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The cold wind was blowing, and all the glass windows were tightly closed. For the south, where there is no heating, heating is all based on righteousness. Of course, there are warm quilts and electric mattresses.

At this time, the warm quilt is always very nostalgic.

Xu Qiu is the kind of person who sleeps more properly, but in winter he hides half of his head in a thick quilt.

Because of the habit she developed as a child, she is not used to the light and fluttering duvet. In winter, she likes the weighty soft duvet.

The silk cotton weighing more than ten kilograms is pressed on the body, with a heavy feeling, airtight, and excellent comfort.

"Tweet, get up, it's almost ten o'clock, get up and eat quickly."

Because its the Chinese New Year, the tolerance of being a parent is a little higher than usual. They call people up before 7 or 8 oclock, but when I look at the time, its more than 9 oclock, and I still cant help but urge it.

"Get up."

The hand wrapped in the fluffy rabbit pajamas stretched out, fumbled around the very skilled quilt, and touched the mobile phone that was like a block of ice in the air. When I looked at the time, it was only three minutes past nine o'clock.

The brightness of the mobile phone was adjusted from dim to bright, and only after his eyes adjusted to the light did Xu Qiu slowly emerge from the bed.

Because of the New Year, the table at home was filled with half-prepared meals.

My mother and father in aprons were busy in the kitchen early in the morning. They saw Xu Qiu's sleepy look: "Dont hurry up and change your clothes, your aunt and they are coming soon. There is stewed porridge in the small pot. Lets eat first. Order pickles."

Crispy roast duck, char siu pork, pork ribs slurping in the pot, small crispy pork, chopped cold dishes...

Of course, you cant just touch the dishes you cook, but you can drink a bowl of steaming gruel for breakfast.

Xu's pickles are a must, and the sweet and sour white radish has been pickled recently.

Xu Qiu felt comfortable with the open flame porridge without adding anything.

However, after eating the pickles, the mouth inevitably tasted, and the mouthwash was not strong enough to last. Xu Qiu touched two kumquats from the table again.

The thin, juicy kumquat has a unique aroma, the epidermis is sweet, and the middle part is slightly sour, which makes people wake up all at once.

It seemed as if the time was dazzling, the banquet was opened, and relatives and friends said nothing more than those topics, the children who studied and worked for.

Xu Qiu hurriedly finished the meal and quickly pulled away from the dining table, shut himself into the small room, and enjoyed the rare intimacy.

She lived in the room where she slept for many years, opened the curtains and let the sun shine on her body.

Xu Qiu didn't know when he changed back to the very cute rabbit pajamas. This thick and fluffy pajamas felt warmer than down jackets.

She pulled up the hat with two rabbit ears, and she sank her whole body under the soft quilt, feeling the sun shining on her body, it was obviously winter, and the warmth was about to melt away.

During the holiday season, there were still people setting off fireworks and firecrackers, and the arguing voices on the TV were also very loud, but for Xu Qiu, these voices were even more helpful for sleep.

It's great, I think I can't get up all the time.

"The principal's face is so red."

"Oh, it's so hot, what should I do, will Tweet be burned into a fool?"

Xu Baibai's voice sounded: "Let's give, let's give, don't surround, I will take her temperature"

[39 degrees 7, high fever]

Xu Baibai asked the health robot to scan Xu Qiu's situation, and suddenly felt bad.

If it continues to burn like this, it is indeed easy to burn Xu Qiu's head.

Although science and technology have advanced greatly, medicine is also much more powerful. For example, any severed limbs and hands can be regenerated by cell cloning technology to achieve the effect of severed hands. Some wounds can also heal very well.

But in the field of cranial nerves, once it is damaged, it is not so easy to repair it.

At this time, adults speak heavier than children: "Everyone, get out of the way and send her to the treatment room."

"But if the quilt is removed, Qiuqiu will be frozen, and it will become more serious. The treatment cabin is far away from the room."

There are cubs rushing out: "I'm going to find Mr. D, Mr. D is smarter!"

Yan Dong was originally in the research institute. He put down the items in his hands as soon as he received the news, and strode directly to the dormitory area.

At the same time, he issued an order to Xu Baibai: "Wrap her in a quilt and send her to the medical room for further examination."

The very fast man carried the bird that flew over to report the letter: "You take a breath first and tell me what's going on?"

Yuan Jiu took a few breaths: "Because the principal did not come down to eat and knocked on the door without any response, we slammed the door open in a hurry, and then found that the principal's face was red and red, and he was still calling mother. Xu Baibai said, The principal is sick."

They now have more than a thousand inhabitants on this planet, so the breakfast situation has changed to some extent.

After the summer camp, the cubs returned to the city and went to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Today's breakfasts are basically cooked by robot assistants. Semi-buffet breakfasts give the cubs more choices.

You can eat more when you are hungry, and dont force yourself if you have a bad appetite.

After the cooking robots craftsmanship was adjusted to be very similar to her own, Xu Qiu now basically does not make breakfast that does not require much technical content. Under normal circumstances, as long as she lives with the cubs, she will usually go with the cubs. The cubs eat together.

Even if they have eaten it, they will come down to say hello to the cubs and say a sweet good morning.

But today is different, Xu Qiu did not come down.

As an adult, you also have the right to bed, but today is different. Today until the end of the meal, the cafeteria time has passed, Xu Qiu still did not come.

No dinner together, no good morning, or even work.

In order to engage in urban construction, Xu Qiu used to put into high-intensity work for several days.

Now that she is on the right track, she is still doing 5 rest 2 as before.

But today is a working day, not a weekend or a holiday.

The person in charge of the work handover sent a message asking, but received no response.

This is really abnormal. The cubs don't worry as much as the adults, so they knocked on the door the first time.

But let them knock on the door banging loudly. After 5 minutes, Xu Qiu didn't respond.

Talking voice = talking relatives

Xu Qiu, in his sleep, regarded the cubs knocking on the door as the sound of firecrackers.

After the cubs entered the room, for Xu Qiu, the sound of conversation = the sound of the TV outside.

When I went to find Yandong, the door of Xu Qiu's room was directly collapsed by the cubs.

Once they were born again and again, they did this once when they were kids in the kindergarten.

Yan Dong personally checked Xu Qiu further and heaved a sigh of relief.

"There is no major problem. Once the fever subsides, people will be fine when they wake up."

"You don't want to be around here anymore, it's not going to class today."

The cubs are still elementary school students and there are so many courses.

All the cubs are not happy anymore.

"I'm not going, I want to stay and tweeted."

Where is Xu Qiu important in the course.

"That's right, I won't go. When the principal wakes up, there is no one by her side, so how sad it would be."

As a girl, the little fox Lily has a more delicate mind. When she feels uncomfortable, she also hopes that someone will be with her.

Yan Dong's eyebrows curled up: "I will stay with her here, there is no need for so many people here."

He glanced at the closed window: "The room is too small and the air is not circulating, which will affect her condition."

"And if you are infected, her disease is still not healed, and you must be taken care of."

Compared with these cubs, Xu Qiu's body is much weaker.

I have to say that Yan Dong's words succeeded in poking the cubs' hearts.

They all hope that Xu Qiu can get better as soon as possible, and no one wants to cause more trouble to the principal.

"Well then, we are leaving, you must take good care of her."

It seems that the quiet little boy Zhu Niang said: "If you dare not take good care of the principal, we will not let you go!"

Bai Sa raised his small fist silently.

Qing Sha also arched his body, hissing his tongue.

Obviously it should be a warm occasion, so it's a rattling sword.

Xu Baibai said: "Xu Qiu would be happier if they were there. Let them wait in the next room. Today, the school will take a half day off for now."

Looks like this, no one in this room is in the mood to study.

All the cubs agreed, and a group of people sat next door, standing up from time to time to look at the next room.

Several cubs whispered: "I don't think we can do this."

"Too passive."

"That's it."

Kiori said, "But if you really get sick, the principal will be very hard."

"Wearing a mask can prevent the spread of diseases. We just don't touch the principal's body."

"That is, if the virus is really so powerful, we have contacted the principal before. And that bad rabbit is not said. The principal is either seriously ill, or has a fever. I read the book saying that fever is not contagious. Yes, only for colds."

"The principal may have a bad cold."

Several cubs discussed, and then the first representative opened the door.

The fierce kitty put on a mask: "If there are too many people, it won't work, but one more person will have no effect. We have all been sterilized, and we have to take turns to protect the principal."

The frequency of this rotation is maintained at six minutes, 10 cubs, who dont want to wait for a few hours.

So change the person every six minutes, and when the principal wakes up, everyone will come over and take a look.

What if this rabbit does something terrible.

It's not enough just to stare at the robot, everyone just doesn't worry.

Although the frequency of substitutions is high, no one is too troublesome.

One hour later, Xu Qiu successfully reduced the fever.

She opened her eyes, Yan Dong was beside the bed, and a white face appeared.

In order to prevent the fallen fluff from being inhaled by Xu Qiu, all cubs that can transform into a human form will try their best to maintain a human form in the ward today.

The little girl's eyes lit up: "The principal is awake!"

Hoop, all the cubs are here.

"President and principal, how do you feel?"

"Great, you are awake, principal."

Xu Qiu blinked a bit dullly. By the way, the life in the dreamland, when I think about it now, it is light and unreality.

And I was in bed for a while, and I finished eating in a while, there was no particularly obvious feeling of the passing of time.

It turned out that it was just a dream before. She is still in this time and space after 3000 years and has not returned home.

After this brief loss, seeing these tender and eagerly caring faces, my heart was warm again: "It's okay."

Xu Qiu herself was shocked when she said this, because her voice was very hoarse, like a broken gong.

"Water shortage caused by high fever."

The bed moved by itself, allowing Xu Qiu to sit up slowly without any effort.

A cup of warm water was passed to Xu Qiu: "Add some light salt water."


Xu Qiu drank half a glass of water and felt his throat improved a lot.

Xu Baibai publicized in Xu Qiu's ears, the cubs' "great achievements"

Xu Qiu's expression slowly changed, perhaps because of illness, people will become especially vulnerable: "Thank you."

She especially wanted to hug these cubs.

"Hey, it's all a matter of effort, trivial matter."

Yuan Jiu jumped directly onto the hospital bed, then rubbed Xu Qiu with his little furry face, "I can see that you really want to touch me!"

Seeing that the principal was ill, he mercifully let her touch it.

The other cubs turned into smaller prototypes one after another, and they took turns stroking.

Xu Qiu's mood suddenly became much better.

Until the cubs were ruthlessly driven away by the cold big rabbit: "If you have enough touch, go out. She still needs to rest."

I really don't understand why Xu Qiu indulged these cubs so much, and caused a noisy headache.

Only Xu Qiu and Yandong were left in the room.

The latter suddenly said: "I already know your secret."

Xu Qiu:!

What? ! What does he know?

Could it be that she was so burnt that she accidentally exposed 008!

Xu Qiu is a very tight-lipped person, and he protects his secrets very well.

But people are like people who are drunk, and sometimes they say things that are not under their control. You can't criticize a burnt patient for saying things that shouldn't be said.

"Did I talk in a dream? Maybe I dreamed of some messy things."

"I think I still have the ability to distinguish between what is true and what is false."

The tone is very meaningful and sure.

Yan Dong originally wanted to say, but suddenly stopped again: "If you want to go home, get better as soon as possible."

Xu Qiu:! ! !

The half-talking guy hates it the most.

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