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Aisling along with Maureen go home to pack a few things. Moll will have to stay at home and only come if truly needed since she is needed at the hospital. Lotus is waiting in the sun room for her mother when they come through the portal.

"How is Lilli why was her heart pounding so fast it nearly suffocated me in class?" Lotus asks her mom.

"She is having some issues with the baby and I need to get you excused from school. How do you feel about graduating early like your sister? If you don't want to I will understand."Aisling asks Lotus.

"Are you kidding! I was so jealous when she got to graduate early. I'm not an overachiever like Lilli do I have enough credits?" Lotus asks her mom.

"Yes you both had enough two years ago. I just wanted you to have as much of a normal teenage life as possible. All of the extra classes you took when you needed to understand your elements and the history classes as so not to disrupt the world when going through a time loop. You earned more than enough. We just never told you that we submitted your studies to different professors for credits to graduate. In fact you only have to take three classes to have your associate degree in geology. " Aisling tells Lotus as she walks out of the room to go start packing.

"Wow and you were just going to let me worry and work to graduate, not to mention stress over getting into college. Were you ever going to tell us if it wasn't necessary?" Lotus corners her mom in her room. Aisling sighs and sits down .

"No I wasn't, I wanted you to experience as much if normal life as possible to go to fraternity parties and ball games . To find a boy to fall in love with. I didn't get a normal childhood even without powers. I was responsible for my family and had to take night classes to get my degree. I wanted you to experience what I was not able to. I wanted you to have what your Aunt Debra and Uncle Dude had. I wanted you to be able to choose what you wanted not have it forced on you. I do not regret anything that I was expected to do but I do wish that I had more time to have fun. Do you know why I have a ladies night once a month and why your Dad worries every time. It's because I hold nothing back when I go out that night. I dress as I want and drink as much as I want. Your not old enough to go out with me yet but you will understand when your twenty one. That I can promise you. It is the only night I allow myself no responsibilities or boundaries. I do that because I was never allowed to be anything but responsible for everyone and everything. Now before you ask no I don't do anything that would embarrass your father but I do like to dance,drink and dress more sexy than normal. " Aisling tells her daughter. Astila coughs from the doorway.

"Hmm sounds like you are leaving me again. Just make sure that your girls night out clothes remain here. "Astila winks at his wife.

"No fair you overheard us talking Dad. I didn't think you guys were the type to keep secrets from us. Though I can't wait to see what she wears when she goes out for ladies night. She always has us away from home when she goes. " Lotus pouts hoping her Dad will tell her. Astila sees the look on Aisling's face and just grins.

"Enough we need to get ready and I want to have some alone time with your Dad. Go get packed. " Aisling shoos Lotus out of the room.

"Lilli is having surges of unexpected gifts now that the baby is developing gifts. When we arrived she was floating as if she were as helium balloon. Don't laugh or say anything Alex and William teased her and made her cry. She asked if we would stay and help her since we don't know when or where a spirit may show up. I think she wants Lotus just because she misses her other half. I am worried though about what is going to happen. The child is a fox spirit and we will need her to deliver at home. I am not sure what form the babe will be when she is born. She is so cute I wish you could see her. When the boys lit up her womb and we could see the baby my heart did a flip with excitement. Next time you have to be there so you can see her." Aisling hugs Astila's waist as he nuzzled her neck.

"Hmm you know as much as I want to hear about our children. I want something else more at the moment. "Astila takes Aisling's hand and places it on his crotch showing her exactly what he wants.

"Well I am more than willing to give you whatever you want." Aisling begins to undress her husband trailing her lips down his neck. Giggling Aisling waisted no time getting them both naked.

Lotus hears her mother's giggle and shakes her head as she goes to pack her clothes.

Once she is in her room Lotus sits down on her bed thinking of all the changes her life has taken in the last seven months. First she sees her sister married and is truly alone for the first time. She and Lilli had never closed their connection till that day. It was as if her world that was loud and full of life suddenly was quiet and desolate. Lotus sighs wondering if she will be ok with living the next few months with them. Hoping her jealousy will not show to much. For her not having her sister it's like she has been abandoned. Those without a twin would not understand their bond or how close they really are. Lotus feels Lilli calling her opening her connection to her she asks.

"Lotus , are you coming with mom. I asked her to bring you since I may be no use to Shiro when it comes to sending any spirits to the afterlife. I need someone who will understand me and not tease me. Please say your willing to come." Lilli begs Lotus .

"Of course I am, it a good way for me to get out of school. Mom says she is just going to have them graduate me early like you. I will be there tomorrow when mom arrives. I expect to have the room closest to you besides the nursery and tell that husband of yours I expect some one on one time with you." Lotus smiles as she feels Shiro's rejection of her idea.

"My sweet sister-in-law you may have whatever you like as long as it's not my wife sleeping in your room. " Shiro quips back at her.

"That's a good fox, I promise not to monopolize to much of her time. It's a good thing that I love my sweet brother in law. I really am glad that my sister married someone I love or it could have been unpleasant. I am not the easiest person to get along with you know." Lotus giggled as she envisions a few moments that could have been different if she did not like Shiro so much.

"Lotus can you bring a few things with you?" Lilli asks her sister.

"Sure what do you want?" Lotus asks Lilli.

"While you are here I want to set up a proper meditation area. I need you to help me pick a spot. I also need my jewel trunk from the attic. Can you bring my needles and yarn as well I need to make a present for the baby I will let you pick the colors." Lilli yawns as she snuggled closer to Shiro. Loving the closeness of her sister. Out of everything Lilli has missed that the most. Shiro has always known that when he saw the two on the porch that he would be close with Lotus. Though she was not his destined love she is his beloved friend. The three fall asleep connected together.

As Lotus packs her bags . Lotus thinks about what her mom said about how she wanted them to have what she didn't. Lotus smiles with an idea, racing out of the room she goes to find her Dad.

"Good morning , do you have a few minutes that we can have a completely private conversation?" Lotus asks her Dad.

"Of course for you anything." Astila gets up and locks the office door.

"So what's on your mind?" Astila asks his daughter.

"Mom says she missed out on a lot of things because of her responsibilities. I know that she was hurt when she was young but why did she miss out on so much?" Lotus asks her dad

"It was because she never asked or expected help. You see how she is with everyone. She still does nearly everything for everyone. Why what do you have in mind?" Astila asks Lotus.

"Mom is going to be with Lilli for the most part till the baby is born. By the time the baby comes it's going to be her birthday. What if we have everyone in the family show her how much her sacrifice has given to them. Give them a chance to give to her. Starting with breakfast in bed and then a spa day at the cousin's salon. Maybe have a big party at the bar. I know that they have given her similar parties but this one maybe they can give her letters telling her what she has really given them. I know Marshal always says without mom he would be a bum with nothing. It doesn't need to be serious but fun with purpose. That purpose to show mom that she didn't miss out on what was important." Lotus looks at her dad wondering what he thinks.

"I think that it will be perfect I will give your aunt and uncle a call . Do not worry we got this just take good care of you sister. Oh and I have something to show you. It's a secret so no telling anyone." Astila tells his daughter as he hands her a picture of her mother on the first night she had ladies night when they met. Lotus stares at the woman in the picture . There is no way this is her mom. Looking at her Dad he shakes his head yep.

"You know when she goes out she still looks perfect in her leathers and hooker boots as she calls them. Just do not tell her you have seen this I have kept it a secret since I took this picture. She doesn't even know I have it. So if she finds out your in trouble." Astila hugs Lotus before sending her off to meet her mom.

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