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725, an unexpected marriage 48, she firmly believes that they must have a future (eventually)

Early in the morning, on the carpeted escalator, Kuang Yin was led by his parents and came downstairs. He looked left and right:

Today's father, a very handsome woman, and a woman in a special dress by her mother, with a mellow smile on her face.

He looked at this scene, his smile was bright.

Auntie just came out of the room. Seeing this scene, she didnt realize she would smile.

After dressing up, Meiyun is still pretty, isnt it?

That skirt really matched Meiyuns complexion and outlined her Miao Mans figure. At a glance, she no longer looked like a fierce man and woman, with a little more feminine softness. Quite right.

She saw her, her whole face smiled like Maitreya Buddha.

During the meal, the aunt thought of a very important matter. While the young couple were there, she felt that she should bring it out and discuss it:

"Xiao Peng, there is something, I have to talk about it. Now that I have all the certificates, when do you plan to hold the wedding? Also, A Yin should change his surname in the future and keep following our surname. Outsiders say it's always bad to make irresponsible things..."

As the only parent in the family, the aunt naturally had to remind her on the marriage. Their family Meiyun has eaten a lot of gossip over the years for her son. Some people say that she is a fake and serious, but some people simply believe that she is a mistress directly behind the scenes. , And some people used the incident that Ah Yin was an illegitimate child on purpose to hurt that child...

Opening the relationship and redeeming Meiyuns reputation, my aunt felt that holding the wedding earlier is an effective way.

Peng Boran was wiping Kuang Yin's mouth. Hearing this, the movement of his hand paused. When she raised her head, she glanced at Kuang Meiyun. Her eyes lit up, and she seemed to want to hear what he meant.

Also, which woman does not aspire to a decent wedding?

Wedding has a pivotal position in many people's hearts.

Whether the wedding is grand or not, it is often linked to the multiplicity of men's hearts towards women.

Although these superficial things do not actually match the future satisfaction of the marriage, peoples thinking is, to a large extent, such a subconscious belief.

"Auntie, Kuang Yins last name need not be changed back in a hurry; as for the wedding..."

He paused, and thought and thought: "I don't want to have a wedding."

Unexpectedly, as soon as he said this, the smile on his aunt's face instantly froze.

Kuang Meiyun was also startled, the atmosphere that was still very cheerful just now became a bit dissonant.

"Why not hold?"

Auntie raised her voice immediately and questioned the past, her tone of displeasure was brought in:

"How can there be a reason not to have a wedding after receiving the certificate? Xiao Peng, do you want our family Yunyun to follow you with such a bad name?"

"No, aunt, listen to me, except for the wedding, I can give her anything."

When he said this, he looked straight at Kuang Meiyun:

"I know what a wedding means to a woman, but I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do what you want in this matter, as for the reason..."

He answered patiently:

"In recent years, I have been investigating cases all over the world, and people with backgrounds have interacted a lot and offended a lot.

"Before, I never wanted to talk about marriage. First, I didn't plan to get married, and second, I didn't want people to squeeze my weakness, or put them in danger because of me.

"I can only say this: holding a wedding publicly will only increase the possibility of you being affected...

"What I hope is that we can live peacefully in the future, and dont be thought of as the prerequisite for living well...

"So, Meiyun, in this matter, I can only do this..."

To put it bluntly, she is still defending her.

How can Kuang Meiyun fail to understand that she has always been the most considerate, how can she not be considerate and smile slightly:

"It's okay. It doesn't matter whether the wedding is held or not. The wedding is for others to see, and the days are lived by myself. We don't have any relatives or friends in Kwong's family. You may have many friends over there, but you don't necessarily have a few close relatives... As a result of the noise, a large sum of money is spent, which is not worth it at all. It is better to use the money to do something meaningful... Aunt, lets do it..."

Speaking at the end, she persuaded slightly.

My aunt was very unwilling to do so, but when she heard about the reason, she thought about what they had encountered before. She was hit by someone for no reason, and went to the hospital. Without realizing it, she became worried, and saw her niece answer again. , Unconsciously sigh:

"Sure enough, a girl is outgoing. Once you marry someone, your heart will turn to that person."

The tone of is quite helpless:

"Forget it, forget it, the wedding is your business, everything is up to you..."

"Thank you, auntie for your consideration."

Peng Boran immediately took the call and emphasized another sentence:

"Please rest assured, I will give everything else you can give Xiao Kuang."


After breakfast, Peng Boran went upstairs but didn't get down, and he didn't know what to do.

When Kuang Meiyun looked up, the phone rang and he called.

"Come up. Study room."

What kind of trouble is this?

She thought for a while, hum, went into the living room, into the study, and saw the man sitting on the office chair with a boxy red velvet box in her hand. She didn't feel a move, but her mouth still Asked gently:

"What's up?"

"There is one thing I haven't done yet."

He looked at her with a smile on his face, and stood up.

She raised her thin eyebrows and watched him open the red velvet box with a pair of simple fingers in it. She looked at the workmanship extremely exquisite.

The meaning of this is already before us.

"I can't give it to you for the wedding, but I have to give it a token. This pair of rings was left by my parents and was made by a master craftsman. Today, I wear one and the other you wear. From then on, you will be thoroughly It's Peng's wife, and in a few days, I will take you back to England to worship them..."

The reason why Peng Boran stated so solemnly is because he knows that Chinese people are very particular about these traditional rituals-you cant be regarded as a real mother-in-law if you havent met your in-laws. He said this to reassure her. Whether she minds or not, he has to do everything he needs to do.

"very beautiful."

She didn't know what to say, she thought about it, and finally she uttered a compliment, the compliment to the wedding ring, the kind of love, it was so naturally revealed.

A ring that is too flowery and too bright, and she definitely doesn't like it, just like this.

She really likes it.

"I dont know if its appropriate to put it on for you? If it doesnt fit, Ill let someone fix it."


Kuang Meiyun stretched out her hand and watched him put the ring on her finger. It was not too big, not too small, just big, and she was wearing a very nice looking one.

Peng Boran smiled unconsciously, and glanced at her:

"It seems that you are destined to be my daughter-in-law."

"It's not."

She laughed unconsciously, and then took out the male ring:

"I will put it on for you, too."


He let her put a ring on him, and then the two looked at each other and smiled.

"My wife, it's almost time, let's send our son to school..."

He smiled and took her hand and kissed it.

She smiled and nodded, her face was slightly embarrassed, her eyes were intertwined, and she was tender.

The two of them were about to go out. Peng Borans cell phone rang, he turned around and grabbed the cell phone from the desktop, and found that it was Azi who was calling, so he picked it up in front of her:

"Azi, wait a minute to let them all wait in the studio..."

Before he could finish, there was an extremely cold smile:

"Sorry, I am not Azi."

Peng Boran paused, the hair on his back stood up inexplicably, without him, this persons voice was too familiar and familiar.

But he still didnt change his face, and after gently covering the microphone, he said to Kuang Meiyun:

"You go down first. I have something to deal with. Come here now."

Kuang Meiyun didn't doubt that he was there, and turned and left.

Peng Boran waited for her to walk away and closed the door before continuing to speak on the phone. At this moment, his brows were extremely solemn, and his tone was even more chilling:

"What did you do to Azi?"

"If you want to hear Azi's last gasp, maybe I can do as you wish..."

The next moment, on the other side of the phone, Azis weak gasp came from the other end of the phone. It was almost a sound that would only be made until death:


As for what to be careful about, she couldn't say everything.

followed closely, and the man's horrible voice pierced his eardrums again, stinging his heart.

Standing there, he squeezed his fist so that his veins were raised, his voice extremely restrained:

"If you want to have a kind, come at me and play hard with a woman. What are you!"

In the last sentence, he brought in a deep contempt.


There was a sharp and wild laugh from the man. After the laughter stopped, he let out a sworn curse:

"I just want to kill the people around you one by one. Peng Boran, I want to make you regret your intestines, life is better than death..."

After screaming, he laughed again:

"Or, you can guess, next, who will be the unlucky turn?"

Peng Boran's eyebrows were raised deeply: This is not easy to guess.

"I heard that you married a wife, right... Yesterday, I seemed to be still in the bridal chamber, right..."

In the ear, the mans laughter became more and more presumptuous and terrifying, and he laughed so hard that there was a flurry of hair on his back.

How did this person know?

"Your wife and son will die next, do you believe it?

"Dont believe it, its true. I just sent a wedding gift inside. It contained a cake with a time bomb, and its now under the eaves...Your wife took it...

"Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you... only three minutes...

"Well... It should take a minute and a half to walk from the front entrance of your house to the living room...

"In other words, there will be more than a minute, the little idiot who is around to eat the butter cake will be blown to pieces..."

Rao is that Peng Boran has always been used to being calm, and he was also frightened by this person's horrifying tone.

He knew it, that the mans methods have always been extremely terrifying.

So, the next moment, he rushed out the door and rushed down the corner stairs. Sure enough, he saw Kuang Meiyun unpacking a big cake, and turned his head and asked him this:

"Lao Peng, why did you order such a big cake?"

"Quickly go..."

Peng Boran almost roared, and at the same time, like a flying swallow, grabbing his wife and son, he jumped straight out to the door.

Between the light of the calcium carbide and a loud bang behind her, Kuang Meiyun felt that she was pushed out by a powerful force, and immediately lost consciousness when she landed her head on the ground.


Later, Kuang Meiyun woke up, but Peng Boran did not wake up again.

Or maybe, he can't wake up in this life.

This makes her unbelievable, but the reality is so cruel.

The day after Peng Borans accident, Jin Hengyuan found her and showed her a document, which was a will that Peng Boran had previously signed: if one day he dies unfortunately, all the property under his name will be left to his wife for the control.

When she saw this will, she hugged him, who was ignorant, and she cried silently.

"We will find out that person."

Ji Beixun came to visit and made a promise.

"Count me, and I will personally bring the murderer to justice."

On that day, stroking his pale sleeping face, she solemnly took an oath.

It's really hard to predict what the future will be. However, no matter how difficult and dangerous the future is, she must face it bravely. The wicked person who is hidden in the vast sea of people will never escape the law.

She is even more expecting that another miracle will happen in the world.

She always felt: God, since he let them marry after they meet again, then he shouldnt have taken his life so quickly.

Maybe God thinks that he had lived too hard before, and deliberately took this opportunity to let him sleep for a few days. In the future, he will wake up eventually...

Yes, it must be like this.

She firmly believes: They must have a future.


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Chapter 248: , Left out, he was a little dazed; threatened, he felt confused Chapter 249: , He asked: That kid is mine, right? Chapter 250: , Jin Hengyuan asked: You want a child, that child's mother, you Chapter 251: , The mood is complicated, the road to chasing his wife will be a long way to go... Chapter 252: , Su Jin asked: Men who say they know how to play, all have confidantes Chapter 253: , The crisis is coming: Do you think you have robbed you of love? Chapter 254: Jin Hengyuan said: At that time, I didnt have that kind of nonsense at all. Chapter 255: Su Jin asked, "What is it that Mu Bai has done such a big thing? Chapter 256: , One is an ex-boyfriend and the other is the current husband, he thinks Chapter 257: , Over there, it was supposed to be her and Mu Bais wedding room, and finally Chapter 258: , When he visited her life for the first time in her menstrual period, he shared Chapter 259: , Heartbroken: He shouldnt be like this, with the darkness, Chapter 260: , He saw: The man wearing the Zorro mask is Chapter 261: , In those years, they have each other in their hearts; now, love is broken Chapter 264: , The two of them, who is more important, Su Mubai asked: you really love Chapter 264: , She asked: Is it necessary to get married? He asked: You dont want to Chapter 265: , Mu Bai marries her, its just a union to get the benefits they need. Chapter 266: , Mu Bai had found Hengyuan... When did it happen? (continue Chapter 267: , One, hate, resent; one likes, trust Chapter 268: , In a bad mood, he asked himself: Did I start Chapter 269: Jin Hengyuan said: Im afraid that the two people may not agree with each other, she Chapter 271: , Shocked, the person next to the pillow is actually her brother Erjin ( Chapter 272: , If you want to divorce, as long as you speak, I can be full Chapter 273: , She said: I like both, am I bad? Chapter 274: , New doubts, new discoveries, the silver bracelet was given to... Chapter 275: , Without him, there would be no me: you mean, Im the most Chapter 276: , Sharp analysis, she finally had a choice; Shanghai law firm Chapter 277: , The eyes of everyone are in full view, she is jealous, he forcibly embraces the beautiful woman Chapter 278: , Reconciliation: You want to ask me why I like it, sorry, I Chapter 279: , Reconciliation: She entangled and asked him, how did I change my mind to become this Chapter 280: , Discuss: Do you dare to mention too much if you know it? Su Jin, you take me Chapter 281: , Debate: Have you ever considered my feelings? you Chapter 282: , Because he is angry with her, so he wants to go out to live his spirit Chapter 283: , A misunderstanding of heartache, he gave his tenderness to "Dont Chapter 284: , It's the sister-in-law, not his little lover Chapter 285: , Envy, jealousy and hate, you are the one in my heart that cant be touched Chapter 286: , She acted like a baby, he compromised, the husband and wife had discussions and the atmosphere Chapter 287: , Dear Mr. Jin, I just got married rashly Chapter 288: , Warm heart and love warms her life, what is she? Chapter 289: , The geek Xiao Jinghuan: How did you think of going to be a forensic doctor Chapter 290: , It's just a broken love. The man I like is a bastard... Chapter 291: , How different he has to be before she finally has Chapter 292: , Qianfan is only you, you say, is this fate Chapter 293: , Jin Hengyuan: He just loves that man crazy, so Chapter 294: , So a simple and harmless little girl would actually hit Chapter 295: , Jinghuan cries bitterly when encountering unsatisfied people: an optimistic and cheerful Chapter 296: , Love hurts them, but she is very happy: because of you Chapter 297: , There are countless doubts: the Ming family is most likely Irenes Chapter 298: , The misty, unpredictable legendary man: Xie Tian Chapter 299: , Jin Hengyuan asked: I am confused, and I am here to ask for advice. You can Chapter 300: , This surname Jin brought that surname Ji to come together, do you think Chapter 301: , The knot is hard to get rid of: when I want to confess, my mother already Chapter 302: , He is not only a mentor and helpful friend, but also a spiritual partner. Chapter 303: Su Jin didnt understand: Why did Jin Hengyuan want her to listen to it? Chapter 304: , Xiao Yuan, it's just plain to tell me, you sang this Chapter 305: , Then why must I go to see Ming's family? This Ming family, Chapter 306: , Said, but, after a while, you will change to my dad to say Chapter 307: , Appreciation: arrogant but elegant, rational but not sharp, this Chapter 308: , Even if I want to go back with a big belly, it depends on you Chapter 309: , Warm morning: For me, the most amazing thing is you Chapter 310: , Knowing the pain, that's a good thing. A person is really numb Chapter 311: , Shaws Stimulation Method: Break the hotbed on which he depends, Chapter 312: , You are disabled, your heart is disabled, your will is disabled, you are Chapter 313: , Barrister Jin, dont be afraid of me, come back and Chapter 314: , Contest: Do you feel wronged? Grow up guarding Chapter 315: , If you really love, please take care of yourself and let her be happy Chapter 316: , She acted like a baby: He made her slam her heart; He was puzzled: Su Chapter 317: , For example, meat compensation. Its better than paying back my cash. Chapter 318: , The taste of being held in the palm of the hand can drive people crazy Chapter 319: , This child must be made immediately, the child of this kind of person Chapter 320: , The mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law, the more she looked at her, the more angry she became: You are a leper Chapter 321: , His advantage is that he can fight, speak loyalty, and be good enough for buddies Chapter 322: , Jin Hengyuan said: A womans heart is toward you, its easy to make things happen; no Chapter 323: , Jin Hengyuan said: I hate you a lot, in this life, I Chapter 324: , Having such a mother, with him, is simply a kind of Chapter 325: , Jin Hengyuan believes: The child Zhou Wen is carrying will be a Chapter 326: , She decided: Dont be a foil, be yourself, let yourself Chapter 327: , Respect for growth, learn to grow, that is what everyone needs Chapter 328: , Threatening call: I am the one who is about to replace you as Jin Chapter 330: , Romantic proposal, little book, okay to be my wife? ( Chapter 331: , This fool, what she earns is whether she is good or not, she doesnt Chapter 332: , In short, Jin Hengyuan is now twenty-four at all Chapter 333: , Jin Hengyuan teased: This nausea is too cute... Chapter 334: , This kind of little bickering day is absolutely pleasant... Chapter 335: , The pimple in my heart can't be eliminated simply Chapter 336: , Her heart, just want to remember, not complain. This way, day Chapter 337: , The warmth of money: he is really not good at expressing Chapter 338: , A stolen hug is the best gift Chapter 339: , Beloved wife becomes sexual, bad brother seizes sister's love; childhood fun Chapter 340: , Sharing the past, she laughed at him as a "small color blank"; regret mo Chapter 341: , He said: Fate can be teased; she said: I want a baby Chapter 342: , Father and son sat chatting about Wanzhu in the pool, my sister-in-law talked about how Yis family is good and Chapter 343: , In detail, at the beginning, Jin Hengyuan said: Mistakes became a stranger Chapter 344: Relieve the previous suspicions, and the grievances will disappear; the man is dangerous: this Chapter 345: , Separated by two oceans, while having a meeting and molesting Chapter 346: , He is aggressive: I'm ready to eat this piece of lamb. This Chapter 347: , He taught her: to control people's hearts, to be a successful management Chapter 348: , Jin Hengyuan is really right, the identity of the boss, really Chapter 349: , To impress employees, she is happy; horrible calls, her heart Chapter 350: , He is entangled; she is tragic Chapter 351: , She questioned: Is this really an ordinary traffic accident? Chapter 352: , Exorcising evil spirits, ordering Rickoff, she was rejected by her husband Chapter 353: , Was kicked out, the reason is ridiculous: Fate is hard, Kefu Chapter 354: , Dont make phone calls because you dont want to drag him down; mysterious Chapter 355: , A dozen horror photos: Who is cursing them! Chapter 356: , What are you investigating in the past six months? Chapter 357: , She is the most heartwarming mother-in-law; he wants to return her justice (to Chapter 358: , A wave of unsettled waves arises: she wants to let him go... Chapter 359: , Hengyuan, I want to rely on you forever, as long as I live Chapter 360: , Have you found out about my life? Why Mingyuexi Chapter 361: , Who is your biological father is still a mystery ( Chapter 362: , She asked: "Who is the one who harmed me? You found out Chapter 363: , It's still a bit conscience. I didn't care for you in vain. Know from Chapter 364: , Crazy for a while, silly for a while, good for a while Chapter 365: , Cranky, all caring, because he is her person Chapter 366: , Sister, you say a word, you are willing to wear it, marry Chapter 367: , Jinjinqians family background is so complicated, are you sure Han Tong Chapter 368: , A funeral and a trip abroad; a nightmare and a deep love Chapter 369: , Let go, because love has taken root; the meeting of two men Chapter 370: , Mrs. Jin, you have hidden treasures in your belly, you plan to hide it from me Chapter 371: , Baby's Diary: Who is the child like; he said: You are the heaviest Chapter 372: , A win-win marriage is a successful life winner Chapter 373: , Giggle, noisy, new year, new day Chapter 374: , Prosperity and prosperity, loss and loss, family battles are very complicated Chapter 375: My brother has found out that Shao Feng and Xie Tianyou are... Chapter 376: , Weird disappearance, the intimidator reappears: Xiao Xiao is in my hand Chapter 377: , A voice recorder, the clue left by Su Jin: Its hard to be a thief Chapter 378: , Suspicion, quarrel, who is the thief? Chapter 379: , Mingyuexi was not dead, it was this person who stole the child Chapter 380: , First of all, I want to know the child who exchanged with Mingyuexi Chapter 381: , I want to know how you played in this matter Chapter 382: , The question is: who is the same lurking in their life circle Chapter 383: , Treat, catch the thief, he wants to dig up the old things twenty-six years ago Chapter 384: , The kidnapper, is an acquaintance who knows no more Chapter 385: , She has her hatred, she said: What I want to destroy is the Su family Chapter 386: , And later, we fell in love Chapter 387: , But the result... I personally sent her to Huangquan Road... Chapter 388: , Tomorrow next year will be your sacrifice day. And still Chapter 389: , The cold night, the guests gathered, the main event, just opened Chapter 390: , I dont want to save Yuexi, but I'm mentioning the bad thing here, Chapter 391: , With this punch, I beat you for Xiao Su, because of you, Chapter 392: , Breaking through the ins and outs: What do you want to do now? Chapter 393: , A man who is no different from a eunuch, please ask him Chapter 394: , Surprised: Xiao Yuexi back then was actually Xiao Zhiyues daughter Chapter 395: , If you can find it through the prompt, return the person to Vol 2 Chapter 396: , The second diary of the new year: if the rest of your life is no longer, forget it Vol 2 Chapter 397: , She said: Let Su Jin die beautifully, it will be her feedback Vol 2 Chapter 398: , Multiple-choice question: if you die, they won't die; they die, Vol 2 Chapter 399: , With words, Su Jins last wedding video Vol 2 Chapter 400: , Hidden text: I'm on Harmony, save me, come quickly Vol 2 Chapter 401: , Life and death to accompany her, her wish; a safe return, his Vol 2 Chapter 402: , Boarding: If there is the next life, I want to be with you, white head Vol 2 Chapter 403: , She said: Who knows what's going on tomorrow. Maybe sleep Vol 2 Chapter 404: : No bones, I will not report her death in this life, no Vol 2 Chapter 405: , Encounter in the morning: looking at him from a distance, painful and happy Vol 2 Chapter 406: , Is the gentleman who helped you pay early in the morning. Vol 2 Chapter 407: , She is attached to her, but does not want to drag him... Vol 2 Chapter 408: , Paying is just to help others, so I want to give them a gift Vol 2 Chapter 409: , Contradictory, want to get more, but don't want to bring him pain Vol 2 Chapter 410: , I have a wife. If Xiao Su doesn't come back. In my life Vol 2 Chapter 411: , Not Xiao Zhiyues daughter, nor Chi Wanzhus daughter Vol 2 Chapter 412: , A room full of paintings: his longings go to the bones, the pain goes to the bones, and his thoughts Vol 2 Chapter 413: , So hug, all you get are bones Vol 2 Chapter 414: , Is it mysterious? OK, he will put her mystery Vol 2 Chapter 415: , Park Xiangs ID, found a bunch of strange things Vol 2 Chapter 416: , Pu Xiang is very mysterious; Su Jin's life experience is different Vol 2 Chapter 417: , She, missed by the devil; he, but all calculations are for her Vol 2 Chapter 418: , He persuaded to make peace; she was ecstatic; he talked to Xiang Mo Chuan for a showdown Vol 2 Chapter 419: , He said: I only wish to have her as his wife in this life; he was shocked: Pu Xiang Vol 2 Chapter 420: , Because she is Xiao Su, so she went into the studio and wept... Vol 2 Chapter 421: , God didn't stop me from thinking. It made Xiaosu survived Vol 2 Chapter 422: , Her awakening is a medical miracle; his "discovery", Vol 2 Chapter 423: ,husband? Who does the nurse call her husband? Vol 2 Chapter 424: , He coaxed her home Vol 2 Chapter 425: , The reason why Ming Tan wanted to hide Su Jin (to see) revealed Vol 2 Chapter 426: , Sit back and wait for the rabbit: Yes, she is Su who came back from the dead Vol 2 Chapter 427: , Pu Xiang, if I dont want to go wild, return Su Jin to me Vol 2 Chapter 428: , The meaning of existence: staying with him until old Vol 2 Chapter 429: Because I love too much, I dont want him to suffer. Hengyuan, don't Vol 2 Chapter 430: , Are you still angry with her? Angry she wants to run away, angry she doesn't Vol 2 Chapter 431: , Jiaxin: What you should consider is whether you are willing to continue Vol 2 Chapter 432: ,Jiaoxin: The more you miss me, the more I miss you Vol 2 Chapter 433: , Warm couple: take good care of you in the future, it's me Vol 2 Chapter 434: , Jin Hengyuan, I will try to live a long time, thats it Vol 2 Chapter 435: , I want to learn from him: with one heart and one mind, love is stronger than Jin Jian Vol 2 Chapter 436: , Affectionate husband, loving parents, she has Vol 2 Chapter 437: , This is where he admires her most: she is transparent, heart Vol 2 Chapter 438: , True love, has nothing to do with beauty and ugliness (finally) Vol 2 Chapter 439: , He said: With me, you are the most important; she said: Vol 2 Chapter 440: , He said: If you cant stand it, lets separate; he Vol 2 Chapter 441: , She said: You will spoil me. He said: I just want to spoil Vol 2 Chapter 442: , The crux of the problem: Is the spirit derailed? Vol 2 Chapter 443: , Can you stop being so funny? Even the child was born, but Vol 2 Chapter 444: , If you have no old feelings for him? Will you hug him? Vol 2 Chapter 445: , Admits fate: Maybe, he is not gentle enough, not passionate enough, Vol 2 Chapter 446: , I want to gamble, win, and live; lose, bury me Vol 2 Chapter 447: , Warm and warm together before surgery: she said, badass, I will remember Vol 2 Chapter 448: , If the operation is successful. That is my luck; if it fails... Vol 2 Chapter 449: , Wake up: are you ready? I will pester you for a lifetime Vol 2 Chapter 450: , Suffering from gains and losses: Are you suspecting that he... cheated? Vol 2 Chapter 451: , Xiao Su, let's get married Vol 2 Chapter 452: , Sorry, I made an appointment with me too early. In the afterlife and this life, Vol 2 Chapter 453: , She said: Because of love, I will obey; she said: he Vol 2 Chapter 454: : Wedding: Get married as a husband and wife, and there is no doubt about love. Love ratio Vol 2 Chapter 455: , He blessed: There is a kind of luck called holding the hand; he confessed Vol 2 Chapter 456: , An unexpected small storm on the wedding night: divorce Vol 2 Chapter 457: , The newlyweds are angry because they want to have children; full of curiosity; Vol 2 Chapter 458: , Chiwei, the bridal chamber, Su Jin said: Its time to have a baby Vol 2 Chapter 459: , Love you, in ordinary years Vol 2 Chapter 460: , That year, they met (the finale) Vol 2 Chapter 461: , Unrequited love 1. If it is a younger sister, she will be Aning's wife. Anin Vol 2 Chapter 462: , Unrequited Love 2, do you like her that much? Who is she? Vol 2 Chapter 463: , Unrequited Love 3, tomorrow, we will go quietly to marry this Vol 2 Chapter 464: , Unrequited Love 4, Aunt Jin, you heard that right, Huanhuan and I Vol 2 Chapter 465: , Unrequited Love 5, tell me, how did you treat my sister Vol 2 Chapter 466: , Unrequited Love 6, infatuated since childhood, he liked her Vol 2 Chapter 467: , Unrequited Love 7, Shao Feng and Jin Changning, they all love Vol 2 Chapter 468: , Unrequited Love 8, Brother Jin, am I bad? that's it Vol 2 Chapter 469: , Unrequited love 9, in the future, I just want to be your husband, and then Vol 2 Chapter 470: , Unrequited love 10, how can two people who dont love each other be in Vol 2 Chapter 471: , Unrequited love 11, talking about weddings, he is dedicated to protecting her, she Vol 2 Chapter 472: , Unrequited love 12, living together in the name of husband and wife, the same Vol 2 Chapter 473: , Unrequited Love 13, the reason why first love is so unforgettable, is Vol 2 Chapter 474: , Unrequited love 14, list agreements, create opportunities, hope Huanhuan Vol 2 Chapter 475: , Unrequited love 15, husband and wife agreement: If you let me change you Vol 2 Chapter 476: , Unrequited love 16, entered the hall and moved into his home Vol 2 Chapter 477: , Unrequited love 17, that year's love: Huanhuan, let me be you Vol 2 Chapter 478: , Unrequited love at 18, that year's love, I want to give everything to love one Vol 2 Chapter 479: , Unrequited Love 19, in the virtual world, he and she are in love Vol 2 Chapter 480: , Unrequited Love 20, playing online games, just because I love her, I love to be stupid Vol 2 Chapter 481: , Unrequited love 21, humbly ask for advice on how to pursue a lover Vol 2 Chapter 482: , Unrequited love 22, obviously you can eat on your face, but it happens Vol 2 Chapter 483: , Unrequited love 23, male big eighteen change, Jin Changning twists and turns Vol 2 Chapter 484: , Unrequited Love 24, what kind of bad job is this? Actually not Vol 2 Chapter 485: , Unrequited love 25, making coffee, free and not free discussion ( Vol 2 Chapter 486: , Unrequited love 26, in the eyes of others, he is unattainable; she Vol 2 Chapter 487: , Unrequited love 27, coaxing his wife online and offline, life has become Vol 2 Chapter 488: , Unrequited Love 28, "Incapable of working", in the eyes of colleagues Vol 2 Chapter 489: , Unrequited love 29, the taste of husband and wife should be reconciled; family dinner, long Vol 2 Chapter 490: , Unrequited love 30, I gave my wife a bath, what's wrong Vol 2 Chapter 491: , Unrequited love 31, what can't be washed away is that he burns on her memory Vol 2 Chapter 492: , Unrequited love 32, he had to let her know that he was a man, Vol 2 Chapter 493: , Unrequited Love 33, she was molested by someone again Vol 2 Chapter 494: , Unrequited love 34, I used to think you were innocent and harmless, now Vol 2 Chapter 495: , Unrequited love 35, accidentally made love rivals Vol 2 Chapter 496: , Just think about 36, as much as you have, you should marry Vol 2 Chapter 497: , Unrequited Love 37, he has a sense of crisis, the "rival in love" is coming Vol 2 Chapter 498: , Unrequited love 38, he asked, why cant we be in one Vol 2 Chapter 499: , Unrequited Love 39, she said, there is no sense of mystery, but there is a fantasy Vol 2 Chapter 500: , Unrequited love 40, indecent? Are you sure this is the truth? Vol 2 Chapter 501: , Unrequited Love 41, at the negotiating table, he surprised her, she Vol 2 Chapter 502: , Unrequited love 42, the agreement between two men: Do you dare Vol 2 Chapter 503: , Unrequited love 43, treat him as a man, this mentality, Vol 2 Chapter 504: , Unrequited love 44, please, bring her into his world Vol 2 Chapter 505: , Unrequited love 45, admirer, makes Jin Changning a headache Vol 2 Chapter 506: , Unrequited love 46, he asked: What is wrong with Sisi, you Vol 2 Chapter 507: , Unrequited Love 47, a storm, he protects her, unconditionally believe Vol 2 Chapter 508: , Unrequited Love 48, solve trouble, competitive racing, like this Vol 2 Chapter 509: , Unrequited love 49, the feeling of being worshipped, very cool (not Vol 2 Chapter 510: , Unrequited love 50, if you want something to happen, you can Vol 2 Chapter 511: , Unrequited Love 51, what do you do today? Two-person world (warm Vol 2 Chapter 512: , Unrequited love 52, Huanhuan, remember? You are my old Vol 2 Chapter 513: , Unrequited love 53, walked into his world, got to know him, Vol 2 Chapter 514: , Unrequited love 54, obediently be my wife, just helping me Vol 2 Chapter 515: , Unrequited love 55, love willful mischief, in the end you see me Vol 2 Chapter 516: , Unrequited love 56, disgusted because you are so dirty Vol 2 Chapter 517: , Unrequited Love 57, I didnt have the chance to participate in the past, but in the future I can Vol 2 Chapter 518: , Unrequited love 58, because of Jin Changnings words, her heart, Vol 2 Chapter 519: , Unrequited love 59, she is extreme: thinks not worthy; his face Vol 2 Chapter 520: , Unrequited love 60, Huanhuan, I have nothing to you now Vol 2 Chapter 521: , Unrequited love 61, the hero saves the beauty, the misunderstanding comes from a sentence Vol 2 Chapter 522: , Unrequited Love 62, her defense calmed them, feeling Vol 2 Chapter 523: , Unrequited love 63, forcing a divorce, she is not worthy Vol 2 Chapter 524: , Unrequited Love 64, this man, I have contracted Vol 2 Chapter 525: , Unrequited love 65, don't you really want to chase me! Vol 2 Chapter 526: , Unrequited love 66, dreams are very beautiful, and facts are very disabling Vol 2 Chapter 527: , Unrequited Love 67, develops too fast, she needs to calm down Vol 2 Chapter 530: , Unrequited love 70, proud woman, does not need a man for Vol 2 Chapter 531: , Unrequited love 71, he and she are a perfect match; he wants to get back the Lord Vol 2 Chapter 532: , Unrequited love 72, Huanhuan, what do you mean? Just eat Vol 2 Chapter 533: , Unrequited love 73, you want him to spoil him as a brother Vol 2 Chapter 534: , Unrequited Love 74, her identity exposed Vol 2 Chapter 535: , Unrequited love 75, Huanhuans little depressed: cooling off period, just Vol 2 Chapter 536: , Unrequited Love 76, is an assistant in public and his wife in private, Vol 2 Chapter 537: , Unrequited love 77, a guideline for couples to get along Vol 2 Chapter 538: , Unrequited love 78, hunger effect, he is guiding her better Vol 2 Chapter 539: , Unrequited love 79, was left out and lost; see others Vol 2 Chapter 540: , Unrequited Love 80, Resolve the Heart Knot: Whoever makes mistake Vol 2 Chapter 541: , Unrequited love 81, injured, he came, she was inexplicable Vol 2 Chapter 542: , Unrequited love 82, I want to hug you, can I hug you? ( Vol 2 Chapter 543: , Unrequited love 83, the status is different, you still miss me right Vol 2 Chapter 544: , Unrequited love 84, photo, she was monitored; because of love Vol 2 Chapter 545: , Unrequited love 85, do you want to get pregnant? Still don't want Vol 2 Chapter 546: , Unrequited love 86, he let go, she is dedicated, close to the original Vol 2 Chapter 547: , Unrequited love 87, avoid, he doesn't want to mention the cause of death Vol 2 Chapter 548: , Unrequited love 88, Huanhuan, very happy, now you end Vol 2 Chapter 549: , Single-phase single 89, daily interaction, very warm; that love Vol 2 Chapter 550: , Unrequited love 90, many doubts, who would kill her Vol 2 Chapter 551: , Unrequited love 91, dont forget just because you are rich Vol 2 Chapter 552: , Unrequited Love 92, with many doubts, why did she hit her? Vol 2 Chapter 553: , Unrequited love 93, two hearts are like one, why be afraid of wind and rain? Vol 2 Chapter 554: , Unrequited love 94, family life, very happy; taking the opportunity to force Vol 2 Chapter 555: , Unrequited Love 95, our relationship, it's so unrecognizable Vol 2 Chapter 556: , Unrequited love 96, rumors, like brother and sister but not brother and sister; like feeling Vol 2 Chapter 557: , Unrequited Love 97, the reason she wants hidden marriage Vol 2 Chapter 558: , Unrequited Love 98, what is the purpose of getting married? Vol 2 Chapter 559: , Unrequited Love 99, About Family History: Jin Changning and Chu Yilai Vol 2 Chapter 560: , Unrequited Love 100, Gentle: What to do, so good, I Vol 2 Chapter 561: , Unrequited Love 101, do you still want to get a divorce? Vol 2 Chapter 562: , Unrequited love 102, turning over the past and reversing the memory, Changning Boran Vol 2 Chapter 563: , Unrequited love 103, he said, it was you who brought her danger; Vol 2 Chapter 564: , Unrequited love 104, love for children, office life, pretty Vol 2 Chapter 565: , Unrequited Love 105, advice, starting today, stop tuning Vol 2 Chapter 566: , Unrequited Love 106, you are dying, the one who gets the benefits is Vol 2 Chapter 567: , Unrequited love 107, he has a lot of thoughts; she is gentle and considerate Vol 2 Chapter 568: , Unrequited love 108, the expression of love, that is his pride Vol 2 Chapter 569: , Unrequited love 109, he seeks the truth, but at peace of mind; he was Vol 2 Chapter 570: , Unrequited love 110, with her in life and her in work, he is very Vol 2 Chapter 571: , Unrequited love 111, determined to announce the marriage Vol 2 Chapter 572: , Unrequited Love 112, investigation, Chu family is very complicated; taste, Vol 2 Chapter 573: , Unrequited love 113, attending the meeting, a woman is a person of pleasure, he is Vol 2 Chapter 574: , Unrequited love 114, spend a lot of money, tokens, who hurts Vol 2 Chapter 575: , Unrequited Love 115, pour oil on the water, she wants to break them up Vol 2 Chapter 576: , Unrequited love 116, angry, in your heart, I will always be better than Vol 2 Chapter 577: , Unrequited Love 117, some truth, surfaced Vol 2 Chapter 578: , Unrequited love 118, he hasn't returned all night, she's out of mind Vol 2 Chapter 579: , Unrequited Love 119, anxious, he hung up her phone Vol 2 Chapter 580: , Unrequited love 120, Jin Changning asked, what are Luo Er and me Vol 2 Chapter 581: , Unrequited love 121, let the Jin family go bankrupt to pay for the Lan Vol 2 Chapter 582: , Unrequited love 122, she is an enemy, you can use it, but Vol 2 Chapter 583: , Unrequited love 123, heated arguments, disputes, he is a man, very Vol 2 Chapter 585: , Unrequited love 125, under the benefit, scandals emerge in endlessly Vol 2 Chapter 586: , Unrequited Love 126, an incredible legend that makes people true and false Vol 2 Chapter 587: , Unrequited Love 127, the sheepskin map is very mysterious, he doesnt think Vol 2 Chapter 588: , Unrequited Love 128, verify that the Jin family really has three sheepskin fields Vol 2 Chapter 589: , Unrequited love 129, swear, if it is true, oath will not be equal Vol 2 Chapter 590: , Unrequited Love 130, the second witness, made Jin Changning tears Vol 2 Chapter 591: , Unrequited love 131, hate, the Lan family will never marry the surname Jin Vol 2 Chapter 592: , Unrequited love 132, you can marry anyone, but you cant marry Vol 2 Chapter 593: , Unrequited love 133, morning jog, she is very righteous; waiter, who Vol 2 Chapter 594: , Unrequited love 134, behave in principle, she is his little Vol 2 Chapter 595: , Unrequited love 135, longing, living like years Vol 2 Chapter 596: , Unrequited love 136, firmly believe: the judgment is still there, it can't be out Vol 2 Chapter 597: , Unrequited love 137, he asked: Don't you want to hug? Vol 2 Chapter 598: , Unrequited love 138, untie the knot, cross the heart Vol 2 Chapter 599: , Unrequited love 139, cross heart, she is very clingy Vol 2 Chapter 600: , Unrequited love 140, what he most wants to do is to strengthen the marriage Vol 2 Chapter 601: , Unrequited Love 141, Addressing Adorers: We have obtained the certificate Vol 2 Chapter 602: , Unrequited love 142, she apologized, she fell in love, met a Vol 2 Chapter 603: , Unrequited Love 143, Jin Ge, how did these maps come from? Vol 2 Chapter 604: , Unrequited love 144, confession, if you want to provoke me, I Vol 2 Chapter 605: , Unrequited love 145, propose marriage, he said: the body can be destroyed, the heart : Discuss marriage, happiness can be expected Vol 2 Chapter 607: , Unrequited Love 147, Persuade: If you don't provoke, there will be no hemp Vol 2 Chapter 608: , Unrequited Love 148, who is the one who stirred the internal fighting of the Lan family Vol 2 Chapter 609: , Unrequited Love 149, is this helping Changning investigate, or Vol 2 Chapter 610: , Unrequited love 150, dont enter the underground palace, dont panic the dead, for Vol 2 Chapter 611: , Unrequited love 151, the man she loves is a man of history Vol 2 Chapter 612: , Unrequited love 152, legend, is it true, or a whimsical dream Vol 2 Chapter 613: , Unrequited love 153, jade pendant, he is familiar Vol 2 Chapter 614: , Unrequited love 154, what is the nature of this wedding? Vol 2 Chapter 615: , Unrequited love 155, the truth: Just find out, this marriage, Vol 2 Chapter 616: , Unrequited Love 156, Yu Furong, is one of the iron proofs Vol 2 Chapter 617: , Unrequited love 157, so affectionate, who else can compare? Vol 2 Chapter 618: , Unrequited love 158, never interested, to the heart of love Vol 2 Chapter 619: , Unrequited Love 159, Jin Changning VS Shao Feng, he withdrew and became Vol 2 Chapter 620: , Unrequited love 160, breaking the relationship is often an opportunity Vol 2 Chapter 621: , Unrequited love 161, days are beautiful because of him; memories Vol 2 Chapter 622: , Unrequited love 162, do not know the opposite, she is messy; mysterious, Vol 2 Chapter 623: , Unrequited Love 163, complex stories, inextricably linked Vol 2 Chapter 624: , Unrequited love 164, hey, how much do you want to get pregnant... Vol 2 Chapter 625: , Unrequited love 165, impetuous, because she sees things and thinks about people Vol 2 Chapter 626: , Unrequited Love 166, before my name was Shao Feng, now my name is Vol 2 Chapter 627: , Unrequited love 167, he is afraid: Huanhuan, in this life, Vol 2 Chapter 628: , Unrequited love 168, pregnant Vol 2 Chapter 629: , Unrequited love 169, Changning is very powerful, he quietly changed Vol 2 Chapter 630: , Unrequited Love 170, autopsy, facing death, uncomfortable Vol 2 Chapter 631: , Unrequited love 171, she is depressed that he lied to her Vol 2 Chapter 632: , Unrequited love 172, life is your person, death is your ghost Vol 2 Chapter 633: , Unrequited love 173, I can bear everyone, but never Vol 2 Chapter 634: , Unrequited love 174, I know I'm used to this girl, be careful Vol 2 Chapter 635: , Unrequited love 175, Jin Changning, you still keep some Vol 2 Chapter 636: , Unrequited Love 176, the decapitation plan officially begins... Vol 2 Chapter 637: , Unrequited love 177, yeah, not long after being pregnant, more than one Vol 2 Chapter 638: , Unrequited love 178, the most important thing: protect this now Vol 2 Chapter 639: , Unrequited love 179, Changning, are you hiding something from me Vol 2 Chapter 640: , Unrequited love 180, hey, you really really spoil me Vol 2 Chapter 641: , Unrequited love 181, warm, work hard to make you pregnant again Vol 2 Chapter 642: , Unrequited love 182, do you want it to be a daughter or a son? Vol 2 Chapter 643: , Unrequited love 183, you say, we want to love to grow old? Huanhuan Vol 2 Chapter 644: , Unrequited love 184, this is where he deserves his sin ( Vol 2 Chapter 645: , Unrequited Love 185, he tore up the divorce agreement: just leave me Vol 2 Chapter 646: Unrequited love 186 Vol 2 Chapter 647: , Unrequited love 187, metaphors human nature with craftsmanship: the difference of one thought, Vol 2 Chapter 648: , Unrequited Love 188, crisis, not optimistic, she returned to him Vol 2 Chapter 649: , Unrequited love 189, this home, he wants to help Huanhuan guard it Vol 2 Chapter 650: , Unrequited Love 190, to remind you: Dont believe that surname too much Vol 2 Chapter 651: , Unrequited Love 191, intimate photos, disturbed her heart Vol 2 Chapter 652: , Unrequited love 192, trust, I never thought Changning would Vol 2 Chapter 653: , Unrequited love 193, no, Li Luo is Lan Yunjiao? Vol 2 Chapter 654: , Unrequited Love 194, some people want to grab the picture, some are protecting the picture, Vol 2 Chapter 655: , Unrequited love 195, the other party is mysterious and terrifying: If it was Ah Xiao Vol 2 Chapter 656: , Shan Dingsi 196, he is missing, she is in a state of confusion Vol 2 Chapter 657: , Unrequited love 197, tired, crisis makes people tired; find, Vol 2 Chapter 658: , Unrequited love 198, family motto: call you to recognize the thief as father, call you Vol 2 Chapter 659: , Unrequited Love 199, Mothers Persecution: Divorce me immediately Vol 2 Chapter 660: , Unrequited love 200, if you want me to get a divorce, it is tantamount to Vol 2 Chapter 661: , Unrequited Love 201, she doesnt sell it: I want someone to control me Vol 2 Chapter 662: , Unrequited Love 202, co-author, is that his son? Vol 2 Chapter 663: , Unrequited love 203, anger you conceal, anger you make me worry, Vol 2 Chapter 664: , Unrequited love 204, he thought: resolve grievances, and spend more years in peace Vol 2 Chapter 665: , Unrequited Love 205, to clarify with you: Grandpa Jin is not Vol 2 Chapter 666: , Unrequited Love 206, the truth is revealed, the reason is tortuous Vol 2 Chapter 667: , Unrequited love 207, the truth is revealed, the reason is tortuous Vol 2 Chapter 668: , Unrequited Love 208, her purpose: clean up the group, test Vol 2 Chapter 669: , Unrequited Love 209, New Year, everything is complete Vol 2 Chapter 670: , Unrequited love 210, under the happiness, the crisis struck (depending on Vol 2 Chapter 671: , Unrequited love 211, shocked, she is in desperate situation, he is desperate Vol 2 Chapter 672: , Unrequited Love 212, his request, I hope she will be a joy Vol 2 Chapter 673: , Unrequited love 213, waking up, she promised him; wish, Vol 2 Chapter 674: , Unrequited love 214, you are in the depths of my heart, Changning is in me Vol 2 Chapter 675: , Unrequited Love: Settle the previous suspicion, love is cultivated as a true fruit (End Vol 2 Chapter 676: , Shao Fengs Fan Wai: Missing is a disaster, love is broken (End Vol 2 Chapter 677: , Xiaofan after marriage, a mans secret: Brother Lone, we Vol 2 Chapter 678: , Unexpected marriage 1 Vol 2 Chapter 679: , Unexpected marriage 2 Vol 2 Chapter 680: , Unexpected marriage 3 Father and son meet for the first time Vol 2 Chapter 682: , Unexpected Marriage 5 Father and Son Interaction Vol 2 Chapter 683: , Unexpected Marriage 6 Its nice to have a dad Vol 2 Chapter 684: , Unexpected marriage 7 like, very very happy Vol 2 Chapter 685: , Unexpected marriage 8 unmarried and gave birth to children, she has her Vol 2 Chapter 686: , Unexpected marriage 9 Because I am serious, I just fancy Vol 2 Chapter 687: , 10 Moms of Unexpected Marriage, Good to Marry Dad Vol 2 Chapter 688: , Unexpected marriages 11 loneliness is the best Vol 2 Chapter 689: , Unexpected marriage 12 her pride, not allowed Vol 2 Chapter 690: , Unexpected Marriage 13 Shocking Changes, Full of Views Vol 2 Chapter 691: , Unexpected Marriage 14 I'm sorry, this is all Vol 2 Chapter 692: , Unexpected marriage 15 truly stylish people, Vol 2 Chapter 693: , Unexpected marriage, 16 grievances countless, just because she Vol 2 Chapter 694: , Unexpected marriage 17, wave after wave of trouble Vol 2 Chapter 695: , Unexpected Marriage 18 She was dead, and he gave her a living Vol 2 Chapter 696: , Unexpected marriage 19, do you think you can make it even Vol 2 Chapter 697: , Unexpected marriage 20 he can become a body Vol 2 Chapter 698: , Unexpected marriage 21 I dont like such a man Vol 2 Chapter 699: , Unexpected marriage 22 as long as you want, now Vol 2 Chapter 700: , Unexpected Marriage 23 Marriage was originally a Vol 2 Chapter 701: , Unexpected Marriage 24 did not understand your must Vol 2 Chapter 702: , Unexpected Marriage 25 Peng Boran hates children Vol 2 Chapter 703: , Unexpected Marriage 26 First start to make a reservation for the strong Vol 2 Chapter 704: , Unexpected Marriage Vol 2 Chapter 705: , 28 illusions of unexpected marriages: they are not Vol 2 Chapter 706: , An unexpected marriage 29 feeling of returning home Vol 2 Chapter 707: , An unexpected marriage 30 distance between them, Vol 2 Chapter 708: , Unexpected Marriage Vol 2 Chapter 709: , Unexpected marriage Vol 2 Chapter 710: , Unexpected marriage 33 Will father marry mother? Vol 2 Chapter 711: , Unexpected marriage 34, his decision Vol 2 Chapter 712: , Unexpected marriage 35 this woman, is it also Vol 2 Chapter 713: , Unexpected marriage 36 I can change your feet Vol 2 Chapter 714: , Unexpected marriage 37 Is this case dangerous? Vol 2 Chapter 715: , Unexpected marriage 38 accident Vol 2 Chapter 716: , Unexpected Marriage 39 You fell in love with her, right! Vol 2 Chapter 717: , Unexpected marriage 40 life-saving grace is usually Vol 2 Chapter 718: , Unexpected Marriage 41 She wants to be crazy Vol 2 Chapter 719: , Unexpected Marriage 42 His life will not work for me Vol 2 Chapter 720: , Unexpected marriage 43 he got married Vol 2 Chapter 721: , Unexpected Marriage 44 Tomorrow, we will go to prove Vol 2 Chapter 722: , Unexpected Marriage 45 A Lifetime Commitment Vol 2 Chapter 723: , 46 Unexpected Marriage Certificates Vol 2 Chapter 724: , After an unexpected marriage 47, there will be days with you Vol 2 Chapter 725: , An unexpected marriage 48, she firmly believes that they must