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After Xu Qiu finished speaking, he didn't get any response from the cubs.

Well, they are just strangers now, if the cubs are too enthusiastic, it will look strange.

Xu Qiu comforted himself for a second, and quickly walked out of the awkward atmosphere.

Anyway, there is no one else here, as long as she doesn't feel embarrassed, no one can embarrass her!

Now we must solve the food problem of the cubs! After all, those bright red hunger states make people feel distressed.

By the way, if the speaker was working before, the kindergarten should have food reserved for the cubs.

Maybe it's because the cubs are too weak and don't know where to get them, so they are hungry as they are now.

A pair of small mung bean eyes aimed at the direction. It was time that the green light spread from its breast to the direction of the wings, and the bright yellow plush wings were covered with a light gray film.

Each feather turns into a sharp weapon, and any one can pierce the weak human heart.

Seven or eight pairs of eyes looked at Xu Qiu's back, and No. 8 was too treacherous. He shot so quickly.

At the moment when the menacing wing reached Xu Qiu's back, the new nurse bent down, just avoiding the steel-shaped wing.

Oops, I didn't expect the opponent to be able to avoid it, but because of too much force, it touched the barrier of the cell!

Bug's time passed and the cub's "derailment" was detected, and the current was intertwined into a blue net in the air.


The birds steel state was electrocuted back to its original shape. It rolled its eyes, squeaked, and fell on the soft withered grass in Room 8.

"Puff puff puff" "hahaha" "puff puff puff"

Seeing the hapless guy twitching all over the ground, the cubs of Huangxing Kindergarten showed smirking smiles.

When Xu Qiu stood up straight, he saw the corner of the kittens mouth raised, revealing a small light pink tongue inside, and two pointed fangs hidden inside. This is extremely obvious. Smile.


This snow-white hair, the delicate fluff trembling slightly in the air, the delicate little nose, the small mouth buried in the fluff, every line is like a masterpiece of the creator.

Its eyes are round and large, and its heterochromatic pupils resemble a starry sky full of stars. It laughs and opens and closes, like stars flowing in the Milky Way.

There is such a prosperous and beautiful kitten in the world.

Xu Qiu was so excited by this smile that his aunt couldn't help but smile.

Forcibly suppressing the excitement in his heart, Xu Qiu looked at the other cubs.

Although they looked strange and different in appearance, everyone's face showed a smile from the heart (glorious).

Xu Qiu was very popular with children in the family before, and this physique never expected to be effective for non-human cubs.

Looking at these lovely smiles, she couldn't help being a little flattered, and suddenly she was full of confidence in the life of a childcare worker in the future!

The ground and the little cells of the cubs have been carefully looked at, Xu Qiu did not see the hidden food delivery pipeline.

There are sinks, but drinking water alone cannot fill your stomach.

Huangxing Kindergarten is like an abandoned existence, with nothing but a few cubs who can't speak human words.

There is not too much food in the warehouse. Reserve a little for seeds, and distribute the rest to the cubs.

But Xu Qiu will not expose the secrets of the system in front of these cubs.

Although the cubs look like little animals that can't speak, Xu Qiu knows very well that they just look like them. Every cub here is the offspring of intelligent creatures from different planets.

She can't change out of thin air in front of these cubs, she has to go to the kitchen first.

"Everyone is waiting here, don't run around, I'll go to the kitchen to find you something to eat."

Because the smile brought by the burlesque on the 8th disappeared on the faces of the cubs.

The latter sentence was ignored by all the cubs, they only listened to the former sentence.

Run, where can they go?

The kindergarteners' words sounded like a mockery that they are all **** being kept here.

Resident No. 3, who had always been reluctant to be nosy, stood up.

The new childcare worker just looked at her eyes, which really made her feel disgusted.

That kind of fanatical, loving look is so hypocritical!

No. 3 is Xu Qius favorite kitten. Its sign says, Bai Sa, Juvenile, Kusadaguchi, Race: Bai

Kusadakou is one of the most powerful planets in the Federation, beautiful, powerful, and full of lethality.

In this year's Huangxing Kindergarten, it is also considered to be the most lethal group in the kindergarten.

Like the parrot No. 8 and the bat hanging upside down there, many of the cubs here are all Bai recipes.

However, Bai Sa has a cold personality and doesn't usually take care of his business. Unexpectedly, it also focused on the nursery this time.

Kiori, who originally wanted to share a piece of the pie, slid from the center of the web to the top, gathered her two front paws together, swallowed her saliva, and watched the scene nervously.

The person who originally wanted to shoot stopped.

This new childcare worker, who was watched by Bai Sa, would definitely die very quickly. They would not compete with the strong hunter.

A tender, milky voice sounded.

Xu Qiu was screamed by this voice just as he was about to leave.

People from different planets speak different voices, of course, but Xu Qiu's system swallowed up the light brain sent to her by the Federation, and simultaneously interpreted the meaning of this voice for Xu Qiu.

"Wait a moment."

It turned out that the cubs could talk, this thought flashed through Xu Qiu's mind.

When she turned her head, she saw the cute little cat standing up.

The Kustaguchi star people love to lick their hair very much, and even if the environment is bad, they always take care of themselves cleanly. Except for being too slender because of hunger, every inch of cub No. 3 is white.

Its four short legs are also fluffy and look very powerful.

Originally, the ears were hanging down, but now they are also erected. Pointy, covered with a thin layer of fluff, looks just rua.

Xu Qiu suppressed his eager hand, and asked in a pleasant tone, "What's the matter, what's the matter with you?"

Bai Sa walked out of the small room where it was closed, and it could be seen that the blue current gushing out of the ring around its neck at this moment.

Without permission, the farther you are from your own room, the intensity of the current will continue to increase.

At first, it was just a thin trace. When Xu Qiu was around, the current became the thickness of a thumb, almost reaching two-thirds of the width of the collar.

The fluff around Bai Sa's neck flew up under the action of the electric current, and even began to emit a faint burnt smell.

It's not a shame, just looking at the electric current, the other cubs all fell to the ground and twitched to show that they had no lethal power anymore, and it was able to insist on walking such a long way!

One step, two steps...

Bai Sa and Xu Qiu are getting closer and closer.

Looking at the "kitten" who was walking towards her with extremely elegant catwalks, Xu Qiu swallowed, her heart beating fast.

I wanted to go there quickly, but rooted under my feet, I wanted to watch the other person step by step toward me.

Finally, the distance of less than three meters was shortened to 20 centimeters.

In order to facilitate the communication between the two people, Xu Qiu squatted down without any pretensions.

Bai Sa raised his forelimbs, and the speed at which he shot was also the top one in the kindergarten, ten times that of the stupid bird number eight.

In the eyes of the cubs, white Sa's weapons and extremely sharp claws swish out from the pink flesh pad.

Just now Bai Sa used this claw to forcibly tear open the grid barrier above the prison. Obviously because of hunger, Bai Sa's strength was greatly reduced, but his ability was still terrifying!

Seeing the next second is Baihu's heart, the extremely terrifying murder scene!

A cub pretended to cover his face with his paw, leaving a gap for peeping.

Then in the next second, Bai Sas paw was placed on the hand of the new childcare worker, and was held by that very fragile, one-sized hand, held, held...

Two identical little bats fell from their dens in shock, and the twins fell particularly unanimously.

A certain little green snake grunted and held itself for a long time, and was reluctant to eat it all the time, and swallowed the hidden bird egg.

what happened? Why did Bai Sa shook hands with the new kindergarten!

Xu Qiu couldn't hold back a single one, and squeezed the claws with pink cushions.

Ah, it's soft, and the fluff is as smooth to the touch as imagined! It was as delicate as silk, and the flesh of the claws was soft like cotton candy, she didn't dare to use force, for fear that it would collapse with a pinch.

Treat children with the same respect as their peers.

Xu Qiu was reluctant to let go of the little paw in his hand: "Student Bai, may I ask you what is wrong with me?"

The system translated the meaning of her words very intimately and synchronously.

Why, when his claws were sticking out, they retracted into the pads uncontrollably.

Bai Sa looked at his pinched paws in disbelief, then raised his head to look at this "fragile and harmless" human.

He tried again and again, and found that he had no way to harm the humans in front of him, and his body would not listen to his commands at all.

What exactly did the new nursery do to his body? !

The greater Bai Sa's murderous intention, the greater the current, and finally, after reaching the limit, his eyes closed, his head tilted, and he fainted.

Xu Qiu suddenly panicked.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, 008, what's going on with it? Classmate Bai fainted!"

Where is the doctor?

"Is there a hospital on the Wild Star? Can we contact the Federation? 008, you went out to check the map before, did you find the hospital?"

[Huangxing has no doctor, only such a kindergarten, dont be nervous, it should just be hungry and dizzy]

One petal of the four-leaf clover was aimed at the fainted "kitten" and scanned its health.

[Please dont worry about the host, feed it some goats milk, it will wake up after a while]

Last night, when Xu Qiu was resting, 008 was working hard.

The mechanical sound sounded particularly cheerful.

[Tell the host good news that the energy core of this kindergarten has been formally integrated by me, and the new encyclopedia has been activated. If you light up all the illustrations, I will have enough energy]

Xu Qiu's heart jumped half a beat for the hidden news of this sentence.

"what do you mean?"

[Huangxing Kindergarten template is open, please work hard to become an excellent kindergarten principal and recruit more students! Train outstanding students and build a prosperous barren star! Let us tear through the cracks in time and return to the time and space that belongs to you, girl!

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