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Introduction Hot Give A Kiss To Paranoid Men Quick Transmigration

Often times in romantic novels, there are male villains. They are both paranoid and crazy. However, readers were disturbed by the unfair treatment and bad endings.   Then, Ji Ting, who had complained about the novel, was bound by this kind of reader’s resentment.   Since then, Ji Ting had shuttled back and forth in the novel worlds, dedicated to helping miserable male villains change their ending and achieve wholeness.   First World: Disabled Insidious Villain. While the male villain was still small, she worked hard to educate him about love. After she went to buy some ingredients, the time was ten years later. The little man had become a big villain and he felt that she had abandoned him. Man: I believe you’re going shopping, I’m not angry. Ji Ting: …put down the rope first, everything can be easily explained.   Second World: Sickly Wealthy Young Master. Ji Ting: Werent you robbed of your property by your step-brother? Why are you so rich? Man: In order to buy diamonds for you, I had to get them back.   Third world: Princess Regent vs Petty Young Master. Ji Ting: I’ll redeem you first, and then you’ll have a chance to earn fame. Boyfriend: No, it’s also good in your harem all the time.   Fourth World: A big guy with four personalities: Say! Who are the men who were drinking with you the day before yesterday?! Ting: Big brother it’s really all you   Other Worlds: Fate is determined to destroy you, bully you, humiliate you, despise you, and the world doesn’t love you, but I love you.   [In a word, it’s sweet 1v1. She has a headache saving the male villains every day. The Female lead is getting more and more deviated from the main plot.]

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