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After playing the waterwheel, Shang Xiaojin took Yuan Shisan to play other seemingly naive projects.

At first, Yuan Shisan was quite resistant and felt embarrassed.

How old is she and still play this?

But playing around... it smells so good!

After playing for such a lap, Yuan Shisan had a bit of resistance, and he had already disappeared.

When your heart settles down, you can have a good conversation.

"Thirteen, I will take you to a place next." Shang Xiaojin looked at Yuan Shisan with a smile on his face: "I have said in advance, don't turn around and leave, don't be angry."

"Okay." Yuan Shisan's eyes trembled, as if he had guessed something.

Shang Xiao would like to transfer the RV.

The car started and drove towards the outskirts of the city.

Apparently, it means to travel a long distance.

In the car, Shang Xiaojin put on an apron, skillfully cut tomatoes and beaten eggs in his hand, and made a simple egg fried rice for her by himself.

"I'm really sorry, I practiced for three days, and it became like this." Shang Xiaojin said with a trace of embarrassment: "I can't promise you that in the future, I will cook for you every day. That's unrealistic. I can only say that I strive to eat with you every dinner."

Yuan thirteen's heart is warm.

She knows better than anyone, what Shang Xiaojing cooks for a meal means.

Let a noble man roll up his sleeves and make soup, which in itself represents scarcity.

What is expensive is not a meal, but a heart.

It is really not easy for Shang Xiaojin to do this for her.

"If you have anything you want to say, just say it straight." Yuan Shisan said, "I'm not a kid, so don't bother."

"I want to apologize to you, or to apologize to you for my grandmother." Shang Xiaojin sat in front of Yuan Shisan, pushed the egg fried rice to Yuan Shisan, and said: "Grandma is hiding from me, go see To Yu Qingcheng's mother, tell her all your details."

Yuan Shisan gave a wry smile.

"I guessed it." Yuan Shisan said faintly; "Actually, I have already told Yu Qingcheng about me. My past is a fact and cannot be erased. It is normal for them not to accept it. "

"Thirteen, do you like Yu Qingcheng? That's a little like it?" Shang Xiaojin mustered up the courage to look at Yuan Shisan, but the sadness could not be hidden in his eyes; "If you really like him, then I am willing to help you And give up, I am willing to help you get happiness."

Yuan Shisan looked at him in surprise.

"Don't look at me like that, I will regret what I just said." Shang Xiaojin said sadly: "I'm not a good person, not such a holy father. It's just that I don't want to make you unhappy because of me."

"Thank you, but no need." Yuan Shisan said softly: "I have no other extra feelings for Yu Qingcheng. In fact, you should be aware that I don't have any special feelings for anyone, except for Mi Tezhu. She is different from everyone else."

Shang Xiaojin nodded.

Yuan Thirteen was convinced by Mi Xiaoying.

Mi Xiaoying is simply the navigating lighthouse of Yuan Thirteen, the kind that can set sail after one hundred and eight thousand miles.

"Yu Qingcheng took the initiative to withdraw, and I'm also relieved. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult to refuse him." Yuan Shisan smiled rare, open-minded and transparent, without any sadness or regret.

Obviously, that's what she thinks.

"He and I are not people of the same world after all." Yuan Shisan said lightly: "Although I and you are not people of the same world, our world is very close, and there is a place where we cross. And I and his. The world is two permanent parallel lines, and there will never be a cross. Assistant Mitte is right, we are all people who have accepted the favor of our wife, and we will repay our favor in this life. This is doomed, Yu Qingcheng and I, Always a person of two worlds."

Shang Xiaojin said: "Our world is together. The previous you have been turned over. Now you are the person next to Brother Nuo and the subordinate of Sister Xiaoying. Our world is the same. Are you going to continue to be a killer?"

Yuan Shisan smiled, noncommittal.

"Thirteen, I am serious about you, and all my efforts are for our future." Shang Xiaojin clasped his hands together, placed it on the table, and said very seriously: "I want to ask How do you feel about me? If you don't have anyone else you like, why don't you try to give me a chance?"

"I haven't figured it out yet." Yuan Shisan's eyes were a little erratic: "Let me think about it again."

"Okay, I'll give you time to think about it." Shang Xiaojin watched the night outside the car sweep by, and said softly, "I have enough time to wait for your answer."

After eating, Yuan Shisan lay in the guest room of the RV, listening to the fine noise outside and the sound of the car engine starting, slowly falling into a deep sleep.

In her dream, she dreamed of when she was seven years old.

She stood outside the room, listening to her mother's sharp cry from the room.

"Please, send Thirteen to leave! I already have several children who have died here, and I can't fold in any more children!" The mother knelt on the ground and pleaded.

However, the person on the opposite side pushed her away, picked up the stick and drew on him, panting and replied, "This is her life! Even if she is dead, she will have to give birth to a child before she can die!"

"no, do not want"

A few days later, the mother was sent to the tower in the middle of the village and never came out again.

She stood in the mountains blankly, whistling wind in her ears.

At that moment, a thought came to her mind: She is going to leave here, leave this cannibal hell!

As the picture turned, a gentle-eyed woman stretched out her hand towards her: "Thirteen, leave here, leave here forever, never come back, never come back again..."

Yuan Shisan opened his eyes abruptly and sat up, sweating.

She had this dream again.

Every time I have this dream, my mood will be very bad all day long.

She hasn't had this dream for several years, why today...?

Yuan Shisan looked out of the car inadvertently, and suddenly his eyes froze.

this is

"Thirteen, are you awake?" Shang Xiaojin knocked on the door outside.

Yuan Shisan rubbed his face indiscriminately to restore his expression to normal, then came down and opened the door: "Morning."

Shang Xiaojin looked at Yuan Shisan's expression and asked, "What? I'm not feeling well?"

"Nothing." Yuan Shisan asked straightforwardly: "Where are we going?"

Shang Xiaojin smiled bitterly: "I originally wanted to hide it from you, but I will tell you when I get to the destination. It seems that you already know it."

Yuan Shisan's face remained silent, but his heart became irritable and asked, "Why?"

"The heart disease needs medicine and medicine." Shang Xiaojin replied: "Only by letting you see with your own eyes that those nightmares that have plagued you have been completely destroyed, can you officially bid farewell to the past and start a new life."

"What do you mean?" Yuan Shisan became more irritable.

The memory she thought she had forgotten had already come surging like a tide.

"Thirteen, you promised me, don't be angry. When you get to the place, you'll know." Shang Xiaojin could only answer like this.

For the first time, Yuan Thirteen sat on the sofa and sulked like an ordinary little girl. For the first time, regardless of his identity, he became angry with Shang Xiaojin.

Shang Xiaojin saw Yuan Shisan not paying attention to him, and didn't mind, he personally brewed Yuan Shisan's tea, and silently accompanied him.

At noon, the convoy finally stopped.

Yuan Shisan sat there like a woodcarving, but didn't want to go down.

She didn't want to face those memories.


Shang Xiaojin took her back to the village where she was born.

That **** that exists like a devil.

"Thirteen, if you want to get rid of the nightmare completely, you must face it." Shang Xiaojin encouraged her to say: "Back then, Sister Xiaoying was able to get rid of all the negatives by facing the past."

Yuan Shisan's eyes moved, and when he heard the mention of Mi Xiaoying, he slowly raised his head and slowly looked out of the car.

Just this glance made her look straight.

The village that originally existed has now disappeared, leaving only a pile of ruins.

"This is..." Yuan Shisan stood up all of a sudden, paused, turned and jumped out of the car frantically, and kept watching in place: "Where is the village? Where are the people here?"

"It's all... gone." Shang Xiaojin replied; "Actually, not long after Uncle Yin and Aunt Gu took you away, this place was destroyed. They said that things that shouldn't exist should not continue. NS."

"Where are those people?" Yuan Shisan couldn't help swallowing his saliva, his voice trembling.

"Dead, one did not stay." Shang Xiaojin stood beside her and explained: "They hid in the tower in the middle of the village and lit the wood in the tower. Everyone died in the tower. None of them survived."


"Because, Mr. Hans is here." Shang Xiaojin replied.

Yuan Shisan understood it all at once.

Mr. Hans must be very interested in such things.

And none of the people he was interested in ended up well. Except for the Gu Xixi family.

So they would rather die in the tower than be taken away by Mr. Hans.

This is really true, the way of heaven is reincarnation, the wicked have their own grind.

Those nightmares that had been in Yuan Shisan's heart for so many years disappeared all at once.

Yuan Shisan couldn't control his emotions anymore and knelt on the ground, crying loudly.

If I could meet Gu Xixi earlier, wouldn't her mother and sister die here?

If she could be born earlier that year, would she be able to save their lives?

Shang Xiaojin did not persuade Yuan Shisan to cry happily.

As the sun sets, Shang Xiaojin pulls Yuan Shisan up from the ground.

At the moment Yuan Shisan stopped, Shang Xiaojin suddenly bowed his head and kissed Yuan Shisan.

Yuan Shisan's body stiffened for a moment, suddenly, and relaxed again.

She put down the right hand that almost smashed and let Shang Xiaojin do it.

Shang Xiaojin chuckles: "Look, you don't hate me either. Thirteen, why don't you try with me?"

All the knots in Yuan Shisan's heart disappeared, and he raised his hand to hook Shang Xiaojin's neck.

When he raised his head again, he had returned to normal, and he said softly: "Then, you are ready to confess to your grandmother, aren't you actually a matter of breaking your sleeves?"

Shang Xiaojin's eyes met her, his fingers clasped: "Well, I'm ready."

Time flies, and it will soon be the 18th birthdays of Yunshuang and Jiang Yunchen.

On this day, the Jiang family and the Yin family opened their doors for a big banquet early on, preparing to announce that Jiang Yunchen officially inherited the news of the Jiang family.

Jiang Yunchen was wearing today's first dress and asked casually: "Where is my sister? The guests are coming soon, and she won't be able to change her clothes if she doesn't change her clothes."

"The eldest lady received a message and went out in a hurry."

Jiang Yunchen gave his finger a pause: "What?"

At this moment, Yun Shuang stood in front of an abandoned logistics warehouse, looking at the person walking towards him with cold eyes.

The man squatted around his body, thin and unbelievable, as if every step he took would take a bit of energy away.

The abnormal white hair was shocking.

"Who are you? Why do you want to see me?" Yun Shuang said lightly.

The person opposite did not answer this question. He raised his hand and slowly took off the weft hat, and looked at her enthusiastically: "Yunshuang, I have been waiting for you for too long. This time, I will never miss it again. NS."

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Chapter 491: Gu Xixi, wake up! Chapter 492: A big earthquake is coming! Chapter 493: The tsunami is coming! Chapter 494: Wind and gunfire Chapter 495: Reasons for not seeing you in three years Chapter 496: Fight, fight! Chapter 497: aftershock! Chapter 498: An accident happened Chapter 499: Kobe Chapter 500: Jiro Hirayama posing as a member of the Yamaguchi group Chapter 501: Crazy people are often innocent Chapter 502: With a small tail Chapter 503: Back home Chapter 504: Reunion Chapter 505: Untie that lump Chapter 506: Mrs. Yin Jiang Xue, freedom! Chapter 507: Parent Exchange Meeting Chapter 508: Transfer children Chapter 509: Lunch for four Chapter 510: Ma Yingying's secret love Chapter 511: Yun's parents are here Chapter 512: Raising a son is God's assist Chapter 513: Convince Yun's parents Chapter 514: The parents met Chapter 515: Jiro Hirayama knows Phil's Second Young Master Chapter 516: Mo Zixin proposes Chapter 517: Gu Xixi refused to marry Chapter 518: Departure Imperial Capital Chapter 519: Mo Zixin's parents Chapter 520: Mo Zixuan Rescue Field Chapter 521: The Phil family is here Chapter 522: The secrets of the Phil family Chapter 523: Shang Ke Chasing the Imperial Capital Chapter 524: Cultural Exchange Meeting Chapter 525: Shang Ke's Engagement Banquet Chapter 526: Acquaintances get together Chapter 527: Mu Ruona drank too much Chapter 528: It's over, I can't explain it Chapter 529: Beat back Chapter 530: Serious Hirayama Jiro Chapter 531: Gu Miao really had an accident Chapter 532: Rush to the UK Chapter 533: Talk to you Chapter 534: Give him enough love Chapter 535: Gu Miao wakes up Chapter 536: Shihuahua Island, departure Chapter 537: Happy holiday Chapter 538: A team Chapter 539: Captain Hans Chapter 540: Transfer to the big ship Chapter 541: Confrontation at sea Chapter 542: Encirclement at sea Chapter 543: Procrastinate to test each other Chapter 544: Hans invited Chapter 545: Above the dinner Chapter 546: Crow's mouth Chapter 547: Transfer island Chapter 548: Hostage transfer Chapter 549: Gu Xixi tried again Chapter 550: Prepare for tropical storm Chapter 551: Tropical storm is really coming Chapter 552: Eye of the Storm Center Chapter 553: Lurking, assassination Chapter 554: Move to the largest island Chapter 555: The true strength of Jiro Hirayama Chapter 556: Turbulent undercurrent Chapter 557: The will to live Chapter 558: Luck is also a plus Chapter 559: The crisis is coming again Chapter 560: Battle vampire bats Chapter 561: Self-help mode activated Chapter 562: Jiro Hirayama found it Chapter 563: Who saved whom? Chapter 564: Chat to pass the night Chapter 565: Earl Phil invited Gu Xixi to be a guest Chapter 566: The raft finally succeeded! Chapter 567: Xixi and Ruona meet up Chapter 568: Beacon tower for help Chapter 569: Finally you are here Chapter 570: Back to base camp Chapter 571: Long overdue Chapter 572: Put your heart on one's stomach Chapter 573: Yun Zixiao and Gu Xixi Chapter 574: Dream back Chapter 575: Negotiations between the two parties Chapter 576: Go to Hans's site Chapter 577: Hans' base Chapter 578: Gu Miao's biological mother, Linna Chapter 579: Linna's approach Chapter 580: Gu Miao's decision Chapter 581: Departure, return home Chapter 582: Shang Ke is really sick Chapter 583: Talk again Chapter 584: Decided to pursue Rona again Chapter 585: Ma Yingying's little nine Chapter 586: Urge Yin Si Yao to get married Chapter 587: Brother-sister dialogue Chapter 588: Broken brother and sister relationship Chapter 589: Go to Province Y again Chapter 590: Test of Mohist School Chapter 591: The task is arduous Chapter 592: Jing Rong's disguise Chapter 593: Encounter together Chapter 594: Let go of prejudices Chapter 595: Please support me Chapter 596: This is the real task Chapter 597: Playboys make up a pile Chapter 598: The eldest sister is like a mother Chapter 599: Don't listen to unreliable suggestions Chapter 600: Let's climb the mountain together Chapter 601: First task Chapter 602: Learn to learn to make fire Chapter 603: Give up Chapter 604: The third task is so difficult Chapter 605: Pleased a lot of people Chapter 606: A win-win situation Chapter 607: Happy Chapter 608: Gift from grandmother Chapter 609: Georgie's thoughts Chapter 610: Guests from all parties Chapter 611: An extremely grand birthday party Chapter 612: Surprise at the birthday party Chapter 613: Yin Sichen proposes Chapter 614: Xixi is pregnant again Chapter 615: Mu Ruona is embarrassed Chapter 616: Jiro Hirayama visits Chapter 617: Big Oolong, what to do Chapter 618: The man who chased Jiro Hirayama Chapter 619: Both sides and mud Chapter 620: Best of both worlds Chapter 621: Go to the UK to sell Amway Chapter 622: Open audition Chapter 623: Jing Jia Jinglin Chapter 624: In full swing Chapter 625: Jing Rong's brother, Jing Tian Chapter 626: Jing family dinner Chapter 627: You will understand sooner or later Chapter 628: Ma Yingying is ashamed Chapter 629: Wife selection audition begins! Chapter 630: Belongs to Gu Xixi's morality Chapter 631: Li Si who is obsessed with Mo Zixin Chapter 632: Uncle, why don't you like me Chapter 633: Lawyer Yu Jie Chapter 634: Li Si stopped Gu Xixi Chapter 635: Give you my everything Chapter 636: The final test Chapter 637: first day Chapter 638: A girl willing to be a puppet Chapter 639: Over dinner Chapter 640: Some people are jealous Chapter 641: Competition of beauties Chapter 642: Wedding photos of nine people Chapter 643: The teacher who appointed the daughter Chapter 644: Final selection results Chapter 645: Ma Yan makes trouble Chapter 646: It's really too good Chapter 647: Meeting before the wedding Chapter 648: Wedding day Chapter 649: Jiang Yihai and Yunzhe Chapter 650: who are you? Chapter 651: Suspect Yun Mo Rong Chapter 652: Suspicious lifestyle Chapter 653: Do you need my help? Chapter 654: Walk at night Chapter 655: Yun Morong has a lot of bad debts Chapter 656: The harassment is increasing Chapter 657: Chapter 658: sorry Chapter 659: Are all pregnant! Chapter 660: Fell down Chapter 661: Xixi enters the due date Chapter 662: Bring together Jiang Shao and Mo Rong Chapter 663: Changed Blind Date Chapter 664: Love doesn't need competition Chapter 665: Charisma Chapter 666: What the **** is going out with three people Chapter 667: Sexuality will change Chapter 668: What is the concept of male and female killing Chapter 669: Yeheden Gate Chapter 670: Ye He's Birthday Chapter 671: What if the person I like is you? Chapter 672: Gu Xixi started Chapter 673: The identity of Yunzhe, exposed Chapter 674: Rebirth Chapter 675: Little princess, born! Chapter 676: Yin Yinuo Chapter 677: Yun Family Recognizes Female Chapter 678: Full moon wine Chapter 679: Courtship and marriage proposal Chapter 680: Another happy event Chapter 681: Murona and Shang Ke Chapter 682: Don't believe anyone but me Chapter 683: Trial contest Chapter 684: Is this a confrontation? Chapter 685: Weird niece Chapter 686: Chaotic relationship Chapter 687: Shang Ke is engaged to Mao Shan Chapter 688: Mao Shan is actually a smart person Chapter 689: I cant do it Chapter 690: Shang Ke turned into a playboy Chapter 691: Above the feast Chapter 692: Depravity also requires courage Chapter 693: Boat feast Chapter 694: Mu Ruona went to Kobe, Japan Chapter 695: Wonderful thinking of middle and second young people Chapter 696: Love rivals meet extraordinarily jealous Chapter 697: Mrs. Shang really regrets it Chapter 698: Shang Ke at this time Chapter 699: Mihuizi got into trouble Chapter 700: Be kind because of love Chapter 701: Mrs. Shang apologizes to Ruona Chapter 702: On the first day of sale Chapter 703: Yin Yinuo, who claims to be the second youngest of the Yin family Chapter 704: Shang Ke and his son meet Chapter 705: Those hidden secrets back then Chapter 706: Father-son nature Chapter 707: Mao Xiaojin becomes Shang Xiaojin Chapter 708: Xiao Heng's story Chapter 709: All the way west Chapter 710: Do you want to be so coincidental? Chapter 711: The real me, do you love? Chapter 712: My name is Yin Siyao Chapter 713: Wei Ziyu complains Chapter 714: It's better to explain than not to explain Chapter 715: A girl who took the initiative to come Chapter 716: Picking in Suburbs Chapter 717: This meal, heartburn Chapter 718: Gee, war! Chapter 719: Sandwich bread Chapter 720: Competing for love Chapter 721: Its time to decide Chapter 722: George's story Chapter 723: Handsome boy Chapter 724: George's determination Chapter 725: Gu Miao and Yinuo Chapter 726: Yin Yuyun and Gu Miao are back Chapter 727: Admission to the Holy Land Academy Chapter 728: Confession girl Chapter 729: Young masters are all good at teasing girls Chapter 730: Old acquaintances also came to study Chapter 731: Lifia is here Chapter 732: Sakura, help! Chapter 733: Mo Yumo Speaking Invitation Chapter 734: Meeting old friends was extremely noisy Chapter 735: Test Gu Miao Chapter 736: Go shopping Chapter 737: Shi Han's mind Chapter 738: Send you to Jin He Ji Chapter 739: Shi Han is very courteous Chapter 740: Shi Han wants to pursue Sakura Chapter 741: White collar guy from a working-class background Chapter 742: Such a weird straight male cancer Chapter 743: Sensen shocked! Chapter 744: This is my ex and current boyfriend Chapter 745: The explanation is not clear Chapter 746: Let you get used to the existence of love Chapter 747: There was an accident on the flight! Chapter 748: Since you care, let's be together Chapter 749: Sudden change Chapter 750: Blind Date Chen Yicheng Chapter 751: Chen Yicheng fell in love with Sakura Chapter 752: What did i do wrong? Chapter 753: The boy saved by Yin Yinuo Chapter 754: Wu Xinlan Chapter 755: Candid photos Chapter 756: I didn't like Chen Yicheng at first Chapter 757: The more bulbs, the better Chapter 758: There is a kind of people called do not know how to advance and retreat Chapter 759: Campus festival Chapter 760: Secret love failed! Chapter 761: I hate not meeting when I'm not married Chapter 762: Domineering Master Royal Enthalpy Chapter 763: Yin Yu Enthalpy's Solution Chapter 764: Gu Miao is jealous Chapter 765: Mi Xiaoying turns the tide Chapter 766: An apology is useful Chapter 767: Perfect solution Chapter 768: No one cares about who is whose fault Chapter 769: Colorful campus festival Chapter 770: Both are jealous Chapter 771: No strong kiss can't solve the problem Chapter 772: Fanwai: Clouds and Purple Clouds Chapter 773: Fanwai: Meet the male **** here Chapter 774: Fanwai: Not Brother Qi Jun Chapter 775: Fanwai: those royal things Chapter 776: Fanwai: the cost of dissolving the marriage contract Chapter 777: Fanwai: leave as you wish Chapter 778: Fanwai: true and false Chapter 779: Fanwai: The coldest in the world is the royal family Chapter 780: Extraordinary: Caught in action Chapter 781: Extraordinary: Yun Zixiao enlisted in the army Chapter 782: Fanwai: The test of Linghu's injury Chapter 783: Extraordinary: Accepted a new task Chapter 784: Extraordinary: Stealing Tiger Talisman Chapter 785: Fanwai: The two are cleaned up Chapter 786: Extraordinary: Two years later Chapter 787: Fanwai: Brother Qi Jun, I'm here Chapter 788: Fanwai: Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen Chapter 789: Fanwai: Weird Village Chapter 790: Fanwai: A little girl came Chapter 791: Fan Wai: Escape from this village Chapter 792: Extraordinary: Little Girl Yuan Thirteen Chapter 793: Extraordinary: A trip to the Pacific Ocean Chapter 794: Extraordinary: Storm at sea Chapter 795: Fanwai: temporary stop Chapter 796: Fanwai: Yun Morong has something wrong Chapter 797: Fanwai: Follow along the road Chapter 798: Fanwai: If there is no singing Chapter 799: Fanwai: Yun Mo Rong's Dog Huanghuang Chapter 800: Fanwai: Falling into a coma Chapter 801: Extraordinary: Make a bonfire and send a signal Chapter 802: Extraordinary: Walking through the dense forest Chapter 803: Fanwai: Find the mark left by Yun Morong Chapter 804: Extraordinary: Gu Xixi is missing Chapter 805: Fan Wai: Where is this? Chapter 806: Extra: High Priest Chapter 807: Fanwai: Huanghuang leads the way Chapter 808: Fan Wai: The Power of the Soul Chapter 809: Fanwai: The secret of Yun Morong's rebirth Chapter 810: Extra: Summon Chapter 811: Fanwai: Dialogue from time and space Chapter 812: Fanwai: Rescue arrived Chapter 813: Fanwai: successfully escaped Chapter 814: Extraordinary: Mr. Yiran Chapter 815: Fan Wai: Saved a beautiful man Chapter 816: Fanwai: We meet again Chapter 817: Fanwai: the astrologer of the Yun family Chapter 818: Fanwai: Responsibility from the blood Chapter 819: Fan Wai: Accept this reality Chapter 820: Fanwai: Please be a guest Chapter 821: Fanwai: Become a friend Chapter 822: Extraordinary: Green Tea Flower One Dye Chapter 823: Fanwai: how are you Chapter 824: Fanwai: Today is my turn to treat Chapter 825: Extraordinary: Jiang Yihai is back Chapter 826: Fanwai: I like you Chapter 827: Fanwai: Introduce you guys Chapter 828: Extraordinary: Sparks are everywhere Chapter 829: Fan Wai: Hot Heart Chapter 830: Extraordinary: I am critically ill Chapter 831: Fanwai: Survive Chapter 832: Extra: Yunjuan Yunshu Chapter 833: Extraordinary: Funeral Chapter 834: Fanwai: Yun Morong was kidnapped Chapter 835: Fan Wai: Who are you? Chapter 836: Extraordinary: Dragnet investigation Chapter 837: Fanwai: Imprisoned on the mountain Chapter 838: Fanwai: Greet each other Chapter 839: Fanwai: Yizen's many vests Chapter 840: Fanwai: the same vein Chapter 841: Fanwai: Enjoy the scenery Chapter 842: Extraordinary: Onset of a contraction Chapter 843: Fanwai: temptation and counter temptation Chapter 844: Extraordinary: A tie between the two sides Chapter 845: Fanwai: a net Chapter 846: Fanwai: Yun Morong is pregnant Chapter 847: Fanwai: The family is crazy Chapter 848: Extraordinary: Emergency transfer Chapter 849: Fanwai: Transfer to the lake Chapter 850: Fanwai: Seclusion by the lake Chapter 851: Fanwai: No progress Chapter 852: Extra: Hematemesis Chapter 853: Fan Wai: Can you accompany me? Chapter 854: Fan Wai: Yun, dont leave me Chapter 855: Fanwai: leave Chapter 856: Fanwai: The new astrologer, coming Chapter 857: Fanwai: A son and a daughter of Yunzhe Chapter 858: Fanwai: Shang Ke, meet again Chapter 859: Fanwai: subtype castor bean seed Chapter 860: Extraordinary: Someone throws in his arms Chapter 861: Fanwai: Master of Yuan XIII, Nan Xing Chapter 862: Fanwai: Let's experiment together Chapter 863: Extraordinary: Meet the Old in Another Country Chapter 864: Fan Wai: Mr. Mu, put together a table? Chapter 865: Extraordinary: Zhou Yi's mission Chapter 866: Fan Wai: Both of them are being tested Chapter 867: Extraordinary: Persevere Chapter 868: Fanwai: Morning tea Chapter 869: Extraordinary: Experimental process Chapter 870: Fan Wai: I will prove it to you! Chapter 871: Extraordinary: Amy retreats to advance Chapter 872: Extraordinary: Returning to China Chapter 873: Extraordinary: Danni's advertisement Chapter 874: Fanwai: Lin Feng's residence Chapter 875: Fanwai: Xiaobaihua Route Chapter 876: Extra: Opposite beef koto Chapter 877: Extraordinary: a good night Chapter 878: Extraordinary: Same tour in N city Chapter 879: Extraordinary: Tour Guide Mu Ruona Chapter 880: Extra: Yiyi Michicho Chapter 881: Extra: Thunderstorm Night Chapter 882: Extraordinary: Playing Chess Chapter 883: Extraordinary: Hirayama takes Amy back home Chapter 884: Extraordinary: The second advertisement Chapter 885: Extra: Daikiyama Onsen Chapter 886: Extraordinary: Filming by the crew Chapter 887: Fanwai: Cooperation Chapter 888: Fanwai: Hype gossip fake couple Chapter 889: Fanwai: Invitation to travel Chapter 890: Extraordinary: Four people travel Chapter 891: Extra: D City Farm Chapter 892: Fanwai: Amy is starting to do it Chapter 893: Extraordinary: Thunderbolt Chapter 894: Extraordinary: The Cold War Chapter 895: Extraordinary: Avoidance Chapter 896: Extraordinary: Injury Chapter 897: Fanwai: It's a big trouble Chapter 898: Extraordinary: Amy hits Murona Chapter 899: Extraordinary: Separation Chapter 900: Extraordinary: Amy this person Chapter 901: Extraordinary: Hans is here, Amy is dead Chapter 902: Extraordinary: Lin Feng strikes Chapter 903: Fanwai: Mu Ruona is being pursued again Chapter 904: Extraordinary: Dating alone Chapter 905: Fanwai: Look at Sunflower Shaking Chapter 906: Fanwai: Take Lin Feng to bid Chapter 907: Extraordinary: Levinston Hotel Chapter 908: Extra: Zhou Chapter 909: Fanwai: refused Chapter 910: Extraordinary: Bidding scene Chapter 911: Extraordinary: Zhou Mang goes crazy Chapter 912: Fanwai: Visiting scenic spots Chapter 913: Extra: Lake Heart Confession Chapter 914: Extraordinary: Announce the results Chapter 915: Extra: Shura Field Chapter 916: Extraordinary: Slap on the face Chapter 917: Extraordinary: Confession and Parting Chapter 918: Extraordinary: Zhou's family is cold Chapter 919: Extra: Jiro Hirayama Chapter 920: Extraordinary: Yun Mo Rong solves doubts Chapter 921: Fanwai: The so-called husband and wife Chapter 922: Extraordinary: Restoring the relationship between husband and wife Chapter 923: Fan Wai: A small fan Wai in a parallel world Chapter 924: Extraordinary: The Big Three meet again Chapter 925: Fan Wai: Taking care of you is my responsibility Chapter 926: Extraordinary: Solemn introduction Chapter 927: Fanwai: more and more dazzling Chapter 928: Extraordinary: The best roommate Chapter 929: Extra: Water Chapter 930: Fanwai: Casting a net for fishing Chapter 931: Extraordinary: Clean up the best roommates Chapter 932: Fanwai: Slap on the face, it hurts Chapter 933: Fanwai: Pretending to be a lover Chapter 934: Extraordinary: About Little A Chapter 935: Fanwai: new assistant, Wang Wang Chapter 936: Extra: Training Chapter 937: Fanwai: competition between five people Chapter 938: Fanwai: the final test Chapter 939: Fanwai: the test of humanity Chapter 940: Fanwai: the final winner Chapter 941: Extraordinary: Assistant trio Chapter 942: Extraordinary: Camp special training Chapter 943: Extraordinary: Assistant takes office Chapter 944: Extraordinary: Everyone is the master Chapter 945: Extraordinary: Don't move Chapter 946: Extraordinary: Assistant's Responsibilities Chapter 947: Extraordinary: Sisters join forces Chapter 948: Extraordinary: Revenge for Shen Coco Chapter 949: Extraordinary: Shen Yu and Shen Xiaoxing Chapter 950: Fanwai: Little A's mind Chapter 951: Fanwai: cast a net Chapter 952: Fanwai: the war between father and daughter Chapter 953: Fanwai: Stir up the water Chapter 954: Fan Wai: A good show Chapter 955: Fanwai: a farce Chapter 956: Fanwai: Shen Yu's decision Chapter 957: Fanwai: Ugly face Chapter 958: Fanwai: The bigger the trouble, the better Chapter 959: Extraordinary: The scene of the car accident in the Shen family Chapter 960: Extraordinary: Shen Family Bankruptcy Chapter 961: Extraordinary: Follow-up events Chapter 962: Extra: Tulou in L City Chapter 963: Fanwai: A little warming up tonight Chapter 964: Fanwai: Both of them are a little unnatural Chapter 965: Fanwai: Xiao Wang's family Chapter 966: Extraordinary: childhood sweetheart Meng Aran Chapter 967: Fanwai: Family matchmaking Chapter 968: Extraordinary: Blind Date Chapter 969: Extraordinary: Humiliating Xiao Wang Chapter 970: Extraordinary: Little A teaches face slap Chapter 971: Extraordinary: Beat the dog in water Chapter 972: Extraordinary: Teacher of Little A Chapter 973: Fanwai: Pretend to be a couple Chapter 974: Fanwai: Old Qi's gift Chapter 975: Fanwai: The bold girl in town Chapter 976: Extraordinary: Ouyang Ting confessed Chapter 977: Extraordinary: Little A refuses to confess Chapter 978: Extraordinary: Little A confession Chapter 979: Extraordinary: Sending away Qi Lao Chapter 980: Fanwai: The relationship has progressed Chapter 981: Fanwai: My name is Mo Zixin Chapter 982: Fanwai: President Mos trouble Chapter 983: Fanwai: Yu Jie's story background Chapter 984: Fanwai: The so-called family Chapter 985: Fanwai: no friendship Chapter 986: Extraordinary: Overpowered Chapter 987: Fan Wai: Goodbye Grandma Chapter 988: Extra: R City Gambling Stone Chapter 989: Extraordinary: Malay music contends Chapter 990: Fanwai: President Mo is here too Chapter 991: Extraordinary: The lineup is so strong Chapter 992: Fanwai: Stepfather got it Chapter 993: Fanwai: The tricks between relatives Chapter 994: Extraordinary: Let's go to Malaysia together Chapter 995: Extraordinary: The Glory of the Composer Chapter 996: Extraordinary: The Qu family is surging Chapter 997: Fanwai: Qu Zhengming's special hobby Chapter 998: Extraordinary: Qujia wins Chapter 999: Extraordinary: Li Si has thoughts Chapter 1000: Extraordinary: Qu Family Birthday Banquet Chapter 1001: Extraordinary: Birthday Banquet mutation Chapter 1002: Extraordinary: Unrest Chapter 1003: Extraordinary: President Mo leads people to evacuate Chapter 1004: Extraordinary: Qu family is opposed Chapter 1005: Extraordinary: Accepting VIPs Chapter 1006: Fan Wai: a wave of favorability Chapter 1007: Extraordinary: Qujia ending Chapter 1008: Fanwai: The mantis catches the cicada and the oriole is behind Chapter 1009: Extraordinary: Saved Father Qu and Qu Zhengming Chapter 1010: Extraordinary: Qu Qishao visits the door Chapter 1011: Extraordinary: Qu Qi Shao VIPs Chapter 1012: Extra: Night Fight Chapter 1013: Extraordinary: Injured Chapter 1014: Extra: Death guard Chapter 1015: Extraordinary: Counterattack Chapter 1016: Extraordinary: Rescue Chapter 1017: Fanwai: sweeping the battlefield Chapter 1018: Fanwai: A woman who looks like a queer Chapter 1019: Fanwai: Surprised Chapter 1020: Extraordinary: different Chapter 1021: Fanwai: Smart people will live Chapter 1022: Extraordinary: Make trouble Chapter 1023: Fanwai: It's a banquet again Chapter 1024: Fanwai: sever ties Chapter 1025: Fan Wai: Help plead Chapter 1026: Fanwai: bury that shadow Chapter 1027: Fan Wai: Back home Chapter 1028: Fanwai: Marry Li Si Chapter 1029: Extra: Xue Xue Chapter 1030: Extraordinary: Collective transfer to N city Chapter 1031: Extraordinary: Li Si went on a blind date Chapter 1032: Extraordinary: Xue Xue comes to help Chapter 1033: Fanwai: Xue Xue's strategy Chapter 1034: Extraordinary: Xue Xue brushes his presence Chapter 1035: Extraordinary: Blind Date Song Shizhe Chapter 1036: Extra: Understood Chapter 1037: Extraordinary: Storm Rise Chapter 1038: Extra: Li Si is missing Chapter 1039: Extraordinary: Li Si was sold Chapter 1040: Fan Wai: Shouldn't ask Chapter 1041: Extraordinary: Find Li Si Chapter 1042: Extraordinary: Li Si ruined Chapter 1043: Extraordinary: Li Si's personality has changed Chapter 1044: Fanwai: stepmother and younger brother Chapter 1045: Fanwai: met again Chapter 1046: Fanwai: just chat Chapter 1047: Extraordinary: Heartfelt Chapter 1048: Extraordinary: Li Si continues to have a blind date Chapter 1049: Fan Wai: Someone is interested in Yu Jie Chapter 1050: Extra: Kumao Chapter 1051: Extraordinary: Reunion of Classmates Chapter 1052: Extraordinary: Face-slapped old classmate Chapter 1053: Extra: Kumao Pursuit Chapter 1054: Fanwai: Song Shizhe is jealous Chapter 1055: Fanwai: Mother Xiong complains Chapter 1056: Extraordinary: Li Si is jealous Chapter 1057: Extraordinary: Li Si is ready to hook Xiong Xiong Chapter 1058: Extraordinary: Li Si approaches Xiong Xiong Chapter 1059: Extraordinary: Li Si makes the game Chapter 1060: Extraordinary: Li Si treats guests Chapter 1061: Extraordinary: Li Si's tactical mistakes Chapter 1062: Fanwai: Li Si is planted Chapter 1063: Fanwai: Shaking scandal Chapter 1064: Fanwai: Xiong's family begs to marry Chapter 1065: Extraordinary: Brother Yu Le Chapter 1066: Extraordinary: Li Si gets married Chapter 1067: Fanwai: goodbye family Chapter 1068: Extraordinary: Return of Song Shizhe Chapter 1069: Extraordinary: Song Shizhe confessed Chapter 1070: Extra: Working Meal Chapter 1071: Fanwai: winding mountain roads Chapter 1072: Fanwai: Hilltop Resort Chapter 1073: Fanwai: The daughter who lives next door Chapter 1074: Fan Wai: Human Inferiority Chapter 1075: Extra: Fire peach Chapter 1076: Extraordinary: Picnic Chapter 1077: Fanwai: Yu Jie agrees to courtship Chapter 1078: Fanwai: Fire Peach's Party Chapter 1079: Extraordinary: Face-slapped scene Chapter 1080: Fanwai: Huotao apologizes Chapter 1081: Fanwai: Huo Tao is punished Chapter 1082: Fan Wai: Go to Song's house as a guest Chapter 1083: Fan Wai: Surprise Joy Chapter 1084: Extraordinary: Sisters Gathering Chapter 1085: Fanwai: Li Si is jealous Chapter 1086: Extraordinary: Li Si is crazy Chapter 1087: Fanwai: Li Si's past Chapter 1088: Extra: Yasushi Yosuke Chapter 1089: Extraordinary: Take boyfriend home Chapter 1090: Extra: Mo Zixuan Chapter 1091: Fanwai: Jing's mess Chapter 1092: Extraordinary: High school classmate Dale Chapter 1093: Fanwai: Who has no classmates yet Chapter 1094: Extraordinary: Zhou Lide Chapter 1095: Fanwai: Let's taste the fragrance together Chapter 1096: Fanwai: Zixuan, we are friends Chapter 1097: Fanwai: Affectionate Script Chapter 1098: Fanwai: Who is playing chess Chapter 1099: Fanwai: Are you innocent? Chapter 1100: Extraordinary: Jing Rong returns to China Chapter 1101: Fanwai: Yin Sichen's Reasoning Chapter 1102: Extraordinary: Investigating Merlot and Zhou Lide Chapter 1103: Extraordinary: Mr. Yin is here Chapter 1104: Extraordinary: Yin Family Banquet Chapter 1105: Extraordinary: Dale asks Gu Xixi for help Chapter 1106: Extraordinary: Two-pronged approach Chapter 1107: Fanwai: easy inquiry Chapter 1108: Fanwai: Another good show Chapter 1109: Extraordinary: Uncovering Merlot Chapter 1110: Fanwai: perfect solution Chapter 1111: Fan Wai: Children's Fan Wai Chapter 1112: Extraordinary: Mi Xiaoying rejects Yin Yuyun Chapter 1113: Extraordinary: Homecoming Party Chapter 1114: Fan Wai: Everyone got together Chapter 1115: Fanwai: Someone is pursuing Mi Xiaoying Chapter 1116: Extraordinary: Tang De meets Mi Xiaoying Chapter 1117: Fanwai: Blocked in the bathroom Chapter 1118: Fanwai: Cherry Hill Chapter 1119: Fanwai: cherry picking Chapter 1120: Fanwai: I'm not a bun Chapter 1121: Fanwai: Who is leaning on whom for lunch Chapter 1122: Fanwai: Using Tang De Chapter 1123: Fanwai: The two officially broke up Chapter 1124: Fanwai: Sakura resigns Chapter 1125: Fanwai: Go to the villa to be a housekeeper Chapter 1126: Extraordinary: Luoxia Villa Chapter 1127: Fanwai: a new look Chapter 1128: Fan Wai: They are all here Chapter 1129: Fanwai: Sakura, please introduce Chapter 1130: Fan Wai: Something is on my mind Chapter 1131: Extraordinary: Preparation of the banquet Chapter 1132: Extraordinary: Blind Date Banquet Chapter 1133: Fanwai: Someone knocked on the door Chapter 1134: Fan Wai: Are you really jealous? Chapter 1135: Fanwai: I'll help Chapter 1136: Extra: lunch plus meal Chapter 1137: Extraordinary: Rainy Night Chapter 1138: Fanwai: That figure Chapter 1139: Fan Wai: I'll be with you Chapter 1140: Fanwai: After the rain Chapter 1141: Extraordinary: Sakura's mediation Chapter 1142: Extraordinary: the two reconciliation Chapter 1143: Fanwai: The guests leave Chapter 1144: Fan Wai: That's how we met Chapter 1145: Extraordinary: Home Furnishing Fair Chapter 1146: Fanwai: choose home Chapter 1147: Fanwai: Can't go at night Chapter 1148: Extraordinary: Follow-up Chapter 1149: Fanwai: live in the same room Chapter 1150: Fanwai: Can you sleep together? Chapter 1151: Fanwai: happy receipt Chapter 1152: Extraordinary: Invitation Letter from Mansion Li Chapter 1153: Fan Wai: Are you Mi Xiaoying? Chapter 1154: Extraordinary: Taunt Chapter 1155: Fanwai: I picked up a small piece of fresh meat Chapter 1156: Extra: Little Fresh Meat Chapter 1157: Fanwai: Take someone back Chapter 1158: Extraordinary: Qin Zhong and Ming Xin Chapter 1159: Fanwai: live next door Chapter 1160: Extraordinary: Sentimental Ming Xin Chapter 1161: Extraordinary: A promise to save the United States Chapter 1162: Extra: Hanamio Chapter 1163: Fanwai: Xiaoji wants to pursue Chapter 1164: Fan Wai: Oh, I fell down Chapter 1165: Extraordinary: Xiao Ji acted like a baby Chapter 1166: Extra: Kokichi Rui Chapter 1167: Fanwai: write a song for you Chapter 1168: Fan Wai: Inexplicable Hostility Chapter 1169: Fan Wai: I'm afraid not to mess with Yin Yinuo Chapter 1170: Extra: Depart from the Welfare Institute Chapter 1171: Fanwai: rush to do things Chapter 1172: Fanwai: Xiaoji has a rival in love Chapter 1173: Fanwai: Xiaoji on the attack Chapter 1174: Fanwai: Things are a bit wrong tonight Chapter 1175: Fanwai: Dodge look Chapter 1176: Extraordinary: Each has his own thoughts Chapter 1177: Extraordinary: Encounter at Shangjia Villa Chapter 1178: Fanwai: Mingxin of peach blossom physique Chapter 1179: Extraordinary: The existence of Yin Yu Enthalpy Chapter 1180: Fan Wai: Leave my business alone Chapter 1181: Extraordinary: Brush the gentle character of Xiaoji Chapter 1182: Fanwai: I'll make soup for you Chapter 1183: Extraordinary: Cold and Reasonable Chapter 1184: Extraordinary: Ming Xin was injured Chapter 1185: Fanwai: Yinuo vents to Mingxin Chapter 1186: Fanwai: Another bolt from the blue Chapter 1187: Fanwai: Xiaoji must work hard Chapter 1188: Extraordinary: Ming Xin is ambitious Chapter 1189: Fanwai: Buy flowers and meet acquaintances Vol 1000 Chapter 1190: Fanwai: Nice skins are the same Vol 1000 Chapter 1191: Extraordinary: Yin Yu Enthals Rotten Peach Blossom, Casey Vol 1000 Chapter 1192: Extraordinary: Provoking discord Vol 1000 Chapter 1193: Extraordinary: Fraud Vol 1000 Chapter 1194: Extraordinary: Support Voss in the upper ranks Vol 1000 Chapter 1195: Fanwai: low-cost acquisition Vol 1000 Chapter 1196: Extraordinary: Yin Yu Enthalpy is back! Vol 1000 Chapter 1197: Extraordinary: Watching the concert Vol 1000 Chapter 1198: Fanwai: the expected Shura field Vol 1000 Chapter 1199: Fan Wai: Completely silly Vol 1000 Chapter 1200: Extra: Education Vol 1000 Chapter 1201: Extra: Kokichi Rebellion Vol 1000 Chapter 1202: Extraordinary: Go to Luoxia Villa for farming Vol 1000 Chapter 1203: Extraordinary: Daddy sold it to Casey Vol 1000 Chapter 1204: Fanwai: Royal Enthalpy has plans Vol 1000 Chapter 1205: Fanwai: Casey wants to see Mi Xiaoying Vol 1000 Chapter 1206: Fanwai: transaction failed Vol 1000 Chapter 1207: Extraordinary: Yuan Thirteen Theft Vol 1000 Chapter 1208: Extraordinary: Sakura's Royal Enthalpy Reconciliation is as good as ever Vol 1000 Chapter 1209: Extraordinary: Yin Yuen's painstaking efforts Vol 1000 Chapter 1210: Extraordinary: Casey chased into the company Vol 1000 Chapter 1211: Fanwai: Yin, Mi Xiaoying bullied me Vol 1000 Chapter 1212: Extraordinary: Yin, Mi Xiaoying hit me Vol 1000 Chapter 1213: Fan Wai: This is Porcelain Vol 1000 Chapter 1214: Extraordinary: Casey was stopped Vol 1000 Chapter 1215: Extraordinary: The second personality of the Phil family Vol 1000 Chapter 1216: Fan Wai: Gu Miao's second personality Vol 1000 Chapter 1217: Fanwai: Gu Miao wants to quit marriage Vol 1000 Chapter 1218: Extraordinary: Telling the whole story Vol 1000 Chapter 1219: Fan Wai: Gu Miao changed her mind Vol 1000 Chapter 1220: Fanwai: Don't bully Eliza Vol 1000 Chapter 1221: Extraordinary: Earl Phil is here Vol 1000 Chapter 1222: Fanwai: Discuss the way Vol 1000 Chapter 1223: Fan Wai: Pull over and live together Vol 1000 Chapter 1224: Extraordinary: Re-enter Luoxia Villa Vol 1000 Chapter 1225: Fan Wai: Gu Miao, not Gu Miao Vol 1000 Chapter 1226: Fan Wai: Yin Yinuo, shall we talk? Vol 1000 Chapter 1227: Fan Wai: Ruozhi Ruo Li Vol 1000 Chapter 1228: Extraordinary: Contrast Vol 1000 Chapter 1229: Fanwai: Cultural Food Festival Vol 1000 Chapter 1230: Extra: Power Dedication Vol 1000 Chapter 1231: Extraordinary: Gao Tian wants to chase a promise Vol 1000 Chapter 1232: Fanwai: Gu Miao is jealous Vol 1000 Chapter 1233: Fan Wai: People who are not qualified to be jealous Vol 1000 Chapter 1234: Extraordinary: Gao Tian shows his love on Weibo Vol 1000 Chapter 1235: Fanwai: Yinuo's maintenance Vol 1000 Chapter 1236: Fanwai: Grab the little tail Vol 1000 Chapter 1237: Extraordinary: Forced questioning Vol 1000 Chapter 1238: Fanwai: I want to recover Yin Yinuo Vol 1000 Chapter 1239: Fan Wai: Threatening Gu Miao Vol 1000 Chapter 1240: Fan Wai: Talking Vol 1000 Chapter 1241: Fan Wai: Selfish Second Personality Vol 1000 Chapter 1242: Extraordinary: Joining in Vol 1000 Chapter 1243: Fanwai: Thirteen, wait a minute Vol 1000 Chapter 1244: Extraordinary: Fighting for favor Vol 1000 Chapter 1245: Fanwai: Casey wants to do something Vol 1000 Chapter 1246: Extraordinary: Casey conspired Vol 1000 Chapter 1247: Fanwai: Hijack Mi Xiaoying Vol 1000 Chapter 1248: Extraordinary: Casey was insulted Vol 1000 Chapter 1249: Extraordinary: Self-inflicted Vol 1000 Chapter 1250: Fanwai: The Big Scandal Vol 1000 Chapter 1251: Fanwai: Reaction from the Yin family Vol 1000 Chapter 1252: Extraordinary: Royal Enthalpy Struggle Vol 1000 Chapter 1253: Extraordinary: Follow-up processing Vol 1000 Chapter 1254: Extraordinary: Pack Hausen Vol 1000 Chapter 1255: Extraordinary: Gao Fang Yin Yu Enthalpy Vol 1000 Chapter 1256: Extraordinary: Lexi takes over Vol 1000 Chapter 1257: Fan Wai: Gu Miao regrets it Vol 1000 Chapter 1258: Extraordinary: preparing for the retiring banquet Vol 1000 Chapter 1259: Extraordinary: Election of Son-in-Law Feast Vol 1000 Chapter 1260: Extraordinary: Guests arrive Vol 1000 Chapter 1261: Extraordinary: Beautiful men get together Vol 1000 Chapter 1262: Extraordinary: Formally retired Vol 1000 Chapter 1263: Fanwai: fierce competition Vol 1000 Chapter 1264: Fanwai: Eight Immortals Cross the Sea Vol 1000 Chapter 1265: Extraordinary: Each shows his magical powers Vol 1000 Chapter 1266: Extraordinary: Gu Miao entangles a promise Vol 1000 Chapter 1267: Extra: Calculation Vol 1000 Chapter 1268: Extraordinary: Collective transfer to Yulan International Vol 1000 Chapter 1269: Extraordinary: Confidently Vol 1000 Chapter 1270: Extraordinary: Casey and Lexi Vol 1000 Chapter 1271: Extraordinary: Love at first sight Vol 1000 Chapter 1272: Extraordinary: Casey pursues Lexi Vol 1000 Chapter 1273: Extraordinary: Howson was rejected Vol 1000 Chapter 1274: Extraordinary: The beautiful man's plan is successful Vol 1000 Chapter 1275: Fanwai: Howson ran into Lexi Vol 1000 Chapter 1276: Fan Wai: You abandoned me for him? Vol 1000 Chapter 1277: Extraordinary: Howson leaves Vol 1000 Chapter 1278: Fanwai: Lexi borrows money Vol 1000 Chapter 1279: Extraordinary: Casey gives the money Vol 1000 Chapter 1280: Fanwai: Lexi disappeared Vol 1000 Chapter 1281: Fanwai: Lexi can't find it Vol 1000 Chapter 1282: Fanwai: Fan Wuling's confession Vol 1000 Chapter 1283: Fanwai: I bumped into a little white rabbit Vol 1000 Chapter 1284: Extraordinary: Little Mimei Fang Ying Vol 1000 Chapter 1285: Fanwai: meet again Vol 1000 Chapter 1286: Extraordinary: The kindness of elementary school girls Vol 1000 Chapter 1287: Fanwai: the responsibility of being a mother Vol 1000 Chapter 1288: Fanwai: Fang Ying asks for a promise to give up Vol 1000 Chapter 1289: Extraordinary: Fang Ying confessed Vol 1000 Chapter 1290: Extraordinary: Yino refuses Fan Wuling Vol 1000 Chapter 1291: Extra: Warning method Vol 1000 Chapter 1292: Fanwai: Fang Ying has a fever Vol 1000 Chapter 1293: Extraordinary: Fan Wuling is out Vol 1000 Chapter 1294: Extraordinary: Fang Lingling is annoying Vol 1000 Chapter 1295: Extraordinary: Fang Lingling gets angry Vol 1000 Chapter 1296: Extraordinary: Fan Wuling maintains Fang Ying Vol 1000 Chapter 1297: Extraordinary: Sakura Education A promise Vol 1000 Chapter 1298: Fanwai: Dialogue with Yan Shilang Vol 1000 Chapter 1299: Fanwai: That big project Vol 1000 Chapter 1300: Extraordinary: Gu Miao decides to stalker Vol 1000 Chapter 1301: Fan Wai: Yi Nuo's troubles Vol 1000 Chapter 1302: Fanwai: Trivia Vol 1000 Chapter 1303: Fanwai: Let's plant the land together! Vol 1000 Chapter 1304: Extraordinary: Airdrop to the mountains Vol 1000 Chapter 1305: Extraordinary: Make a plan Vol 1000 Chapter 1306: Extraordinary: Lijiacun Vol 1000 Chapter 1307: Fanwai: The origin of this group of people Vol 1000 Chapter 1308: Fanwai: The town is weird Vol 1000 Chapter 1309: Fanwai: Find the root cause Vol 1000 Chapter 1310: Fanwai: start farming Vol 1000 Chapter 1311: Fanwai: cultural rule Vol 1000 Chapter 1312: Extra: Vol 1000 Chapter 1313: Extraordinary: Remote Command Vol 1000 Chapter 1314: Extraordinary: Liushen Town Vol 1000 Chapter 1315: Fanwai: Become a kitchen helper in Zhang's house Vol 1000 Chapter 1316: Extraordinary: Young Master Zhang Vol 1000 Chapter 1317: Fanwai: prying into secrets Vol 1000 Chapter 1318: Fanwai: Inquiry about Yuan Shisan Vol 1000 Chapter 1319: Fanwai: The hidden dangers of Liushen Town Vol 1000 Chapter 1320: Fanwai: Tensions Vol 1000 Chapter 1321: Fanwai: Find the location of the gold mine Vol 1000 Chapter 1322: Extra: Spraying news Vol 1000 Chapter 1323: Extraordinary: Mi Xiaoying makes trouble Vol 1000 Chapter 1324: Fanwai: the origin of myth Vol 1000 Chapter 1325: Fanwai: external channel, underground river Vol 1000 Chapter 1326: Extraordinary: Mr. Zuo, the connector Vol 1000 Chapter 1327: Extraordinary: Control Mr. Zuo Vol 1000 Chapter 1328: Extraordinary: Rush to collect Vol 1000 Chapter 1329: Fan Wai: Preparation for Sacrifice Vol 1000 Chapter 1330: Fanwai: Looking for a satellite jammer Vol 1000 Chapter 1331: Fanwai: Unblock Vol 1000 Chapter 1332: Extra: Hu Hu Vol 1000 Chapter 1333: Fanwai: Open the Temple Vol 1000 Chapter 1334: Extraordinary: Deciphering Liushen Town Vol 1000 Chapter 1335: Extraordinary: Reveal the old bottom of the Zhang family Vol 1000 Chapter 1336: Fanwai: created Zhangs opposition Vol 1000 Chapter 1337: Extraordinary: Separate action Vol 1000 Chapter 1338: Extraordinary: The elderly refused to relocate Vol 1000 Chapter 1339: Fan Wai: Something is going to happen Vol 1000 Chapter 1340: Fanwai: Heavy rain is coming Vol 1000 Chapter 1341: Fanwai: torrential rain Vol 1000 Chapter 1342: Fanwai: The mudslide is coming Vol 1000 Chapter 1343: Fan Wai: Gu Miao's Choice Vol 1000 Chapter 1344: Fanwai: Is it true love Vol 1000 Chapter 1345: Extraordinary: The second personality voluntarily yields Vol 1000 Chapter 1346: Extraordinary: Rescue Vol 1000 Chapter 1347: Fanwai: Airdrop rescue Vol 1000 Chapter 1348: Extraordinary: Rescue the residents of Liushen Town Vol 1000 Chapter 1349: Extraordinary: Mission accomplished Vol 1000 Chapter 1350: Fanwai: Mi Xiaoying complains Vol 1000 Chapter 1351: Extraordinary: Mrs. Fang's Means Vol 1000 Chapter 1352: Extraordinary: Embarrassed Vol 1000 Chapter 1353: Extraordinary: Fang Ying got into trouble Vol 1000 Chapter 1354: Fanwai: Fan Wuling is tired Vol 1000 Chapter 1355: Fanwai: Gu Miao's grievance Vol 1000 Chapter 1356: Fanwai: Yin Sichen wants to split up Vol 1000 Chapter 1357: Fanwai: Those from the Yin family Vol 1000 Chapter 1358: Fanwai: Tribes urge marriage Vol 1000 Chapter 1359: Extraordinary: The Yin family fell into trouble Vol 1000 Chapter 1360: Fanwai: Yin Sichen shot again Vol 1000 Chapter 1361: Fanwai: The clan elders also need to be separated Vol 1000 Chapter 1362: Fanwai: The Yin family is really separated Vol 1000 Chapter 1363: Fan Wai: Thirteen, I'll see you Vol 1000 Chapter 1364: Fanwai: Shang Xiaojin pursues Yuan thirteen Vol 1000 Chapter 1365: Fanwai: Mrs. Shang would you like Vol 1000 Chapter 1366: Extraordinary: Shang Xiaojin is missing Vol 1000 Chapter 1367: Extraordinary: Meet the father and son Vol 1000 Chapter 1368: Extraordinary: Father and son get along Vol 1000 Chapter 1369: Fanwai: foreign aid Mi Xiaoying Vol 1000 Chapter 1370: Fanwai: Xiangzhe Vol 1000 Chapter 1371: Fanwai: Shang Ke is back Vol 1000 Chapter 1372: Fan Wai: Mi Xiaoying's Weapon Vol 1000 Chapter 1373: Fanwai: Shang Ke is back in power Vol 1000 Chapter 1374: Fan Wai: Shang Xiao would like to break his sleeve? Vol 1000 Chapter 1375: Fan Wai: The old lady's entanglement Vol 1000 Chapter 1376: Fan Wai: The old lady is subdued Vol 1000 Chapter 1377: Fanwai: Two people travel Vol 1000 Chapter 1378: Fanwai: accidentally falling into the water Vol 1000 Chapter 1379: Extraordinary: Make a Yu Qingcheng Vol 1000 Chapter 1380: Fanwai: new suitor Vol 1000 Chapter 1381: Extraordinary: The old lady of Shang family shot Vol 1000 Chapter 1382: Extraordinary: Competition Vol 1000 Chapter 1383: Fanwai: facts and choices Vol 1000 Chapter 1384: Fanwai: Shangjia helps Vol 1000 Chapter 1385: Extraordinary: End