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"Hello everyone, this is Donghai Daily reporter Wang Lili, and I will show you the style of the first handicraft competition in Donghai City below."

A female reporter in her early thirties took the microphone, looked sideways at the camera, and walked into the crowded gymnasium.

The fiery match was going on. When she walked into the stadium, she happened to see a young woman wearing a hat sitting in the front row.

She handed the microphone over, "Hello, can I interview your predictions on the outcome of the game"

Cheng Youran paused for a few seconds in astonishment, lowered the brim of his hat and said, "Well, I am optimistic about the work of Contestant No. 8."

The reporter followed her gaze and looked at it. Contestant No. 8s work was placed on the judging stand. How could it be said that it was so "creative" that people couldn't help but glance at it.

Khaki giraffes, the giraffes are not stripes but round grapefruits.

The camera also pointed directly at the work of the eighth contestant.

Wang Lili was a little bit difficult, but as an experienced off-site reporter, she quickly adjusted her thoughts. "The works you see now are obviously in the style of Fauvism."

"Dense colors, rough shapes, uneven coloring and irregular stitching highlight this characteristic"

Listening to the endless praise from the female reporter, Cheng Youran glanced at the ugly giraffe in a pile of exquisite hand-made works on the judging stand, lost in thought.

These years, are the requirements for being a reporter so high?

Fortunately, she is just an actress.

Cheng Youran secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked at Lu Zixiao in the contestants column, and couldn't help thinking that it would be nice to change him into a gray sweater, otherwise a suit would be particularly striking among a group of contestants in casual clothes.

Those who knew said he came to participate in the game, those who didn't know thought he came to tour the stadium.

"The 1st Donghae City Handicraft Creative Works Competition has officially started"

The loudspeakers on both sides of the stadium heard shrill and slightly harsh sounds, and Cheng Youran straightened his back, looking up just to meet Lu Zixiao's eyes.

He looked calm and very calm.

Cheng Youran

Today's President Lu is as confident as ever.

Yesterday he suddenly hugged a giraffe and said he was going to participate in the competition. He was drinking water and almost didn't choke. She euphemistically said whether to consider it again.

It may be too tactful.

Lu Zixiao didn't even comprehend the overtones.

Cheng Youran sighed.

"Wait, look, isn't that Lu Zixiao?"

"It seems to be really hey, oh my god, the real person is so handsome."

The few girls sitting in the row next to Cheng You recognized Lu Zixiao and were very excited. Cheng Youran listened silently while watching the game, but after listening, she was not happy.

"You said that Lu Zixiao saw Cheng Youran. If you say it sounds good, you should call it an actor. If it sounds bad, it will be an actor. It's okay to have fun. I'm really crazy about marrying home."

"I heard that I was unmarried and conceived first, and I entered the Lu's door with a pregnant belly. It happened that I had a miscarriage not long afterwards. I don't believe it if it's not a conspiracy. Why don't you divorce?

Cheng Youran coughed lightly, lowered her voice, and said leisurely, "She is beautiful."

Her words fell, and the back row was suddenly silent

With a satisfactory result, Cheng Youran didn't speak any more, watching the game intently.

Lu Zixiao was placed in group b, and the judges' votes and audience votes were weighted averagely, and the top five scores entered the finals.

Of course she voted for number eight player Lu Zixiao.

However, as expected.

Lu Zixiao didn't even enter the finals, ranking third from the bottom. One of the judges looked at the giraffe and then at him, and thoughtfully circumvented the work and commented, "The young man is pretty good-looking."

The people are pretty good-looking.

Pretty good-looking.

When Cheng Youran saw Lu Zixiao's naked eyes, it was changing from cloudy to cloudy. Perhaps the judges were caught by his sudden change of aura and hurriedly changed their words.

"I took a closer look and found that the materials were made with great care. If I read it correctly, it should be natural fiber silk wool, which can cost more than one hundred euros per meter."

Several other judges nodded in succession, "We still have to encourage the newcomers, the third prize is no problem."

Lu Zixiao's icy expression only looked better.

In the process, I quietly looked at the colorful leaflet in my hand, and it was very fascinating to write that as long as I participated in the competition, there would be a prize.

Well, she still don't tell Lu Zixiao.

After the game, she waited for Lu Zixiao at the exit.

Seeing Cheng Youran by the door, Lu Zixiao raised his eyebrows and walked towards Cheng Youran with the giraffe. Suddenly, two girls didn't know where they came from, and one of them handed him the phone.

After he saw the contents of the screen clearly, he chuckled, but the sound did not have any temperature.

The girl spoke courageously, her voice a little lacking in confidence, "Hello Mr. Lu, I am afraid you still don't know your wife, she has a very bad reputation in the circle, I think you need to look at this information."

Lu Zixiao returned her mobile phone in a flat tone of "I know."

One of the important tasks of the Fan Club is anti-black material brainwashing. There are too many brainwashing packages on the Internet, such as vowing that Cheng Youran has plastic surgery and oppresses Xiao transparent.

"You know you are still indifferent." The girl's voice rose several times, she couldn't believe it.

"Otherwise, would you believe it in the newspapers that you are against your guilt?"

Lu Zixiao didn't look at her anymore, and said lightly, "I know what my wife is like. Perhaps many people think that marrying me is her luck."

The two girls nodded subconsciously.

His eyes passed through the crowds coming and going, watching Cheng Youran who was leaning on the edge of the door, and said firmly.

"Actually, it was my luck."

It was not until Lu Zixiao walked away that the two girls slowly came over, with deep envy in their eyes.

"Let's go."

A familiar voice sounded, Cheng Youran turned her head and saw that it was Lu Zixiao, she nodded slowly, before she could speak, her hand was held by Lu Zixiao.

Obviously this is not the first time.

The moment she was held, her heartbeat was still a little fast.

"Where do you want to eat"

Lu Zixiao asked in a low voice, with a clean tone.

"I want to eat sukiyaki pot."

Cheng Youran thought for a while and said.

They went to a private kitchen. The chef was Japanese. Their father ran a famous sushi restaurant in Osaka. They came to China because of his love for Chinese culture.

When he was waiting for the dishes, Lu Zixiao met a cooperating customer and greeted him in the past when his mobile phone rang on the wooden table.

Sound after sound.

Cheng Youran picked up the phone.

Several Weibo posts.

When will Lu Zixiao also play Weibo

Cheng Youran suddenly felt as if she had missed something, and she quickly wrote down Lu Zixiao's Weibo name.

Lu Zixiao 1866.

Originally thought 1866 had any special meaning, but she found out when she searched. The string of numbers followed is purely because there are too many names called Lu Zixiao, what Northeast Lu Zixiao, Yucheng Lu Zixiao

She clicked on the homepage of Lu Zixiao 1866, the registration time was only one month, and a few dynamics were occupied by the marketing account.

Lu Zixiao 1866 remembered that the strawberry-flavored durian girl didnt want a big-brand lipstick by hand, but a gift from the lovers heart, and a sweet gift at a glance

Lu Zixiao 1866 learned the truth from Yang Da. The root cause of the seven-year itch is the boring feeling brought about by familiarity. There is only one way to solve it. Improve yourself in marriage, let the other party realize your multi-facetedness, and increase attractiveness, such as learning Its okay to dance and learn to paint

Weibo directly classified Lu Zixiao 1866 into the emotional sector.

Lu Zixiao returned to the private room.

Cheng Youran quickly turned the phone over, lowered her head with a guilty conscience, and looked at the Japanese menu intently.

The first line, I dont understand.

The second line, still can't understand.

"Cheng Youran"

Suddenly, Lu Zixiao called out her name.

Cheng Youran gave a groan in her heart, she shouldn't, she just glanced at the lock screen, how could she be discovered?

At this point, she raised her head, preparing to kill her without admitting it.

However, in front of her was the ugly giraffe, with inferior medals hanging on her long neck, shaking.

"Happy birthday, Cheng Youran."

The man raised his eyes and said.

She just remembered, as if today was her birthday, she herself had forgotten it, but Lu Zixiao still remembered it.

She took the giraffe in a daze, and hugged it in her arms. Who would like such a giraffe flashed in her mind, thinking of the grapefruit bear. "That bear is actually not a gift from a fan. You gave it to me." Present"

The man didn't speak, but just gave a soft "um".

He stood up, leaned over and put a kiss on Cheng Youran's forehead. Cheng Youran held the giraffe in one hand and held his neck with the other.

Lu Zixiao's eyes darkened, his Adam's apple rolled, and his lips moved all the way down.

After being kissed affectionately by him, the giraffe almost rolled to the ground. Cheng Youran quickly stopped the kiss and put it aside carefully.

She looked at the ugly giraffe and sighed, probably only she liked it.

A sweet gift from Lu Zixiao.

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