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[Somewhere In The Demon Continent]

Someone's PoV:

"Let's go and meet up with the goblin b*start that the demon lord had told us to eliminate!"

I declared to the other 4 archdemons that the demon lord had told me to team up with.

The 4 of them nodded in agreement and followed me to head out of the Demon Continent.

We were currently in the Boundary of the Demon Continent that separated the demon races from the human and other races that were against us.

We already infiltrated one of the beastman kingdoms but unfortunately, the goblin hero found out of our plan and killed all of the demons that were disguised as beastman.

It was a full-proof plan that was hard to be found out by the higher-ups but we did not expect that the goblin hero would enter Eldion before we could commence the final phase of our plan which was to take over the Eldion, one of the beastman kingdoms.

Eldion was one of the kingdoms that were near the demon continent and the holy church so it was the best place and at the same time the worst place to use as our base.

The pope from the home church might find out about our infiltration so he might order some of the heroes to eliminate the demons that had infiltrated Eldion but we were already prepared for that.

We would send supreme demons and archdemons to Eldion after we dominated Eldion but we had not prepared any plan that could counter one of the heroes since we did not expect one of them to visit Eldion before we could commence the final phase of our plan.

"Singi, when would we arrive at Eldion?"

One of the 4 archdemons referred to me. I am the Archdemon of fire, Singi. The one who had asked me was Auqa, the archdemon of water.

The demon lord Kronos purposely chose us to deal with the goblin hero since all the five of us mastered one of the five basic elements.

I heard a rumor from the other demons that the goblin hero mainly used the fire element which made me excited about our upcoming confrontation.

I haven't fought with anyone who mastered the fire element so I'm looking forward to what the goblin hero will use against me.

I had mastered the fire element hundreds of years ago but I haven't used it against fire users who also mastered the fire element.

It made my heart beat fast just by imagining my battle with a hero who mastered the fire element.

I might be the first archdemon who will confront one of the heroes.

"Singi, there are dragons and wyverns that are ahead of us. Do we kill them or leave them be?"

Auqa asked me. He used the [Search] skill to locate our destination and found out many dragons and wyverns that were just up ahead.

I could fry them using my fire magic but it would cost me a tenth of my mana to defeat all of the dragons and wyvern which would make me in a disadvantageous position if the goblin hero had a large mana pool.

I instructed the other archdemons to ignore the dragons and wyverns and take another route instead.

All of us flew at a high speed while flapping our demonic wings. We would be able to arrive at Eldion in at least two hours.

We did not engage in any idle talks and focused on our job which was to eliminate the goblin hero.


[Eldion, Beastman Kindgom]

Axel's PoV:

What are we going to do now, dragon king?

{Will you be able to go to the dragon cave so that I could talk with her?}

Nah, it's too much of a hassle. I still needed to save some of my mana or else I would not be able to defend against enemy mages.

{Aren't you being too cautious? Nothing bad will happen... Maybe.}

Even you were unsure of it. I might be attacked by the demon lord's subordinates since I enslaved his son.

{It won't even cost you a hundred million mana if you use [Gate] to teleport to the dragon cave.}

Another member of the party won't hurt, right? She might be able to help my teammates and me in our fight against the demon lords.

"Mark, take care and protect the beastman king while I am away. I need to take care of something"

Mark nodded and then I cast [Gate]. I entered through the [Gate] that I had cast.

I was teleported to the dragon cave where I had fought with the dragon king.

{I felt nostalgia after seeing my cave once again. If it wasn't for bringing my daughter with me, I wouldn't have been able to return here.}

Where is your daughter, dragon king?

I suddenly felt the presence of someone powerful behind me. Thanks to my fast reflexes and tremendous speed, I jumped out of the place where I was so that I wouldn't expose my back.

I landed on the ground and placed my gaze on the being that was behind my back before.

I saw a woman in her teenage years. She had red hair with horns protruding from her head that was circular instead of a pointy spike, it was as if the horn formed a spiral.

She wore a red dress with white ruffles and a ribbon at the waist and wore a ruby necklace around her neck.

For some reason, the ruby necklace gave me some bad vibes. My intuition was warning me that the ruby necklace was dangerous so I dashed at full speed and appeared in front of her in an instant.

I snatched the ruby necklace but she dodged in an instant and her speed was tremendous that I didn't even saw her move.

I didn't notice that she was forming a karate chop with her right hand and struck her hand in full force at my nape.

My consciousness started to blank out. I mustered all of my strength to stay conscious but just as I was about to regain my composure, I felt another powerful force that was struck on my nape.

I lost consciousness.


[Holy Church]

Aerin's PoV:

I was currently reading and studying the book that Axel had written for me which was his understanding of plants and nature and about the field of biology which was from Axel's previous world.

I was completely engrossed when reading about plants and nature while frequently using nature magic to perform it whenever I gain enlightenment about nature magic but suddenly, I felt worried which I don't know the reason why but I took it as a message that Axel was in danger.

It was hard to believe that someone as strong as Axel would be in danger since that never happened when he was summoned into this world.

Come to think of it, who summoned Axel in this world? I previously gathered intel and found out that the neighboring goblin kingdom who summoned Mathew said that they didn't summon Axel.

I cast away my thoughts since I could just ask Axel when he arrives. My top priority was to get to Axel's location to save him if he was in danger.

To do that, I need to ask for the help of the other heroes. Mathew and Zale should be suited for this kind of situation since Sophie specialized in an assassination which was only used when gathering intel or fighting an opponent one-on-one.

I could also ask for Pedonar to also help me even though it might be unlikely but I should at least try.

Just as I was planning to ask for the help of the other heroes, I heard a knock from the door.

I opened the door and I was surprised to see that it was Pedonar who came to meet me.

"What's your purpose for visiting me?"

"Axel is in danger!"

"How did you know?"

By that question, Pedonar was startled for a bit before he regained his composure.

He thought to himself: I can't tell her about the slave contract. One of the features of the slave contract was that both the master and the slave would be able to know each other's current location and condition.

"I made a deal with Axel but it is a secret. I knew about Axel's condition because of that deal."

Pedonar stated with utmost confidence.

"Let's go to the other heroes and ask for their assistance."

I suggested to Pedonar and he nodded in agreement. He said that was what he was going to do and he went to me first since he knew that I was Axel's lover.

I locked the door of the house and followed Pedonar but he told me that he couldn't enter the Holy Church due to him being a demon so I went inside while he waited outside.

I was greeted by the church's believers and the priests but I ignored them and went to the second floor where Sophie, Mathew, and Zale were currently at.

Before I could knock on the door of Zale's room, he opened it himself and told me that he knew what was going on since he observed the outside of the holy church using [Long Sense].

Mathew went out of his room and told me where Axel was and I told him about the situation and he told that he would help.

I was going to knock on Sophie's door but she appeared in my shadow and went out of it. She told me that she heard about the situation while she was inside her room.

We went out of the Holy Church and Pedonar cast [Group Teleportation] after I told him the coordinates of the dragon mountain.

I guessed that Axel was at dragon mountain since he usually went there to hunt for dragon meat which was his favorite.

We arrived at the foot of the dragon mountain.

"Axel, I hope you are still safe. We are here to help you!"

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