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"Woli Now!!"


From under the monster, Woli hits the monster until it flies, after which she burns it. I jumped into the air, with a thunderous from my chain, I threw my chain into the monster's body. An 'Overload' explosion occurs which deals double damage to the monster.


The monster's flesh peeled off looking like a zombie, but the monster didn't give up at all and attacked us with purple flames. Woli and I jumped to dodge an attack.

"Tsk, annoying, how about I give you another lightning strike and fire?"

Corners of my mouth curled into a smile and I began to form two chains to form a giant hand, one fire, and other lightning. Hand with fire element caught the neck of monster, and hand of lightning element struck monster, an explosion of lightning met with fire occurred. Monster flesh was scattered everywhere, monster's body vanish after that.

"Master, we managed to beat it!!" Woli got small and tugged at my hair.

"Hoii, stop doing that, we still have an enemy that hasn't been killed yet," I said annoyed.

"Then let's continue the next battle!!"

"You, aren't you afraid of losing at all?"

"Of course not, with two of us, anything can be conquered," Woli clenched her fists confidently.

"Hahaha..." I laughed at how confident she was.

I turned and headed towards Shelly's party, once there, Leila jumped up and hugged me, she smiled happily. I was taken aback by her bold actions before she didn't dare to do this.

"What's wrong Leila? Do you like me now after seeing my abilities?" I said teasing her.

"Maybe when I watch Lute fight, my heart can't stop beating fast," Leila looks at me with a loving gaze.

Everyone here was shocked after hearing Leila's confession, even their faces turned red except for Nylah who was only one expressionless. Seeing them have a blush on their faces, I now know that they now have some feelings towards me, I'm not a dense enough person to not recognize this.

"Master, did you just harvest a big thing," Woli beside me whispered.

"It seems like,"


I returned to Yua and Dina's location. When I got there Dina was awake, she looked fine now. Dina got into my shirt, she doesn't want to leave me at all, even if her condition is just getting better. After some discussion, we all agreed to attack right now, because this is the right time if we want to attack scientists' headquarters.

If we could destroy all of them at once, without anyone escaping. This incident will not happen again and all of us villagers will be safe. I'm also very annoyed that the man I fought just ran away, I'm sure he must have returned to their base, maybe he's doing something now to attack us again.

Before that happens, we should attack first and eradicate them to the root. We all then followed Dina's directions, towards the location of the scientist's headquarters. I was worried about Dina's condition, but she said she was getting better, because she said that, I can only believe it. Even if something happens, I will protect it to the best of my ability.


Dina said inside my shirt, in front of us all that was visible was an empty area. I was a little confused at first before I remembered it was supposed to be like this in the story. This is because one of the devices made by scientists disguise their base so that it is not visible, otherwise, how could Shelly's party who have been searching for quite a while haven't found any traces in the forest.

"Here? Isn't this just an empty area?" Shelly looked confused.

"It must be because of the device scientists made," I told her.

"I see, it's only natural that all this time we searched and didn't find anything," They all nodded in understanding.

"Okay, Dina do you still remember entrance?"

"Hmm, it should be there," Dina pointed at empty air.

We looked at each other and nodded slowly walking towards it. The view we saw immediately changed. In front of us at this time is a hallway that looks very modern, walls are white, we are all surprised when we see this scene.

"So it's here, I didn't expect this empty area to be headquarters of those scientists," Shelly mumbled.

"Alright, let's save kidnapped people, and kill all scientists here," I said to them.

"Um" They all nodded.

We walked down the hall and met some scientists, killing them on the spot. At end of the hall, we found a forked path, I saw them. They had confused expressions like they didn't know what to do now.

"You guys take this path? While I will be alone down that path," I told them.

"W-what? you want to go alone?" Shelly was shocked.

"Don't worry, I can take care of myself, and I want you all to take care of each other there too. If you find another fork in the lane, don't separate, because it will be dangerous," I said and immediately left them.

"Wait Lute!!"

Shelly saw me who had left, couldn't help but sigh, she looked at her party group, they also couldn't say anything about Lute sudden departure.

"Since Lute is gone, let's start moving now too."

They all nodded in unison hearing what Shelly said, because Shelly was the leader of the group, she was always someone they could trust.


I went down the hall and killed a lot of scientists, I also found some branching paths and just followed my instincts before getting to some weird place. This place is entirely white, here you can see many tubes filled with liquid and strange creatures.

There are even a few people here who are kept in tubes. These people have strange body shapes, some have monster heads or monster bodies. This looks so disgusting, these scientists have done things they shouldn't have done.

"So you're here, is it because of the slime?"

Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps and a man appeared out of nowhere. That man was a man who ran away earlier, wounds on his body had gone, he seemed to have recovered now from injuries he received earlier.

The man came downstairs and smiled, two of us facing each other in an empty area that was here. I watched him warily, preparing for him to start attacking after this.

"Why are you doing all this?"

"Hmm? Do you mean people in the tube? This is for the greatest experiment of all time, I needed them for a sample project I made. Do you see tube over there? It's a project we made and it's done, we just need a few more things before releasing it." The man pointed at the tube on the top floor.

I saw the tube and was immediately shocked. There was seen a woman with long white hair to her waist. But what's strange about all this is, she has a small horn on her head, tail and wings are white like a dragon. I clearly remember this woman, she was main heroine. This woman is Melusine, she was a human at first, but her body was changed by scientists and became half-dragon. They combined samples from dragon carcasses and bones, to make Melusine a half-dragon human.


[A/N: Author

Do you know Melusine? it's on FGO. But Melusine here is not Loli, remember that!!!

I will update the character image later]

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