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The little milk cat is full and the plants have photosynthesis, so the progress is 2/10.

Although the cubs waiting for her to feed are all cubs, these cubs are extremely hungry and they definitely need a lot of food.

"Does the kindergarten have a place to store food for the cubs?"

Xu Qiu checked all her inventory in the game by the way.

Because of the energy spent traveling through time and space, her two farms and pastures were all cleared, and the space returned to the original empty land.

The warehouse was full of various agricultural products and agricultural by-products, and only a few of them were left when she activated the system.

Plus what she just came into this world and ate, there is only one thing left:

16 bottles of goat milk, 3 bottles of milk, 1 packet of wheat seeds (10 pieces), 1 packet of cabbage seeds (20 pieces), 12 potatoes, 3 tomatoes, and rice seeds (100 pieces)

Not only that, the gold coins in the system mall are also completely emptied.

One serving of potatoes can be grown into potatoes with four sprouts, Xu Qiu originally planned to use them as seeds.

The production rate of crops on farms and pastures is very slow, and such a thing can't last long.

Thinking of the future food shortage situation, Xu Qiu's previous good mood of rua and fluffy was wiped out.


The system categorically gave a very sad answer.

Xu Qiu's expression instantly became serious.

But her smile just collapsed, but the voice of the system became cheerful

[However, the barren star contains very rich energy bodies. As long as the host actively performs tasks and successfully builds the barren star, the system can use these energy to accelerate the growth of crops!

008 is also within the scope of what I can do. Its a good effort, but it is a system that was manufactured after all, and the system has to follow the procedure.

I'm not saying this soon! If the system hadn't been with her for a long time, Xu Qiu would definitely have to beat it up.

"Their attributes are very special. Can these children eat the food in the system space?"

Cats, dogs, and cats have things that cannot be eaten, foxes, little mermaids and mussels are okay, they should be omnivores.

As for the parrot, there are no bugs, but she can feed it some plant seeds.

But can bats and green snakes drink goat's milk?

[The food produced by the system is safe and harmless to all the cubs in the kindergarten]

Xu Qiu found a large iron basin in the kitchen, rinsed it with clean water, knocked on the bottle cap, and poured all 16 bottles of goat milk into the basin.

When the time comes, she pours these into the cub's sink and drinks a little by herself.

I made sure that there was no one drop, and I took a few more potatoes out, and the remaining two were used as materials for growing potatoes. I smashed them into mashed potatoes with a knife. The salty taste would be better, but she didn't have any seasoning.

Thinking of those cubs who were still hungry, Xu Qiu increased the speed of his hands, matted the two basins together, and brought them to the rear dormitory.

Xu Qiu originally wanted to divide the goat's milk into eights and pour it into the basins of the cubs, but when she looked at the sink, her eyebrows wrinkled.

Forget it, it's better to come one by one, she will control the amount.

I probably thought Xu Qiu couldn't hear it, and the cubs muttered.

[Why did she come out alone? Where's Bai Sa?

[I saw her entering the kitchen, could she chop the white Sauce and eat it, she is terrible.

Obviously, I have not done much to kill the kindergarteners, but those kindergartens are one thing, and Bai Sa is one thing.

Bai Sa is their companion, and the nursery is the enemy.

The former kindergarteners, no matter how strong they were, would be easily brought down, even those cold metal robots would be crushed in a short time, exposing short-circuited and hot chips inside.

Bai Sa was the strongest in their group, but was defeated by the new nursery. The cubs couldn't help but become frightened when they thought that it would be their turn next.

Xu Qiu twitched his mouth, Quandang himself did not hear.

She put the mashed potatoes aside first, carefully holding the basin of milk, and walked to the position of the little fox No. 1.

As a childcare worker, Xu Qiu didn't wear any special collar on her body. Of course, the electric device could not do anything to her.

The little fox who saw Xu Qiu saw her come in and backed away with alert.

Xu Qiu put down the milk basin and beckoned to the other party: "Lily, come here, I just want to feed you some food."

The little fox exploded his fur, arched his body, and raised his big tail high, making himself look very powerful.

"Go away, you go away, I don't want your food!"

The little girl's voice was very immature, with a two-pointed crying, bluffing look, she looked violent.

In the face of such fluffy, even though the other party showed an unwelcome attitude, Xu Qiu couldn't get angry at all.

She squatted down and said patiently: "These are goat's milk. Your health status is already extremely hungry. If you don't eat it, you will faint sooner or later. I am a childcare worker and I will provide you with food. I work."

To show her harmlessness, she took out a clean spoon, took a sip in the basin, and drank it in front of the little fox.

When I drank it, I slapped my mouth twice and said in a particularly exaggerated tone: "It's really delicious."

The beautiful eyes of the little fox still looked at her warily.

Xu Qiu turned around and said, "Well, I won't look at you, but the food here is for everyone. You can drink it yourself. Remember to keep a portion for everyone."

She stuck the milk basin in the middle of the sink to avoid being knocked over by the little fox.

The fresh goat's milk exudes a sweet aroma, and the greedy worms in the belly of the **** growl.

The new childcare worker is carrying her body and has no eyes behind her back. Even if she wants to catch her, when the other party turns around, she will definitely be able to escape instantly!

Lily didn't want it either, but her stomach was hungry for a long time, her flesh was gone, and her proud fur was not smooth enough.

Anyway, if this goes on, she will starve to death.

The little fox rushed over, resting his two paws on the basin.

She buried her head and guttered.

The fox's eyes were amazingly bright.

This is food that Lily has never drunk, but it tastes super delicious.

She inexplicably remembered that when she was still very young, in her mother's arms, her mother was breastfeeding her.

Tears fell from the beautiful and bright eyes of the little fox and rolled into the goat's milk basin.

The rooms are all open, Xu Qiu can't see with his back, but the other cubs facing this little fox can see.

The little bat flies in mid-air, condescending, and can see everything clearly: "Smelly fox, you drink as you drink, so what tears do you shed?"

For the blood race, their favorite drink is blood.

But it can't drink the blood of other cubs at all, and milk that smells delicious without blood is okay.

Bats are also mammals, and as cubs, they also like to drink milk.

The tears of the vixen fell into the washbasin, it was simply pollution!

When Xu Qiu heard the movement, he turned around and saw the tears of the little fox rolling down.

Although Lily is thin and out of shape, she can tell that she is a little beauty by looking at her facial features.

The tears wet the hair on the edge of the nose, looking embarrassed and pitiful, but it makes people feel distressed.

Xu Qiu unconsciously wanted to give it a touch to smooth the little fox's hair, but Lily immediately jumped away vigilantly.

The system judged that the task was completed 3/10

Just a little bit of goat's milk, is the little fox full now?

The cubs were very hungry. This would not be a good time to be patient and comforted. She took out the goat milk basins and hugged them one by one.

She also divided the mashed potatoes into several parts, took the lids of the milk bottles that had been washed before, and everyone dug a large spoonful and placed them next to the cubs.

The cubs are actually very courageous. Seeing them both is fine, thinking about being trapped in the kindergarten anyway, lowering their noble heads, trying goat milk they have never seen before, and it looks a little strange. Mashed potatoes.

Most of the cubs like goat milk very much, but Yuyu and Zhuniang show that they like mashed potatoes very much.

In order to show fairness and fear that Xiaoteng would be sad, Xu Qiu gave it a portion of milk and mashed potatoes even though Hualan did not need to eat.

The task progress slowly became 4/10, 5/10...9/10, and got stuck on the last cub.

No. 8 plush, Yunjiu, who was fainted by the electric shock before, flew with wings and puffed his chest, and said fiercely: "Have you done it! I, Yunjiu, just starved to death, all feathers fell out and changed. If you become a bald parrot, you will never drink your milk!"

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