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[The system is re-planning the route for the host, and is now downloading the "Wild Star Adventure" expansion for the host. Map 1: The Wild Star Kindergarten has been unlocked]

Simple commands can make people rebellious. Of course, an intelligent system like 008 will not do this, so it makes the entire plan a game mode.

On the one hand, it is to interact with Xu Qiu, so that she can feel familiar and warm in this strange time and space. On the other hand, this model is more interesting and fulfilling than a brainstorm.

In front of Xu Qiu's eyes, a virtual display that only she could see appeared.

008 helped her make a new book of kindergarten materials.

The cub illustration book shows that Xu Qiu has collected ten cubs in total. Each cub is labeled according to the room where they currently live, and each cub has corresponding detailed information.

Most of the content of the information was found by 008 from the kindergarten, but at this time, Xu Qiu didn't have the energy to read it. After all, the hungry little cat was lying in her arms, who still had the energy to think about it.

Xu Qiu took a bottle of goat's milk out of the system warehouse, helped the kitten up, and then took his fingers to open the mouth of the other party, which was tightly closed into a slit, and poured it over carefully.

I dont know if its too hungry. The unconscious kitten squeezed her mouth, can drink tons of milk, and will drop half a bottle in a short while.

The act of breastfeeding alone made Xu Qiu's maternal love burst. After all, the picture of the kitten drinking milk is too cute, and it has a fragrant milk hiccup, which is almost cute.

There were actually several bottles of goat milk in the warehouse, but Xu Qiu didn't dare to feed a lot of it at once. When the bottle in her hand reached the bottom, she gently patted its belly and put the bottle in place.

But the cat's paws firmly hugged the smooth glass bottle and refused to let go.

Even if he closed his eyes and didn't meow at her, Xu Qiu still couldn't harden his heart to **** the bottle from his arms.

She put the other party carefully on the woolen mat.

This is a by-product of the sheep raised in the previous system farm.

While gently patting the kitten's belly together, digesting each other (actually just to satisfy his desire to rua plush) Xu Qiu then began to read the information of the cubs.

After all, every cub is a unique existence in the world. Since she has assumed the responsibility of the principal, she must understand the habits and preferences of each cub.

The information provided by the system is very detailed.

No. 1: Lily

Gender: Female

Age: three years old

Race: Fox

Place of Birth: Bingshan Snow Field

Attribute: Fire

Health status: Hungry

Special ability: Spitfire

Lily's head is a very beautiful little fox with red fur, dazzling like a flame.

No. 2: Yuyu

Gender: Not yet differentiated

Age: 6 years old

Race: Yaozu

Birthplace: Sea of Forgotten

Property: Water

Health status: hunger/suspected depression

Special ability: sonic attack

You Yu's icon is a little mermaid with light blue hair and fish tails of the same color. He is still a six-year-old child, but his eyes are not suitable for a child's sorrow.

Just looking at the avatar on the system illustration, Xu Qiu thought of a lyric inexplicably: Your eyes are raining, and my heart is wet.

No. 3: White Sa

Sex: Male

Age: 3 years old

Race: Yaozu

Birthplace: Lost City

Attribute: Space

Health status: Hungry

Special Ability: Field

Don't look at a certain cat being fierce, it's actually just a three-year-old baby.

Xu Qiu lowered his head and glanced at the little kitten who was lying on his belly. He turned out to be a cute boy. Bai Sa's name was also very nice, and his heroic appearance was very suitable for him.

No. 4: Hualan

gender:? ? ?

Age: 100 years old

Race: Vine

Birthplace: Forest of the Mist

Attribute: Dark

Health status: healthy

Special ability: Corrosion

This was the first cub that Xu Qiu saw in a healthy state. By the way, next to the position of No. 3, there was indeed no cub. She only saw a plant, a piece of wood pile inserted on the ground. , There is a bud that hasn't bloomed on his head.

The cubs will flash a red light when they are hungry, but if they are healthy, the display does not remind them.

In the cubs houses, most of them were wood or bamboo plants. She didnt think much about it at the time. She thought that there were only 9 cubs in 10 positions. Now, it looks like the unflowered wood that cuts off the buds. , It should be this cub named Hualan.

Plant cubs only need photosynthesis to live, which is probably the reason why the other party can stay healthy in a hungry state.

Moreover, 100 years old... This cub is older than Xu Qiu's grandmother.

Probably because plants have a long lifespan, and some plants grow very slowly. Perhaps Hualan's race is still a baby at the age of 100.

Xu Qiu looked at the picture book for a long time, but he did not find the cub's nose and eyes from the piece of wood. It was probably too dark.

She then clicked on the head number 5.

No. 5: Zhu Niang

Sex: Male

Age: 16 years old

Race: Elf

Place of birth: Chidori Lake

Property: Water

Health status: Hunger/depressive tendency

Special Ability: Sound Attack

Yes, although she is called Zhu Niang, she is a real boy. The same creature living in water, Zhu Niang may be a clam genus.

The small lattice by the rain was filled with blue seawater, which was obviously only an authentic marine life. The water in Zhu Niang's small pool was transparent, slightly greenish, and it was obviously freshwater creatures.

There is also a big clam shell in the Zhuniang Pond, like a beautiful little house.

When Xu Qiu made a tour, the clam shell was tightly closed, but in the illustrated book provided by the system, the clam shell was open.

In this picture, the cub named Zhuniang sits in the middle of the clam shell, looking at Xu Qiu's direction with immature eyes.

The little mermaid is half-man, half-fish, but Zhu Niang is the only human figure Xu Qiu has seen so far.

The beautifully-featured little boy wore a light green shirt and white pants on the lower body, which looked a bit like a pleated skirt. His two legs were tenderly placed on the edge of the clam shell.

His face is very delicate, but because it is a cub, he has obvious baby fat. Zhu Niang's head is also tied with two round small bags with light green straps.

Because of his racial talent, Yu Yu's appearance is naturally very outstanding, but his ears are pointed, and he also has obvious inhuman characteristics.

Zhu Niang is simply the best-looking humanoid cub Xu Qiu has ever seen in her life. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as super cute.

But the depressive state of health on the side of the Zhuniang Illustrated Book looked a little dazzling.

Five cubs and two aquatic cubs are depressed. This made Xu Qiu fiercely worried about the mental health of the cubs.

No. 6: Wood weaving

Gender: Female

Age: November

Race: Weaver

Place of Birth: Temple

Attribute: Poison

Health status: Hungry

Special ability: camouflage

Muzhi is the ugliest of the cubs. No, the cubs are not ugly, but Xu Qiu personally doesn't like spiders very much.

When it comes to Muzhi's attributes, Xu Qiu feels that Zhu Niang's name is actually more suitable for her, because from the naked eye, Muzhi is a hairy little spider.

She is much larger than the average spider, about one-twentieth the size of a white rustle, about the same size as a white rusty cat's claws.

Perhaps because she was born in a temple, Little Spider's eyes were very clear, and even gave people an illusion of holiness. Looking at it, it seemed to be bathed in the light of Buddha, but her poisonous attributes made people even more concerned.

This baby, who is only 11 months old, was circled by Xu Qiu on the small notebook, indicating that he needs to pay more attention.

No. 7: Qingsha

Sex: Male

Age: 6 years old

Race: Snake

Place of Birth: Death Desert

Attribute: Soil

Health status: Hungry

Special ability: stealth

Xu Qiu didn't like cold-blooded animals very much either, but she swears that the little green snake in the picture about the thickness of a thumb is beautiful, and her two peasy eyes are so cute.

When she watched, the little green snake was lying lazily on a piece of dead wood, with its little tail cocked.

It was not invisible in front of her, probably because it was too hungry and lacking energy.

No. 8: Yuanjiu

Sex: Male

Age: 1 year old

Race: Parrot

Birthplace: Dark Forest

Attribute: Gold

Health Status: Hunger/Minor Injury

Special ability: metallization

When Xu Qiu stayed in front of Bai Sa, Yuan Jiu's position was just behind her.

Yuan Jiu's profile picture is also super cute.

Although there are many cubs, Yuan Jiu is the third fluffy that Xu Qiu has seen so far!

Yuan Jiu knew that it was a small bird when he looked at the picture. Its breed should be a bellflower parrot.

The feathers of the whole body are tender yellow, but the wings are slightly blue, and the eyes are big and round, watery, and they look so cute.

No. 9: Ding Ding

Gender: Undecided

Age: 12 years old

Race: Kindred

Place of Birth: Nether Castle

Attribute: Dark

Health status: Hungry

Special ability: mind reading

No. 10:

Gender: Undecided

Age: 12 years old

Race: Kindred

Place of Birth: Nether Castle

Attribute: Dark

Health status: Hungry

Special ability: parasitic

Ding Ding Dong Dong are two little bats. The background of their heads is black, ghostly. Both eyes are pure black that can absorb everything. They dont seem to have any luster, but Xu Qiu feels that they must be the most ghosts. Lovely two.

These two cubs look exactly the same, they look like twins.

The ten cubs all have a picture frame on the picture book, but Xu Qiu noticed that the colors of these frames are actually different.

White Sa on No. 3, Hualan on No. 4, and the twins are all shiny with golden borders. The others are silver.

After Xu Qiu browsed all the cub information, the system made a ding sound

[Main Mission 1: Feed the cubs. Your cubs are starving. Please prepare suitable food for them and let them fill their stomachs (2/10). Quest reward: Character experience 10, wasteland **** A handful, current character level: Level 1 (0/10)]

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