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"Charlton, Serena, the Maestro is joining us later, are you two prepared?" Felix asked as he saw the two along with their friends come in the class a little early.

"Yes sir." Serena responded. She was a little excited to see the Maestro's reaction once he hears the song. She just knew that he would love it. Besides, with some honesty, she admits that she also looks forward to getting praised. Although it's just her plagiarizing again, it did feel good to get some recognition.

"Great! I'm excited to hear the song. You two have been so secretive about it. Anyway, I asked him to come to this room later."

"Sir Felix, can I stay here to listen?" a girl who was there early shyly asked. She only got to hear Serena sing her newly composed song once during the first day. She heard about the wedding from her parents when they visited her. They had endless praise.

"Ah, Celine, I'm not sure. Why don't you ask Serena?" Felix replied.

Celine looked at Serena with pleading eyes. She really wanted to listen and in fact she have long worshipped Serena in her heart. "Please Ms. Serena? I can't forget the first time you sang in class. I have long idolized you since then"

Serena blushed. Did she just get her 1st fan? "Ah it's okay. I hope you won't be disappointed."

Milly started laughing proud of her friend, "Me too, I'm staying. I haven't heard this new song yet."

Charlton had a small smile on his face. He felt proud of his girlfriend.


"So that's all for the day, goodbye and see you all next week." Felix said as he dismissed the class. He did not announce that Serena and Charlton were singing as he didn't want a lot of people to be there. The girl earlier was accidental. Also, it won't be fair to Serena, the song was her work.

The students started to leave, on their way out, they saw an old man entering the room. He looked a little familiar, but since they all just wanted to go to town and enjoy the weekend, they paid him no heed and left.

Geoffrey had to leave early right after they have been dismissed because of some duties he could not escape. He didn't know about Serena and Charlton playing a new piece. He said his goodbyes to his friends first, then at Emily. On his way out, he saw Serena still on her seat. He smiled at her and nodded his head. Before completely leaving the room, he saw the duke of Ligeti by the door and greeted him as courtesy. The duke was old and was in the neutral faction. So, he did not have a lot of words for him.

Emily was about to leave, but being the music aficionado she was, she recognized Maestro Ligeti. She saw that Geoffrey greeted him and then left, then he entered the room. Wanting a chance to speak with him, she sat back on her chair as Felix greeted the Maestro.

"Maestro, so glad you can make it." Felix began as he moved to assist the Maestro. He was dressed simply and did not bring his servants with him so that he would not garner too much attention.

"I'm very much looking forward to your student's creation." The Maestro said in response as he placed his hand on Felix's shoulder.

"Why is Emily not leaving yet?" Gizel whispered to Serena.

Serena shook her head. Except for the seven of them and the Celine, no one knew that she and Charlton will be singing a new song.

Felix found it strange that Emily was not leaving. He wanted to ask her to leave, but won't that be rude? It was already beyond class hours and this room was not his.

"Serena, Charlton, please come over and greet the Maestro." Felix called.

Serena and Charlton walked to the front as they greeted the Maestro.

"We meet again! I have been looking forward to this day since the wedding. I hope you don't mind me being here now." The Maestro began.

"We hope not to disappoint Maestro. Also, if it's alright, our friends are here to listen too." Serena said.

"No problem, I don't own the song, you do. It is your prerogative if you want others to listen." The maestro laughingly said as he patted her shoulder. Then he looked around, "you mentioned a Leonard last time. Is he here?"

"Yes, my brother is here, would you like to meet him?"

"that would be lovely."

Serena turned to face Leonard to beckon him over. Seeing that, Leonard approached.

"Maestro, this is my brother, Lord Leonard Alphonse Maxwell, the heir of our Ducal house. Brother, this is Duke Von Ligeti."

Leonard felt a little embarrassed. He is the brother and can introduce himself. Nonetheless, he made a courtesy bow to the Duke."It's a pleasure to meet you, your grace."

The Maestro laughed as he patted his shoulder, "No need to greet me with such courtesy, just call me Maestro. The first time I heard your sister's music, I was overcome with admiration. I was told that you played a big role in creating that. Were you also involved in creating the song they will be playing today?"

"No Maestro, this new song was all them. Also, I did not really play a big role then. I just helped a little." He said blushing. He did not want to take credit on a work not really of his own.

"You're a fine young man, be good to your sister and watch over her. Now let me find a seat, my old bones are killing me." He said, as he gestured Felix to help him.

Emily felt out of place. She wanted to leave, but felt that it would be rude to just do so suddenly. Besides, she was also curious on what was happening. So, she remained rooted on her seat. Anyway, she was not the only student still in the room.

Serena decided not to mind Emily. She didn't know her purpose for staying, but it's not like the girl would cause her any harm by just watching and listening.

"Okay, Serena and Charlton, whenever you're ready." Felix said.

Charlton looked at Serena, "Let's go?" he asked.

Serena nodded and smiled at him in response. Then they walked to the stage.

Charlton sat in front of the piano. Serena told him that he was better than her with that, so he should be the one playing.

Serena on her part honestly thought so. Besides, she rather like looking at him playing. He looked so hot and sexy. The inner fangirl in her wanted to scream his name out loud, shouting to the world that her Charlton is the best, and he was completely hers. Anyway, she chose to stand beside the piano's front. Then Charlton played the first note.

Serena like the first time she sang in the bath, sang the first stanza and chorus.

"I can't remember when you weren't there, when I didn't care for anyone but you.. Through the years."

Then, Charlton sang the second stanza and chorus.

"I can't remember what I used to do, who I trusted whom, I listened to before Through the years, through all the good and bad"

Then they sang in duet for the next two chorus paragraphs.

"Through the years, when everything went wrong, together we were strong..." until the song ended.

Then there was silence and only a sniffing sound was heard. The first to clap was Celine at the back. She didn't notice the atmosphere below.

At the first row, Felix sat beside Maestro Ligeti. From the first stanza the Serena sang, he noticed the Maestro's eyes have already watered. He understood why because he too felt so sentimental about the song. The lyrics were so beautiful that he was sure that each word have gone straight to the Maestro's heart. However, he was also afraid that the maestro would just have a heart-attack then and there.

Leonard, Kylo, and Emily in front also noticed. Thus, they were just being silent.

Emily thought that Serena was indeed very good. She could not imagine writing a song like that herself. However, she noticed the way Serena and Charlton had been looking at each other. Could there be something between them? She wondered.

Gizel, Milly, and Via, at the back also felt very emotional with the song, but not wanting to be defeated by Celine, they too started cheering by clapping their hands loudly.

Then, the Maestro stood up from his seat and approached Serena.

Serena noticing, smiled at the Maestro. She could understand the way he must be feeling now.

He held both her hands with his as he thanked her profusely. "Thank you thank you both the song spoke of everything I would have wanted to tell my wife. You just told the wonderful story of our lives, of all the lives of people like me." he said, tears leaking from his eyes. "Thank you"

Serena seeing the Maestro in tears felt too sentimental as she can relate to him. She too suddenly felt her chest being stuffy and tears threatened to fall from the corner of her eyes.

"How about you sing it during your golden anniversary I can send the sheet music and the lyrics if you want to" Serena said as she removed her hands from his hold to dab the corner of her eyes.

"No, please you two sing it, I don't think I can. I might just start crying in the middle and make all the guests laugh at me. Please, I insist."

Charlton stood up from the piano and approached them. He saw Serena in tears and wanted to hug her, though he knew that she was just being empathetic. Anyway, everyone was staring so he could only pat her on the shoulder.



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