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In the era of popular establishment, all kinds of fairy groups and red envelopes flew around the sky, and the big demons were unwilling to be left behind. They built a group and built a group to kill those gods and bastards!Ning Xiaolei is honored to be the lucky one, and he has opened a brand new road of demon cultivation, bringing his brother and lover, and achieving the demon sovereign, the emperor returns, and the six worlds are trembling!Different groups, different excitement, Daji old driver who likes to drive, Pansidong Seven Sisters who like to seduce people to take a bath, skinny white bone spirits, cool and cool golden winged big eagles, guarding brother crazy The Great King of the Demon Peacock, the Great Sage of the Fighting Madman Qitian, here has everything…Join the demon clan, set foot on the road of cultivating demon together, return in armor, and fight against the gods and Buddhas in the sky. What are you waiting for? ! !- Description from MTL

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