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Completion testimonials and new book notice

Hello readers, this book is officially finished today. This book was released in August last year, and it is now also in August, which happens to be a whole year's time.

One year is not long or short. I am very grateful to every genuine reader who supported this book. This book is definitely not the result of my author alone. If there is no support from many genuine readers, I would not It may persist until now.

In fact, there are a lot of things to say, but a thousand words seem to be nothing more than thanks.

Thanks to every genuine reader!

Thanks to every genuine reader!

Thanks to every genuine reader!

Say important things three times!

But this is not the end. The end of the old book also represents the beginning of the new book. The new book has now been released. You can move to the new book and continue to open a new urban world. The new book will have the easter eggs of the old book.

New book title: check in every day from today.

Genuine first release platform: QQ reading APP, you can search directly in QQ reading, other platforms are not synchronized.

The new book is still a relaxed, daily, humorous novel. With the experience of the old book, the quality of the new book will not disappoint everyone.

See you in the new book.

Wait for the wind and the rain and wait for you.

[Author's WeChat public account: half a cup of mango milkshake, everyone can pay attention to it]

(End of this chapter)

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Chapter 1: Unlimited choice system Chapter 2: So hi Chapter 3: Gamble Chapter 4: First in class Chapter 5: Occupancy Agreement and Marriage Letter Chapter 6: It's natural Chapter 7: School Flower Goddess Mu Qianli Chapter 8: Best assist Chapter 9: Covenant three Chapter 10: Poetry contest Chapter 11: Honor Roll Chapter 12: Hip Hop King Chapter 13: school library Chapter 14: Another school flower goddess Chapter 15: Classmate, don't you know me? Chapter 16: Women are terrible Chapter 17: PK live Chapter 18: Ultimate Stealing Tower Chapter 19: The true face of your highness Chapter 20: I'm really unfamiliar with them Chapter 21: The school's first music talent Chapter 22: Depends on your ability Chapter 23: A true auditory feast Chapter 24: Thanks for the ensemble Chapter 25: This system can really play! Chapter 26: Royal Dragon Card Chapter 27: Still the same Chapter 28: Invalid Dragon Card? Chapter 29: Don't be deceived! Chapter 30: Bauhinia Bar Chapter 31: Beauty Boss Hua Yu Chapter 32: Can you give me some face? Chapter 33: Go back to school and read two more days Chapter 34: Eyes of Bewilderment Activated Chapter 35: Ran to be the son-in-law? Chapter 36: Confidant of the opposite sex Chapter 37: Reward you, Xiao Huangzi Chapter 38: Shelf testimonials Chapter 39: Important things in the middle of the night Chapter 40: It must be clarified! Chapter 41: The furthest distance in the world Chapter 42: Must be fair Chapter 43: Ask the master for a favor Chapter 44: Really fragrant warning! Chapter 45: Are there any guests coming tonight? Chapter 46: Move me, are you qualified? Chapter 47: Three Ghosts of the Western Regions Chapter 48: In this way, goodbye Chapter 49: I didn't come to persuade you Chapter 50: Nonsense Chapter 51: Why are you familiar? Chapter 52: Delicacy made for you Chapter 53: Please don't be arrogant! Chapter 54: Knock on the mountain and shake the tiger Chapter 55: The loser is responsible for making dinner Chapter 56: Mu Lin's little abacus Chapter 57: Porcelain on the roadside Chapter 58: Money means you can do whatever you want Chapter 59: Impermanence Chapter 60: Winning a lottery is like a joke Chapter 61: Lucky koi Chapter 62: Crazy temptation on the edge of death Chapter 63: Drunk Mu Qianli Chapter 64: I'm your aunt's grandma! Chapter 65: I let you go! Chapter 66: Fragmentary memory Chapter 67: No way, involuntary Chapter 68: Fun atmosphere Chapter 69: War without gunsmoke Chapter 70: The baby feels bitter Chapter 71: Congratulations to the Lord of my companions! Chapter 72: Despised Chapter 73: Two big school flower goddesses in the same frame Chapter 74: Authentic confession Chapter 75: Unworthy of having a name Chapter 76: Granddaughter and grandson-in-law Chapter 77: Fake painting Chapter 78: Actually I got a system Chapter 79: Judgment from Mu Qianli Chapter 80: Class pet treatment Chapter 81: Choose to sign Chapter 82: Hit the muzzle Chapter 83: Come, it's better than this Chapter 84: Does anyone have gum? Chapter 85: You never caught my eye Chapter 86: Don't make trouble, say something serious Chapter 87: Fishy cat Chapter 88: Isn't it a relationship? Chapter 89: Go play, or play me? Chapter 90: Let's take a group photo Chapter 91: The first photo of the two Chapter 92: Who is for and who is against? Chapter 93: Who else opposes? Chapter 94: Danger is imminent Chapter 95: The unexpected figure in the photo Chapter 96: Sexy Dian Wei, play with us online Chapter 97: Do you like this picture? Chapter 98: Not owe each other after tonight Chapter 99: This cake is so fragrant! Chapter 100: Fringe from two teachers Chapter 101: I have a word, please listen Chapter 102: Surprising score Chapter 103: Mending knife from Mu Qianli Chapter 104: Two invitation letters Chapter 105: Bai Huang's Hot Girl Sergeant Chapter 106: I'm the fairy Benxian, understand? Chapter 107: My friend hasn't come yet Chapter 108: Sorry i don't have time Chapter 109: Is this for me? Chapter 110: Wishing bottle Chapter 111: Be my boyfriend one day Chapter 112: Hell-level strategy difficulty Chapter 113: It's starting to fierce me again! Chapter 114: Five flavors in my heart Chapter 115: Men have no conscience Chapter 116: Listening to the Lords words is better than reading ten years of books Chapter 117: I'm just a normal customer Chapter 118: I'm going to hang up Chapter 119: Mu Family Clan Gathering Chapter 120: Chief Mo Chapter 121: You have such a big face! Chapter 122: The biggest boss in the game Chapter 123: Past events seven years ago Chapter 124: Healing elves Chapter 125: The real answer Chapter 126: Meeting in the office Chapter 127: do not do that! I won't go up! Chapter 128: The hardest errand Chapter 129: Can you say something? Chapter 130: The very strange side Chapter 131: The end of the world? Chapter 132: I'm in the lead, do you have an opinion? Chapter 133: It's really broken Chapter 134: You are so cute and handsome Chapter 135: The dignity of a man is not to be tainted! Chapter 136: Behind the scenes Chapter 137: Can this smell of vinegar? Chapter 138: The first sound heard Chapter 139: The most peculiar scenery Chapter 140: Be nice for kids Chapter 141: Do evil! Chapter 142: A good night's sleep Chapter 143: What a trick! Chapter 144: What's up with him in vain? Chapter 145: Say Cao Cao Cao Cao will be there Chapter 146: A sudden home visit Chapter 147: Damn it! Chapter 148: Beautiful relationship between the two Chapter 149: Money can be willful Chapter 150: Standard three-piece suit Chapter 151: People with great opportunities Chapter 152: The strongest opponent in a few seconds Chapter 153: Hate to be threatened Chapter 154: Angel's Foreknowledge Notes Chapter 155: Prophecy content Chapter 156: Two fools Chapter 157: I was abandoned Chapter 158: A night without leisure and elegance Chapter 159: I never do anything to lose Chapter 160: Hello, this guest Chapter 161: Shameless person Chapter 162: I'm not dead yet Chapter 163: Perfect triangle relationship Chapter 164: Interesting things Chapter 165: Without morals, anything is possible Chapter 166: poor! Weak burst! Spicy chicken! Chapter 167: Why always drive me away? Chapter 168: Cute little guy Chapter 169: Travel alone Chapter 170: Tatian Devil Emperor Chapter 171: There is no gold under the devil's knees Chapter 172: This fish...is it delicious? Chapter 173: Student of Shanhai High School Chapter 174: I am more direct Chapter 175: What a Lin Qingqian! Chapter 176: Intimate little padded jacket Chapter 177: Who rarely looks at you Chapter 178: Leave quietly Chapter 179: Yuanjia Road is narrow Chapter 180: Someone is flying in the sky! Chapter 181: Fenghua place and top card Chapter 182: Suddenly fell Chapter 183: Walk hand in hand Chapter 184: Enjoy fairy treatment Chapter 185: Surprise test Chapter 186: I'm cold Chapter 187: One of the most lively events Chapter 188: No memory at all Chapter 189: Award for first place Chapter 190: Special tuition Chapter 191: Mu Qianli! girlfriend! Chapter 192: Who are you friends? Chapter 193: Get off the horse Chapter 194: Clear stream Medium clear stream Chapter 195: Midsummer Night's Dream Chapter 196: Lifetime series Chapter 197: Unpretentious and boring Chapter 198: Threesome Chapter 199: Baked muffin making Chapter 200: The campus festival begins! Chapter 201: Very upset now! Chapter 202: It's so cute! Chapter 203: Guest Chapter 204: Bai Huang's sister? Chapter 205: A long time no see Chapter 206: Childhood sweetheart Chapter 207: Obviously it's a world of four people Chapter 208: Childhood Chapter 209: Are you boyfriend and girlfriend? Chapter 210: How about sleeping in my room? Chapter 211: Beating is prostitution is love Chapter 212: He likes you Chapter 213: The scandal of childhood Chapter 214: Huh, woman Chapter 215: Home is in danger, come home quickly! Chapter 216: What to look for Chapter 217: Your choice! Chapter 218: Parting special gift Chapter 219: Your bad teacher is so bad Chapter 220: God reply Chapter 221: The Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing their magical powers Chapter 222: exist? Do a favor Chapter 223: Soldiers who, deception also Chapter 224: Mingren don't speak secret words Chapter 225: This woman is terrifying! Chapter 226: Open the skylight to speak bright words Chapter 227: Image can not be lost Chapter 228: Xiao Langjun Chapter 229: Waiting to go to jail! Scumbag! Chapter 230: Are you worried about me? Chapter 231: People of the Bai clan Chapter 232: Baihuang's family background Chapter 233: Sudden marriage Chapter 234: Are you worthy to make me crush? Chapter 235: See you under the kapok tree after school Chapter 236: Pigeons released? Chapter 237: The feeling of confession for the first time Chapter 238: stop looking! Everyone is gone! Chapter 239: Arriving Clan Chapter 240: Good business delivered to your door Chapter 241: I want to hit ten! Chapter 242: Check genealogy Chapter 243: People from the Xu clan Chapter 244: Marriage cancellation Chapter 245: Ask Tianshi Chapter 246: Chapter 247: Wild lake Chapter 248: Eyes want to kill Chapter 249: Small fist punches your chest Chapter 250: Stop by in the middle of the night? Chapter 251: Attract hatred Chapter 252: Classical Chinese back to back Chapter 253: Not a secret secret Chapter 254: Soft and hard foam from Chu Li Chapter 255: Big style, who is worse than whom? Chapter 256: Really can't afford Chapter 257: Trio Chapter 258: Little secrets that won't be announced Chapter 259: Special reward for first place Chapter 260: Gentle Township, Thousands of Flowers Chapter 261: Jealous? What am I jealous? Chapter 262: First visit Chapter 263: Baihuang took the wrong medicine? Chapter 264: Come out, Shenlong! Chapter 265: Things you shouldn't touch Chapter 266: Fairy and Fairy's Followers Chapter 267: You are driving, I have evidence Chapter 268: truth or Dare Chapter 269: The dream girl in Baihuang's eyes Chapter 270: Voice control game? Chapter 271: Ask for something Chapter 272: The strong who never shot Chapter 273: Definitely not to find fault Chapter 274: Surprising strength Chapter 275: Spear and shield contest Chapter 276: Confess the truth Chapter 277: Oh, what does it matter to me? Chapter 278: This is really high Chapter 279: Long live single, cheer for freedom! Chapter 280: Do you want to be so scumbag? Chapter 281: Develop the basic rules of the game Chapter 282: Don't think too much, this is a gift in return Chapter 283: Wang Jun cherishes! Chapter 284: Lipstick just lipstick Chapter 285: Different system options Chapter 286: Life Prediction Collection Chapter 287: Rolling cuteness Chapter 288: Don't hit the house for a day! Chapter 289: Call dad Chapter 290: True love is more expensive! Chapter 291: With the world people Chapter 292: Make a marriage deal? Chapter 293: Son-in-law assessment Chapter 294: Chu Li Boudoir Chapter 295: That suit, i want to wear Chapter 296: Inside and outside Chapter 297: I already have someone I like Chapter 298: Take a step to speak Chapter 299: Humiliation Chapter 300: Mu Qianli who disappeared suddenly Chapter 301: Touch the scene Chapter 302: Happy family Chapter 303: Three small world Chapter 304: It's not an ordinary under-beaten Chapter 305: Twin males, come on! Chapter 306: A unique scenery Chapter 307: love you? Chapter 308: What do you want to do Chapter 309: Is it straightforward enough for me to say that? Chapter 310: Naive behavior Chapter 311: Rumengling Chapter 312: Surprise and warmth Chapter 313: Domestic violence scene Chapter 314: The only situation master Chapter 315: Women can also have stories Chapter 316: Ordinary people Chapter 317: Sudden fans Chapter 318: future plan Chapter 319: Real sweet pastry Chapter 320: Two special recruitment places Chapter 321: I am the mastermind Chapter 322: What does it matter to me on his birthday? Chapter 323: Belong to you alone Chapter 324: unexpected surprise Chapter 325: Ask for a gift in return Chapter 326: Gold waiter Chapter 327: Can't refuse eyes Chapter 328: The most unforgiving game in the world Chapter 329: Unscientific! Chapter 330: How to develop a passerby male protagonist Chapter 331: Novels written by Mu Qianlian Chapter 332: I am not a kid! Chapter 333: Close the door to see you off! Chapter 334: Real purpose Chapter 335: Maybe i will fall in love with you Chapter 336: Return to the Bai Clan Chapter 337: Oh roar, golden legend! Chapter 338: What qualifications do I have to kneel down? Chapter 339: Shameless man, Cangyan old thief! Chapter 340: Three more maids Chapter 341: Early Eastern Clan Chapter 342: Snob Chapter 343: Find two helpers Chapter 344: Blood Moon Organization Chapter 345: Do it for yourself Chapter 346: Juxing Pavilion Chapter 347: The moon is so round tonight Chapter 348: For the future wife Chapter 349: I cry myself beautifully Chapter 350: Monthly test results announced Chapter 351: Invisible bondage Chapter 352: Dying old man Chapter 353: Heartless guy Chapter 354: The atmosphere dropped to freezing point Chapter 355: I really did it on purpose Chapter 356: Because i'm willing Chapter 357: Is a ruthless person Chapter 358: Blond beauty Chapter 359: Group of death Chapter 360: Inspirational suitor Chapter 361: The show is just about to start Chapter 362: Liar with hidden talents Chapter 363: What do you use to chase Baihuang? Chapter 364: Not in my choice Chapter 365: Don't confess to her Chapter 366: Is this a cold joke? Chapter 367: I want to indulge once Chapter 368: What's wrong? Chapter 369: Care for Chu Li, start with you and me Chapter 370: Threesome Chapter 371: Chu Li's Secret Chapter 372: Highest audience support rate Chapter 373: Fan meeting scene Chapter 374: The secret must be big Chapter 375: Isn't it you? Chapter 376: Sorry i was wrong Chapter 377: Mysterious woman Chapter 378: Guess who i am Chapter 379: Who can chat with Chapter 380: Boomerang in the cabin Chapter 381: Twelve female guards Chapter 382: The fragrance of women! Chapter 383: new student Chapter 384: The flowery guy Chapter 385: Three women meet Chapter 386: Three-person Shura Field Chapter 387: Shut me up! Chapter 388: Declare the status of the palace Chapter 389: School sister and school sister Chapter 390: Have an extra rival Chapter 391: Maybe hungry Chapter 392: Food feast Chapter 393: Is this still human? Chapter 394: Call baby and listen Chapter 395: Anti-killing Mu Qianli Chapter 396: Blood on the collarbone Chapter 397: Interesting soul Chapter 398: Very close relationship? Chapter 399: Big big vinegar Chapter 400: Call from Mu Qianlian Chapter 401: Give them a gift Chapter 402: This guy is a demon Chapter 403: I'll take revenge on the spot Chapter 404: The woman above the throne Chapter 405: Sudden pessimism Chapter 406: Hunted for thousands of miles Chapter 407: You can't compare with her Chapter 408: There is no if in this world Chapter 409: Is your patron saint Chapter 410: Beautiful women see the same Chapter 411: What is hypocritical here Chapter 412: Are you free to come with me? Chapter 413: See the guy who has forgotten friends Chapter 414: The purpose of looking for you Chapter 415: Baihuang super evolved? Chapter 416: Galaxy Auction Chapter 417: A woman who never forgets Huayu Chapter 418: Not convinced to bite me? Chapter 419: How much is your face worth? Chapter 420: Worth more than a billion Chapter 421: Let's go and rest Chapter 422: Midnight interaction Chapter 423: False orphans and true orphans Chapter 424: Jiangnan Huajia Chapter 425: Hurt my lord! ! ! Chapter 426: Short-sighted Chapter 427: Ten most powerful Chapter 428: How dare to call the leader's name directly! Chapter 429: Welcome to Qi Tianma! Chapter 430: Grove talk Chapter 431: Murderous! Chapter 432: You know the love of a hammer Chapter 433: Is it through? Chapter 434: Hanfu Festival (four thousand characters) Chapter 435: Lantern riddles guessing activity Chapter 436: Our wedding photos Chapter 437: The baby feels bitter Chapter 438: The cold and melancholic little prince Chapter 439: Natural enemy Chapter 440: Who has the protagonist's aura? Chapter 441: Campus Valentine's Day Chapter 442: Actor-level performance Chapter 443: The terrifying Mu Qianli Chapter 444: The strongest support appears Chapter 445: Lady Fairy Chapter 446: Fireworks feast Chapter 447: You have to be responsible! Chapter 448: no Zuo no Die Chapter 449: My head burnt Chapter 450: Special weekend missions Chapter 451: Beginning in Shanhai City Chapter 452: Clever atmosphere Chapter 453: Three small worlds Chapter 454: Fairy in the middle of the night Chapter 455: The butler who suddenly appeared? Chapter 456: Strong man without feelings Chapter 457: The flood washed the Dragon King Temple Chapter 458: Try to have a relationship Chapter 459: Agreement between the two Chapter 460: An angel on one side, and a devil on the other! Chapter 461: Merry debt? Chapter 462: The little beauty from afar Chapter 463: Lonely and helpless Mu Qianli Chapter 464: The Baimu combination officially collapsed! Chapter 465: Bedside fight Chapter 466: Training in the teaching office Chapter 467: Roadside encounter Chapter 468: I am human! Not a real fairy! Chapter 469: Wish Lake Chapter 470: Plug-in professional account Chapter 471: School milk tea shop Chapter 472: The inexplicable cold war Chapter 473: Can this be crying with anger? Chapter 474: Senki Mountain Picnic Chapter 475: Predictive guide Chapter 476: Follow us Chapter 477: I want to see my daughter off? Chapter 478: Is this love? Chapter 479: Daojie Monk Chapter 480: Crisis Prophecy Book Chapter 481: Why, no one dared to step forward? Chapter 482: The only leader Chapter 483: Eunuch statement Chapter 484: Destiny Clan Chapter 485: Will count Chapter 486: Three red envelopes Chapter 487: She's good and me Chapter 488: Inheritance rights Chapter 489: Enraged Li Yu and Xu Qian Chapter 490: Private question Chapter 491: Aunt Chapter 492: What is that red line? Chapter 493: Bound marriage Chapter 494: A sibling Chapter 495: the final decision Chapter 496: The most beautiful pendant Chapter 497: People with opportunities Chapter 498: I want to eat hot pot tonight! Chapter 499: Bottomless Abyss Chapter 500: Chu Li leaves Chapter 501: The stars stay together forever! Chapter 502: Decision after the college entrance examination Chapter 503: A stepping stone? Chapter 504: Top Editor-in-Chief Zhu Hongyin Chapter 505: Special care of mentor Chapter 506: Happy birthday and happy anniversary Chapter 507: Pleasant and happy midnight Chapter 508: Sweetheart Chapter 509: Lao Mu's child husband Chapter 510: True rival Chapter 511: Forgotten by this world Chapter 512: Song Kexin Concert Chapter 513: Stop, someone wants to see you! Chapter 514: The big derailment of the year! Chapter 515: Big star's request Chapter 516: Beautiful girl outside the corridor Chapter 517: I'm in trouble? Chapter 518: Want to make friends with you Chapter 519: Saviour Chapter 520: The scumbag is the most annoying! Chapter 521: Collect negative emotions Chapter 522: Secrets in the commercial street Chapter 523: Break the system and die! Chapter 524: Please humiliate me Chapter 525: Go to the treasure digging location Chapter 526: Someone robbed the treasure? Chapter 527: God's perspective Chapter 528: I saw it all Chapter 529: Not a secret secret Chapter 530: My man Chapter 531: Chu Li is missing Chapter 532: Candlelight dinner for three Chapter 533: Sister and brother Chapter 534: The eldest lady and the second lady? Chapter 535: Forever Bai Mu Chu combination Chapter 536: Shura Field Chapter 537: Mu Qianli's biggest preference Chapter 538: Model advertisement Chapter 539: One thing drops one thing Chapter 540: Three letters Chapter 541: High school last afternoon Chapter 542: Knowing with affection, moving with reason Chapter 543: Tsundere Mu Qianli Chapter 544: Strong smile Chapter 545: The silence before parting Chapter 546: In love, she is serious! Chapter 547: Like being bullied by you Chapter 548: I want to buy stockings, black silk! Chapter 549: Good morning kiss Chapter 550: Three followers Chapter 551: Set a stone with one stone! Chapter 552: Hug you, princess hug Chapter 553: Poisoned Milk Blessing Chapter 554: .Happy New Year! Chapter 554: The majesty and self-confidence of the palace Chapter 555: Entertainment paparazzi Chapter 556: Can juice be drunk? Chapter 557: Do you want to pursue excitement? Chapter 558: Don't be so bothered in the future Chapter 559: The fairy is never a slave! Chapter 560: Be a real man! Chapter 561: Heartbroken mad show affection Chapter 562: Healing Goddess Alice Chapter 563: The Shura Field is really terrible! Chapter 564: First sweet trip Chapter 565: Everbright Mountain Hotel Chapter 566: It's really a fairy! Chapter 567: Friends come from far away Chapter 568: Qianqiu Lake Temple Fair Chapter 569: Flying Flower Order Chapter 570: The two of us, elope Chapter 571: Two lucky bags Chapter 572: There are monsters in the lake! Chapter 573: Book of Zhu Yue Chapter 574: Open the lucky bag Chapter 575: Not even a bunch of candied haws! Chapter 576: Develop a passerby heroine Chapter 577: It's a village teacher Chapter 578: Do you mind if your sister and brother are in love? Chapter 579: So sour, so sour! Chapter 580: Task not selected Chapter 581: Visit to Qingyuan University Chapter 582: First Arrival Parallel World Chapter 583: Different Mu Chu Duo Chapter 584: Back to Wentian High School Chapter 585: Gangster, are there any pendants on your legs? Chapter 586: Everything is destined Chapter 587: First-time auditor Chapter 588: Hopeless future Chapter 589: The end in three months Chapter 590: Savior of the world Chapter 591: Back to the real world Chapter 592: The real fairy descends to the world Chapter 593: So-called love Chapter 594: Treated as air Chapter 595: I am the main palace, so please feel free to wait! Chapter 596: Mu Qianli a thousand years ago Chapter 597: The little life that comes and goes Chapter 598: Great insult! Chapter 599: Book Club Chapter 600: Find a place for your own woman Chapter 601: Chapter 602: Orphanage destroyed Chapter 603: Sexy pitiful, humble online Chapter 604: Last night in Kyoto Chapter 605: This is a secret, not to be revealed Chapter 606: Violent Woman Mu Qian Lian Chapter 607: Have a special plan tonight Chapter 608: Return to Mu Family Manor Chapter 609: The jealousy of the past in the future Chapter 610: It's not quite peaceful recently Chapter 611: Heads-up change team battle Chapter 612: Despair and helplessness Chapter 613: Writing novels is a dead end! Chapter 614: A wailing Chapter 615: Sister Jiang Wenxin Chapter 616: Dark past Chapter 617: Baihuang's main palace and spare tires Chapter 618: Sorry i'm a spy Chapter 619: I miss you so much, baby Chapter 620: Male junior? Chapter 621: A slap for Bai Huang Chapter 622: Lord is not bad for money, red envelopes are waiting for you! Chapter 623: There are ghosts in the group! Chapter 624: Celebrity Conference Chapter 625: Improvisation Chapter 626: Sour taste Chapter 627: The old man returns Chapter 628: Everything familiar Chapter 629: The one with the highest status Chapter 630: What's in the box Chapter 631: Night charm bar Chapter 632: Turn an enemy into a friend Chapter 633: Rhythm Chapter 634: truth or Dare Chapter 635: Conquer the food of two women Chapter 636: Mysterious afternoon activity Chapter 637: Create the second single Chapter 638: Visitor Chapter 639: I want to sleep with Brother Baihuang Chapter 640: Chapter 641: Fortunately, I started quickly Chapter 642: Is this love? Chapter 643: Passerby Male Lead Vol.2 Chapter 644: My daughter is still waiting for you! Chapter 645: The power hidden in the body Chapter 646: She can't help it anymore Chapter 647: Do you want to ride a whale? Chapter 648: The legendary summoner? Chapter 649: Peach blossom forest Chapter 650: Hush! someone is coming! Chapter 651: The saddest thing in the world Chapter 652: See Shenlong again Chapter 653: Gathering after many years Chapter 654: Houshan Waterfall Chapter 655: Baihuang's God Logic Chapter 656: Picnic by the lake Chapter 657: Title Comma Chapter 658: Back to Mujia Manor Chapter 659: struggle Chapter 660: The heroine is number one in the world! Chapter 661: It's fun to bully a girlfriend Chapter 662: Chu Li's strange thoughts Chapter 663: The silly girl of the landlord's house Chapter 664: have time? Make an appointment? Chapter 665: Drunkard doesnt mean wine Chapter 666: aquarium Chapter 667: Long live Chu Mu Party! Chapter 668: The biggest killer Chapter 669: Chu Li's double desire Chapter 670: Reunion Chapter 671: My daughter is so good! Chapter 672: Desperate appearance Chapter 673: Cultural Festival Chapter 674: Is this the taste of love? Chapter 675: My girlfriend is super cute Chapter 676: College life is about to begin! Chapter 677: Hopelessly stupid Chapter 678: Brother and sister? Chapter 679: Uninhibited indulgence love freedom Chapter 680: Have you liked me? Chapter 681: The first college class meeting Chapter 682: Fantasy Butterfly Chapter 683: Love game Chapter 684: Love letter exchange Chapter 685: Love rivals I've never met Chapter 686: pick one of two Chapter 687: I only want Qian Lian not to marry Chapter 688: Perfect girlfriend Chapter 689: Peanut Flower Seeds (plus more) Chapter 690: Welcome party Chapter 691: Three-person joint performance Chapter 692: Mu Qianlian's parents Chapter 693: Very strange question Chapter 694: Side effects of Higan Flower? Chapter 695: Mu Qianli, old witch Chapter 696: School football team Chapter 697: Magic to make the mood better Chapter 698: How to fall asleep peacefully Chapter 699: Do a little business Chapter 700: Really grown up Chapter 701: Parade under the sea Chapter 702: This pig hand is poisonous Chapter 703: Girlfriend's self-cultivation Chapter 704: Handsome guy, who are you? Chapter 705: attend prom party Chapter 706: The devil is coming! Chapter 707: Xiao family son Chapter 708: Threesome by the lake Chapter 709: I really like Shanghuang Babies Chapter 710: Tacit investigation Chapter 711: Jointly prepare for surprise Chapter 712: Irreplaceable existence Chapter 713: camouflage? Chapter 714: Girlfriends broke down? Chapter 715: The request of the boys in the class Chapter 716: sour milk Chapter 717: Two very special beings Chapter 718: Fortune-telling cards Chapter 719: Campus stand Chapter 720: An unshakable enemy Chapter 721: Dinner for four Chapter 722: Stuffy gourd Chapter 723: Hua Yu wants to see netizens Chapter 724: Father returns Chapter 725: Two guests came Chapter 726: Domestic violence started? Chapter 727: The truth about domestic violence Chapter 728: O'Neill sauce? Chapter 729: The worldview completely collapsed Chapter 730: Concert (Part 1) Chapter 731: Concert (below) Chapter 732: Girlfriend love Chapter 733: The boat of friendship Chapter 734: This day, it's going to change! Chapter 735: Please stay away from me Chapter 736: Rainy night Chapter 737: Two women who want to kill Chapter 738: Mu Qianli's strangeness Chapter 739: Want to tell you something Chapter 740: Separated without breaking up Chapter 741: Feeling of elopement Chapter 742: Remember to give praise, dear! Chapter 743: Parallel world again Chapter 744: Little girl Chu Xiaoya Chapter 745: Chu Li lost his soul Chapter 746: We are friends, right Chapter 747: The truth about Chu Mu's separation Chapter 748: Three women in the woods Chapter 749: Soul separation Chapter 750: Back to the real world Chapter 751: Three crimes Chapter 752: Little fairy? Chapter 753: Midnight visitor Chapter 754: Are you asleep? Chapter 755: Find a place Chapter 756: Two idiots Chapter 757: Qixi Festival Gifts Chapter 758: Seems to be playing big Chapter 759: Bai Huang, scumbag? Chapter 760: Lianer save me! Chapter 761: Back to Mujia Manor Chapter 762: A picture still fresh in my memory Chapter 763: See old friends again Chapter 764: Is it too sudden Chapter 765: Conscience Chapter 766: Because of love Chapter 767: Mu Qianli's angel image Chapter 768: The Big Three of the Hall of Fame Chapter 769: New Associated Martial Spirit Chapter 770: You lost me! Chapter 771: Concealed secret Chapter 772: Appalling information Chapter 773: Back to the lake house Chapter 774: The son of the weather? Chapter 775: Associated Martial Spirit Zhuge Liang Chapter 776: Receive love letter Chapter 777: Enlightenment of the main palace Chapter 778: Chu Li who wants to cast a spell Chapter 779: I am greedy for you, I am happy! Chapter 780: The promise between the bride and the bridesmaids Chapter 781: Master Chen Chapter 782: Come be my apprentice Chapter 783: Always drop god Chapter 784: Two women with terrible fear Chapter 785: This is foul! Chapter 786: Single dogs and couples Chapter 787: new student Chapter 788: Poems by the Sea Chapter 789: Not going back tonight Chapter 790: Song from the sea Chapter 791: Mermaid Chapter 792: Like a dream Chapter 793: Summer sister suit Chapter 794: Everyone is a cultural person Chapter 795: Rare beauty Chapter 796: What are you secretly plotting? Chapter 797: Dawn Orphanage Chapter 798: Is it? Chapter 799: Play in the lake Chapter 800: Big-name female celebrities Chapter 801: Ruinous? Chapter 802: Do you want to create public opinion? Chapter 803: Envy others Chapter 804: Black belly again Chapter 805: End of point? Chapter 806: Come out and play Chapter 807: Drinking with companion Wuling Chapter 808: This is my place Chapter 809: The reason for being drunk? Chapter 810: Ah? That's it? Chapter 811: Extra large birthday cake Chapter 812: Total villain Chapter 813: It's too hard to propose Chapter 814: Strong smile Chapter 815: Further development Chapter 816: Waiting for the wind, waiting for the rain, waiting for you Chapter 817: First event Chapter 818: Love master? Chapter 819: You have to line up when you dig a wall Chapter 820: Because you are not worthy Chapter 821: The true emperor Chapter 822: As a dream Chapter 823: Fist of love Chapter 824: Love letter commission Chapter 825: Accept or not? Chapter 826: My month old boyfriend Chapter 827: The problem is a bit sudden Chapter 828: Special day Chapter 829: Huayu's Secret Chapter 830: Sudden visit Chapter 831: Okay, Sister Huayu Chapter 832: The only green leaf Chapter 833: Small party Chapter 834: water park Chapter 835: Finale (updated in advance) Chapter 839: .Completion of testimonials and new book notice