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The announcement of this decree proves that I have passed away.

I do not have a certain role in this position, and I am a king in vain.

I now sue the world for this crime!

In addition, for his own selfish desires, the first emperor used the hands of treacherous officials to eliminate the loyalty of the Xiao family. The waste prince Mu Ding Gan Segu lacks heart, men and women shouldn't avoid it. Later, in order to consolidate his forces, Feng Jiaerlang wanted to murder the Zhenxi king Feng Jiazhongliang in Yingcheng. Later, he wanted to kill his father to take the throne.

As far as I am, I even murdered the people for my own selfish desires!

King Lu Mu Dingye sought to usurp the throne and did not hesitate to harm the people.

King Rong Mu Dingyong secretly assisted King Lu, his sin is unforgivable.

There is no good son in the Mu family.

Fortunately, I am all blessed.

Princess Yunxia and the son of Chu Zheng, Chu Yunpan, the champion and the first and the heavenly descended to the gods, calmed the world, suppressed the bandits, eliminated the locusts and disasters, and had both civil and military skills, and was omnipotent.

Today, my throne will let the king of Zhenxi County Chu Yunpan!

May the world be prosperous and peaceful, and the people will be well!

Thank you! "

As soon as this imperial decree came out, all the people and officials downstairs in the city were stunned.

The kidnapping of the child was really done by the emperor! But it was for Princess Liang!

But the one who planned this out and led the emperor into the game turned out to be King Lu, who has been doing his best for the people these days, and greeted the people!

The emperor finally found out that he had been cheated and died.

Most importantly, the throne was actually surrendered to the king of Zhenxi, Chu Yunpan.

The people couldn't help but talk: "The King of Zhenxi became the throne? How could..."

"How can't it! The king of Zhenxi should be the emperor!"

"Furthermore, what did this surnamed Mu do. Listen, the emperor's imperial decree said that he himself said that the first emperor and the waste prince did some bad things, including the emperor himself, he admitted that he did bad things. So is Wang, so is Wang Rong, none of them are good!"

"Yes, yes, this surname Mu is rotten, and he is not worthy of being a royal family." The emperor of the imperial edict all confessed his guilt, saying that his family is no longer good, and the people have no qualms about it.

Liao Shoufu, Lu Zhi, Wu Feng and others downstairs were all dizzy, which was simply unacceptable.

This... turned out to be like this.

They are all old antiques, stiffly thinking that King Liang has come down and that King Lu should be allowed to go, but King Lu has committed a crime. The result is not good!

Even so, you can go to the Mu family to find the nearest successor to the throne of a bloodline. As a result, King Liang is so utterly unbelievable that things such as the first emperor and the waste prince are uncovered in the imperial edict.

They want to continue to support the Mu family's royal family too!

They have ignored it. Moreover, look at this driving force-the Jinlinwei and the Forbidden Army led by Yanxi read the imperial edict in person. He Pei took Jingwei Palace to a station there, only this force, these civil servants dare to say a word, they can only be cracked.

"Another!" Yan Xi above again took out an imperial decree: "Mu Dingye, the king of Lu, tried to usurp the throne and sentenced him to slaying! King Rong assisted King Lu and gave him a cup of poisonous wine. Ouchi chief Ji Hai also assisted King Lu. At noon today, the corpse was divided into five horses at the vegetable market. Although the empress Shangguan Yun did not know the inside story, she secretly colluded with the side concubine of King Lu, deceived the emperor, shaved her hair and became a nun, and became a nun at Lucui Temple. Never return to Beijing forever."

The first imperial edict is the imperial edict and the position of meditation, and the second is condemning sin!

In contrast, the hustle and bustle of the capital, Taihang is full of grief.

When Liao Shoufu, Yanxi and others came to Taihang Mountain, they went all the way up the mountain, only to see the Forbidden Army and Jingwei kneeling on the ground. A group of children were shrinking aside and crying.

When I came to the top of the mountain, I saw a high altar erected there. Not far from the altar, there were two figures there.

Chu Yun was sitting on the ground, bloodstained all over his body, and dried up when he was exposed to the sun. None of this blood belongs to him.

Wang Liang was lying on Chu Yunpan's legs, closing his hands tightly, and the Huafa scattered on the ground was stained with blood. His face was pale, but he couldn't hide his color.

This is the last touch of elegance that was once the most beautiful man in the capital.

When Liao Shoufu and others came here, they saw this picture.

Never thought that King Liang died so tragically.

Ye Tangcai stood in the distance, looking up in the direction of the city gate.

Yingqi, he really really loves you, but the love is too intense... have you seen it?

Time passed by every minute.

The sky went from morning sun to noon, and then slowly descended, until it was dark, Chu Yunpan didn't move.

The next morning, Yan Xi, Yan Dong and Mr. Zhou walked to Chu Yunpan.

Yandong's eyes were red and swollen, and his voice was hoarse: "It's hot, let him... let him go with dignity!" At the end, he choked out.

No matter how unburied, the corpse will smell bad, and then decay.

Chu Yun nodded.

Yandong and Yanxi's feelings for Chu Yunpan are very complicated. Chu Yunpan cannot be blamed for this matter, but it is inevitable that Wang Liang died because of Chu Yunpan.

But everything is suppressed with reason, and they also know what needs to be done at the moment.

"We know that you don't want to inherit this throne. But this is what he gave you. You take it well. You are his nephew, equivalent to his son. He won't be reconciled to anyone except you. ! You know he is this kind of person!" Yanxi said.

Chu Yunpan nodded: "Yes."

There was a heavy legstep not far away, and a group of imperial soldiers came carrying the coffin.

Chu Yunpan personally put him in and wiped his face lightly: "Get a good rest! You will definitely see her."

The twenty-second emperor of Da Qi, and the last emperor, was renamed Jing Ye, who was later called Emperor Jing Ye.

Yu Jingye collapsed on April 11th in the first year.

Princess Daqi and the son of Chu Zheng, Chu Yunpan, founded the country, the country was named Liang, collectively known as Daliang, and the reign was Zhaowu.

On April 18th, Emperor Jing Ye went to a funeral and Emperor Zhaowu took the place of his son.

The concubine of Liang Zhao Yingqi chased the title of Queen Chunming and was buried with Emperor Jing Ye.

After Emperor Jing Ye was buried, Chu Yunpan officially succeeded to the throne.

The enthronement ceremony is scheduled for May 20th.

On the same day, the new emperor canonized his wife Ye Tang as the prince, and his eldest son Chu Yao was the crown prince.

On this day, the entire capital was covered with red silk, and in the splendid golden hall, guests were crowded with silk and bamboo to celebrate.

Ye Tang picks up a golden red phoenix crown, and slowly walks in with Chu Yunpan.

-On the day of her enthronement, please hold a wedding, I know you always wanted to give her a grand wedding! In the full house, among all the congratulations, I truly marry her and become her bridegroom.

Because I also want to-

A wedding opens, and finally a wedding curtain call. I use the world as the hire, and Jiangshan as the matchmaker, welcome you to get started...

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Finally concluded!

There are a lot of regrets in the whole article, and there are also many chapters that have been tried hard but not written. In the last chapter, I have been worried about bad writing, but in the end I still wrote the feeling in my mind. This is really fortunate!

In any case, the article opened on February 14, 2019, now ends in February 2020, and has been written for a year. Thank you for being with me all the way, I am really grateful.

Although the ending, there are still a lot of things that have not been added, such as the endings of the Qin clan, Chu Miaoshu, and others, as well as some things after Shangguan Yun, which will be added outside the fan. Liang Wang and Zhao Yingqi will also have extras. If you are interested, you can pay attention!

Oh, I really love you guys.

Extraordinary 0: 01: Not qualified

There was darkness in the palace.

When Shangguan Yun opened his eyes, it turned out to be dark.

She sat up in shock. Where is this place? How could she be here? Although she fell asleep, her memories before going to bed were clear.

But... She should lie on a soft and comfortable bed, with King Liang guarding her side, waiting for her to wake up.

Why would I be in the darkness!

Is it recognized through? Impossible... how could it be?

Shang Guan Yun's heart was up and down for a while, trying to get someone out, but he was afraid that he would do something wrong, and to be recognized that he was not Zhao Yingqi, that was a great sin to deceive the emperor.

After a while, my eyes became accustomed to darkness, and then I could see that this was a very simple room with only a door and a window, and the window was opened high and was blocked by several iron pillars.

Shangguan Yun was stunned in an instant, and she also has this kind of house in her family! This is a house dedicated to family members who made mistakes! It's called a dark room.

How could she be in such a place? Could it be... Gu Yuan showed his feet?

Shang Guan Yun instantly sat stiffly on the bed, and fear struck.

what to do? Will she be deposed? She was also seduced by Gu Yuan! She couldn't admit that she had conspired with Gu Yuan, and... the whole thing was the one who was "calculated"!

Yes, she is a victim! She knows nothing!

Therefore, I do not admit it!

This is the only way out.

Shangguan Yun typed hundreds of fuss in her heart, thinking about how to deal with Liang Wang's anger and questioning.

The sky soon brightened, and the sunlight came in from the window, brightening the entire dark room.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps outside, and Shangguan Yun turned her head.

With a squeak, the door was opened, and only a strange mother led two young eunuchs in.

With a black face, the mother took out the imperial decree: "Shangguanyun secretly colluded with Lu's side concubine to deceive the emperor, shaved her hair as a nun, and became a nun in Lvcui Nunnery. She must not go down the mountain forever! You will never return to Beijing if you retire from a nobleman and return an official."

Shangguan Yun jumped out of bed in shock, her eyes widened: "What did you say?"

"What are you talking about?" Grandma sneered, "What did the Shangguan girl do with the side concubine Lu, I don't know yet? Take it away!"

The next two eunuchs immediately went to pull her, Shang Guanyun continued to struggle: "Let go of me! I want to see the emperor! I want to see the emperor! I don't know what you are talking about, what collusion with Gu Yuan, I don't know... it's the emperor's opinion. I didnt know what happened to Ben and I who took me up the mountain.

"The emperor?" The mother sternly said, "You are talking about Emperor Jing Ye? Emperor Jing Ye died long ago! He was killed by King Lu and his side concubine. The new emperor is now in the original town. West King."

"What?" Shang Guan Yun softened, only to feel that the sky was dim, the emperor was dead? The current emperor is Chu Yunpan? How can there be such a funny thing. "Impossible, how could... how could..."

"Pull it down!" Mother said.

"No, no, let me go. Let me go, what do you want to do?"

"What are you doing? Are you deaf? Naturally, I will take you to shave your hair. This is the last kindness of the first emperor to you."

"Benevolence?" Shang Guanyun's mind was confused, his eyes widened, and only the word "kindness" was ridiculous, "Hehehe...What did I do wrong? I was right!"

The mother frowned deeply, and sternly shouted at the two eunuchs: "Pull it down."

"No-get out!" Shang Guan Yun screamed, and suddenly took off the hairpin from her head and pressed it against her neck, "If you move again, I will die."

The mother and the **** were taken aback. The imperial decree was to make her cut her hair into a nun. Therefore, Shang Guan Yun could not die. Even if you really die, you shouldn't die in their hands, otherwise, what should you do if you blame it?

"Let me see Ye Tangcai! I want to see her!" Shang Guan Yun looked excited, tears falling humiliatingly. Now, Ye Tangcai is the queen? Yes, it must be the queen.

Shangguan Yun really didn't want Ye Tangcai to see her embarrassed appearance, but... if she left here and came to Lucui'an, she would never be able to turn over.

Lucui'an is the home of those unfavored and unborn concubines, who have always only entered and never exited.

Mother gritted her teeth, now Ye Tangcai is the emperor, no one can see it! But you have to report it to Hui Ran, so that Hui Ran can make up his mind.

She cursed Shang Guan Yun a few more words before leaving.

The mother went back and reported the matter to Huiran. After thinking about it, Huiran went back to Ye Tangcai.

Shang Guan Yun sat on the bed and waited, the hairpin in her hand did not leave her neck for a moment.

In this way, it was night, her face went from the original humiliation and violent to the final indifference and calm, and her eyes were deep.

Around the evening, the door opened with a creak, and I saw Hui Ran standing behind the door, and Ye Tang Cai standing behind Hui Ran.

Hui Ran said coldly: "My third grandma is here, throw away the hairpin in your hand."

Shangguan Yun had to throw the hairpin in his hand.

Hui Ran stepped forward to take the hairpin and searched her body again, then turned around and let Ye Tang pick it in.

Ye Tangcai looked at Shang Guanyun faintly: "If you have anything, you can say it quickly."

"I..." Shangguan Yun gritted her teeth, "What am I dissatisfied with? Why do I want to cut my hair as a nun? I don't know anything, I don't understand anything!" Tears flowed down as he said, "I only heard about the emperor. I was killed, and I was called to the mountain by the emperor himself. Gu Yuan is a prisoner. Do you believe what she said?"

Ye Tang picks up her eyebrows and grieves: "If people don't speak secretly, everyone knows whether you have participated. If you call me to lie, then we have nothing to talk about."

Then he turned around.

"Sister Tang!" Shang Guan Yun was anxious, and grabbed her, "What did I do wrong? I am his wife, I just want to be favored by him."

"You want to be favored by him, yes, but you used the wrong method! You should not cheat, let alone hurt Yaoer, hurt those children."

Shangguan Yun gritted her teeth fiercely and shook her head: "Yes, yes, I was confused for a while, and I used the wrong method. But I...but I was also forced! What can I do? I haven't gotten it since I entered the palace. A trace of his attention, I cant get a little pampering from him! Even the house is not round. My dignity is trampled under my feet! I have asked for help, called for help, but no one has helped me! Have you helped me? Do you know my plight, why don't you help me persuade him!"

Ye Tangcai's face sank: "You are so funny! I am not your father and mother, and I am not responsible for your life! You have to walk in the palace by yourself. Why do you want to put the responsibility on me? I am not a Bodhisattva who saves suffering! I think about how to be nosy and how to save people all day long! I am so busy and have a life of my own. I cant just throw away my sick child and run away every time I encounter a poor or wronged person. Go and save. Besides, all I can help! He is diseased, if I persuade him, he will be able to listen? You did something wrong and harmed people, so I blamed me!"

Shangguan Yun's face froze, and she waved her hand quickly: "I didn't mean that, I didn't blame you. I just...I'm just too difficult. I seemed to be lost in the dark, I couldn't even see the road! Gu Yuan, Like a beam of light, I finally caught a little hope. If I disagree, I dont even have this hope! I am his wife... Why do you want to do this to me? Why should I endure this!"

Ye Tang said coldly, "Because you are a successor!"

Shangguan Yun's eyes widened: "What do you mean? Yes, I am a heir! But the heir is also a human. Just because you are the original partner, you look down on the heir?"

"No, I mean, can't you understand it now?" Ye Tang said coldly, "You knew about Zhao Yingqi's existence before marrying him, so be mentally prepared to not pass the original match. You should be prepared to worry about Zhao Yingqi in his heart. This kind of grievance should be expected before you marry him, rather than blame others in a pitiful and helpless image after you marry him. "

Shangguan Yun bit her lip and shook her head fiercely: "Xu is that you are right...but I didn't understand it before, and I don't know. He did have an original match, but before, no one knew that Princess Liang was not favored, and who didn't know King Liang. Do not spoil the princess. Princess Liang still fell to death by himself. Everyone knows that he did not have her in his heart, so I dared to marry. Where did he think... he lied to the world and lied to me. Therefore, this so-called heir I dont deserve to be wronged! Because he lied to me!"

At the end, Shangguan Yun screamed hysterically.

Ye Tangcai looked at her indifferently: "You don't understand? You don't know that King Liang likes Princess Liang? No, you know! Otherwise, how can I call me into the palace and let me make up her last wish. Because you know her This is done in the position in King Liangs heart! You open your mouth and ask, I dont know why he doesnt favor you. In fact, you know better than anyone else, but it is only through my mouth to say it. You said that after being rescued by King Liang, then I have always been thinking about it, and I love admiration in my heart. As an admirer, don't care about his actions? You know that he loves her so much, but you still choose to marry him. Who do you blame?"

Shangguan Yun only said: "But me, but me... Whether he loves Zhao Yingqi or not, he can't leave me alone! Even if he pretends to be her in his heart, he can't do this to me. I am the one who married him. His wife! Since he has married back, he should be responsible to me! How can he treat me like this!"

Ye Tang Cai looked at her coldly: "You are not just a wife, you are a queen!"

Shangguan Yun said: "The queen is also a wife! The queen is also a woman! You are also a queen now, don't you think you should be loved by your husband?"

Ye Tang sneered: "You compare yourself to me?"

Shangguan Yun's eyes widened: "What do you mean? Are you born noble than me? Am I born lower than you? I am a daughter of Shangguan's family!"

"No, it's not born. It's that the road I've walked is more noble than you." Ye Tangcai looked at her tightly, "When San Ye was just an obscure, nothing ruined family, I followed him. By his side. I was still there when he was out on the expedition. How about you? And when the dead prince is in control and the road ahead of King Liang is full of obstacles, what are you doing?"

Shangguan Yun's face paled.

Ye Tangcai stepped back and pressed hard: "When you and I were taken away by human traffickers together, King Liang saved you because he wanted Shangguanxiu's help. As a result, Shangguanxiu didn't move. What were you doing at that time? You said I adore him, but have you ever helped?"

Shangguan Yun's face changed: "I, my daughter's family doesn't know this..."

Ye Tang sneered, "Dare to ask Shangguan girl, how old is she?"

Shangguan Yun didn't answer.

Ye Tang said: "Well, let me count, it seems to be two years older than me! When King Liang rescued you, you were almost seventeen!"

"So what?" Shang Guan Yun was annoyed.

Ye Tang said: "At that time, you were seventeen, and even dragged on until nineteen last year. At such an old age, you didn't marry, and you never heard the official family discuss your relationship. What are you waiting for?"

The hairs on Shangguan Yun's body were erected.

Ye Tang squinted her gorgeous eyes: "Are you waiting to marry King Liang, or to be a queen? Or, both? When King Liang is enthroned, as Yingqi, you won't be a queen. There will definitely be another choice. You are waiting for this."

Shangguan Yun said annoyed: "What are you talking nonsense? Who... knows who will be enthroned in the end. Even if I am willing to wait, my family is not willing..."

"Hehe, that's because you are waiting for King Liang, and Shangguan's family is waiting for the queen." Ye Tangcai narrowed his eyebrows. "Otherwise, an 18-year-old girl would never agree to marry him. Liang Wang saves. For you, you admire with all your heart, but you are a sober person who understands the situation, and you also know that this person cannot be married, so that's why you are slow to act. Shangguan girl, admiration is really admiring, but you understand the situation better. Liang Wangying If the king has lost, he may marry the prince. To put it bluntly, whoever will be the emperor will marry whom."

Shangguan Yun was exposed, and her body trembled: "Even if... even so, what's wrong with me?"

Ye Tang said, "It's all wrong! When King Liang was in trouble, you were afraid of death and risk, so you stood by and watched. Later, when someone became the emperor, they ran over to be a queen, and if they got a bargain, they sold well. Such a queen, a wife, How much weight do you think you have, you have no idea?"

Shangguan Yun's face paled, and she took a step back.

"Do you know what the power of Conglong is?" Ye Tang said, "Others follow King Liang all the way to make the impossible possible. One step away will lead to strange things, even The whole door was copied and cut. In the end, it succeeded. Those of you who didn't do anything, or even secretly poked and supported the enemy, ran over and asked for the same thing. If you didn't give it, you cried how wronged you were!"

Shangguan Yun's face flushed red, but she bit her lip and shook her head: "Even so... Even so... he wants to marry me! I didn't choose the road! He chose me! He married me, so he shouldn't. Leave me alone...should not treat me like this..."

"No, you chose it yourself!" Ye Tang said coldly, "At that time, when the queen candidate was finalized, do you think you are the only candidate? Even if you really think you are the most suitable, I chose you. But if you are unwilling after the measurement, people Can you still be forced to fail? After all, this is to stabilize the situation. If you do not want to do anything messy, then you will lose the role of stabilizing the situation, and he can marry someone else!"

"Obviously you have heard about the position of the queen, and you don't care about Zhao Yingqi in his heart, regardless of the weight of your own family, so you hurriedly rushed forward. Let you take your time, do your duty first, you still don't want to Even if the emperor is the finale, if you dont participate and are not bad-hearted, maybe you dont need to be a nun, or you may be allowed to return to the Shangguans house to marry again. The title of the Shangguans Duke Chengen may still be preserved. this?"

Shangguan Yun was speechless, she had to plop, fell to the ground, crying in a low voice, and pulled Ye Tangcai's clothes: "Before...I didn't want to understand, I was confused, but... Sister Tang How do we say we are good sisters"

Ye Tang gave her a cold look: "I'm not a good sister with you."

"You..." Shangguan Yun gritted her teeth, "We are also experiencing life and death together..."

"Are you talking about the fact that we were caught by human traffickers together?" Ye Tangcai shook his head and laughed, "You really are a'good sister' who experienced life and death together! I let the Fa let everyone out and escape together, and the result was , Ran halfway, you fell, and pulled me, pulled me and fell to the ground with you, I was still on my feet! But I still pulled you to continue running. Finally, King Liang came and took you Saved me and left me where I was. After you got on the horse, did you ask him to save me too?"

Shangguan Yun's heart trembled slightly and said anxiously: "I was too flustered, too scared... and... He came to save people, I thought someone must follow him. So... I thought he saved me, and I will be there later. There are government officials and officers and soldiers, these people will save you!"

Ye Tangcai could still feel the helplessness and fear at the time when he talked about this, only hehehe: "Yeah, maybe you were really panicked! But what about you later?"

"After what?"

Ye Tangcai looked at her wide-eyed, and suddenly felt ridiculous, and sneered: "If I hadn't untied the rope and let everyone out, we might have been sold. Even though I was saving myself at the time, But no matter what, it really saved you and helped you. But have you thanked me?"

Shangguan Yun bit her lip: "I did! That palace banquet... At the Qionglin banquet, I saw you, so I immediately took your hand to speak and thank you."

Ye Tang said: "How long has it been? If you are interested, why don't you come to thank you immediately after the accident, or after a period of physical training? You are the eldest daughter of the official family, but you can't find a person? I didnt even look for it, or I found out my identity a long time ago, and learned that I was just a ruined son-in-law, so I didnt take it seriously! It wasnt until the Qionglin banquet that was nearly a year later that I recognized and thanked each other. What? At that time, I had gone from being a concubine daughter-in-law to being the wife of the champion."

Shangguan Yun's small face turned pale, and she had indeed found out that... such a beautiful and bold girl, with a good temperament, she thought she was a grand daughter, but turned out to be just a ruined concubine and daughter-in-law! She was also afraid that Ye Tangcai would stick to her...

Ye Tangcai shook her head and said with a smile: "I was borrowing from the princess's Zhuangzi, and turned around to thank you. The Shangguan girl really didn't say anything, or didn't care. Finally, she came to say hello again at Qiong Linyan , I also thank you. Later, people who have big banquets and small banquets will come over to say hello and drag them to have fun. This interaction may not necessarily be the first lady."

Shangguan Yun's face changed.

Ye Tangcai watched her eyes become cold: "At that time, Yingqi and I were getting along, and they always ran around hand in hand... You said it. After being rescued by King Liang, they kept going. I never forget, I love admiration in my heart. I dont know how many times I remember, when I played with Yingqi, you rushed over and called the princess with a smile. At that time, I dont know what kind of mood you called it?"

Shangguanyun's lips flicked, what's the mood to call it? Playful, ridicule... At the time she was thinking, why should such a lowly person be Princess Liang? Why account for the one she loves?

Legend has it that King Liang does not love Princess Liang, but with a woman's keenness towards rivals, she can perceive from the subtlety that King Liang really put Zhao Yingqi in her heart.

She was not angry.

But she can't do anything.

Because she loves this man, she likes it, but unfortunately, he is not a prince! There is no win. She will not marry such a person and destroy it with him!

This is the man she doesn't want, so treat it as a charity to Zhao Ying!

Every time she saw Zhao Yingqi, she resented Zhao Yingqi for occupying King Liang, and at the same time mocked that King Liang could only be matched with Zhao Yingqi.

With a complicated mood, she ran over every time she saw Zhao Yingqi and smiled and said, "Well, the princess..."

But in the end, King Liang succeeded! And Zhao Ying is dead!

So, you can always get the best!

The noble man deserves the most noble man!

Such a king of Liang finally became the king of Liang she wanted, and finally she could marry the one she loved!

"So, you are not qualified!" Ye Tang said coldly, raising his hand, and slapped Shang Guan Yun with a slap in the face.

Shangguanyun tilted her body, and her whole body rushed to the ground, bleeding from the corners of her lips.

Ye Tangcai walked to the door and turned to look at her: "Intent to deceive the emperor and kill my son! Kill more than a hundred children! You can enjoy it at Lucui Nunnery!"

"No, no," Shang Guan Yun screamed, trying to climb over, but the door slammed shut.

Lucui Nunnery is not a good place!

All the concubines who can be distributed there are not favored, or committed such things, the teachers there will not be nice to them.

Especially like her, who has no children, and conspired with others to harm the emperor! Made a big mistake, the family was demoted!

There will never be a good life! Live like a dog...

Moreover, I heard that the nuns there are not really dedicated to the Buddha. For money, they will let some men into the temple...

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Chapter 1: Ran Chapter 2: Let the husband out Chapter 3: Upside down Chapter 4: Married Chapter 5: Convenient to people Chapter 6: joke Chapter 7: Return to the door Chapter 8: No appetite Chapter 9: Misunderstand Chapter 10: Don't dislike Chapter 11: If you don't change Chapter 12: Settle down Chapter 13: Transparent person Chapter 14: Don't let him suffer Chapter 15: Move dowry Chapter 16: Ming grab Chapter 17: Persuade Chapter 18: Embarrassed Chapter 19: Leave Chapter 20: Have a fight Chapter 21: Don't scare away Chapter 22: settle down Chapter 23: came back Chapter 24: Meet Chapter 25: unfair Chapter 26: Have a meal Chapter 27: Wonder Chapter 28: Letter Chapter 29: Fight for food Chapter 30: Cheating Chapter 31: Pull dowry Chapter 32: Keep picking Chapter 33: Back view Chapter 34: Pit daughter-in-law Chapter 35: Can't Chapter 36: gift Chapter 37: Beware Chapter 38: Buy (one more) Chapter 39: Reveal (two more) Chapter 40: Remediation (one more) Chapter 41: No good end (two more) Chapter 42: beat Chapter 43: Not good to bully (two more) Chapter 44: Reciprocate Chapter 45: revenge Chapter 46: Jane Chapter 47: Every bet will win Chapter 47: Heavy bet Chapter 49: Star Retriever Chapter 50: Tianshu Chapter 51: Win or lose Chapter 52: Won? Chapter 53: No longer alive Chapter 54: again and again Chapter 55: Carry it by yourself Chapter 56: blame Chapter 57: Punish Chapter 58: Strange girl Chapter 59: Think of ways to Chapter 60: Turning fighting into jade silk Chapter 61: Persuade Chapter 62: original sin Chapter 63: Who cares about Chapter 64: Block Chapter 65: Complaint and challenge Chapter 66: Hold your breath Chapter 67: Do not enter Chapter 68: Don't understand this kind of truth Chapter 69: Smashed to death by the archway Chapter 70: wedding Chapter 71: Wonderful Wedding (12 thousand, first order) Chapter 71: Wonderful Wedding (12 thousand, first order) Chapter 72: Yeli picking back door (one more) Chapter 73: Good grandfather (two more) Chapter 74: Xu Rui (one more) Chapter 75: Drink soup (two more) Chapter 76: Goodwill (one more) Chapter 77: Pay money (two more) Chapter 78: Li 1 (one more) Chapter 79: Dislike (two more) Chapter 80: Take advantage (one more) Chapter 81: Chapter 82: Don't be a monster (one more) Chapter 83: Good calculation (two more) Chapter 84: Unlucky trafficked (one more) Chapter 85: Leave it (two more) Chapter 86: Pain (one more) Chapter 87: Set up (two more) Chapter 88: Postponement (one more) Chapter 89: Dese (two more) Chapter 90: Thanks (one more) Chapter 91: The old lady in the deep house, poisonous enough (two more) Chapter 92: Post up (one more) Chapter 93: How do you want to get in (two more) Chapter 94: High moral character (one more) Chapter 95: Which is this weird flower (two more) Chapter 96: Dowry list (one more) Chapter 97: Dead or not (two more) Chapter 98: Invitation and birthday banquet (one more) Chapter 99: No entry (two more) Chapter 100: Listening to the opera (one more) Chapter 101: Simple and rude Chapter 102: Step into the big pit (one more) Chapter 103: Baifu Fu (two more) Chapter 104: Doubts (one more) Chapter 105: Unsuccessful (two more) Chapter 106: Question (one more) Chapter 107: Own will (two more) Chapter 108: Hypocrisy (one more) Chapter 109: Exam preparation (two more) Chapter 110: Take it as you like (one more) Chapter 111: Pig teammate (two more) Chapter 112: The heart of the villain (one more) Chapter 113: Actress upper body (two more) Chapter 114: Always get ahead (one more) Chapter 115: Follow along (two more) Chapter 116: Invited to play chess (one more) Chapter 117: Chapter 118: Come see me (one more) Chapter 119: It's fighting (two more) Chapter 120: Dragged away by yamen (one more) Chapter 121: Scolding mother while eating milk Chapter 122: So cruel (one more) Chapter 123: Useless (two more) Chapter 124: Said she was short (one more) Chapter 125: Wait and see (two more) Chapter 126: Withhold (one more) Chapter 127: Trial (two more) Chapter 128: Play board (one more) Chapter 129: Tolerate Chapter 130: Upset him (one more) Chapter 131: Zhongyuan (two more) Chapter 132: Secret (one more) Chapter 133: Watching a play (two more) Chapter 134: Doubts (one more) Chapter 135: See you (two more) Chapter 136: Too weak Chapter 137: There is a small flower (two more) Chapter 138: Bear more (one more) Chapter 139: Mediator (two more) Chapter 140: Consider (one more) Chapter 141: Go by yourself (two more) Chapter 142: Be driven away (one more) Chapter 143: Lost my face (two more) Chapter 144: Mid-Autumn Festival (one more) Chapter 145: Qiu Wei is back (two more) Chapter 146: Fluke (one more) Chapter 147: Announcement of each family (two more) Chapter 148: Congratulations (one more) Chapter 149: Just sick (two more) Chapter 150: More and more funny (one more) Chapter 151: Annoying (two more) Chapter 152: Precarious (one more) Chapter 152: Don't panic (two more) Chapter 154: New Year is coming (one more) Chapter 155: Chunwei is coming soon (two more) Chapter 156: Deep affection (one more) Chapter 157: Not being the responsibility of others (two more) Chapter 158: It's just a pit (one more) Chapter 159: Too naive (two more) Chapter 160: Catch (one more) Chapter 161: Return and follow-up (two more) Chapter 162: Collapsed (one more) Chapter 163: Too poisonous (two more) Chapter 164: Sell (one more) Chapter 165: Like a daughter-in-law (two more) Chapter 166: Feeling and ruthless (one more) Chapter 167: Arrangement (two more) Chapter 168: Incident (one more) Chapter 169: The most painful (two more) Chapter 170: The person who pretends to sleep (one more) Chapter 171: Forced to come (two more) Chapter 172: Must fail (one more) Chapter 173: Put the list (two more) Chapter 174: Four people and eight eyes (one more) Chapter 175: Palace Examination (two more) Chapter 176: Bang bang bang (one more) Chapter 177: Hurt someone (two more) Chapter 178: Moved (one more) Chapter 179: Shangguan Yun (two more) Chapter 180: Where is the brain Chapter 181: Refused (two more) Chapter 183: Familiar formula, familiar taste (one more) Chapter 184: Recognize Ye Family Chapter 185: Recognize (one more) Chapter 186: (Two more) Chapter 186: Outside the city (one more) Chapter 187: Nothing wrong (two more) Chapter 188: Empathy (one more) Chapter 189: Like you more (two more) Chapter 190: Back (one more) Chapter 191: General? (Two more) Chapter 191: Love is a light (one more) Chapter 192: Green makes you panic (two more) Chapter 194: Someone covered (one more) Chapter 195: Fulfill them (two more) Chapter 196: To be fair (one more) Chapter 197: Someone is shouting (two more) Chapter 198: Confrontation (one more) Chapter 199: Popular in Beijing (two shifts) Chapter 200: Vomiting blood (one more) Chapter 201: (Two more) Chapter 202: Sanctions (one more) Chapter 203: I was frightened (two more) Chapter 204: Leg numbness (one more) Chapter 205: (Two more) Chapter 206: Full Moon Banquet (one more) Chapter 207: Look down on (two more) Chapter 208: Can't afford (one more) Chapter 209: Focus on (two more) Chapter 210: A sour papaya flavor (one more) Chapter 211: Two more Chapter 212: Arrested (one more) Chapter 213: Be beheaded (two more) Chapter 214: Speaking and reading (one more) Chapter 115: Two more Chapter 216: Not sleeping with you (one more) Chapter 207: Pick up home (two more) Chapter 218: Speaking of pro (one more) Chapter 219: Only with this (two more) Chapter 220: Bring Tanhua home (one more) Chapter 221: Stick together (two more) Chapter 222: Just choose him (one more) Chapter 223: Not interested in Chapter 224: Pick words (one more) Chapter 225: Go to Chen's house (two more) Chapter 226: Speak straight to the face (one more) Chapter 227: Seizure (two more) Chapter 228: Unforgivable (one more) Chapter 229: Hypocritical (two more) Chapter 230: Look at each other (one more) Chapter 231: Make a marriage appointment one (two more) Chapter 232: Set up marriage two (one more) Chapter 233: Said the kiss is here (two more) Chapter 234: She is also (one more) Chapter 235: Go to the top (two more) Chapter 236: Come more violently (one more) Chapter 237: Happy (two more) Chapter 238: This face is not swollen enough (one more) Chapter 239: This face is not swollen enough (second more) Chapter 240: Are you so free (one more) Chapter 241: Don't take me to play (two more) Chapter 242: Why is that (one more) Chapter 244: Just lack of people (one more) Chapter 245: Please fight (two more) Chapter 246: Tingfeng (one more) Chapter 247: I've been holding you back for a long time (two more) Chapter 248: Wait for me (one more) Chapter 249: Can't even speak human words (two more) Chapter 250: Toast Czech wine (one more) Chapter 251: Not sticking to the trivial (two more) Chapter 252: Major events related to fate 1 (one more) Chapter 253: A matter of fate 2 (two more) Chapter 254: Sinner (one more) Chapter 255: Bracelet (two more) Chapter 256: Congratulations (one more) Chapter 257: Two hundred and five (two more) Chapter 258: Xiaojiaziqi (one more) Chapter 259: Can't help on the wall (two more) Chapter 260: What are you sorry for (one more) Chapter 261: Get it back (two more) Chapter 262: Homely heart and kindness (one more) Chapter 263: No but (two more) Chapter 264: Do something (one more) Chapter 265: Go to the doctor (two more) Chapter 266: Here comes (one more) Chapter 267: Door-to-door (two more) Chapter 268: Win and lose (one more) Chapter 269: (Two more) Chapter 270: Originally included her (one more) Chapter 271: What did you do wrong (two more) Chapter 272: Choice (one more) Chapter 273: This IQ (two more) Chapter 274: Yes (one more) Chapter 275: Jump over there (two more) Chapter 276: Chicken legs only (one more) Chapter 277: Don't mind (two more) Chapter 278: Not exclusive (one more) Chapter 279: (Two more) Chapter 280: Chat to death (one more) Chapter 281: Gossip (two more) Chapter 282: Layout (one more) Chapter 283: Layout 2 (two more) Chapter 284: Burst 1, catch Chapter 285: Explosion 2, can't afford to leave Chapter 286: Burst 3, red mouth and white teeth Chapter 287: Breaking 4, watching the show Chapter 288: Burst 5, rules Chapter 289: Explosion 6, complaint Chapter 290: Explosive 7 Chapter 291: Explosion 8, battle report Chapter 292: Explosive 9 and awards Chapter 293: Explosive 10, exciting Chapter 294: Explosion 11, reprimand Chapter 295: Burst 12, boil slowly Chapter 296: Burst 13, pick someone Chapter 297: Explosion 14, pick someone Chapter 298: Burst 15 more, will not lose a piece of meat Chapter 299: Explosion 16, this hat is beautiful Chapter 300: Breaking 17th, today are two Chapter 301: Burst 18, it's a waste of money Chapter 302: Burst 19, you still take it seriously Chapter 303: Explosive 20, laughed to death Chapter 304: Explosion 21, who are you Chapter 305: Explosion 22, chess game Chapter 306: Burst 23, lost Chapter 307: Explosion 24, arrogant Chapter 308: Burst 25, dig a big hole Chapter 309: Explosive 26, is a talented girl Chapter 310: Explosion 27, here it is Chapter 311: What chess to play (one more) Chapter 312: Can't afford to pay (two more) Chapter 313: Reward (one more) Chapter 314: Just stupid (two more) Chapter 315: Be careful to be choked to death (one more) Chapter 316: Recapture (two more) Chapter 317: Scramble (one more) Chapter 318: Return date (two more) Chapter 319: Splendid flower group (one more) Chapter 320: Thirteen Tune (two more) Chapter 321: Colorful all over the city (one more) Chapter 322: Last wish (two more) Chapter 323: Invisible (one more) Chapter 324: (Two more) Chapter 325: (Three shifts) Chapter 326: (One more) Chapter 327: (Two more) Chapter 328: (Three shifts) Chapter 329: Here again (one more) Chapter 330: Split like this (two more) Chapter 331: Don't die (three shifts) Chapter 332: No way (one more) Chapter 333: Hypocritical (two more) Chapter 334: Receiving the wind banquet (three shifts) Chapter 335: Like who (one more) Chapter 336: Must come (two more) Chapter 337: Isn't it embarrassing? (one more) Chapter 338: Vanves (two more) Chapter 339: Victory Building (one more) Chapter 340: Blood Man (two more) Chapter 341: MeSince (one more) Chapter 342: (Two more) Chapter 343: Each insists on one word (one more) Chapter 344: Coincidence (two more) Chapter 345: In the past (one more) Chapter 346: The last time (two more) Chapter 347: Meet (one more) Chapter 348: Alternative (two more) Chapter 349: Case closed (one more) Chapter 350: Catch up (two more) Chapter 351: Disdain (one more) Chapter 352: Work till death (two more) Chapter 353: Silly (one more) Chapter 354: Dilemma (two more) Chapter 355: Unprecedented (one more) Chapter 356: Just this trick (two more) Chapter 357: (One more) Chapter 358: (Two more) Chapter 359: Steady and steady (one more) Chapter 360: Go to the housewarming banquet (two more) Chapter 361: Housewarming Banquet (one more) Chapter 362: (Two more) Chapter 363: Kneel (one more) Chapter 364: Be the uncle (two more) Chapter 365: Always smart (one more) Chapter 366: Not dignified (two more) Chapter 367: Coincidentally (one more) Chapter 368: Warning (two more) Chapter 369: Broken pot with rotten lid (one more) Chapter 370: Two more. Chapter 371: The final end (one more) Chapter 372: (Two more) Chapter 373: Not worthy (one more) Chapter 374: Can feed oneself (two more) Chapter 375: Work hard (one more) Chapter 376: (Two more) Chapter 377: Words (one more) Chapter 378: Comb hair (two more) Chapter 379: (One more) Chapter 380: Regulation (two more) Chapter 381: Out of the cabinet (one more) Chapter 382: Glenn (two more) Chapter 383: Caught (one more) Chapter 384: You will die (two more) Chapter 385: (One more) Chapter 386: Just the beginning (two more) Chapter 387: Proud (one more) Chapter 388: No good place Chapter 389: Too cruel (one more) Chapter 390: Be noble (two more) Chapter 381: Flower viewing feast (one more) Chapter 382: Don't mess with the rules (two more) Chapter 383: Use your life to sing a big show (one more) Chapter 394: Keep you or not (two more) Chapter 395: Home (one more) Chapter 396: Can't wait (two more) Chapter 397: Forgive others and forgive others (one more) Chapter 398: Everything is ready (two more) Chapter 399: (One more) Chapter 400: Go to Quanshan (second shift) Chapter 401: Just talk Chapter 402: First salute and then soldier (one more) Chapter 403: Do it for your conscience (two more) Chapter 404: Go (one more) Chapter 405: Escape (two more) Chapter 406: All kinds of oppression (one more) Chapter 407: Divorce (two shifts) Chapter 408: Kick out (one more) Chapter 409: Looking for (two more) Chapter 410: Announcement (one more) Chapter 411: Continue painting (two more) Chapter 412: Interesting stuff (one more) Chapter 413: Nightmare (two more) Chapter 414: Follow suit (one more) Chapter 415: Happy event (two more) Chapter 416: (One more) Chapter 417: Can hunt (two more) Chapter 419: Decision (one more) Chapter 419: Arrived (two more) Chapter 420: Xuzhou (one more) Chapter 421: Must go (one more) Chapter 422: Follow (one more) Chapter 423: True and false (two more) Chapter 424: (One more) Chapter 425: (Two more) Chapter 426: Don't cry (one more) Chapter 427: Back to the city (two more) Chapter 428: The whole story (one more) Chapter 429: Apologize (two more) Chapter 430: Back to Beijing (one more) Chapter 431: I know it all (two more) Chapter 432: Pulse diagnosis (one more) Chapter 433: Unacceptable (two more) Chapter 434: Don't want him (one more) Chapter 435: As long as you (two more) Chapter 436: Annunciation (one more) Chapter 347: (Two more) Chapter 438: (One more) Chapter 439: The toad wants to eat swan meat (two more) Chapter 440: For the mother is just Gang (one more) Chapter 441: Ding affinity and return to Beijing (two shifts) Chapter 442: Back to Beijing (one more) Chapter 443: The whole is mine (two more) Chapter 444: (One more) Chapter 445: Still have to hug (two more) Chapter 446: Reward (one more) Chapter 447: No chance at all (two more) Chapter 448: (One more) Chapter 449: See you (two more) Chapter 450: Home (one more) Chapter 451: (Two more) Chapter 452: Situation (one more) Chapter 453: Dig a big hole (two more) Chapter 454: Humiliation (one more) Chapter 455: Killed (two more) Chapter 456: Kill 2 (one more) Chapter 457: Killed 3 (two more) Chapter 458: I just want you (one more) Chapter 549: Reconciled (two more) Chapter 460: It's all her (one more) Chapter 461: Back to Beijing (two more) Chapter 462: What is needed (one more) Chapter 463: Push (two more) Chapter 364: Make another arrangement (one more) Chapter 465: Send a letter (two more) Chapter 466: What are you doing (one more) Chapter 467: Exhausted (two more) Chapter 468: One pit after another (one more) Chapter 469: Shot (two more) Chapter 470: (One more) Chapter 471: Detained (two more) Chapter 472: In advance (one more) Chapter 473: Portrait (two more) Chapter 474: Villain (one more) Chapter 475: Yuxia (two more) Chapter 476: Conspiracy (one more) Chapter 477: (Two more) Chapter 478: True and false (one more) Chapter 479: Wang Ba look at mung beans (two more) Chapter 480: Time is running out (one more) Chapter 481: (Two more) Chapter 428: Grandson (one more) Chapter 483: Triumph of the Holy Will (two more) Chapter 484: It will definitely pass (three shifts) Chapter 485: Doubt (four more) Chapter 486: I'm so fateful (one more) Chapter 487: Palace trial (two more) Chapter 488: Palace trial two (three shifts) Chapter 489: To me (four more) Chapter 490: Reverse like this (one more) Chapter 491: Confirmed (two more) Chapter 492: Confirmed two (three shifts) Chapter 493: Minghui (four more) Chapter 494: Continue to check (one more) Chapter 495: Lodging (two more) Chapter 496: Treat me better (three shifts) Chapter 497: Long ears (one more) Chapter 498: Okay (two more) Chapter 499: Stable (one more) Chapter 500: Father and son competition (two more) Chapter 501: Banquet (one more) Chapter 502: Live for another twenty years (two more) Chapter 503: Look back at her (one more) Chapter 504: Dead (two more) Chapter 505: Make trouble (one more) Chapter 506: Lost God (two more) Chapter 507: Noisy (one more) Chapter 508: Picking fruits (two more) Chapter 509: (One more) Chapter 510: Take the idea (two more) Chapter 511: Eating hot tofu in a hurry (one more) Chapter 512: Guiqiu (two more) Chapter 513: Talk about life (one more) Chapter 514: (Two more) Chapter 515: Pull the machine (one more) Chapter 516: (Two more) Chapter 517: Zhaoxiang (one more) Chapter 518: Grasp the rhythm (two more) Chapter 519: The most wronged one (one more) Chapter 520: Be vigorous and resolute (two more) Chapter 522: Count from (two more) Chapter 523: Not passive (one more) Chapter 524: That's it (two more) Chapter 525: Diagnosis and treatment Chapter 526: Rouge ink Chapter 527: witness Chapter 528: is her Chapter 529: Talkative Chapter 530: Face sweeping Chapter 531: Good show opening Chapter 532: Spit star Chapter 533: Press down Chapter 534: Mingjian Chapter 535: Chubby Chapter 536: threat Chapter 537: Can't be less Chapter 538: Shengtang Chapter 539: Help a lot Chapter 540: Plead guilty Chapter 541: Ghost ghost Chapter 542: evidence Chapter 543: Plead guilty Chapter 544: brazen Chapter 545: conviction Chapter 546: Pearl Bu Yao Chapter 547: Explosive 01: Case closed Chapter 548: Explosion 02: Identity Chapter 549: Explosion 03: Reveal Chapter 550: Chapter 551: Burst 05: Inheritance Chapter 552: Explosion 06: can run Chapter 553: Explosion 07: Help Chapter 554: Explosion 08: Sincerity Chapter 555: Explosion 09: Test Chapter 556: Breaking 10: Check Chapter 557: Burst 11: Boot Chapter 558: Burst 12: Interception Chapter 559: Burst 13: Misleading Chapter 560: Breaking 14: found Chapter 561: Burst 15: Yes Chapter 562: Explosion 16: Give death Chapter 563: Explosion 17: Old and not ashamed Chapter 564: Explosion 18: The opportunity is not to be missed Chapter 565: Burst 19: It's doomed Chapter 566: Determined Chapter 567: Under control (one more) Chapter 568: Strategies of all parties (two more) Chapter 570: Brush down (two more) Chapter 571: Not blind (one more) Chapter 572: (Two more) Chapter 573: Try to figure out people's hearts (one more) Chapter 574: Trace (two more) Chapter 575: All parties prepare (one more) Chapter 576: Create momentum (two more) Chapter 577: Catching Turtle in the Urn Chapter 578: Coming (one more) Chapter 579: Bunny bag (two more) Chapter 580: Everything is ready (one more) Chapter 581: Encourage (two more) Chapter 582: Jumping beam clown (one more) Chapter 583: Continue to jump (two more) Chapter 584: Purpose (one more) Chapter 585: (Two more) Chapter 586: Action (one more) Chapter 587: Incident (two more) Chapter 588: Interrogation (one more) Chapter 589: Enter the palace (two more) Chapter 590: Hijacked (one more) Chapter 591: Chaos (two more) Chapter 592: Come back (one more) Chapter 503: Entering the palace (two more) Chapter 594: Rescue Chapter 595: success Chapter 596: Can't keep it (one more) Chapter 597: (Two more) Chapter 598: Dumbfounded (one more) Chapter 599: Make trouble (two more) Chapter 600: Turn your elbow out (one more) Chapter 601: Worrying about the future (two more) Chapter 602: Sin (one more) Chapter 603: What to guard against (two more) Chapter 604: Hug Chapter 506: Enthroned (one more) Chapter 606: Never choose (two more) Chapter 607: Want to do Chapter 608: Tower (one more) Chapter 609: Give back Chapter 609: Chapter 610: Safety Chapter 612: like me Chapter 613: Chapter 614: Can't catch Chapter 615: What's missing Chapter 616: What is missing 2 Chapter 617: Become emperor Chapter 618: Same Chapter 619: Release 1 Chapter 620: Release 2 Chapter 621: look forward to Chapter 622: rude Chapter 623: Not give birth Chapter 624: beat Chapter 625: Chapter 626: I've been lying down for three days (two more) Chapter 627: Unhappy Chapter 628: One more Chapter 629: So persuade (two more) Chapter 630: disgusting Chapter 631: Chapter 632: Suppress Chapter 633: Can't do it Chapter 635: Chapter 635: dream Chapter 636: Considerate (two more) Chapter 637: Get better Chapter 638: Provocation and start Chapter 639: Once a month Chapter 640: Can't compete Chapter 641: Mingzhe protect oneself Chapter 642: Hate Chapter 643: New Year (one more) Chapter 644: Suppress (two more) Chapter 645: Off-flavor Chapter 646: Ending (1) Chapter 647: Ending (two) Chapter 648: Ending (three) Chapter 649: Ending (four) Chapter 650: Ending (5) Chapter 651: Ending (6) Chapter 652: Ending (7) Chapter 653: Ending (8) Chapter 654: Ending (9) Chapter 655: Ending (ten) Chapter 656: Ending (11 5) Chapter 657: Ending Chapter 657: Ending