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Xu Qiu fell ill, except for the weather changes and the hard work these days. He suddenly relaxed and collapsed.

It's like a spring that has been tight, suddenly relaxes, and it collapses.

Another aspect is homesickness, she really wants to go home.

But this low mood was only for a while, thinking about the progress bar that was about to reach the goal, and then looking at the specially cured cub, Xu Qiu wanted to start soon.

With adequate medical conditions, and the young people are in good health, they have not taken any medicine after a few days of rest. After a little attention to diet, Xu Qiu quickly recovered successfully.

She was always thinking about the secret Yan Dong said in her heart, and asked the cubs, sometimes it was not clear. There were no special monitoring equipment in many places in the room. For the sake of her own safety, Xu Qiu's room was not equipped with any monitoring. Equipment, but 008 has real-time monitoring function.

The 008 who was bound with Xu Qiu faithfully recorded the scene at that time.

Xu Qiu's face slowly turned red, and then he began to dream about it. At this point, no one was in the room.

Then the cubs rushed in, and then everyone went out to find Yan Dong.

Xu Qiu was in front of each other during the whole process, so she only called her mother.

Calling mother is a secret. She was raised by her parents, and she didn't pop out of a rock.

But thinking about the meaningful sentence from the other party, Xu Qiu felt that things were not that simple.

But what if Dong said that he was just cheating himself?

Anyway, when he got better, Xu Qiu decided to pretend not to know anything.

Don't think about it, don't worry about it, and wait until the day she goes back.

It is always impossible for Yan Dong to go back with her.

Xu Qiu didn't go to Yandong, but Yandong took the initiative to look for her.

He put a book as thick as a brick in front of her.

"I promised your information before."


Xu Qiu was confused, picked it up and looked at the more detailed information of the cubs' parents.

She used to get a relatively simple version from Yan Dong before, but the one in her hand is as detailed as the 18th generation of the cubs ancestors, Dingdingdongdongs father, clearly printed. on the paper.

The big bat on the paper looks like two people in embarrassment with him, and it has the taste of noble blood.

Yu Yu's father did have a heartbreaking beauty.

There are a few cubs that are special. Compared with humans, the blood flowing on them is more like beasts, and they obey the law of the jungle where the strong are respected.

Muzhi's parents were gone, her mother was more sturdy, and directly ate her mating partner.

This is a very fierce race, also eaten by the same fierce predators.

The grievances and grievances of the previous life, and all the content that may affect the shaping of a character, are clearly written in this thick material.

Including the current conditions of the cubs, why they gave up the cubs in the first place, their combat effectiveness indicators are all concreteized, and reference values are also given.

The single parents of the cubs are supposed to be relatively thin, but this time not only the number and data of the laboratory are given, but also the observation data in the laboratory before, who the observer is, and even the personality analysis of the observer, as well as the family background.

When looking at these materials, Xu Qiu's expression fluctuated greatly, looking line by line, from day to night, his eyes were sour.

In the middle of the journey, Xu Qiu didn't go out to eat because he was too sleepy and forgetting to eat.

Still the cubs ran in with a worried look, she got up from her chair and almost staggered over.

"It's okay, my illness has recovered. This is a little fascinated by reading a story book just now, and I forgot about eating for a while."

The cubs looked at Xu Qiu, her face was very healthy and ruddy, and she was sober.

"Well then, the principal, move faster."

"That is, what I said, I have to eat on time to be healthy, and I will do what I say."

The book fan Zhuniang asked: "What story book is so good-looking?"

"It's Mr. Rabbit's work. I will tell you when I finish reading it."

Xu Qiu reached out and touched the little twitch on the heads of the cubs.

Hearing that it was Yan Dong's writing, the little face of the cub showed the expression of a sour lemon suddenly being stuffed into his mouth.

Zhu Niang said: "I still have a lot of books to read, so just ignore it."

After reading all the information, Xu Qiu's mind was still a little messy.

Because the number of people is relatively large and things are very complicated, her mind seems to have a complicated network of interpersonal relationships.

Xu Qiu wanted to say something, but he picked up the communicator to get in touch with Yandong, but suddenly couldn't say it.

She decided to call the cubs over and destroy them one by one.

"Lily, you are the first to come."

The little fox hopped in: "President, what can you do with me?"

"There is a story I want to tell you. Once upon a time there was a big fox..."

Jin Xingxing's mother actually told her a lot of stories, but this time, Xu Qiu will tell her with another story.

The little fox, who was already a primary school student, said: "The story is over. Are the two foxes in here my father and mother?"

Xu Qiu nodded.

"I don't need Dad."

The little fox said: "A child without a father can grow up healthy and healthy. Mr. Rabbit has no father, and he has become so powerful. Besides, it would be great if we had a principal."

After Lily said such words, Xu Qiu's face didn't look good, but worse than before.

"What if one day, I also leave you?" Xu Qiu said softly, and then stopped again.

"It's nothing, go back first, call the others, and call Yu Yu first."

Some of the cubs moms and dads are no longer there, and some do not have moms and dads.

But they actually have other relatives in this world.

Xu Qiu told the cubs about the past. Some cubs cried, while others were stronger and didn't care much.

Xu Qiu gave affirmative answers over and over again, telling the cub very solemnly.

"You are the children who are highly anticipated to be born. In my heart, you will always be treasures."

After talking about these things, she still wanted to find Yan Dong, but it was too late, and she had to think about some things.

Wait until tomorrow, and wait until tomorrow you think about it clearly and organize your language before you go.

Otherwise, it's easy to lose the wind without any preparation.

But while Xu Qiu was lying in his room, the door in the corridor opened quietly, and the cubs who were supposed to sleep well in the room all slipped out and gathered in Zhu Niang's room.

After all, whether it is a mermaid or a freshwater fish, it will be uncomfortable to leave the water for a long time.

This group of cubs gathered together secretly.

"The principal told me a story today."

"Tell me too!"

"Tell me the story of a mermaid"

"Tell me about the glory of the blood race."

The cubs responded to the information and discovered that the stories Xu Qiu told everyone were different, but they all had something in common.

"It seems to be the stories of our parents."

Hualan shook her head and said, "I am different, I don't have mom or dad at all."

"You are different from us!"

The cubs murmured: "The director has a situation!"

"Yes, in the morning, the principal fooled over, but I remember it very clearly, she said, what should we do if she leaves?!"

"Why did the principal leave us?"

Yuan Jiu said: "It's also very common for the principal to leave, so he goes outside to bring good food, bring fun, and then bring new residents over."

"It's not the kind of departure, I mean, the principal will leave us forever."

TV series tenth grade player Lily said: "Could it be that the garden director has a terminal illness?"

"She had a sudden fever, and she almost fainted today."

"I saw the garden principal's face so pale in the morning."

"Bah, baah, what nonsense? Mr. Rabbit said, the director is very healthy."

"That might also be a white lie. It's like this in the TV series. If you have a terminal illness, you have to conceal the sick person."

"Your logic is not smooth at all, and the head of the garden was concealed. How could she make arrangements for the funeral?"

Zhu Niang interrupted the little fox's nonsense.

"You are just talking nonsense."

"Then I am a fox, fox talk."

Ding Ding said: "There is no smell of blood on the principal's body."

Dong Dong said: "There is no smell of lies either."

"Then why did the principal tell us this?"

Kiori said, "I think it's because the principal is homesick."

The little fox continued: "It's also possible! Miss Jin Jin left her parents and wandered alone. She had been traveling for many years and finally thought of going home. In order to return to the home of the drunken fan, she cruelly left her child behind."

"Nor are we the principal's children."

Yes, they are not the children born by the principal. Although everyone regards the principal as a mother, she is still a young girl. In terms of age, she is not half as old as Hualan.

The cubs' ears drooped down.

Yu Yu suggested: "Let's talk to the principal directly and sincerely, and hope she stays."

Bai Sa, who has been silent for a long time, said: "She also has her own parents."

Everyone was silent as soon as I said this, because the head of the school was ill and called his mother.

A good person like the principal must have grown up in that very warm and nice family. It is normal for the principal to be homesick.

By the next day, the cubs surrounded Xu Qiu, and then asked her: "The principal and the principal, we want to hear the story of your childhood and your mom and dad."

Although he didn't understand why, Xu Qiu still thought about it hard, and then told them something about her childhood.

After listening, the cubs held a group meeting that night.

Early in the morning, the cubs began to act.

As soon as Xu Qiu went out, he saw the neatly dressed cubs line up.

There is no need for Xu Qiu to arrange time. They brush their teeth and wash their faces, dress and eat, and arrange things in an orderly manner.

Did not rely on Xu Qiu all day.

At night, the cubs held Xu Qiu.

Because it is the result of collective discussions, everyone speaks collectively.

Cubs, you say one sentence by one sentence.

Little Fox: "President, we know you want to go home."

Yu Yu: "The principal's parents are gentle and nice people just like the principal."

Bai Sa: "If you want to go home, go back."

Zhu Niang: "The head of the garden has taught us a lot of things. Now this city is very convenient. We have everything. We can take good care of ourselves."

Qingsha: "I have peeled my skin many times, and I will grow up in a few more times."

Kiori: "The most important thing for the principal is to be happy. We will live a good life together."

Yuan Jiu: "If you are all grown-ups, you should go out and wander around, and don't stay in one place."

Hualan: "Falling leaves return to their roots. As long as the principal comes back to take a look, everyone will be very happy."

Ding Ding Dong Dong: "My father also said that he would bring all his people over. Although their brains are dumb, they beat people very hard and everyone will not be bullied."

The cubs said in unison: "The principal has done a great job this time! So if you miss home, go back!"

Everyone, Xu Qiu's voice suddenly choked up, and her tears suddenly couldn't shut the gate.

[The main task, the city construction has been completed, the cubs' approval main line has been completed, the growth of the cubs has been completed, and the main line progress bar for returning home is 100%]

You have reached your goal, do you receive a return ticket

[Yes/No, if not selected, it will default to yes, the countdown will start]

The author has something to say: Regarding the story of the text, I think it should end here. But the story about the cubs is not over yet!

Because the story of growing up hasn't been written yet

And Mr. Rabbit's emotional drama (some readers may not like this part, so I will mark it out)

There are a lot of Fanwai, as long as you dont dislike Fanwai!

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