ex Boyfriend Tasted This? Chapter 1027 What Are You Doing Forcing A Little Girl To Drink? Chapter 1028 Dont You Think That Youre Better Than The Others Because Youre A Chapter 1029 Mo Liuxi What Are You Doing Chapter 1030 I Am The Giant Who Can Get Money Roll In Chapter 1031 Come With Me Chapter 1032 Your Brothers Arm Is Injured By A Wine Bottle Chapter 1033 Why? Because He Bullied My Brother In Law Chapter 1034 Of Course Ill Protect Her Chapter 1035 You Should Help With His Washing Up And Bathing Chapter 1036 Luosang Popped Her Eyes Chapter 1037 Hubby You Have A Really Glib Tongue Nowadays Chapter 1038 Dont Act Like A Big Boss Only Because You Saved Her Chapter 1039 Im Sure She Will Treat Him Like Her Own Brother Chapter 1040 No One But Your Brother In Law Will Be Keeping You Company In The Chapter 1041 Although I Miss You Chapter 1042 I Want To Hold Your Hand All My Life Chapter 1043 You Are In My Bed Now Chapter 1044 I Am Awake I Miss You Chapter 1045 Tell Me Why Do I Like You So Much? Chapter 1046 So Take Me Back Home And Let Me Meet Your Parents This Year Chapter 1047 Liuxi Dont Over Do It It Is Mealtime. Chapter 1048 I Dont Need Her Caring. I Have Yours Chapter 1049 Her Lips Were No Longer Foreign To Him Chapter 1050 Are You Jealous? Chapter 1051 There Are So Many Girls Giving You Gifts You Dont Need Mine Chapter 1052 Ill Be Waiting For You Chapter 1053 So This Was How Being Surprised Felt Like How Being Taken Care Chapter 1054 Belt Chapter 1055 I Want To Make You My Sugar Mommy Chapter 1056 You Cant Kiss Me And Run Away Chapter 1057 She Actually Started Dating Again Chapter 1058 It Felt Nice Chapter 1059 Why Dont I Believe This Is Your First Relationship? Chapter 1060 Nian Junting Was Really Unkind Chapter 1061 Dont Drink Chi Shengxus Milk Tea Drink Mine Chapter 1062 Yan Su Felt A Hint Of Danger Chapter 1063 Are You Celebrating Your Birthday Today? Chapter 1064 Liuxi Thank You Chapter 1065 Would You Let Some Other Woman Bathe Me? Chapter 1066 Do You Like It? Chapter 1067 The Gift Was Full Of Surprise Chapter 1068 Well Go Straight For Children Chapter 1069 Have You Considered When You Want To Get Married? Chapter 1070 Maybe Youll Look Like Tang Sanzang Chapter 1071 Give Me Some Face I Am Your Boyfriend Chapter 1072 Sis Arent You Here To Visit Me? Chapter 1073 Nian Juntings Face Was Extremely Dark Chapter 1074 Dont Be Afraid Im Here Chapter 1075 Be Good Su Youre Pretty Chapter 1076 He Was Sure It Was Love Chapter 1077 Do You Like Yan Su Or Are You Dating Her? Chapter 1078 I Thought Hes Like A Little Brother To You Chapter 1079 Two Women Were Two Fighting Over You Chapter 1080 Look At Your Ugly Face Chapter 1081 I Like It When Youre Bad Too Chapter 1082 Luo Talk Nicely Even Though Ive Been Spoiling You Recently Chapter 1083 What Did I Come All This Way? Chapter 1084 For My Dearest Su Chapter 1085 Youre So Naughty Chapter 1086 Give It To Me Or Im Gonna Be Mad Chapter 1087 That Was The Sweetest Thing She Ever Heard Chapter 1088 Whats The Point Of Me Sleeping On The Couch? Chapter 1089 I Forgot To Give You A Good Morning Kiss Chapter 1090 Why Didnt You Come To Me? Chapter 1091 She Never Received Such Expensive Gifts From A Man Chapter 1092 Warm My Bed Or I Might Get Cold Chapter 1093 Yan Su Tried Very Hard To Keep Herself From Kicking Him Off The Bed Chapter 1094 Yan Su Was Slightly Upset Chapter 1095 Liuxi Dont You Think That Youre More And More Like Your Brother In Law? Chapter 1096 Su Did You Block My Number? Chapter 1097 My Brother The Winter In Xia City Isnt So Cold Chapter 1098 : Su Are You Jealous? Chapter 1099 She Understood How Nian Xi Felt When Nian Junting Was Cold To Her Chapter 1100 : Its Probably Yan Su Who Had Slept With Him Chapter 1101 Yan Sus Head Was Spinning Chapter 1102 Kidnap Chapter 1103 Were Both Women. A Woman Shouldnt Hurt Another Woman Chapter 1104 Shi Xiang Seems To Care About You More Than You Think Chapter 1105 Please Let Me Go Chapter 1106 Dont Look Chapter 1107 Miss Yan Please Chapter 1108 How Am I Supposed To Sleep While Youre Not Here? Chapter 1109 Liuxi I Missed You Too Chapter 1110 Dont Move Let Me Hold You Chapter 1111 If I Cheated On Mo Liuxi Last Night Id Be Struck By Lightning And Split Into Two Halves Chapter 1112 Liuxi I Hate You Chapter 1113 Go Public Chapter 1114 The More He Cares The Angrier He Gets Chapter 1115 Hes Drinking With Me Chapter 1116 Because Of You I Started To Feel Music Chapter 1117 : Ill Tell Luo That You Dont Want To Eat Because You Just Broke Up With Your Girlfriend Chapter 1118 Mr. Nians Tasteless Love Words Chapter 1119 Every Single Day With You Is Like The First Day Of Our Marriage Chapter 1120 You Should Talk To Her And Convince Her To Learn More About Lu Kang Chapter 1121 Ive Calmed Myself Chapter 1122 : I Shouldnt Have Lied To You Chapter 1123 Sing A Love Song Together Chapter 1124 Arent You Coaxing Me? Chapter 1125 Sleep In My Room Chapter 1126 Dont Misunderstand. Its Not Like What You Think Chapter 1127 My Son Came To The World Chapter 1128 Our Son And I Will Protect You Together Chapter 1129 Isnt Tingting Cheap Enough? Chapter 1130 Hes Stealing My Rice Bowl Chapter 1131 You Are A Piece Of My Heart Chapter 1132 She Was Pregnant Pregnant With Mo Liuxis Child Chapter 1133 You Better Stay Out Of My Way From Now On Chapter 1134 Yan Su Looked Like She Choked Up Chapter 1135 Liuxi Why Did You Lie To Me? Chapter 1136 Please Leave Chapter 1137 Stranger Chapter 1138 Xu Luosang How Could You Stain My Perfectly Handsome Face With Something So Filthy Chapter 1139 The Landlord Is Sitting Right In Front Of You Chapter 1140 The Big Mouthed Nian Junting Was Right Chapter 1141 She Moved Out? Chapter 1142 She Wont Have Another Boyfriend Chapter 1143 Please Dont Fall In Love With Me Chapter 1144 Mo Liuxi Attacked Her Right In Front Of Her Parents Chapter 1145 Mr. Nian I Thought You Said That He Was Going To Rescue Her? Chapter 1146 Luo I Think I Need To Be Really Nice To You Chapter 1147 Where Is My Jiangjiang? Chapter 1148 Luo Im Clean Chapter 1149 I Dont Have A Gift But Ill Give Myself To You Chapter 1150 You Are Weak Chapter 1151 Mr Jiang You Dont Recognise Us? Chapter 1152 Mr. Jiang Long Time No See Chapter 1153 Lets Keep The Volume Down I Dont Want To Wake Her Up Chapter 1154 Professor Jiang Put That On You Himself Chapter 1155 Because You Lost Some Weight Chapter 1156 Do You Have A Baby? Chapter 1157 That Pig He Didnt Know What Was Wechat Chapter 1158 Become Wechat Friends Chapter 1159 Pretty Chapter 1160 She Doesnt Have A Boyfriend She Doesnt Have A Boyfriend Chapter 1161 He Doesnt Need To Sneak Around Anymore Chapter 1162 How Could She Be So Straightforward? Chapter 1163 Are You Asking Me Out? Chapter 1164 I Dont Want To Come Here Alone Chapter 1165 I Dont Feel Well When I Cant See You Chapter 1166 I Like You Even If You Like Sucking Fingers Chapter 1167 Xi You Really Are A Thrifty Girl Who Knows How To Live A Life Chapter 1168 I Like It When You Take Advantages Of Me Chapter 1169 Nian Xi Made My Hair Look So Good Chapter 1170 Why Was His Hair Messy? Chapter 1171 It Was The First Time Someone Treasured Her Whole Heartedly Chapter 1172 You Are Getting Sneakier And Sneakier Now. You Even Lied To Me Chapter 1173 She Met Him Again And Felt That He Was Still So Nice Chapter 1174 I Dont Want To Interrupt You And Professor Jiang Chapter 1175 Just Tell Me That Im Pretty Chapter 1176 Officer Nian Your Boyfriend Is Pretty Bossy Chapter 1177 Why Was The Atmosphere So Weird At The Crime Scene? Chapter 1178 I Can Be Your Little Wolfdog To Protect You Chapter 1179 This Was Only Her First Case But She Was Going To Die Already Chapter 1180 Nian Xi Jumped Onto His Back Chapter 1181 Your Waist Will Be Exposed Chapter 1182 Did Nian Xi Hug Him? Chapter 1183 Are You Okay? Are You Still The Nian Xi I Know? Chapter 1184 Brother I Miss You Chapter 1185 Youre Here Chapter 1186 Are You Going To Pursue Me? Chapter 1187 Dont You Think Every Part Of Me Is Pretty? Chapter 1188 Its Like Indirectly Kissing Chapter 1189 Looking At The Silly Boy Nian Xi Laughed So Hard That Her Stomach Even Ached Chapter 1190 You Can Even Have Me If You Want Chapter 1191 Ill Clean Your Apartment Forever Chapter 1192 If I Can Ever Go Into Space Ill Take You With Me Chapter 1193 I Will Chapter 1194 I Freaked Out When I Heard About It This Morning Chapter 1195 Jiang Yuning? He Would Really Like To Meet That Guy Chapter 1196 Luo Is She Dreaming? Chapter 1197 Stop It. Im Trying To Tell Xi About How A Couple Should Get Along With Each Other Chapter 1198 Ill Be Leaving The Day After Tomorrow Chapter 1199 He Was So Good At Pretending Chapter 1200 Arent You Worried That You Might Lose The Baby? Chapter 1201 Thank You. Actually Youre Not A Very Shallow Person Chapter 1202 Xi Your Face Is So Soft Chapter 1203 As Your Punishment Let Me Be Your Queen Chapter 1204 You Havent Made Love This Month Chapter 1205 Meet His Rival In Love Chapter 1206 He Didnt Know He Was Professor Jiang Chapter 1207 Nian Xi Is Giving Me A Compliment. Did You Seen That? Chapter 1208 I Like Her Chapter 1209 My My Relationship With Nian Xi Is Special Chapter 1210 Has He Defeated His Rival In Love Just Like That? Chapter 1211 I Have Something Even Better. Would You Like To Try? Chapter 1212 I Need To Start Saving Money For Marriage Chapter 1213 : His First Kiss Was Taken Without Warning Chapter 1214 So Are We Getting Married? Chapter 1215 Brother This Is Jiang Yuning You Two Have Met Chapter 1216 Im So Surprised That Our Xi Is With A Scientist Chapter 1217 I Just Called Him Father So It Seems Impolite Not To Call You Mother Chapter 1218 He Suddenly Got Angry And Refused To Talk To Me Chapter 1219 Ji Chuan And Nian Xi Have Gone Separate Ways In The End Chapter 1220 Nian Xi Said That Shell Be Responsible For Me Chapter 1221 Just Go And Comfort My Brother Chapter 1222 Sangsang Youre Spoiling My Brother Chapter 1223 Brother Be Careful This Is Really Amazing Chapter 1224 Because We Are Both Good At Study Chapter 1225 I Can Be In A Daze Chapter 1226 I Have Money. I Dont Care Chapter 1227 I Wont Lose Chapter 1228 Will He Forbid Me From Marrying You If I Displeased Him? Chapter 1229 It Was The First Time He Saw Her Smile So Brightly Because Of Him Chapter 1230 I Feel An Ning Might Have Done Something Else Chapter 1231 In My Heart You Are The Best Chapter 1232 We Are Such A Good Match Chapter 1233 I Was Talking About Good Goodnight Kiss Can I Have One? Chapter 1234 Xi Do You Miss Me? Chapter 1235 Miss. Nian This Flower Is From Mr. Jiang Chapter 1236 You Are Such A Black Sheep In Our Family Why Do You Need A Girlfriend? Chapter 1237 Dont How Can You Do This To Professor Jiang? Chapter 1238 Nian Xi Is Mine Chapter 1239 : Isnt This A Little Too Soon? Chapter 1240 How Could You Kiss Me In Public? Chapter 1241 Youre Such A Tough Girl. Im Afraid You Might Beat Me For Kissing You Without Your Permission Chapter 1242 What Do You Think About My Kissing Skills? Chapter 1243 Are We Going To Lie On The Same Bed? Chapter 1244 : I Feel Hot Chapter 1245 Jiang Yuning Felt Sweet Chapter 1246 He Wanted To Hold Her. He Hated To Part With Her Chapter 1247 You Are Not Jealous Of Jiang Jiang Are You? Chapter 1248 This Man Is Mine. You Are Not Allowed To Kiss Him Again Chapter 1249 Its Your Brother Chapter 1250 From This Day On Im Going To Live A Free Passionate Life Chapter 1251 Brother Dont Give Him A Hard Time On Your Way Back Chapter 1252 His Name Is Nian Yixudont You Give Him Those Weird Names Chapter 1253 Luosang Will Suddenly Give Him Trouble Chapter 1254 Goodnight. You Are Such A Sweet Talking Baby Tonight Chapter 1255 Does He Think Of Our Family As A Pushover? Chapter 1256 Im Pregnant Chapter 1257 Jiang Yuning Took The Driving License Test Chapter 1258 He Could Finally Try Xis Cooking Chapter 1259 Xi Dont Dont Do This Chapter 1260 Isnt It Too Little Of Fabric Chapter 1261 Do You Like It? Chapter 1262 Its Up To My Girlfriend Chapter 1263 Leng Shuangwei Walked To Her With A Smile Chapter 1264 I Like You. I Really Do Chapter 1265 The Robot Is Not Going To Kiss Me Chapter 1266 Xi We We Cant Do This Yet Chapter 1267 I Thought You Were Unsophisticated But I Was Wrong Chapter 1268 You Promised My Brother Chapter 1269 Jiang Yuning Hurriedly Pressed His Hands On His Shirt Chapter 1270 Her Sons Low Eq Was Inherited. She Had No Way To Change That Chapter 1271 Shes Been Perky Every Day Chapter 1272 Liar Chapter 1273 Xi Are You Jealous? Chapter 1274 Im His Future Brother In Law. Shouldnt He Be Listening To Me? Chapter 1275 : Darling Are You Okay? Chapter 1276 Xi Are You Trying To Make An Excuse For Jiang Yuning? Chapter 1277 Go And Talk To Your Friend Xinxin Chapter 1278 Jiang Yuning Looked At Her Angry Face Stopped Short With Fright Chapter 1279 Miss. He Has Been Especially Nice To You. Maybe She Does Like You Chapter 1280 You Are Jealous Chapter 1281 No One Can Get Close To Her But You Chapter 1282 Something Was Slowly Going Out Of Her Control Chapter 1283 Thank You Miss. He For Caring So Much About My Boyfriend Chapter 1284 Nian Xi Scooped Some Porridge And Put It Into His Mouth Chapter 1285 In My Eyes Only You And My Mother Are Women Chapter 1286 You Bit Me? Chapter 1287 Yuning And I Will Sleep In The Master Bedroom Chapter 1288 Sleep On The Ground? In Your Dream Chapter 1289 : Vixen Chapter 1290 Nian Xi Was Secretly So Wild And Saucy? Chapter 1291 Xixi Dont Force Me Chapter 1292 : He Really Wanted To See It Chapter 1293 She Felt As If She Was A Tycoons Mistress Chapter 1294 Brother I Have Ten Thousand Dollars Of Savings Chapter 1295 Youre Feeling Shy? Chapter 1296 Transformed From A Sweet Puppy Into A Wild Wolf? Chapter 1297 Did You Take Something By Mistake? Chapter 1298 Xixi You Cant Be So Irresponsible Chapter 1299 Nian Xi Is Such A Wild Girl Chapter 1300 : Please Call Me Baby Xi Chapter 1301 After All Youre Fond Of My Man Chapter 1302 My Chest Has Been Aching These Days. Whos Gonna Be Responsible For My Body? Chapter 1303 My Brother Might Really Like This Chapter 1304 Your Brother Is So Magnanimous Chapter 1305 Am I Not Your Baby? Chapter 1306 Baby Xi I Suddenly Want To Be A Daddy Too Chapter 1307 Come To My Place For The Night Chapter 1308 Thats Probably The Power Of Love Chapter 1309 Me Too Ive Been Waiting For You All Along Chapter 1310 What Ill Fate Did She Have With These Two Men? Chapter 1311 The Return Chapter 1312 Senior Yan Is Going To Have A Comeback Chapter 1313 He Was Doing Fine And Looking More Handsome Chapter 1314 It Was So Familiar To Her It Made Her Heart Pound Chapter 1315 Mr. Mo Its Been A Long While Chapter 1316 Mo Liuxi Walked Into The Room Chapter 1317 Dont Make Things Difficult For Our Pretty Girl Chapter 1318 Susu How Have You Been? Chapter 1319 Youre Just Jealous Because We Can Sit Together Chapter 1320 Her Body Was Dragged Into The Familiar Arms Chapter 1321 Dont Worry A Mean Guy Like You Wont Drown Chapter 1322 : Im Not Married. Are You Happy? Chapter 1323 : I Look Like His Elder Sister From Any Angle Chapter 1324 Do I Have Any Moral Quality? Why Dont I Know? Chapter 1325 Yan Su And Mo Liuxi Flirt In The Sea Chapter 1326 Dont You Need To Take Responsibility For That? Chapter 1327 Mo Liuxi Get Away From Me Chapter 1328 Woman Can Be Horrible When They Decided To Be Mean Chapter 1329 Mr. Xiao Is Really Upset Chapter 1330 Wheres My Medicine? Chapter 1331 Brother In Laws Regards Chapter 1332 My Boyfriend Is Gay Chapter 1333 Mo Liuxi Im Fond Of You Chapter 1334 Director Mo You Are Right Thank You For Your Invaluable Lesson Chapter 1335 It Was The Most Awful Kiss Ever Chapter 1336 Loved Kissing Her Chapter 1337 Im Your Im Your Ex Boyfriend Chapter 1338 : She Didnt Expect Him To Notice Them Chapter 1339 A Mans Secret Chapter 1340 He Looked Weak Like A Boy And She Had The Urge To Take Care Of Him Chapter 1341 Serves You Right You Were The One Who Decided To Keep The Baby Chapter 1342 What Are You Doing In My Bed? Chapter 1343 For Free Chapter 1344 Mo Liuxi Read Her Lips you Deserve It Chapter 1345 He Would Not Let Shi Xiang Get What He Wants Chapter 1346 Take Your Hand Off Her Or Ill Chop It Off Chapter 1347 Which Rule Says A Man Cant Take Care Of His Ex Girlfriend? Chapter 1348 Yan Su How Could You Do That After I Helped You Chapter 1349 I Had A Big Bottle Of Milk Chapter 1350 Im Sorry Your Friend Has Put You In The Blacklist Chapter 1351 : You Dont Need To Thank Me. My Name Is Lei Feng Chapter 1352 Are You Thanking Me For Last Afternoon Or Night? Chapter 1353 She Fell Into His Arms Chapter 1354 The Lovers Who Kissed Each Other Under The Bridge Will Be Together Forever Chapter 1355 Ive Kissed Xiao Si. Do You Guys Think We Can Be Together Forever? Chapter 1356 I Wonder If Director Mo Will Be Able To Control Himself Chapter 1357 The Same As You Hes Not Over It Chapter 1358 Yan Sus Throat Was Dry And Her Mind Was Blurred Chapter 1359 Before Leaving Chapter 1360 Did You Feel Your Heart Leaping And Your Body Burning? Chapter 1361 Luosang Felt So Tired In Her Heart Chapter 1362 Your Work Schedule Is Exactly The Same As Mo Liuxis Chapter 1363 Su This Random Guy You Picked Is A Good Looking One Chapter 1364 Lets Go Get Beijing Duck After This Shall We? Chapter 1365 I Shant Refuse Then Since Youve Extended The Invitation Yourself Chapter 1366 Dont Touch Me With Your Dirty Pig Trotters Chapter 1367 You Have To Please The Little Brother If You Wish To Win Over My Sisters Heart Chapter 1368 Sister Do You Want To Find A Father For Yan Yan? Chapter 1369 My Brother Is Around Chapter 1370 Why Do I Think You Look A Little Like My Little Niece? Chapter 1371 Hard To Endure The Passion Building Within Him Chapter 1372 Their Lips Were Pressed Together Chapter 1373 So Sweet Chapter 1374 You Are Really The Same As Your Brother In Law Chapter 1375 Ive Been Trying To Get You Out Of The House But You Never Want To Chapter 1376 He Is Yan Yans Father Chapter 1377 Ive Already Seen You At Your Worst Chapter 1378 Its No Wonder That Yan Yan Eats So Much She Takes After Xixi Chapter 1379 There Are A Lot Of Photos Of Yan Yan Chapter 1380 Yan Su Slept With Some Higher Up Chapter 1381 Why Is An Lan My Lawyer Chapter 1382 What If Her Mood Gets Affected And She Loses Chapter 1383 Yan Su Is My Woman Chapter 1384 Why? Do You Want It To Be Me? Chapter 1385 Go For It Girl. Youre The Best Chapter 1386 Nian Xi Was Sitting On Top Of The Suitcase Very Happily Chapter 1387 Ill Never Agree To Let You Two Share A Room Chapter 1388 Im Not Gonna Share The Quilt With You Chapter 1389 : Sangsang I Missed You Too Chapter 1390 Professor Jiang Is Really Handsome And Elegant Ouch Chapter 1391 Whats Going On In That Pure Looking Scientists Head? Chapter 1392 Come To My Place Tonight. You Dont Need To Go Back To Yours If You Dont Want To Chapter 1393 Ill Eat My Hat If I Dont Kick His Ass Chapter 1394 Her Heart Rate Accelerated With Every Step That She Took Chapter 1395 You Want To Get Back Together With Me? Chapter 1396 What Do You Mean Are You Planning To Bring Me To Meet Your Parents For Chinese New Year Chapter 1397 Im Going To Shower Too Shall We? Chapter 1398 Liuxi Am I Dreaming Of You Again? Chapter 1399 You Obviously Miss Me Chapter 1400 Did You Dressed Up So Sexily For Me? Chapter 1401 Lets Get Married This Year. Will You Marry Me? Chapter 1402 Money More Than Anything Else Chapter 1403 : Meeting An Lan Again Chapter 1404 I Didnt Know That An Ning Did That To Liuxi When He Was Drunk Chapter 1405 You Were There That Night Chapter 1406 The Child Is Yours Chapter 1407 You Caused Irreversible Damage To My Life Chapter 1408 I Need To See You Right Now. Im Going To Eat You Alive Chapter 1409 : Uncle Little Apple Is Not That Close To You Chapter 1410 I Am Jins Mother Chapter 1411 He Thought That He Could Step All Over Her Chapter 1412 What Could He Do If She Decided To Lie Still? Chapter 1413 Youre A Better Kisser Than Anyone Else Chapter 1414 Liuxi Lets Be Happy Together From Now On Chapter 1415 For A Long Time Now Chapter 1416 Susu And I Are Each Others Nemesis Chapter 1417 Director Mo Only Wants A Woman Called Yan Su Chapter 1418 You Must Be Thrilled Chapter 1419 He Had Waited For This Moment For A Long Time Chapter 1420 He Was Not A Mule Chapter 1421 Yan Su Are You Even A Woman? Chapter 1422 Hiding Her Immense Power And Strength Chapter 1423 Susu My Baby Chapter 1424 Christmas Present Chapter 1425 I Have A Daughter Chapter 1426 Not As Lucky As Mo Liuxi To Have A Daughter Chapter 1427 Time Alone Together Chapter 1428 Im Really Anxious Chapter 1429 He Hated Mo Liuxi That Little Brat Chapter 1430 The Premiere Chapter 1431 When Did You Two End Up Together? Chapter 1432 Everyone Is Watching Us Arent You Hugging Me A Little Too Tight? Chapter 1433 This Is From Shi Xiang Isnt It? Chapter 1434 Ill Be Staying In The Same Room As Yan Su Chapter 1435 Why? You Feel Bad For Him? Chapter 1436 Baby Did You Miss Me? Chapter 1437 Just Want To Spend Every Christmas Day With You Chapter 1438 Where Are You Going? Are You Going To Make Me Breakfast? Chapter 1439 The Present Chapter 1440 Nuanyi And Cheng Sheng Are In The Headlines Chapter 1441 The Lascivious Admirers Of Ceo Xiao Chapter 1442 An Absolute Gem Of A Man Chapter 1443 Since When Were You So Familiar With That Man? Chapter 1444 The likes Accident Chapter 1445 i Love You Are Such Amazing Words Chapter 1446 Susu You Have Quite The History Chapter 1447 Sister Yan I Have Seen Him At His Worst Chapter 1448 His Past Chapter 1449 Since When Did You Become So Close With Yan Su? Chapter 1450 I Am Spending This New Year At My Girlfriends House Chapter 1451 Yan Yan Is A Girl Chapter 1452 Shes Bringing A Man Home This Year Chapter 1453 Im A Decent Boyfriend Chapter 1454 I Am Yan Yans Biological Father Chapter 1455 So Susu Did You Wrong Then? Chapter 1456 Turning Around And Vomit Chapter 1457 Her Daughter Must Be Heartless Chapter 1458 Yan Yan I Am Your Father Chapter 1459 : Its My First Time Being A Father After All Chapter 1460 Its All Worth It For You Chapter 1461 Are All Youngsters This Cheesy Nowadays? Chapter 1462 Yan Su Was Extremely Moved Chapter 1463 This Is My Boyfriend Mo Liuxi Chapter 1464 Bully Her My Whole Life Chapter 1465 My Mom Said He Is Going To Marry Into Their Family Chapter 1466 The Marriage Proposal Chapter 1467 Because I Want To Make Your Sister My Little Piggy Chapter 1468 Her Parents Were Watching So He Had To Restrain Himself Chapter 1469 Baby I Cant Sleep Chapter 1470 What A Woman Chapter 1471 They Were Going To Get Married As Soon As She Accepted His Proposal? Chapter 1472 1088 Little Sweetie Chapter 1473 Was This The Same Stone Cold Brother That She Knew? Chapter 1474 Mama Uncle Did A Good Job Chapter 1475 Nian Xi Suffered A Gunshot Injury On Duty Chapter 1476 Im Slightly Worried Since Shes Still Unconscious Chapter 1477 Is Nian Xi Gone? Chapter 1478 : Has He Gone Mad? Chapter 1479 Are You Shocked? There There Chapter 1480 Feng Ji Chuan Watched Over Nian Xi Last Night Chapter 1481 - Im a Girl, How Am I Supposed to Use That? Chapter 1482 - I Am Her Boyfriend Chapter 1483 - Xixis Sister-In-Law Was Such a Lovely Person Chapter 1484 - Nian Xi Was All About the Action Chapter 1485 - Do You Want Some Hugs or Kisses? Chapter 1486 - He Did Do It on Purpose Chapter 1487 - Do You Think That My Leg Isnt As Pretty Anymore Chapter 1488 - I Do Love Science, But I Love You More Chapter 1489 - Actually, I Was The One Who Secretly Carried You Into Bed And Set You Up Chapter 1490 - Today Is The Lantern Festival Chapter 1491 - Like Uncle, Dont Like Daddy Chapter 1492 - All The More Reason Why I Cant Leave HimI Will Continue To Protect Him Chapter 1493 - I Cant Concentrate If You Do This Chapter 1494 - Are You Sure That I Can Change Boyfriends As Many Times As I Wish? Chapter 1495 - Thank You For The Past Few Days. Will You Marry Me? Chapter 1496 - Who Made the Rule That Only Men Could Propose Chapter 1497 - Professor Jiangs Girlfriend Is A Cripple Chapter 1498 - His Girlfriend Is Overbearing and Gets Jealous Easily Chapter 1499 - The Teachers Wife is So Mighty, So Cool Chapter 1500 Xixi Youre So Noble Chapter 1501 Perfection Chapter 1502 Give Us Your Blessings Chapter 1503 Jiang Yunings Past Chapter 1504 He Wondered If His Past Actions Towards Jiang Yuning Had Gone Overboard Chapter 1505 Horror Chapter 1506 Mr. Nian Junting Has Assigned Us To Protect You Chapter 1507 Brother Youre Really Much More Magnanimous And Reasonable Now Chapter 1508 Many Little Jiang Jiangs Chapter 1509 Its Strange He Just Left Abruptly Chapter 1510 Im About To Get Married Why Should I Break Up? Chapter 1511 I Felt Bad Watching His Tiny Frame Shiver Like That Chapter 1512 Xixi Men Dont Like It When Women Are Too Clingy Chapter 1513 Nobodys Asking You To Break Up With Nian Xi Chapter 1514 The Other Party Should Choose Whether She Wants To Break Up Or Wait Chapter 1515 It Really Stank And Xixi Definitely Would Not Be Pleased Chapter 1516 Ive Decided To Be The Undercover Chapter 1517 Xixi Im Hungry Chapter 1518 Her Boyfriend Made Up His Mind Without Any Hesitation Chapter 1519 Either You Bring Me Along Or Were Breaking Up Chapter 1520 He Wants You To Think Of Him As A Hero Chapter 1521 Why Did I Fall In Love With Such A Fool? Chapter 1522 Luoluo Do You Think Im Being Too Cruel? Chapter 1523 Return Alive Chapter 1524 You Shouldtake Care Chapter 1525 For Tonights Candlelight Dinner Chapter 1526 Xixi Youre Too Close To Feng Ji Chuan Chapter 1527 Drunk Chapter 1528 Im Not A Female Mole Im A Demoness From The Cave Of The Silken Web Chapter 1529 Am I Dreaming? Chapter 1530 Xixi Last Night Did We? Chapter 1531 As If Doomsday Was Coming Chapter 1532 : I Love You. Ill Wait For You. Chapter 1533 Xixi Could You Wait Until Im Back Before You Become Pregnant? Chapter 1534 Its Too Embarrassing For A Member Of The Nian Family To Cry In Public Chapter 1535 Did You Do Something To Let Luosang Down? Chapter 1536 : Jiang Yuning I Cant Bear To Let You Go Chapter 1537 So You Did It Again Chapter 1538 Her Boyfriend Went Missing And She Seems Much Uglier Now Chapter 1539 : Im His Fiancee So Im His Family. Chapter 1540 Sister Xi Youre Tough Chapter 1541 Why Are You Eating So Late Come On Chapter 1542 I Im Still Reading My Books. Chapter 1543 My Poor Susu Baby Chapter 1544 Im Reaching Your School Soon Chapter 1545 This Must Be Mo Liuxis Sister Chapter 1546 : I Would Like To Introduce My Daughter Chapter 1547 Luosangs Eyes Almost Dropped Out Of Their Sockets Chapter 1548 Sister I Was Simply Blinded By Your Beauty Chapter 1549 Thats Just The Way Little Apple Is. Every Other Child He Sees Is Either A Little Bro Chapter 1550 Papa This Is My Little Brother Chapter 1551 Served Him Right For Always Being So Straight Laced Chapter 1552 Your Little Brother In Law Is Quite Something. He Has So Many Tricks Up His Sleeve Chapter 1553 : I Asked For Yan Yan To Come In Not You Chapter 1554 Sister Sangsangs Husband Seems A Little Slow In The Head Chapter 1555 Yan Yan And Little Apple Resemble Each Other A Little Chapter 1556 Nian Junting Will You Shut Up? Chapter 1557 Or Perhaps Shes Your Brothers Illegitimate Daughter Chapter 1558 Your Mother Realized That She Has Another Granddaughter Chapter 1559 Poor Yan Su. Did She Get Scammed By You Because She Was Too Naive? Chapter 1560 Was Her Son Shameless To The Extent That He Was Addressing Another Woman As Mom? Chapter 1561 Susu Is So Popular Im Really Worried She Wont Want You In The Future Chapter 1562 Meeting In The Concert Chapter 1563 He Is Here Tonight Chapter 1564 How Did My Brother Become Susus Boyfriend Chapter 1565 Did I Sing It Wrongly? Chapter 1566 I Have A Boyfriend. Hes Right Beside Me Chapter 1567 Are You Insulting My Woman? Chapter 1568 Falling In Love With You Suddenly Chapter 1569 Nobody In The Entertainment Industry Is Allowed To Bully My Woman From Now Onwards Chapter 1570 Susu Youve Been Keeping Me In The Dark For So Long Chapter 1571 My Dumb Susu Men Are Meant To Be Bullied Chapter 1572 It Isnt Enough For You To Sleep On The Sofa For Only One Night Stay There For Chapter 1573 Just To Wish You Good Luck And Happiness Chapter 1574 Luosang Choked On Her Soup For A Long Time Before She Recovered Chapter 1575 I Cant Wait To Start A Family Chapter 1576 What Do You Like About Mo Liuxi? Chapter 1577 Her Skin Was So Tough That No Knife Could Cut Her Chapter 1578 I Can Take You To Drink Biluochun Chapter 1579 The Trouble Of Getting A Marriage Certificate Chapter 1580 You Two Are Really A Good Match Chapter 1581 Please Get Married On The Spot Chapter 1582 Seeing An Ning Again Chapter 1583 An Nings Retribution Chapter 1584 An Lan Should Noticed That You Are Behind This After Calming Down Chapter 1585 He Was Really Cute Chapter 1586 Your Sister Also Liked To Suck Her Fingers When She Eats Crawfish Chapter 1587 The First Time She Saw This Female Warrior Leaving In Such A Dejected Manner Chapter 1588 Being Materialistic Is Addictive Chapter 1589 The Wedding Was Approaching Chapter 1590 The Casino Chapter 1591 Dont Let Director Mo Down Chapter 1592 The Netizens Took A Photo Of Him Eating Kobe Beef Alone At Night Chapter 1593 She Had A Husband And A Daughter Chapter 1594 : I Want To Tell You In Advance That Love You Chapter 1595 Chapter 1110 Yan Su May Be In Danger Chapter 1596 Go And Ask Chen Qin What Happened At The Casino Chapter 1597 Miss Jin Havent You Foreseen That You Would Have Such A Day Chapter 1598 Ive Done My Best Chapter 1599 Hurry Up And Get Out Chapter 1600 How Did Yan Su Become A Victim Chapter 1601 Wake Up Right Now Or Ill Teach You A Lesson Chapter 1602 A Person Like Him Must Be Drowned Chapter 1603 I Must Get Married. I Must Get Married Chapter 1604 Its Good To See You Again Chapter 1605 Do You Love Us Or Not Chapter 1606 For The First Time She Realized That He Was So Far Away From Her Chapter 1607 She Asked Susu To Watch From The Side Chapter 1608 Mo Liuxi Susu Doesnt Love Me Chapter 1609 Ill Spend My Whole Life To Make It Up To You Alright Chapter 1610 A Woman Like You Is Too Dirty To Be Touched Chapter 1611 What If You Were Seduced By Another Woman Chapter 1612 Wedding Dress Chapter 1613 The Most Handsome Groom I Had Ever Seen Chapter 1614 Was He Addicted To Being Arrogant Chapter 1615 Made Everyone Wait For A Long Time Mainly Because The Bride Was Too Enthusiastic Chapter 1616 Brother Si Was So Fierce That He Didnt Even Need To Spend Money To Propose Chapter 1617 What Does It Mean To Propose At My Wedding Chapter 1618 How Can You Drink Alcohol With Your Condition Chapter 1619 Your Uncle Marries Your Godmother Chapter 1620 Ive Waited For This Day For Far Too Long Chapter 1621 Thinking Back To The Past I Was Still Too Serious Chapter 1622 Luo Luo My Precious Luo Luo. Chapter 1623 Who Will Compensate Me For My Wedding Night Chapter 1624 I Dont Want To Always Be The One To Take The Initiative. Im Tired Chapter 1625 Liuxi And Yan Su Extra Final Chapter 1626 Captain Nian Chapter 1627 An Encrypted Email From Jiang Yunin Chapter 1628 Nian Xi I Hope You Can Come Back Safely Chapter 1629 She Wouldnt Have Recognized Him As Jiang Yuning Chapter 1630 I Need To Be More Beautiful Chapter 1631 : Reunion Chapter 1632 Xi Xi Now Is Not The Time To Be Jealous Chapter 1633 He Was Powerless Chapter 1634 : When Did He Learn How To Smoke Chapter 1635 Even Had The Intention Of Tearing This Little Slut Apart Chapter 1636 Yuning Im Sorry Im Really Sorry Chapter 1637 Youre Not Dreaming Im Coming For You Chapter 1638 I Think Youre Quite Handsome Now Chapter 1639 Xixi You Have Muscles Now Chapter 1640 Was Still Blushing Easily In Front Of Her Chapter 1641 Its Your Fortune That She Likes You Chapter 1642 How Dare You To Disobey Me Chapter 1643 Right Now Youre Not My Man. Youre My Subordinate. Chapter 1644 You Are Jealous