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Xu Qiu took a small step forward, and then a big step back. She slammed the door shut, locked the door, and pulled out the key. The action was done in one go, without any muddle.

Although the world on the door is dilapidated, at least it looks like a normal building, and after opening this door, she is like stepping into another weird and light-off world.

The cub dormitory is not the same as her staff dormitory. Behind the door is like a zoo, and each "dorm" is short and small.

To be more precise, it is more like a farm and pasture in a game. A small area is divided into ten small squares by a low wall of black bricks.

There is no baffle, no cage.

The long and narrow road is right in the middle. There are 5 grids on the left and 5 grids on the right. These small squares are next to each other and are closely connected. The end is the outer wall, leaving no gaps. They are symmetrical, and they are changed neatly. Very friendly to patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The ten cubs stayed in their own grid rather well-behaved. When Xu Qiu showed up, they all looked at her.

The space behind the door is probably less than 20 square meters, and the end of the road can be seen at a glance.

Although I watched it for a short period of time, with very good eyesight, it was enough for Xu Qiu to see the whole view behind the door.

From the door to the outer wall, except for a metal bucket and a washbasin. No one.

She was right. It was a kindergarten, and she was really the only childcare worker!

It is really not so easy to obtain federal citizenship. One person has to take care of ten cubs, which sounds like a lot of work.

Xu Qiu looked at the small keyhole with the key in it, unconsciously letting go of his thoughts, and gradually losing consciousness.

Think about the interstellar people that I saw after waking up. The intelligent creatures on every planet are not necessarily in human form. Take the spacecraft that sent her, less than nine of the fifty-nine passengers are long. The appearance of the humanoid, the others are all weird and weird.

The guy on the spaceship who wanted to trip her before was also a giant octopus. Under this circumstance, it is not surprising that the cub whom the Interstellar Court sent her to take care of is not a human child.

But but!

But looking at her cub behind the door, there was a super cute plush, maybe more than one!

It's just that she was attracted by the kitten-like cub at the first glance, and she didn't have the energy to pay attention to other things at all.

Thinking of the cute cub who looked at her before, Xu Qiu was so entangled that he could use his toes to dig out an ultra-luxury kindergarten underground!

If the cubs are the offspring of the little octopus, it's fine. Every cub is similar. She will definitely be able to treat her with a normal heart and work hard to be a mediocre and serious nursery.

But at the first glance, Xu Qiu's normal heart was instantly broken.

In fact, she had long known that caring for the cubs would be very hard, but Xu Qiu really wanted to make her job qualified.

Her mother had always hoped that she could be engaged in the education industry, but Xu Qiu had always refused, because taking care of the children requires too much thought.

She feels that she may not have enough sense of responsibility and treats every child equally.

Xu Qiu is not an only child, but also has a younger sister, probably because the younger sister is more lively, and always gets more attention from his parents.

Of course, her parents loved her too, but Xu Qiu couldn't control her feelings for the partiality of her parents when she was a child.

Because she had felt this way, Xu Qiu decided that if she had a child, she would only have one. If you want to keep a pet, she will only keep one. She is afraid that there will be two people and she will not be fair.

Xu Qiu thought about it during the journey here. Even if the principal and other colleagues didn't make things difficult for her, she would take the initiative to take on some hard work such as shoveling shit, and hand over the work of communicating with the cubs to colleagues.

Now, she needs to worry that she will be made things difficult by the principal or colleagues, but Xu Qiu feels that the situation is worse than before!

Because she is the only one in the kindergarten, now all the work is lost to her.

She has to cook for them, put on clothes, take a bath, and shoulder the responsibility of education!

That cub is so cute, how can she show her impartiality? !

When we first met, did the cubs think she looked like a neurotic? No, they still look so small, I don't know what neuropathy is.

I'm really sorry to behave so badly just now.

Xu Qiu tugged her hair fiercely, thinking that her hair might be messy, and her body was still smelling of oily smoke from roasted potatoes in the kitchen, she turned her head and ran to the nursery's cabin.

First take care of your own image, at least to give these cubs a perfect first impression.

Looking at the closed door, the "babies" looked at each other.

A fluffy "little yellow chicken" screamed and asked the cub in the cell opposite it: "Mikuri, did your abilities fail, why did she run away?"

The little bat, hanging upside down on the dry tree shelf, patted his wings, and his eyes were shining, like two flawless rubies: "I think it looks at that kindergarten is cute, so he let it go. Lost her."

They cannot go out, but they can hear all the movement in the kindergarten.

Today is the first time Xu Qiu has seen these cubs, and it is also the first time the cubs have seen her.

Compared to the childcare workers who came before, Xu Qiu looks too weak and harmless. She is only as short as a door and a quarter as narrow as a door. She looks like a legendary human being. A cub will put this weak prey in its eyes.

The "bed" in cell No. 4 is a bifurcated log. If you look closely, you will find a large web on the log. A hairy spider slipped from the spider silk. Its eyes were angry. Staring round and round: "You guys don't talk nonsense, I didn't let her go. And she is so small, she looks like all bones, and there is not enough meat for everyone to eat."

When Xu Qiu looked over, he thought that there was only a low wall between the dormitory and the dormitory, but in fact it was not. Each "dormitory" was a semi-enclosed cell, except that the materials used for the cell were transparent and special materials.

And every cub has a special ring on its leg, wrist, or neck.

If they forcibly break into the cell, these rings will immediately emit high-voltage currents, causing them to instantly lose their ability to move.

Huangxing Kindergarten should be called Huangxing Prison.

In this ruined place, the cubs must obey the instructions of the nurses, but no cub will listen to those running dogs.

For so many years, no childcare worker has ever been able to leave here alive.

The wood weave in Cell No. 4 has the ability to deceive people's hearts. People who see it will look at it at the cutest creature in the world, thus reducing their guard.

The previous few nurses were lured by Muzhi, opened the door of the cell, and then died in the hands of other cubs.

Because Kiori's saliva is poisonous and strongly corrosive, if it spits, other residents can't eat it.

The Federation also sent some highly intelligent robots, they will not be confused by the cub's abilities.

It's a pity that those robots, no matter how smart they are, will be beaten up by the number seven every time, and the ones that are scrapped are faster than the childcare workers.

More importantly, it is impossible for those who keep them here to take care of them with robots without any feelings or thoughts.

Ten rooms, ten cubs, there are only a few more active ones, and the other ones stay very quiet, licking their fur, sleeping, sleeping, it seems that the new nursery is not the same as them. A little bit of relationship.

But after being a neighbor for so long, everyone still has a tacit understanding.

At least when it comes to dealing with childcare workers, there will not be any long-term residents who will stop them.

After taking a battle bath at the fastest speed, Xu Qiu changed into her only remaining clothes, tied her hair into a ball head, and put on a pair of transparent gloves. After making enough mental preparations, she squeaked and pushed again. Opened the locked door.

She looked like a warrior on the expedition, raising her head and strutting her head, taking out the majesty that a childcare worker should have, and walking in the narrow path with a stern face.

However, because of the overly young and cute face, even if Xu Qiu put on the most serious face in twenty years, he did not pose even the slightest threat to the weakest cub present.

She walked back and forth on the trail less than ten meters long, unconsciously stopped in front of her favorite fluffy, and then cleared her throat: "Hello, I am a new child Member, Xu Qiu. From today, within a year, I will take care of you."

There is a basin in each cub dormitory, which looks like a rice bowl for the cubs.

But these basins were empty and there was nothing.

She originally wanted to rely on her serious side to deter these little boys, but the next second, Xu Qiu's expression couldn't be stretched.

I didn't think there was anything when I was outside before. When I walked in, every cub looked thinner.

Some of the fluff on their bodies were knotted and looked dirty.

Interstellars kindergarten still has a very advanced place. In front of each room, there is a half-person-height display on which the cubs name, race, preference, and hunger status are written.

No matter which cub is in front of the signal board, there are dazzling red lights flashing: hungry, hungry, extreme hunger!

The last kindergarten member of Huangxing Kindergarten has been away for more than a month, which has caused the kindergarten equipment to be in disrepair for a long time, and some minor problems have appeared.

These bugs are controlled by the cubs, but none of them will be reported to the Federation.

Behind Xu Qiu's invisible, there was a fluffy cub, who seized the opportunity to stretch out his wings from the gap in the cell, and quietly stretched out to its preythis one doesnt look like it. How much meat, but the nursery who can fill the stomach.

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